This lecture was offered by Donald Tully Elkins just four months after the beginning of L/L Research’s contact with those of Ra. The reader can see a bit of the Ra slant on things in his presentation. However the concepts which the Ra group enunciated so well are present also in many other, earlier Confederation channelings which our research group had been collecting since the mid-fifties and creating in our own group since 1962.

Don was thoroughly grounded in the entire range of UFO research, up to but not including the multitude of conspiracy theories, which he did not feel had much impact on the area he quickly became convinced was the richest vein of ore in this area of research: the spiritually or metaphysically oriented UFO messages and their implications.

This speech was given to an audience of seven, including myself, and was recorded on a cheap tape recorder which was placed on the floor close to Don as he spoke in the large, nearly empty lecture theater. The recording was corrupted in places by interference from a radio station which broadcast its signal from the top of a high-rise building in the same downtown Louisville neighborhood as the college. An advantage of reading this text version over listening to the recording is that the reader does not have to filter Don’s voice out from the music which inadvertently accompanies his words from time to time!

I have often wished I had recorded Don’s talks more often. He gave multitudes of them, and I never tired of listening to him, for he was a born storyteller and a man of great charm, wit and articulateness. However, Don was a relatively young man, born in 1930 and at this time only 51. No one could guess that we would lose his voice so soon. Don died only three years later.

At the time, Don was a bit concerned that his audience was so small, and in the Ra sessions, you can find this question to the Ra group concerning this issue in Session 48, which was recorded on April 22, 1981. Don asked:

My lecture yesterday was attended by only a few. If this had occurred during a UFO flap, many more would have attended. Since Orion 1 entities cause the flaps, what is Orion’s reward for visibility, in that they actually create greater opportunities for the dissemination of information such as this information at those times?

The Ra group replied:

This assumption is incorrect. The flaps cause many fears among your peoples, many speakings, understandings concerning plots, cover-ups, mutilations, killings and other negative impressions. Even those supposedly positive reports which gain public awareness speak of doom. You may understand yourself as one who will be in the minority due to the understanding which you wish to share, if we may use that misnomer. 2

We perceive there is a further point we may posit at this time. The audience brought about by Orion-type publicity is not seeded by seniority of vibration to a great extent. The audiences receiving teach/learnings without stimulus from publicity will be more greatly oriented towards illumination. Therefore, forget you the counting.

In [any] event, we have sold hundreds of recordings of this talk, and the text’s presence on our web site will make it available literally to millions more. The counting has taken care of itself!

What I’m going to do is first tell you what is known about UFOs.

I’ve been at this business for a long time. I got interested in UFOs in 1948. Maybe some of you remember Tom Mantell, who was killed flying an F-51 because a UFO was sighted flying near Fort Knox. I was a student pilot in the Elkins Mantell Flying School 3 at Bowman Field 4 when he got killed. So I was greatly interested in UFOs starting in 1948. I didn’t really get to devote much time to research in that area, and related areas, until 1955. 5 In 1955 I really went to it and I’ve been researching the subject ever since.

This phenomenon has been reported since the early 50’s. The scientific community in general looked at most of the reports of people being taken on board UFOs in the early 50’s as reports of kooks or nuts because they were just too anomalistic for the reports to come anywhere close to fitting into the scientific view of reality that everyone had then and most people have now.

The scientific view of reality has changed quite a bit for the people who have been deeply into UFO studies. For instance, Dr. Heynek, who was hired by the Air Force in 1948 to study UFOs, went in as a total skeptic. He thought that UFOs were probably weather balloons, mistaken Venus sightings, and things like that. At the time he finished his work with the Air Force in 1968, he was totally changed in his opinion. I know this because I talked to him several times. In fact, the last time I talked to him was about two weeks ago, in Chicago.

Currently he has a completely different view of the physical universe, brought about by his investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Most of the people who have been investigating UFO phenomena deeply, that is, really putting some time into discovering what is available in hard data, hard evidence, have changed their view of reality and of the universe in which we live. Radically changed! I don’t mean just a little bit, like some of the science-fiction programs you see on TV or motion pictures would have you believe, but much more radically than that.

The reason for this is what Dr. Heynek calls the “high strangeness factor” in many of the cases, in most of the cases. Now, what is really behind the UFO phenomena is, I believe, possible to understand within certain limits, but it’s not possible to understand quickly, because it’s not something we’re used to.

If we were to experience contact from outer space; from another planet, I think the most unusual thing we could possibly experience would be a type of contact we might expect.

You have to think about that statement a little bit.

If you look at the history of scientific thought you’ll find that the unexpected has been the norm, in science. If you can just move back, say, a hundred or two hundred years and try to get into the mode of thinking that people experienced at that time, and then suddenly come forward to the society in which we live, you’ll find that most of it was unexpected. In fact they tried to close the patent office around the turn of the century because they thought everything had been invented.

Back about six or seven years ago, the Center for UFO Studies and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, and other organizations like that, had well over 2,000 good cases, very well documented cases, of abductions, people being taken on board and then returned.

I’ll tell you about a few of the abductions. The earliest well-known abduction was the Betty and Barney Hill case that occurred in 1961. The man and his wife were taken on board, but they didn’t know it. Actually, all they knew was that they got home much later than they should’ve, and they had some strange symptoms. And they had some very strange dreams or nightmares for quite a few months.

