What is a wanderer?

Some wanderers are souls who have come from elsewhere in the universe to planet Earth for one or more incarnations. Many other wanderers are earth natives who have matured spiritually to the point of awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making the worldly identity less real and creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land. Both types of wanderers are in the same situation in that they often don’t fit in well here on Earth, and feel a calling to something deeper and more significant than the material world about them. The term “wanderer” typically refers to the former, non-earth-native variety.

This not fitting in is in fact one of the most common characteristics of wanderers. The vibrational mismatch between their subconscious memory and the disharmony of this world can lead to a deep-seated sense of alienation, e.g.: “I don’t belong here.” “This place is insane.” “I am different or other-than or not one of them.” Etc. They came from a reality where they communed effortlessly and freely with the whole of their society in unbroken harmony and mutual reciprocity, support, collaboration, and love. And into this plane of widespread disharmony, suffering, and separation they must carry the inner knowing that they are here to serve others, to love this world, and to carry out their mission.

The lesson and mission that all wanderers have in common is to learn how to give and receive love. Their common service is to be themselves, in as true and deep a way possible in each moment, as they are working on this life lesson.

This mission is a ministry of being, of living in the open heart that is the deepest self of all beings within incarnation here. They are anchors of light, bringing light through into the earth planes as navigate their daily lives with an open and loving heart.

Are you a wanderer?

If you are attracted to material like that of L/L Research’s and you are asking yourself the question, chances are, you are a wanderer. However, there is no sure-fire way to prove or disprove your soul’s status as being from elsewhere. Some wanderers are born knowing that they are from elsewhere, some gradually arrive at the conclusion, and some consider the possibility, leaving it open, but can’t say one way or the other.

Knowing that you are a wanderer does not change too much, actually—you are still in a human body living a human life on a human world with human lessons and a human personality—but it may be helpful in a couple basic regards:

  1. It underscores that, whether or not your soul is from elsewhere, the reason for your incarnation here on planet Earth is to be of service to others. Knowing that you are a wanderer simply connects you with the principal desire at the center of your heart. It is a reminder that the purpose of your incarnation—the very reason of your being—is to be a lighthouse in this darkness. That does not necessarily translate to performing some great world service on an outer level. Rather, it is a service of being, a service of simply radiating who you are, shining the love and the light of the one Creator through your essential vibration. This simple radiation ripples outward in seen and unseen ways, helping to lighten the planetary vibration.
  2. It helps one to bring a certain order and perspective to the life that may have been previously unavailable. Many are able to finally make sense of themselves and the patterns of their life when they realize that they are a wanderer. This can be of tremendous aid in eliminating doubt, fear, worry, and stress.

What it doesn’t do is to confer a special or an elevated status. To see oneself as “other than” human on the fundamental-most level is to miss the point of the nature of the wanderer’s humble service. Wanderers do not choose to come here to serve and teach from place of authority, but rather by being and living as a human, making this planet their home and finding love behind the veil of forgetting.

It also doesn’t mean that you can’t absolutely love this planet and feel at home in the natural world under its blue skies and swimming in its warm ocean waters or glorying in its animal life and abundant natural beauty.

Our message to you

If you feel you are a wanderer, an alien, an outsider to planet Earth, or if you feel society no longer offers you a meaningful context of identity because you are awakening from the planetary dream, or if you simply resonate with this work, L/L Research has three things to tell you (click on each link for more information):

Thank you for being here and being you! Hang in there, and don’t let the wanderer’s blues get you down for long. The service of a lightworker is sometimes difficult to offer, as it requires being incarnate on planet Earth, but on some level, we decided that it was worth the sacrifice. Cast your deep mind back, and recapture that feeling you had before incarnation when all was so much clearer. All of us wanderers were eager to come and serve. This is our moment to do so, this brief time of living and being part of Earth. May we serve together with beauty, style, grace and joy.

L/L Research works to find ways to consolidate and empower the work of wanderers, in helping to form up the grid of the incoming density of light, which is that of the density of love and understanding, named by the Confederation sources the fourth density. We hold meditations for peace and for the safe labor of Mother Earth or Gaia, at 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM EST, each day. We are working on further plans for serving together as collaborators in magnetizing the Earth fourth density with our united hearts. Please join with us as you can in these times of meditation, visualization and prayer.

Share your story

Wanderer or not, if you would like to share your story with us, we would be most grateful to receive and store it in our confidential database. People generally stick to a handful of highlights in their journey centered around their process of awakening, their discovery of the Law of One, and its impact upon them, but you are free to share your thoughts, questions, suggestions for other wanderers and seekers, or just the joys and sorrows of being a wanderer/seeker on Earth at this time.

Just send an email to the “contact” address. All emails are kept completely private. If you would like to share in a more public way (anonymously if you prefer), you may do so in the “Wanderer Stories” section of our Law of One Forum.

In this area of metaphysical research, shared stories and advice are treasures. Thanks for sharing with an open heart.

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