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LOOP - The Law of One Prisoner Newsletter

Table of Contents

The Law of One Prisoner Newsletter (LOOP Newsletter) was a publication designed for those spiritual seekers in prisons, or having served in prison, to have a platform from which to communicate those spiritual ideas important or unique to an incarcerated seeker.

The LOOP Newsletter was born from a suggestion by Bill Ackerman of the Connecticut Correctional Institution to the LOOP’s editor Lorena Lucille, who expressed an interest to have imprisoned seekers write to each other. However, since it is mostly impermissible for prisoners to have inter-prison communication, the LOOP was a project designed to act as a forum for those in prison to share spiritual ideas and experiences.

Some of these spiritual experiences are unique to those living in an environment better suited to those entities that choose a service-to-self path.

While the LOOP Newsletter is currently out of publication, our Prison Ministry still offers correspondence for prisoners wishing to discuss the Law of One and other spiritual topics. Letters may be sent to P.O. Box 5195, Louisville KY 40255.

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