L/L Research has deep roots in Louisville, KY. This is where Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert were raised. This is where they began their mission and decided to name it “L/L Research”, and, once Jim McCarty joined them, it is where 105 sessions of the Ra contact took place. Louisville is where most of L/L Research’s history has unfolded, including decades of channeling and gatherings. It is the place that Jim McCarty, Austin Bridges, Gary Bean, and Trisha Bean have called home for many years, and it is where many seekers have looked when they have turned their eyes to L/L.

We are happy to announce that—51 years after the L/L mission began in Louisville—the organization is ready to spread its wings into new geography in the seeking of new horizons of service. Toward this end, L/L Research will establish its first office outside of Louisville in a small but metaphysically powerful mountain town called Asheville, North Carolina.

This office will be something of a mission. Not in the sense of spreading the good word, or converting the locals (though we will be bringing extra copies of The Ra Contact for anyone interested). Rather, it will have very specific aims, including:

1) To receive local support from a wealth of diverse talent in order to strengthen and upgrade the L/L Research operation. L/L Research is so incredibly blessed with volunteer service gifted by lone, geographically distant seekers from around the world. There is operational work, however, that needs more physically proximate support. In this regard what is unique about Asheville isn’t greater talent, necessarily, but a hyper-concentration of local talent, experience, and spiritually directed energies, whether from the very strong and dedicated Asheville Law of One Study Group, or the various patchwork of communities and spiritual seekers in the region.

L/L could be harnessing (and itself supporting) this energy not only for basic organizational work, but for greater lived application of the Law of One, including discovery of ways of working with the upward spiraling light, of healing, of communicating, etc.

2) To host gatherings. In conjunction with the Asheville Law of One Study Group, L/L has already established a transformational event in the very successful Coming Home Gathering to a New Earth Gathering at Highland Lake Cove. There is the potential to use that or other local spaces even more, reserving Louisville for more intimate and focused events. (Transforming Jim’s suburban home into a weekend venue for 40 people with loads of behind-the-scenes logistical support is a tremendous and taxing expenditure of resources.)

3) To co-create a sacred gathering space. An L/L Research presence in Asheville will allow us to explore an opportunity to participate in a truly exciting project of co-creating a sacred gathering space in collaboration with a leadership delegation of the Asheville Law of One Study Group, which consists of a community of seekers dedicated to both study and application of the Law of One. Co-creating gathering space has been our primary mode of collaboration with this team thus far. It has proven a frictionless, seamless source of joy. With the aid of other members of the L/L family, we can do even more.

Such a physical space holds a variety of potentials, including hosting sacred events, gatherings, services, celebrations, ceremonies, classes, salons, talks, lectures, and other expressions of community inspiration and upliftment. The benefit of such a sacred space to L/L Research’s mission could be enormous. And it could be the baby steps toward offering what so many in the readership yearn for: geographically centered, sacred community.

4) To help usher in fourth density. The Confederation has indicated that a primary goal of wanderers is to aid in the transition of our planet into fourth density. Each lone seeker contributes to this process. Each group of combined seeking exponentially contributes to this process. There is already a powerful culture of spiritual community in in the metaphysical hotbed of Asheville. L/L Research would be supported within that culture more efficiently than it could be in the greater non-seeking community of Louisville, strengthening its mission to reach seekers all over the world who might be aided by the messages we share. And reciprocally, L/L Research could contribute to the powerful and developing spiritual culture in Asheville in meaningful ways.

In these and other ways, L/L Research would find greater belonging in Asheville. Our organization would be accepted as one (particularly distinct) patch in the quiltwork of local community—all of us working toward the shared, overarching goal of wanderers and lightworkers the world over.

5) To continue doing what it does. Whatever the depth of collaboration undertaken with leadership delegation of the Asheville Law of One Study Group toward the development of a sacred gathering space, and whatever new opportunities arise from having a physical presence within a powerful spiritual community, L/L Research would continue meeting its responsibilities to a global and growing readership. It would preserve an independence distinct from the Asheville collective, and continue its present mission—just now with mountains in view.


The present plan of the Board is for this Asheville office to unfold in two phases:

In the first phase, Gary and Trisha Bean relocate to Asheville to lay the foundation for an L/L Research office, beginning work on the goals described above. They would also continue their usual work for L/L Research, which would be facilitated by the same tight collaboration with Jim and Austin, particularly the latter, but with a lot more video meetings and phone calls than the present means of rotating the office chair 45 degrees for dialogue.

Meanwhile, Austin Bridges would continue his service for L/L Research from the Louisville office, sustaining his tight collaboration with Jim and Gary, particularly the latter, in the preservation of the L/L Research mission. Both he and Gary would continue their support of Jim, though Austin with greater proximity.

The channeling circle would continue in Louisville, with Trish and Gary making periodic trips from Asheville to continue participating.

Gary and Austin would also change their formal titles (on the rare occasion they come up) from Executive Director and Assistant Director, respectively, to Co-Executive Director, equally.

In the second phase, undertaken once opportunity or necessity arise, L/L Research will evaluate the circumstances of L/L’s presence in Asheville as they have unfolded. If evaluation and circumstance align, Austin would make the same move to Asheville and join Gary and Trish in L/L Research’s Asheville office. All would then support Jim from a distance.

With Jim’s blessing, Austin, Trish, and Gary would complete their over three years of training in channeling and subsequently continue the practice in Asheville on their own, with ongoing review by Jim from Louisville.

Jim’s Home. In both phases, Jim’s Louisville home will continue to be a home for L/L Research, along with serving as its living memory and its physical library. Jim will continue the unbroken tradition of weekly public meditations from September–May, including channelings two weekends of the month, along with his daily Camelot Journal, his correspondence, and his collaboration with Gary, Austin, and Trish.

L/L Research and the AVL Study Group: While one goal of this plan is to collaborate with the Asheville Law of One Study Group in creating a sacred gathering place, the two organizations are distinct. The study group’s membership forms a blossoming community of dedicated seekers with a unique vision, of which the sacred gathering space is just a part. L/L Research seeks to collaborate with and explore that vision, but maintains its mission distinct from the vision of that community. We expect a natural relationship to continue unfolding, but as two entities in relationship to each other.

From here till Fourth Density

There are many questions yet to answer and to ask. We are presently beginning the initial work of a roadmap that will comprehensively study:

  • The impact that this move will have on L/L Research and on Jim
  • How Gary and Austin will continue their unified collaboration from a distance
  • How L/L will undertake the collaboration with the leadership delegation of the Asheville Law of One Study Group and the wider Asheville community.

This process will take some time. Phase one will likely become a possibility in the next year.

We ask for your blessing and invite your thoughtful feedback about this process. Please know that at the moment of this posting, those most poised to speak to the details will soon be upon a great journey to Europe to conduct L/L Research’s first international gathering. Their availability will not resume until November.

Our commitment to the existing service of L/L Research is as committed as the Earth is to the Sun. Rest assured that we make no fundamental operational changes or any deviation from L/L’s longstanding, crystalline mission to serve as a home for the Confederation philosophy and to keep that information freely available to all interested seekers.

We love you and we thank you. In love and light, The L/L Research Board of Directors