How can we remain in our open heart when catalyst strikes as we are communicating with others?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We thank each of you for inviting our presence. We come in the name of the Lord of Love to speak to you this evening about your open heart. But before we do so, we would like to ask you to use your discrimination (as you are so adept at doing when listening to our words) as we speak this evening, for we wish not to be seen as ultimate authorities, but as your brothers and sisters. We join you in seeking the One in all.

As we speak about your open heart, we would carefully advise you to make every effort to find the key to your open heart. It is not always obvious that one has been able to open the heart before engaging in communication with an other-self. There are so many potentialities, shall we say, in making an attempt to discern whether the heart is indeed open and ready to communicate. As you attempt to find that key, we suggest that you allow the inspiration of your mental abilities to reach into your subconscious mind in order that you may find a more perfect means of sensing the quality of your heart as being that which is open.

So often one moves through different kinds of experiences in the daily round of activities, feeling that there is a certain kind of compassion that is resident within the mind and the heart that can become, shall we say, somewhat disheveled when facing a difficulty in communication with an other-self. If you feel within your own intuitive capacities that you have the unconditional acceptance of your own self while you are in any communication with an other-self, you have begun to open the door to your open heart. This is a process that may be considered a more traditional kind of estimation of your open heart, for to love and accept yourself is to place your faith upon holy ground—the ground of your being which is the One Infinite Creator.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principal of Q’uo, and we greet this circle again through this instrument that we may continue speaking on the rich topic of the often-befuddling workings of the open heart and the third-density environment when communicating with an other-self.

So often, my friends, you find that you are not aligned…not aligned within yourself or within the other-self, and this unalignment, or misalignment, leads to friction, resistance, [and/or] rejection along the energetic pathways within the self and between the self. This friction then restricts the flow of the cosmic prana upward into and through the lower chakras that feed and energize the open heart. So, the self finds that various doors are closed within the self as the self compartmentalizes various aspects of its unintegrated being. Into these compartments one finds thoughts which, from the broadest picture, can be said to be misapprehensions of the One Creator.

First and foremost within these compartments in the self are beliefs about the limitations of self, the needs of the self, and the corresponding defenses that get erected to protect these vulnerable spaces. The first communication, then, of the open heart is practice with the self in examining the thoughts and the sensations that arise in the mind and examining where and how this is felt within the body; and [then] untangling—gently, with compassion—these knots by probing deeper into the thoughts that circulate within the mind concerning how the self is perceived, [or] how a situation or other-self is perceived. These knots which separate can be undone and that stuck energy can be made available to rise upward to power the heart and to be integrated into the being, and to be the self, one step closer toward the lived experience of wholeness.

What a victory it is, my friends, simply to undertake this interior work with the intention to open the heart or to remove that which obstructs the open heart. Without this conscious intention to use and accept catalyst, the self remains unconscious, shall we say, at the mercy of the interior logic of these blockages as they—we correct this instrument—as the blockages have their own momentum that seek their own ends…which involve a sort of self-perpetuation through feeding, energizing the pain-body, defending against exposure, keeping the self’s energy locked into tight, separated compartments.

As the self engages the conversation with the self and learns to listen to these voices lovingly, without suppressing or judging them, one increasingly enters one’s own heart space and can receive other-selves in this same—we correct this instrument—in the same infinite bounty that the green ray offers. For indeed, as the ones known as Ra said, the quality of love has a melting aspect for the various strands of distortion that greet your senses and your experience which paint a picture of separate entities doing separate things to one another. When brought into the heart, [one may] experience a melting of the boundaries and the borders, so that the truth being hidden by the distortion can become (or rather be made visible) to the awareness of the self. That truth is ever and always the same, that the self and other-self are one.

So it is that the self speaks not from the needs and limitations of a small, separate self—the blames, the accusations, justifications, weaponizing—but instead speaks from a place of compassion and understanding in the light of oneness, seeing in the heart center that whatever distortions may be manifesting in self or other, painful and extremely challenging though they may be, the truth of the situation is love. The more that truth is embodied and implied in the words, in between the words and the gaze, in the energy and tone and the way that other-self is greeted, the more that the surface distortions become transparent to the true nature of the self and all in association with the self.

