Group question: We would like to know what the steps or stages are that are necessary to make the harvest and for walking the path of the seeker of truth. And where does this desire to walk the path and be a seeker of truth come from?

(Q’uo, April 14, 1966)

We are those of the principle of Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is our privilege and our blessing to be called to this circle of seeking. And we thank each who has allowed us to come to share our thoughts with you at this time. As always, we ask that it be remembered that we are not infallible, that we are not all-wise, that we are not authorities, but travelers on that path with no steps, that is the spiritual path, And so we ask that each respect his and her personal truth and take those thoughts of ours which seem good to you, leaving the rest behind without a second thought. For each seeker has within that compass that tells when the direction is right, and we ask each to use that discrimination and that guidance and to trust that feeling within, not any authority. For each is the authority of his own path. Each is truly the captain of her own ship in an ocean whose tides are not known and upon which there is no land. Each spiritual seeker sets out upon a voyage of discovery. And yet each island of truth, each continent of discovery, is within the seeker. The journey across perilous waters is an illusion necessary because all within third density dwell within a heavy illusion, and the way to grasp the nature of that illusion and to use it is also illusion. For is not all the shadow of one Great Original Truth: Love, that which is ever unmanifest, invisible, that which cannot be grasped or proved? Such is the nature of the spiritual journey.

This day you have asked for our thoughts on what are the steps for achieving harvest, the harvest of third density. How can seekers learn to bear the intensity and fullness of the light that illumines fourth density illusion? For you see all within our grasp is illusion, yet each harvest delivers the seeker into an illusion that is fuller of light. That light is the first manifestation of love. So when we say that all is illusion this is not to suggest that there is a way out of illusion. No, rather, we suggest and encourage each to contemplate the seeking of that illusion which contains that fullness of light which can be accepted and borne through the circumstances of each day, each hour, and each moment.

This instrument was saying earlier that none is worthy, and the one known as Tom suggested that all are worthy. And we say to you that as with all paradoxes this is the mark of the spiritual; this is a sign of the metaphysical: paradox and puzzlement. For each statement is quite true to the best of our knowledge. No one is ‘worthy’ if worthy means that one has accomplished a certain number of understandings so that one is able to pass the final test. None, by learning, no matter how abstruse, shall be able to accept the fullness of light through knowledge. None is worthy to enter into fuller experience and larger life by what striving that entity has done. It is also very important that each realize that beyond and throughout all illusions that each entity is perfect. Each entity is loved by the Creator. Every iota of flesh, every thought, every emotion is loved, accepted, and forgiven by Love, Itself. So there the human experience balances between complete unworthines and complete worthiness. Between is that pathless path which each seeker treads.

We said earlier that your density is one of illusion, and indeed each has that garment of flesh that carries about the consciousness that is infinite and eternal. While this Consciousness dwells within the physical vehicle each has one great gift which overshadows all other gifts and that is the gift of what has been called presence. Each is aware that he or she is conscious. This self-awareness opens a door which, once opened, cannot be traversed in reverse. The door shuts upon those who have been awakened to the call of their deeper nature. Now not all entities are on a consciously spiritual sojourn. Not all entities are ready to awaken into the responsibility of knowing that they are spiritual beings and that they wish to accelerate the rate of their spiritual learning or evolution. For those who are asleep we ask each to rest easy. There is a time and a season for each entity, and when that time comes that entity shall awaken. That entity shall begin to investigate what is true, what is real, where he is, and where he is going. For those who have come to this realization, for those who have embarked upon that journey from which there is no return, we say to you that your greatest gift, is your incarnation. Each of you has chosen to be in this illusion at this time in order to learn and in order to serve. These two are interconnected, two sides of one coin, the being and the doing. The attention so often is on what one is doing. Where is the ministry? What do I do to be more spiritual? And yet, it is the sheer identity of each that is the great gift each has to offer this dear planet upon which you enjoy incarnation at this time.

Let us look at what we mean by ‘consciousness’; what we mean by ‘presence.’ Consciousness, is, in truth, consciousness of love, for love and the distortions of love are all that there is. Each has a native vibration that is completely congruent with the Logos that created and formed all the millions of infinite universes. And each, through the process of taking on an incarnation, has signed up for a difficult yet rewarding term of service. That consciousness, then, that some have called Christ-consciousness or cosmic consciousness, dwells within that vessel of skin and bones, muscles and thoughts. Each rattles around in this somewhat alien configuration, a spirit trapped, or just visiting. Most entities spend some time feeling very trapped, and yet this is an opportunity that you wished for very much. This was a trip you planned for, setting up for yourself relationships that would help to focus your own heart and mind upon those lessons of love you, yourself, deemed to be the most telling and critical for you at this point. And so that basic vibration of each is Love Itself, distorted, contracted, controlled, shall we say, by the various ways which, by free will, the entity has chosen to limit or shape consciousness.

