With the exception of our own forums at Bring4th.org, the Places of Study and Community-Generated Law of One Resources are independently run and created efforts with various levels of affiliation with L/L Research, ranging from no affiliation (FB and Reddit) to partnered affiliation (in the case of pages run by L/L translators).

Representation on this page does not imply that L/L Research vets or endorses the work. Our desire is simply to offer a directory of various work being done around the world by and for students of the Law of One. Study of the Law of One is a collective effort with many ways to apply and interpret the material. We hope that you may find the resources and the groups that best support your spiritual journey.

Note: This page is currently in its infancy. There will be a lot more to come. Are you interested in seeing your group or resources added here? Please drop us a line!

Places of Study

Community-Generated Law of One Resources

Non-English Places of Study