At this time this instrument asks that we take our leave that we may exercise the other instruments in this circle. We thank this instrument and we now transfer the contact to the one known as Tricia. We are those of Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We find that this topic of navigation through catalyst when relating interpersonally with other-self is one that is seemingly more and more important to your people at this time. We have much gratitude for your continued seeking in the direction of finding peace and love and connection through potential moments of disconnection.

We ask that you always remain in your heart during these moments and practice reminding yourself of the truth…that self and other-self are merely illusions. Merely vehicles. Merely pictures we paint to make sense of what is the truth at the bottom of everything. Other-self and self are one and the same. It is so that in this experience you and other-self have decided to create narratives, stories, [and] opinions that you identify with and that at times, [these] may seem to be in conflict. This conflict can be what you’ve termed catalyst (this egoic injury if you will), this at-times questioning of identity or assault to identity.

You may feel frustration, sadness, [or] anger when this catalyst arises between self and other-self. Again, the most important step is to accept oneself—for if one accepts oneself, one can begin to accept other-self. For is other-self not an extension of self and thereby an extension of every minute aspect of this reality? When one comes—we correct this instrument—when one becomes able to access the heart during this catalyst, one may be able to see other-self not as adversary or enemy or even other-self, but [may] take on a loving, caring, warm disposition, open arms, welcoming this other-self (and we say this meaning this extension of self), viewing this other self with grace and compassion as mother to child, as lover to lover…seeing what you call humanity in this extension of self. It is then that one can move from open heart to open mind and open ears.

Though this catalyst may feel uncomfortable, this discomfort can be a great (for lack of a better word) tool to unlock spiritual evolution. We see this as tremendous opportunities to practice unconditional love both to self and to other-self (and not to mention, to circumstance). Through this, one can begin to truly hear what is being stoked—spoken rather—to see what lies at the heart of other-self’s truth. To be able to understand where this truth is born, from where this belief began in this practice, self may be able to begin to see similar truth arise; one may be able to see how this belief or this contradiction could exist within self, perhaps with a different flavor…a different narrative surrounding it.

What beautiful specimens every self is for this experiment—this opportunity to challenge and accept. And that, my friends, is the key: acceptance. Unconditional love erasing the boundaries between self and other-self. Not seeing “I am this; you are that,” but saying “We are we; we are one.” We see this as such an important practice. Right now, at this time for you on Earth… what a truly phenomenal gift with such immensely-bountiful rewards.

Fearing that—we correct this instrument—fearing that she has muddied a dialogue, though accepting such mud, if you will, now asks that we take leave of her and transfer our contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. Maintaining an awareness of the illusory nature of this distinction between self and other-self is crucial in reckoning with the question posed for this evening, for it is upon this illusion that the stage is set for your journey into the open heart.

This illusion, as you know, is created and enforced by the veil of forgetting. It is this veil that causes you to lose your innate awareness of your oneness with other-self. Without the veil, the question that you posed this evening could not even be considered, for it holds no logic on the other side of this illusion. Yet we are called to point out that the very act of considering this question from [the] standpoint of the veiled illusion in which you find yourself at this stage of your journey to the Creator is such a powerful act of will that your very being shines a light that serves as a beacon to those unseen allies, friends, and guides who offer their support from the unseen places for you upon your journey. It is with this will from which this question is summoned that you may consider the solution to the conundrum that is posed, for it requires a great amount of will to maintain the desire to live within the open heart in all moments, especially those moments in which self and other-self might clash upon the stage of illusion.

This will to maintain an open heart may serve you best in considering this question, as realizing the necessity to carry this will beyond the immediate moment of the clashing. It is a dedication of one’s life to the path of the open heart, and thus asks the self to maintain focus upon this desire within the round of daily activities, and asks the self to make time to hone this will, so that the self may call upon it in moments of need—such as when one finds it difficult to maintain the open heart in communication with another.

We suggest to all contemplating this question that there are central exercises and tools available to the self within your illusion that can help strengthen your desire and ability to maintain this open heart. You may not be surprised to know that these activities include meditation, contemplation, and prayer. We of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator do not desire to impose boundaries upon the concepts of meditation, contemplation and prayer, for we have found it beneficial to merely suggest these general exercises and allow the seeker to determine how best to approach these activities. We will share, though, one perspective of these activities that may be applicable to your question this evening.

