You are loved

January 6, 2001

“We would take a moment to step back and ask each to come with us. See yourself at this time resting upon your seats, your limbs relaxed and your minds quiet. See the beauty of the evening, the patchwork of snow and earth and tree. And see yourself lifting away from that chair and that close environment of home and friends, and drawing back in space until the Earth becomes smaller and smaller and disappears, and you are one with the stars and space and distance that is the outer appearance of the house of the Creator, the infinite creation of which you are a part. Rest in this larger identity and know that you are loved by the one infinite Creator, that you have been with that Creator since before there was time or space, without duration. without dimension. You are a citizen of eternity, a being of infinity. In your heart of hearts, in your deepest self, you have no limitations, you have no location, and you have no set personality shell as you now experience these things. Your truth, beyond all telling, lies in this oneness with the one great original Thought that has created each long before there was a planet or dimensionality or sequence.”

January 16, 2000

“To us, each entity has already ascended. For to us the energy which is you is already perfect. We encourage each of you to seek in whatever way is helpful to you. As always, we encourage meditation. Simply lighting the candle and sitting with the candle is a life-changing habit if it be prosecuted through time. And we encourage all the other avenues of seeking as well. Most of all, we encourage you to believe in your own rightness, for that which inspires you may not inspire others. But that does not matter. That does not signify anything for you. Whatever moves you to think upon who you are, why you are here, where you are going, of these things we greatly approve. And because each entity is very much, and of necessity, alone in the seeking within, become more and more aware of the great aid you may be to each other by offering support and understanding wherever you can, by sharing honest emotion and opinion whenever you are asked, and by simply being there to give a smile to a stranger, or simply to interact as you go about your chores. Each of you with your many, many chores is all a-bustle, and we do enjoy tuning into groups such as this one and seeing all of the colors of your desires and hopes, your ambitions and your fears. Know that you are loved for who you are. We consider each of you our friends.”

January 12, 1986

“Dwell in love and know that you are loved. Dwell in light and know that you shall be a light, and in that knowing, surrender.”

May 21, 2000

“We encourage each to look for ways to share the self beyond any concept of sharing the ideas or the supply. Look for ways to share the beingness. On a fundamental level it is as though the entire creation of nature were already sharing its beingness at a very intense level, holding nothing back, doubting and fearing nothing whatsoever but giving all of the self all of the time, all of the color, all of the bloom, all of the glory. That it will last for only a brief period of bloom matters not to the flower or to the blossom on the tree but only that it is there today to vibrate in the air, to drink in the wind and the sun, and to share its scent with all those around it. This is also your heritage and your manifest gift to offer, your odor, your special scent, that which you have created of thought, feeling and experience that is a vibration unlike anyone else’s and which makes your friends smile. How loved each of you is by the Creator who appreciates each essence and by those who appreciate each of you. Do what you can to become appreciators of all those around you. Perhaps you indicate only by your expression or your smile that you are entering fully into a moment with another, but that other senses the profundity of your gift. One thing unique to the offering of the essence of the self is that it cannot infringe. The self has no words, no requirements, and no demands. Presence is the perfect present.”

September 23, 2000

“Each of you, each of us within this group, each of those infinite sparks of the Logos, rest in unfathomable perfection drenched in a unity so profound that there is none to behold the light, but only the light. And this is your star being. This is your nature. Each of you has at the heart that fire of suns, that spark of creatorness that contains all that there is. And so, in a very important way, each of you is, beyond all changes, yourself. The you that was created before time and space, the only you that was ever you, the only you that will ever be you, you are unique. And truly are you precious and beloved to the Creator who values every distortion and seeming imperfection that has dented and banged you in the fire of learning and made you who you are. For you vibrate with a certain chord that cannot be duplicated, that is essentially you, that is most beautiful.”