The Ra Contact Resource Series

The Ra Contact Resource Series offers a means by which inspired scholars and seekers may reflect upon the meaning of the Law of One and its rich potentials for application to our daily lives. Its objective is to assemble helpful resources from various authors in the recognition that comprehensive study of a philosophy as vast, transcendent, and inclusive as the Law of One will necessarily be a collective, multigenerational effort.

A Concept Guide is the inaugural book in the series. From Adept to Will, this guide offers a comprehensive study of 64 different concepts, each one carefully synthesized from all its occurrences throughout the contact with Ra. These pages are intended to serve as a humble aide to understanding some of the key metaphysical principles found within the Confederation’s philosophy, and to contribute to the discovery of our truest selves.

This work, by no means authoritative, has been a labor of love. It is undertaken with the hope of supporting fellow seekers in the free sharing of their hearts and minds as together we plumb the beautiful mystery of the Law of One.

We don’t yet have a system or criteria in place for selecting and accepting submitted works for inclusion in this series, but we would like to open with a general invitation. We are seeking outside authors who a) have made an intensive study of the Law of One (Ra Contact) and b) would like to potentially contribute authored material for publication in this series. If you have something that offers a unique, rigorous, and in-depth look into the Law of One, please feel free to reach us via the contact us page.