In considering how meditation may be most relevant to maintaining the open heart during communication with other-self, we suggest that the practice of maintaining the silence of mind and the focus of awareness upon the landscape of one’s consciousness, with regular practice, may help you to realize in the midst of any moment (including conversation with other-selves of a difficult nature) one’s own emotional landscape, and those triggers and swells of emotion that might rise within the self.

To maintain this awareness of the self in all moments allows one to continuously choose, without ignoring that which arises within, to act in accordance with the will and desire to live and to serve from the open heart. Remembering these reactions observed within, [one] may stash them away for later, if you will, to utilize during one’s private practice, rather than to project them out towards other-self. A regular practice of meditation will aid greatly in this dynamic and will also allow those lessons learned within such catalyst to be seated deep within the self and bring about true transformation within the heart.

When considering the notion of contemplation as it relates to your question this evening, we suggest that one type of contemplation is utilizing the imagination and allowing the gift of abstract thought to be focused towards the conundrum within your question. You may imagine a scenario in which you find it difficult to open your heart, perhaps in remembering a prior engagement, or through simply conjuring that which you know is difficult for you to consider. Through the act of imagination, you can play out various scenarios within your mind and practice the act of bringing your heart to such scenarios. In doing so, you not only create a metaphysical charge and an accumulation of will that may be tapped at any moment when you find yourself within these scenarios, but you also reinforce your desire and your will to live within the open heart, and thus draw to you inspiration for new ways and new considerations on how to approach any given situation. This, like the practice of meditation, may take persistence and patience.

The great tool of imagination may also be used to place yourself within an other-self’s shoes, so to speak, and play out the scenario from their side, allowing you to more relate to the other-self and help draw the connection between self and other-self as the Creator.

Finally, when considering prayer and how it relates to your question this evening, we suggest that [by] engaging in prayer and speaking privately to the Creator and to the self as Creator, asking for guidance, asking for grace, and asking that your desire to maintain an open heart in all scenarios [be supported], a metaphysical ripple expands throughout the universe. With each iteration of prayer, the energies of the universe align more and more with your desire, and you will find more and more that guidance, and aid, and grace are more constant companions upon your path. This is the power of prayer and will.

We express great admiration for each who consider this question, for we understand the experience of darkness that each of you has within your illusion. We join you in this great journey of attempting to join all other beings in the universe in unity and in the love of the One Infinite Creator. At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to share our closing thoughts for this evening. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. This evening, each of you have been impressed with thoughts that are our way of communicating as carefully as possible answers to queries that oftentimes surpass one’s ability to grasp in their entirety. We understand the limitations of words, especially when dealing with the most-powerful concept of the open heart and its ability to communicate the most fundamental of ideas regarding how to communicate from this great source of inspiration and information.

We are grateful that each of you has been willing to open your own mind and heart this evening as we have spoken upon the topic of how the open heart may aid in any communication and be able to dissolve the disharmony of catalytic activity when it appears within one’s experience with an other-self. This is a kind of refinement of one’s own being, to be able to access the kind of inspiration and connection with the Creator that naturally flows from the open heart. As you are able to allow your own open heart to function in what you may call an autonomous manner, there is the opportunity to access deeper levels of your own being in this process.

We feel that we have been able to elaborate through each instrument this evening this careful opening of the heart and allowing the message of compassion to always take precedence over any reactions to catalyst (or fears of communication) that may depend upon the functioning of the open heart. We thank each instrument for being open in heart and mind as we make our message a kind of vivification of the experience of communication.

We would at this time take our leave of this instrument and of this group, as we feel that we have accomplished the goal of the evening to utilize each instrument for the expressing of a specific message. You have been most patient and willing instruments and we are grateful for your conscientiousness in pursuing the path of serving as instruments for our words and thoughts in the more abstruse vibrations of the One Creator that accompany all such communications, for the One who is in all is a resonant co-communicator in all our contacts with you. We are those of Q’uo, and we leave you, rejoicing in love and in light; in peace and in power. Go forth my friends in this love and light forevermore. Adonai, vasu borragus.