Since they were both having these problems, they went to a psychiatrist and told their story. He hypnotized each of them separately and didn’t let either of them know what was coming out of these hypnotic sessions. He got the same story from both Betty and Barney. That was that they’d been taken on board and had been examined. They had what you might call a physical examination.

One of the interesting things I always like to tell about this story is that Betty and Barney were taken to different rooms in the ship, and while they were examining Betty, some of the entities from the other room ran in very excited, and started a conversation with the entities examining Betty. Then the ones examining Betty reached in and started trying to pull on her teeth.

She said, “What are you doing?”

And they said, “Well, his came out!”

And she said, “Well, he has false teeth.”

And they said, “Why?”

By the way, this communication is telepathic. Most [UFO] communications are telepathic.

So Betty said, “Well, when you get old, sometimes your teeth go bad and you have to get false teeth.”

And they said, “Well, what do you eat?”

And she tried to explain what we ate. They couldn’t believe that our teeth could rot away. That’s just a small part of the story.

Staff Sergeant Moody of the United States Air Force was watching some stars, a meteor shower actually, in the summer of 1975, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, and one of the stars landed on the road in front of him. It was a disc-shaped ship. He was in his car and he was petrified, literally. He couldn’t move. He tried but he couldn’t.

A small entity came out of the ship, walked up to him, touched him on the shoulder through the open window, and at that point Moody could move. And he lost all fear. He communicated telepathically with the entity. The entity took him on board and told him quite a few things. They showed him the engine. And Moody then got back in his car and drove home. He was very reluctant to tell anybody. However, he had to be hospitalized for a skin problem and problems with his eyes. That is very common with close encounters with UFOs.

He contacted the head of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization because he was close to Tucson and he found out they were there. He privately told the head of the organization what had happened to him. And Dr. Sprinkle from Laramie, the man we’re going to see next month, came down from Laramie and did a hypnotic regression. Under hypnosis the witness was taken back to the time of the encounter, so more total recall can be acquired, and Moody told his story under hypnosis.

Since Sgt. Moody was a career Air Force sergeant, he certainly didn’t want anybody in the Air Force to know about this contact, because he was sure he would have some problems; if nothing else, ridicule. So it was kept a secret.

These were very good cases. They weren’t people looking for publicity, because they didn’t want any publicity.

The point I’m trying to make with a few stories of abductions is that this type of abduction has been increasing since roughly the early 60’s, and today we have an unbelievably large number of abductions. Because we have a known number of abductions that is unbelievably large, we’re quite sure that less than ten percent of the total abductions are known about. I know of many cases that we haven’t had the time or facilities to investigate that I’m quite sure are abductions. We just haven’t had time to get around to it.

We get many, many reports of people seeing a UFO and having a very close encounter with a UFO. The first question an investigator will ask is: Did you get home at the time you thought you should get home? Quite often the answer is, no, I was two hours late, or twenty minutes late, and can’t account for it. If a person has unaccountably lost time, the next step is to subject them to regressive hypnosis, to take them back to the encounter and then try to find out through hypnosis what happened.

Usually what comes out of hypnosis is that the person has been taken on board the UFO and had an experience on board. They have been given some sort of memory block so that they don’t consciously remember what occurred.

There’s a reason for this. Most of the organizations are at a point today of knowing without the shadow of a doubt that real abductions are taking place, that you can get matching information using regressive hypnosis, and that every once in awhile a condition occurs where the individual remembers being taken on board, like Charlie Hickson in Pascagoula in 1973—total recall of everything that happened to him—or someone who remembers part of it, like Travis Walton in 1975 near Phoenix, or Sgt. Moody in 1975 near Alamogordo.

However, a very, very large percentage of abductions are the type where the individual taken on board only remembers the close encounter and not the on-board part. We’re only able to get that under hypnosis.

Where the organizations are today, they’re necessarily taking the stance of modern science. Modern science says: do certain things to investigate. They are doing those things, very carefully, because they are scientists, and it is a valid thing to do. In performing a valuable function, they are telling us that UFOs exist, that they are abducting people, and that there are some very high strangeness factors involved. They are telling us this without a shadow of a doubt.

Most of the organizations have stopped at that point. They’re probing into the phenomenon but stop at a certain point simply because they don’t have the tools to probe further. Those tools, I believe, are techniques that are different from the techniques we use to study the natural environment. In other words, in order to go further in this investigation, it’s necessary to develop some new techniques.

That’s what we’ve been up to here, in, of all places, Louisville, Kentucky.

Let’s go back now to the history of, shall we say, “kook-dom” in ufology. In the early 50’s, the first reports of UFO contact were even stranger than the reports we’re getting now. They were reports of face-to-face encounters, reports of telepathic communication, reports of other kinds of communication from UFOs.

[One] of the people involved [was] an anthropologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson, who wrote quite a few books in the 50’s, most of which were first published in England, about communications with UFO communicants. They were just too weird for anyone in the scientific community even to read, much less get interested in. I read it. A few other people did. They were highly unusual, but they gave certain clues about how you might attempt to set up a method of investigating the phenomena.

There were some other people doing some very unusual types of investigating. Noetics Science Research at San Diego was using a trance medium to communicate with an entity, a discarnate entity, that was supposed to know something about UFOs.

