The Quixotic Quest

From the book:

“Don initiated his intensive, lifelong search for answers in 1955. He saw tantalizing clues and puzzle pieces all around him, and he intuitively knew they pointed to a greater reality, and told a greater story, but what was that story? What great truths remain hidden behind the curtain?

Don held a peculiar confidence that he could gain those answers. Consequently, he gave himself completely to the quixotic quest of investigating the leads on the far edges of human understanding, leads that conventional thinkers utterly ignored and dismissed, and pursued them unremittingly year after year.“

Written by L/L Research’s Director, Gary L. Bean, The Quixotic Quest: The Story & Identity of L/L Research is a book that provides a sense of who and what L/L Research is, where it’s been, how it came to be, and where it may be headed. It is the first time this has been attempted in a cohesive, streamlined, and integrated fashion.

The Quixotic Quest