The way to climb the steps of light to a fullness that is fourth-density is actually not to take on learning but to release learning, to release those strictures of contraction which you have placed upon consciousness in order to defend the self. When entities pull themselves away from the fully open heart it is usually not from a motive of anger, bitterness, or offense but, rather, it is a move to defend the vulnerable self within. Little by little, the path towards graduation into fourth density involves discovering, balancing, and releasing those things from which one pulls back and contracts the self in order to survive.

You see each is as the note, tone, or complex of tones which makes up an harmonic. Each is a perfect yet unique jewel, a gem with facets that have been cleaned and polished and shaped by the tempering of those furnaces which consume distortion. These furnaces burn brightest during times of initiation when all seems dark and there is challenge and struggle within. In these times we say to you, “Rejoice, for you have joined forces with your destiny. You have come to a time of transformation. Take courage and know that sorrow, suffering, anger, disappointment, and all the negative emotions that are felt are opportunities for the tempering process to work.” The oven of the alchemist is one designed to refine gold, to cleanse from it those things which are not gold. You may see the alchemical process working with consciousness as that refining fire in which dross is burned away, leaving that precious Original Thought, pure, shining, and untouched. You carry within you the sea of consciousness. All that there is, is within you. All that you seek. lies waiting to be rediscovered.

Now the third-density lessons are lessons in love, lessons in connecting with other entities in loving ways. When one has spiritually awakened, one becomes aware of a world of suffering. An enormous cry of pain is all about one and not only exists within the self but is found whenever the entity reaches out here or there. Touch that place. Gaze into that interest and you will find that the human heart has suffered there too, and in this suffering all are one, just as all are one in the perfect joy and peace of love. And so each seeker dances amid distortions, choosing whenever possible to find the love that is there. Each hopes to serve and we assure you that this is both simple and nearly impossible. It is simple in that simply by being who you are you are expressing love, for that is all that can be expressed. The question is always, “How shall I give love?” And we say to you that if you attempt to give love of yourself with your own energies you shall quickly run out of love, for it is in short supply within your illusion. However, it is not necessary for any to give love from the self. It is only necessary that the one who seeks to serve move the self out of the way of that love which comes in infinite supply from the One Creator. That love can be poured through the instrument that is open and empty, and the world shall feel that light and shall not know whence it comes. Yet the one who is able to be a witness of light, the one who is able, if you will, to be a channel of love, in that effort and in that desire to serve one has reached its greatest apex. If one wishes to accelerate the speed or rate at which one evolves spiritually, then one simply attempts to spend time and attention on love in daily meditation, listening to the silence within. One enters the inner sanctum of one’s own heart, and one feeds there on that life-giving water that ends unrest. And as one becomes able to, one attempts more and more to see each moment as a moment in the silence, to see that all is perfect beneath that surface noise and confusion that characterize mortal, human-kind.

We find that this instrument wishes to be politically correct, and so we are attempting to remember both sexes in what we say, but we must say that your language is not very well formed for this. So please pardon our many stumblings as we attempt to find a word that indicates that male and female alike are one with the Infinite Creator.

Now service to others is, again, as always, paradoxical, for if one serves others is not one serving the self, and vice-versa? Perhaps one way to think about serving others is to ask the self to wait, to listen, and to become aware in more and more fullness of what that other entity desires. And when one wishes to serve that entity then one asks the self, “How can I express love in serving this entity?” There are many times when the only way to express love is to be silent, and in that situation that is the most loving thing to do. Where there is perhaps a request from another, then one simply responds to that request as best as one can.

This willingness to take time to listen to another is in itself a service, and we encourage each to open those inward ears that hear what that consciousness is saying upon the level of depth at which the self and the other are most truly expressing. For some request those things which seem fair but which, within the self, are found to be wanting, and in those situations one serves best by turning to prayer to find acceptance and love.

We give this instrument the vision of the starry skies in mid summer on a clear, clear night. As you breath in you breathe in the universe and as you breathe out you create it again. Each is so precious. Each is so beloved. Feel that rightness, that perfection that is the basis of consciousness. Breathe in and feel the heart expand. Breathe out and feel that love pour through. You are the light of the world. You are the Creator’s hands, the Creator’s voices.

We would once again thank each present for inviting our presence this day. We are most gratified to have been able to blend our vibrations with yours, and to speak our thoughts and opinions in response to your queries which we have found helpful in our own patterns of seeking. We would at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group, leaving each as always in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


Carla is still working on her book on Wanderers. If you feel you might be a Wanderer, she would like to hear from you any questions or comments you might have on that topic.