George Van Tassel was visited by a UFO in the Mojave Desert, where he lived. He was sleeping outside one night because it was warm and a UFO landed on his little airport. An entity got out and talked to him. He was taken on board and after that, for several years, he got communications by telepathy. He wrote all these things down that he got by telepathy. The UFO left, but he kept getting these communications, every day, and he wrote them all down. I read all of his communications.

Things like this were reported all around the world. Slowly, what the scientists called cults began to spring up around the world. These cults were composed of people who were getting what the scientific community called pseudo-religious information, by what they called telepathic contact with UFO entities. I read all of this I could get my hands on, and a way of investigating the phenomena began to indicate itself to me as well as some other researchers. One of the other researchers was Dr. Andrija Puharich.

Now, Dr. Puharich started his investigation into paranormal phenomena in 1947. He was the first person to bring Peter Hurkos to the United States. In case you don’t know who he is, Peter Hurkos was the Dutch psychic that worked with the Dutch police for years. He could psychometrize things. For instance, they could give him a clue left at the scene of a crime. He could hold it in his hand and close his eyes and see the entire crime, or get certain information about the crime. He solved many crimes for the police and became well known in Europe.

Then Dr. Puharich brought him to the United States. They tested him carefully. Dr. Puharich was very active in this type of research and other types of research from 1947 right on to the present. Dr. Puharich was rather a brilliant man in that he had fifty-six patents in medical electronics. He’s a medical doctor. He became independently wealthy from his patents, primarily devices for allowing the totally deaf to hear. He’s in Who’s Who in the East. In 1971 he retired. He was a millionaire at that time with his inventions. He decided to devote his full time to the investigation of paranormal phenomena, the type of phenomena of which I’ve been speaking.

At that time, Uri Geller was becoming known. Geller is an Israeli who was one of the first people to bend metal mentally. Geller bends metal just by looking at it and asking it to bend.

[Don holds up a bent spoon.]

Like this. He bent this. This was a straight spoon. Geller looks at it and says, “Bend,” and it bends, or if he rubs it like this, very lightly, and it bends.

About a year ago I was flying a light airplane, and the gyro-horizon malfunctioned and went totally out. That’s like having a flat tire on a car. It doesn’t fix itself. You have to replace it or repair it. 6 Well, the horizon was out for an hour and a half, and I was on top of clouds with complete overcast. I really needed it to get the airplane back down because you really need an artificial horizon in an airplane to fly through layers of cloud.

[Commenting from the audience.]

Of course Donald wasn’t scared, but I was terrified at the time.

Were you in the same craft?

Yes, I am a witness to this.

Anyway, at the precise moment I really needed the horizon, it came back on and worked perfectly. It worked perfectly from then on. I thought this was fantastic, but I accepted it.

Five days later I was with Uri Geller. I was talking with him about something else. I’d almost forgotten this but I thought of it as we finished our conversation and I said, “Say, something funny happened to me the other day that reminded me of you,” and I told him.

And he said, “You won’t believe it!” He jumped up and said, “Look for a manila folder!”

Well, I had my hand on a pile of papers and a manila folder was underneath, so I pulled it out. He said, “Open it up and look at it!”

I opened it up, and scrawled across one page were the words, “HORIZON WENT OUT!!” with two exclamation marks, and under that, “PLANE?” question mark.

I said, “What’s this?” and he said, “When did this happen?” and I said, “Well, it happened Sunday,” and he said, “Sunday afternoon?” and I said, “Yeah.”

Now, I had been over Evansville, Indiana at the time of the incident. And he says, “Well, I was in my apartment in New York—a distance of about 700 miles—listening to stereo music on my headset, and suddenly over the music a voice said, “Horizon went out,” very loudly. I felt energy go through me, like I wanted to fix something. I didn’t know what this meant. So I wrote it down on a manila folder.”

And I said, “Well, it sort of looks like you fixed my horizon.” And he says, “Yeah, I think I did.”

At that point a bottle took off from the desk and flew across the room, a distance of about ten feet, and bounced off the window, rather hard. I thought that would’ve broken one or the other, but it didn’t. He says, “Yeah, I fixed your horizon, okay. That’s how they tell me.”

The reason that I know that Geller is real is that there are thousands and thousands of children who can do the same thing. So if Geller isn’t real, who cares? I can find you some six- and seven-year-old kids who can do it. And they’re not trained magicians.

John Taylor, head of the math department at King’s College in London, has tested quite a few of these kids. He seals metal rods in a glass tube. Glass blowers seal them so that you can’t possibly get in there. You have to break the glass tube to touch the metal. He then puts the glass tubing on a table. As the child approaches, the child cannot touch it. The child is told to bend or break the metal. The kid concentrates on it. It bends or breaks.

He repeated this experiment thousands of times in the laboratory with dozens of kids.

Dr. Puharich went to Israel in 1971 to study Geller. One of the first things that happened after he found out that Geller could bend metal mentally—he could also do other things which I won’t even get into now—was that he was contacted by a UFO. He got lots and lots of messages from a UFO. He knew he was getting messages from a UFO because they would say, “We’ll be at a certain place at a certain time. Look up and you’ll see us.” And he would see them, time after time. In fact, one time they landed and took Geller on board.

The way he got the messages was very strange. He had learned that when something floated in the room all by itself, he had to go put a tape in the tape recorder. Something would float off the table, float to the center of the room, an ashtray or something like that. This would be a signal to load his cassette tape recorder.

This is a true story. I know it sounds weird but it’s absolutely true.

Andrija’s a good friend of mine, and I’ve spent a lot of time with him. I’ve seen these things happen myself. I’ve seen things fly across the room and bounce off the wall, all by themselves.

He’d load his cassette tape recorder, put it down, sit down and wait. The buttons would then go down as if pressed by invisible fingers pushing them down, and the thing would start recording. It would then stop. He’d rewind the tape, play it back and there would be a message from a UFO.

What’s happening now is, I’m trying to show you a correlation of results between different investigators. Investigating a phenomenon like this, it is very, very difficult to link to previous knowledge.

In the early 60’s we started an experiment, here in Louisville, which had the objective of training people to get in the proper mental configuration so that, with certain catalysts added, you might say, they could receive telepathic information from UFO operatives.

Now, what we would use to design this experiment was what you would call the data from the kooks of the 50’s such as Dr. Williamson, whom everybody in the scientific community now thought was totally out of his mind because of his reports, and also some of the other people who reported telepathic contact.

What we did, we started an experiment using what I called “the gullibility factor.” I made the assumption that it was going to be necessary to be gullible in order to be successful, because the experiment seemed so naïve that no one who was extremely oriented toward orthodox scientific approaches to things would make such a, shall we say, gullible attempt to create a channeled communication.

There was a necessity for this gullibility at that time because what we had to do was to produce data with no attempt to analyze that data or to fit it into any preconceptions. We had to eradicate all preconceptions of what things should be.

Now, this idea to eradicate preconceptions comes from a look at what would happen if we went back to any time in the history of our planet and tried to bridge the gap from then to now. Let’s say that you brought someone from five hundred years ago into the middle of this setting, and tried to explain to them the philosophy of your life. They would not understand it.

Now, there was such a high strangeness factor in the UFO phenomena we had to assume that any communication from that phenomena would be much more displaced than that five-hundred-year period I just talked about. So what we did, regardless of how ridiculous the instructions might sound about how to do this thing, how ridiculous the information we got out of it might sound, we went ahead and did it. We proceeded to accumulate as much information as possible. We have accumulated a mountain of it.

So we continued the experiment, and it continues to today. In fact the last experiment was done Sunday. 7

Other groups of people around the world were doing the same thing. This is not an isolated experiment. I can tell you of groups of people in most major cities doing the same thing. They were getting information that was highly strange. The information was not too palatable to the scientific community in general, simply because it did not communicate in acceptable terms. A lot of it had to do with what you might call a religious orientation.

There’s a lot of confusion, it seems, after looking back over all the material I’ve been made aware of. There’s a lot of confusion in our present philosophy, about what you might call natural philosophy. We have divided our philosophy of nature into two basic parts. One we call scientific; the other we call religious. What comes out of communications allegedly from extraterrestrials is a unified understanding which mixes our understanding of religion and our understanding of science into one general understanding of how everything works; which does not separate the two.

This is the reason that so many scientists were turned off by what was allegedly coming out of the UFO contacts. A lot of people are immediately turned off by anything that sounds religious, especially if it doesn’t fit into their religion.

Until recently there were some puzzle pieces missing in this general picture that is within the limits of Earth man’s understanding. Recently we have had what I might call a breakthrough in communications. 8 We are now able to communicate in a much better way than we ever have before. We have established a method of communication that is as accurate as what we have in this room right now.

It is limited to a question/answer type format. Basically what I’m saying, it is possible now for me to ask questions of the UFO operative and to get an answer in precise English.

The answers I get are answers that fit the thirty years of research that have gone into my building a picture of the UFO phenomena and the UFO philosophy. They are not only answers that fit, they are answers that un-jumble parts of the material I had that were still jumbled.

Now, what I’m going to do is report as to what comes out of the investigation. I cannot prove what I will call extraterrestrial philosophy and even if you don’t believe it, maybe it will be interesting to you. You certainly don’t have to believe it because the only thing we have to say about it is that results of our investigation indicate to us that there’s an extremely high probability that this is a valid contact and this is valid information. There’s a reason why we can’t prove it, and that comes out in the philosophy.

The UFO phenomenon is a phenomenon that is linked directly to evolution. It acts on evolution. It plays a key part in evolution. It has since pre-history. It has been definitely linked to this planet in a very central way for the past 75,000 years.

The surface of a planet, like this one you might say, is a place for individuals like us to evolve. That’s the only real purpose for our experience here. According to the UFO contacts, this is how evolution works. We’re going back to the beginning of everything. We’ll try to link this a little with religion as we know it today. It’s a very, very difficult thing to talk about because we don’t have the language to do it. We cannot find the words in the dictionary to describe what I’m trying to describe, so we use the words available.

[Don begins making diagram on the blackboard to illustrate his points.]

Before anything existed in the entire creation, the entire universe, there was Infinity let’s say.

Infinity is just Infinity. What I’m doing now is reporting. I’m not theorizing. I’m reporting on what I get out of the communications, okay? This type of communication is an answer to my question. My question was, “What came first?” The answer was, “Infinity.”

My next question was, “What was second?” The answer, “Infinity became aware.”

Okay, then what happened? Well, aware infinity, which you might call intelligent infinity, which can be defined as the Creator, or, if you want, God.

Do you have any idea how big the universe is? If you listen to Carl Sagan, you know it’s so big he gets tongue-tied over it. There are 250 billion stars in our galactic system, stars like our sun. Think of that! All of them can have planetary systems around them. In this galactic system, which is a lens-shaped or lenticular form that looks like a convex lens, there are 250 billion stars. Now, that’s just one galactic system.

If we take the best telescope we have and look up at the night sky, at only a 6 degree section, 6 degrees out of 360, and make a circle of that 6 degree arc in the night sky, with that telescope we can see 1 million galaxies. And that’s just with that telescope. We don’t know what’s past the range of that telescope.

Each of those one million galaxies, whether larger or smaller than this one, could each have an average of 250 billion stars like our sun, each with a planetary system around it.

So, we’ve got a lot of room out there. It’s sort of weird to think that this would be the only little planet in all that space with little people running around on it. It’s also rather presumptuous for us to think that we’ve got the answers. We just began to get a little smart in the past fifty years or so, a hundred at the most. They burned Giordano Bruno at the stake 500 years ago for saying that the Earth revolved around the Sun. If I’d been around 500 years ago, I wouldn’t have lived!

But anyway, Okay. Intelligent infinity. The Creator.

So I asked, “What happens next?” And the answer was, “The Creator decided to know Itself, and in that knowing, decided to use the principle of free will.”

Now, there’s an important word I’m going to use in this communication because it’s the word that’s used by our contact, and it’s the word “distortion.” They call this free will the First Distortion of the Law of One.

Before the Creator decides to know Itself, It is a completely, infinitely homogenized unity. The only law that exists is the Law of One, because there’s only One, the Creator, infinitely. Now, anything stemming from that intelligent infinity is a distortion from that original infinite intelligence. So the first distortion that takes place from intelligent infinity is the distortion the Creator uses to know Itself. This is the distortion of free will.

That is the most important concept with which we have to deal in the entire subject of ufology because it explains everything else in ufology. Everything drops out very simply after we understand the first distortion is primary. Actually, it is why we are here in this room right now. It’s why everything works the way it works: the first distortion—free will.

Now, when I say intelligent, I don’t mean intelligent with a little i or a capital I. I mean intelligent with an I so high you can’t see the top of it. That’s intelligent infinity.

In order to know Itself, the Creator, using free will, subdivides into many parts. It forms various Logoi. And those Logos form sub-Logoi. And those sub-Logoi form sub-sub-Logoi.

Now, if you want to pick the most obvious sub-Logos around us today, you go outside and look up at the Sun—keep your dark glasses on! That is the most obvious sub-Logos in this part of the Creation.

These sub-Logoi form on down throughout the Creation. The way that happens is this. What comes after the first distortion of free will? What’s the second distortion? Well, our contact says we don’t have a word for it. He says, “We’ll pick the closest word in your language for the second distortion, the closest word in the dictionary that defines the Love that is the second distortion.”

That Love is an intense vibration. It’s not a vibration of something. It’s a vibration that is a pure energy. You know, Einstein says E equals mc squared. There’s a relationship between energy and mass. In other words, you can convert mass to energy. Therefore, you do not need something to have energy. You can have pure energy.

The Love that intelligent infinity creates using free will is then energy, pure energy. That pure energy, because of this intense vibration, then, condenses into the third distortion.

The third distortion is light. We see part of the light in our visible spectrum. There’s a lot more light than we can see. We just happen to see a little, narrow band that’s in the visible spectrum.

Now, what happens is that, using the principle of free will, each sub-Logos is extremely intelligent itself because it’s just a sub-divided part of intelligent infinity. It devises a plan for knowing Itself, and creates sub-Logoi which devise plans for knowing themselves, and the first density of Creation is formed.

The first density is a density of earth, water, fire and air, according to our contact. It’s a very simple density, the raw materials of a planet.

Now, the plan for evolution is that, after many millions of years of settling down, cooling and that sort of thing, planets will go through a transition of density, from first to second. When this happens, there’s a change at the center of all atoms.

I have to go back a little bit and tell you how atoms are formed. When this vibration, Love, creates light, the way it does this is, the intense vibration that occurs is first identified as a photon. After that vibration occurs and is identified as a photon, the line of vibration that is the photon can be rotated around three mutually perpendicular axes to form what you might call the sphere.

It’s a rotation of the vibration. The rotation is then stepped up in quanta so that electrons are actually rotations of the original vibration. One physicist I know says this is the foundation of the new unified field theory.

Very simply, with mathematical manipulations, you can condense out of this the entire periodic table, inter-atomic distances and crystalline structures and build up an entire microcosm. It’s been done. And it’s being slowly accepted by modern physicists and other scientific types around the world today. It’s the physics of Dewey Larson.

There is a new, unified field theory that is slowly being accepted by the scientific community. They are accepting it very slowly because they don’t like a theory that replaces a whole library full of books with one theory. In Larson’s Reciprocal System of physics 9, you’re able to build, mathematically, and in exact detail, an entire physical universe, from microcosm to macrocosm, from a single postulate. In other words, with this single theory you’re able o calculate all of the subatomic, inter-atomic and crystalline distances exactly. All physical constants may be calculated exactly. All of the planetary orbital radii, the relativistic red shift in Mercury around the Sun; everything can be calculated from this single postulate.

The postulate is relatively simple. It says that for every dimension of space, it is necessary to have a dimension of time. Space and time are reciprocally related. In other words: more space, less time.

It doesn’t make any sense to try to think of it as three-dimensional time, but if you accept it mathematically, you can calculate anything you want to. If you want to calculate the mass of an electron, you sit down and you make a few simple calculations, and at the end of the paper you get v=s/t, or v=t/s 10, and that’s what it is. It is measurable. The only way we could get it before that was to use other and more complex mathematical formulae.

Instead of experimentally and empirically determining whether this is so, this new theory theoretically lets us get the mass of an electron from a postulate that says that there are the same number of dimensions of time as there are dimensions of space, and that what happens to create matter is that there is a mismatching of time and space. It says that time and space move uniformly together, and when there’s a mismatching of time and space, matter exists.

This mismatching occurs as a vibration first. The first vibration is labeled a photon. Well, this is what the metaphysicists have been saying for years. This is what we have received from UFOs telepathically, that consciousness causes light.

This physical theory says that the space/time continuum, when mismatched in a vibratory manner, condenses a photon. The language of physical science and the language of metaphysics are the same language. They’re saying the same thing. For once we’ve got a physical theory that says the same thing that the metaphysical theory says. Not only does it say the same thing, but it works perfectly. It works so well that if we had it a hundred years ago, we’d probably be in the year 10,000 now, scientifically, because you can go directly to the next level without a lot of patchwork.

The Australian Science magazine, like the Scientific American, has stated: “Larson has not only done the impossible, he has done it very well.” It is a unified field theory that works. And what impresses me about it is that it’s in perfect agreement with communications I get from our contact. Has anyone heard of Larson? Very few people have because it’s just being disseminated slowly now. I got interested through the similarity of the material with our contact information.

Anyway, at the core of every atomic particle there is a basic frequency or vibration, which is identified as the photon. What happens is, when a planet condenses, it condenses in the first density and the core frequency of all its atoms is of first-density frequency. Those first-density frequencies correspond to the color red.

Now, when a planet goes through the transition from first density to second density, all of its core vibrations for all the atoms are stepped up in frequency to the color orange. I’m not really talking about the color orange you see here. It’s what is called the true-color orange, which is outside the visible spectrum as we know it right now. Some people see the true-color orange when they see UFOs. They sometimes see the true-color red when they see UFOs. They report a color that they’ve never seen before. They say it’s red but it’s not red. It’s much more red than red ever was. They’re lost for words. So that’s true-color red and true-color orange, or close to it.

Anyway, when you go to second density, life shows up. Single-celled life forms. The reason it shows up is that all the core atomic frequencies are stepped up to true-color orange. When you go out of second density into third density it happens again. You go up to true-color yellow, and so on. We find there are as many densities in the universe as there are colors in the spectrum 11 and that’s how the universe was formed.

The first distortion uses free will to create light through love. We’re all familiar with the passage of white light through a prism, splaying out into all the colors. That light—all the components of white light—goes out to make the creation as we know it. And the core frequencies of all the atoms in the creation are one of the frequencies in the spectrum of colors. There are densities throughout the universe that basically correspond to the seven colors in the spectrum.

This is a third-density planet, or this has been a third-density planet for the last 75,000 years. We’ve been in that density. It’s in the yellow range. The reason for the big influx of UFOs in the past 30 years is that 45 years ago we started to move to fourth density, the green range. All of the vibrations at the core of our atoms are speeding up so that, within a few more years, maybe 30, maybe more, maybe a hundred, no one knows exactly, this will be a fourth-density planet. This is the explanation for this phenomenon right here. This is why kids can bend metal.

The reason this metal bending is taking place right now is that as the vibrations increase within the atom, mind will play a much greater part in the direct effect on physical surroundings. What’s happening is an evolutionary process. In second density the highest form of life was man of the type that occurred before the missing link. He had cranial development of the frontal lobe and had more body hair. The loss of body hair and the restructuring of the brain occurred during the changeover from second to third density. That changeover took 1350 years. The changeover from third to fourth density will take less time.

What happens is that when man changes over from second density to third density, he takes on the form we have now. He has had on this planet, for the last 75,000 years, the form that we have right now. He lost that body hair and he became able to walk upright. There’s something very, very central, very, very important to the process of evolution to which I’m just coming. It’s the thing that most concerns all of us because it is the key to evolution and how we personally can involve ourselves in our own evolution.

This entire plan was made by the Logos, back eons and eons ago. Planets have been developing like ours for untold millions of years. Seventy-five thousand years ago there were races of people who were in seventh density, you might say, sixth density, or fifth density—far past us. Evolution had taken them far past our evolution before we even got started, let’s say. So this has been going forever. For that reason, there are some pretty sharp people out in the universe. For that reason, we have experienced what we have experienced for the past 75,000 years.

What we’ve experienced for the past 75,000 years is isolation, isolation from the rest of the people out there, primarily because we’ve been under quarantine for the past 75,000 years. We’ve been under quarantine because of one thing, and one thing only—the first distortion. The first distortion of the Law of One is the law of free will. Those who have progressed past third density—the state we’re in now—must act, using their knowledge of the first distortion.

There is a reason for that. It is a natural law. It isn’t a man-made law. It isn’t in any books, any libraries, it’s just a natural law like dropping a spoon and it falls.

The crux of the thing is that the first distortion, the free will distortion, says that an individual who comes into third density from second for the first time becomes self-aware. Then he has to choose on his own how to develop his own thinking for his own process of evolution. Someplace in this density there is a split in thinking.

Before I talk about the split, I’m going talk about the creation of the chemical world as we know it and how it functions, because it’s necessary to understand the split.

There is a basic law in electricity called Coulomb’s Law. Coulomb’s law states that the electrical force between two charged objects is directly proportional to the product of the quantity of charge on the objects and inversely proportional to the square of the separation distance between the two objects. All that says is that in order to have a force in electricity, you have to have two charged particles.

Now, in order to charge a battery, you have to have negative and positive charges. You’ve got no possibility of any electrical work without both negative and positive charges. If you have all charges of one kind, you can’t make it happen. It won’t work. You have to have charged particles in order to make a universe; in order to make a sun; in order to do anything. Nothing happens unless you have charged particles. That’s the basis for governing physical reality.

There is also an analogous basis for building consciousness. The first distortion which states the Creator will know Itself, also states that It will know Itself in as many ways as possible, and in any ways that the subdivided parts want. What happens is that in the physical world we have subdivision as to polarity and charge, plus and minus. In the metaphysical world, or the part which is consciousness, we have a division of consciousness, plus and minus.

Now, in our religions we call this dynamic good and evil. Let’s use plus for good and minus for evil. That’s really not right. That’s sort of the kindergarten way of looking at things. Here’s what happens. Before the Creator subdivides, when he’s still homogenized up there in intelligent infinity, totally One, there’s only one concept of service. That concept is service-to-self because there isn’t anything but self. It’s all one thing. Self only, right?

After the Creator divides into an infinite number of parts, the concept of service-to-others occurs. It is only after the division occurs that there’s the possibility of the concept of service of one part to the other.

The way our contact defines the polarities in consciousness is as follows: there are two possible polarities in consciousness. Those polarities are service to others, which we’re going to call positive, and service to self, which we’re going to call negative. Both polarities in consciousness were placed in this equation, as polarities in static electricity, in order to get force, or work. To get force or power it’s necessary to have polarization in consciousness. In order for the Creator to know himself and have experience through the process of free will, polarization in consciousness occurs.

Now, in the original plan of the Logos, if polarization in consciousness occurs strongly enough, it might be possible to get back to the original Thought 12, to make a full cycle. Creation works in a cycle. You start out with a concept of total service-to-self, the original Creator, because there isn’t anything else. After he subdivides, going full cycle it’s possible to come back and blend back in with the original Thought of intelligent infinity if you become pure enough in thinking to think like the original Thought.

The entire creation is designed to act in one big cycle, so that you go from intelligent infinity around through all the densities of experience, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, blending back into the original Logos. Somewhere in third density, not consciously but subconsciously, you usually reach the time to choose one of these two paths and to move into fourth density only along one of these two paths: service to self or service to others.

Now, if you watch television tonight you will find those two paths depicted. Any place in time you can find people who are polarizing towards service to self and people who are polarizing towards service to others. I’ll give you a couple of examples: Jesus the Christ and Genghis Khan. You don’t even have to ask which path each was following.

The important thing is that where we are right now is at the end of third density. At the end of third density it’s necessary to be polarized enough either towards service to self or service to others to get into fourth density. That’s where the concept of harvests comes from in religions.

There’s lots and lots of information in world religions having to do with how things work. All if it is distorted. It is impossible to get pure information in third density simply because there is no language available in third density that is undistorted. Everything I’m telling you people right now is distorted somewhat because I cannot use the language we have available to get this information and give it to you. 13

All information that has ever been communicated by language on this planet is distorted. All religious information is distorted. The only way you’re ever going to get pure information is by making it back around the whole cycle, reuniting with the creative Consciousness, and then you’ll be undistorted. So this is why the word, distortion, is very important. Our contact continually uses the word distortion. All the information you have been given is distorted to some extent or another. Most of it is pretty much distorted.

But all the religious information that’s available on this planet came from extraterrestrials. It wasn’t handed out in tablets, with ten commandments on it. It was primarily given by the mechanisms of telepathic contact. People either preached it, did it, or wrote it down. The planet has been heavily seeded for a long time with so-called religious information, all if it distorted.

Some of the religious information talks about the harvest. The harvest is almost here. That’s why the big UFO influx is occurring. Not too many years from now there will be a complete transition of this planet into fourth density. At that point everybody will start a totally new phase of their experience in evolution.

The reason for the UFO advertising now, the reason for the strangeness of the contact and the reason why most people don’t know about this is that they are very, very carefully following the first distortion of the Law of One, which says that if you are given information, you must be given information in such a way that it cannot be proven; that you hear it like you’re hearing it right now. The only possibility for people on this planet is to use any of this information that’s been seeded over the past how many thousands and thousands of years. Then they can make up their minds themselves as to which way to polarize in consciousness. That’s what it’s all about.

All religions, all philosophies, have nothing to do with anything but which way to polarize, plus or minus. You are given 75,000 years to make up your mind whether to be one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, as we call them. Now, actually, our contact says that the bad guys are good too, because they’re all created, every one of us, and the bad guys have their part and the good guys have their part. What they do is create polarization in consciousness. Therefore, the Creator is getting action and thought and is getting to know himself. For instance, you couldn’t write a script for The Rockford Files 14 if you didn’t have polarization in consciousness. Understand?

So, the reason the UFOs are here in numbers now is to create a greater polarization of consciousness through seeded information. This is one little bit of a seed right here. What they want people to do is make up their minds whether to become negatively or positively polarized.

In third density the process of life will play itself out. When you die, you’re going to wake up in your next life on a positively-polarized fourth-density planet, on a negatively-polarized fourth-density planet or on another third-density planet like this one. Probably you’re going to have to make a choice because that is the scheme for third-density planets.

Here’s the test. If you’ll think back to some time when you had a sandwich, a nice little wrapped-up sandwich and you were getting ready to eat that sandwich, perhaps you can imagine that somebody you didn’t even know came up and said, “I sure am hungry. Can you give me some of that sandwich?”

If you gave him half, you’re headed in the right direction. But in order to make it into fourth-density positive a few years from now, it is necessary that you gave him the larger half. That’s all you had to do, give him the larger half, period. That’s the test.

Now, according to our contact’s words, it is necessary to be anything over fifty percent service-to-others polarity in order to get into fourth-density positive. It’s a simple test. You must be more than fifty percent for service to others. That’s the consciousness.

Now, in order to get into fourth-density negative it’s necessary that you be anything more than ninety-five percent service-to-self. Why that variation? Because the contact says that if you take into consideration, you might say, anomalistic orientation and thought, it’s about as easy to become a little over fifty percent service-to-others polarity as it is to become ninety-five percent service-to-self polarity. That’s where the split is.

So, all you people who wake up in your next incarnation on negatively-oriented planets are at least ninety-five percent self-serving. And all you positive people are at least a little over fifty percent service to others. The forty-five percent in the middle are the ones who are truly lost, according to our contact. Those are the ones who are really going to have a problem. Well, it’s not so much of a problem. It’s just at least another 25,000 years in this kind of a mess. 15

That’s the only reason for a physical body as we know it—catalyst. What do I mean by that? Catalyst is your daily experience, whatever happens to you. Whatever interaction you have with other people or yourself is a catalyst to change your consciousness. You’re a different person than you were ten years ago, right? What caused that difference? Catalyst. If you hadn’t had the catalyst, if you’d stayed in the same room you were in ten years ago, if nothing happened, including mail coming under the door, you would’ve changed a little bit, but not nearly as much as you’ve changed because of everything that’s happened to you.

That’s really part of the first distortion of the Law of One—free will acting in such a way that you make choices and, in free will, gain experience, with the Creator knowing Itself through your activity. It’s your evolution in consciousness through the effect of your daily life on your thinking. An evolution in consciousness creates the polarization. Polarization allows you to go into the next, shall we say, major classroom in the universe, which is fourth density.

How’s that for a science fiction story?!

  1. In the ET Confederation messages which we were collecting and studying, the Orion Empire was a confederation of negatively-polarized beings which constitute the “loyal opposition” to positive UFO messages such as those of Ra, Q’uo and other Confederation members. 

  2. To the Ra group, there was no possibility of genuine understanding within our earthly intelligence and world. Hence their use of the word, misnomer. 

  3. No relation to Don Elkins, just a coincidence. 

  4. Bowman Field was the first Louisville Airport and was a fixed-base operator, carrying both cargo and passengers. The city outgrew the small airfield, which is nestled close to the downtown area. Standiford Field became Louisville’s fixed-base airport and Bowman Field continued to be used by pilots owning their own planes and air services which offered charter flights and aviation instruction. 

  5. Getting his degree as a Mechanical Engineer and serving in the Korean war took up his time for a few years. 

  6. A more apt kinship is to a toy top. When it stops spinning and falls over, it does not right itself and start spinning again. 

  7. Don is referring to our public Sunday L/L Research study and meditation meetings, held weekly still today. All are invited. If interested in attending a meeting, please check with us to let us know that you are coming. All interested seekers are welcomed. 

  8. Don is speaking here of the Ra sessions. These sessions were conducted in trance. As a channel, Carla has only channeled in trance during the Ra contact. All the other channeling done through her for L/L Research has been in a focused but conscious state. Carla never knew how to go into trance. It was done for her during the Ra sessions. A degree of specificity is possible within trance that is not possible in conscious channeling. 

  9. For more information on Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of physics, you may read his many books. Several are still in print. Quasars and Pulsars is a good volume with which to begin as it summarizes the basic postulates of the Reciprocal System in a bit over 60 pages. Performing a search on the internet will also yield many good articles. 

  10. Broken down, the formula reads “velocity equals space divided by time”, which is the mathematical statement for space-time, or “velocity equals time divided by space, which is the mathematical statement for time-space. 

  11. The spectrum of light we can see with our physical eyes is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. 

  12. Thought and Logos are two words for the same concept. 

  13. Elkins is saying here that it takes a lot of study to understand the language of the Ra contact. The Ra group uses new words and concepts it has created. The concepts must be explained, one by one, before one can grasp the information. 

  14. The Rockford Files is a television series starring James Garner as a private investigator chasing down all manner of service-to-self-oriented bad guys. Rockford, Garner’s character, was a complete good guy with a kind smile who was good to his Dad and endured all hazards with an easy humor. 

  15. The Ra group said that there is a minor harvest every 25,000 years in third-density Earth. So if we repeat the class on another third-density planet, the soonest we can harvest in service-to-others polarity is 25,000 years after the beginning of that cycle.