Group question: The question this week has to do with the feeling that we won’t have enough time to do the work that we came to do. When is this work really done in relation to time? What is occurring when we worry? Talk to us about time, worry, and spiritual work.

(Q’uo, September 15, 1996)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we greet each of you in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. May we thank each for coming to this circle of seeking. We are so grateful to have been called to your meeting and to speak to you on the subject of time and some of the implications that lie in that concept of time. As we speak we ask each to use his own discrimination, for each of you has the power and the wisdom to recognize the truth that is yours. It is as though your truths lie waiting for you to rediscover them and to remember that which is already known. If some of our thoughts have that ring of remembered truth, then by all means we offer them to you with a full and happy heart. If we do not hit that mark, then we ask you to simply drop those thoughts and go on.

Talking about time is talking about one of the prime distortions that makes up your illusion. Let us then start with our concept of time and space. Although we cannot be sure of this, it is our opinion that time is a building block that exits in order for the illusion of sequence to offer the Creator’s children a seeming progression of events, small and large. It is half of the basic building block of your perceived consensus reality, the universe as your culture and science know it. It is as though the Creator took the Logos, which is Love, and paired that Great Original Creative Force with the means to make it into a perceived illusion. The means of this impregnation of Love to create a kinetic universe is light; the basic unit of light, the photon, we feel, is combined with one unit of love to create space and time. It also creates time and space.

Now the perceived physical creation about you we have labeled space/time, that is space, slash, time indicating the apparent ascendancy of space over time. That is the illusion in which you dwell during an incarnative experience. There is a universe which this instrument prefers to call the universe of spirit or the world of spirit. This metaphysical universe is created of time/space, or time, slash, space, or time over space. Within this creation it is the illusion of time that has the ascendancy, and in this illusion conditions are much different. However, both the physical universe of space/time and the metaphysical universe of time/space are equally illusory and are created for a combining and overarching purpose, and that is, as we said, to create an illusion of sequence. As far as we know, the least illusory state is that state in which there is no space or time. This is the truth in which all are rooted and all are members of that which lies beyond space and time entirely.

However, behind and beyond the illusion the creation rests in unity. It does not dream or talk to itself Indeed, one might somewhat whimsically call space/time and time/space as the dream of the One Infinite Creator, and in this dream the Creator hopes to know Itself The Creator hopes that each unit of Itself, each being that is Love, which each of you are, will experience those things which add to the knowledge the Creator has of Its nature, for It has generously given Its complete nature to each co-Creator of the universe. To us, to you, to the highest, and to the seemingly lowest of creatures that has an awareness of the self is given one nature, and that nature is love. Through the machinations of time/space and space/time choices are made. Each unit of Love finds itself progressing, finds itself offered any number of actions and thoughts and avenues and directions. And there is no attempt to control the thoughts and reactions of any, for each is treasured as it is. The Creator loves so completely, so utterly, so purely that It loves each and every tiny thought or kind or state of being whatever, including all of those facets of the self which this instrument often calls the dark side of the personality.

Loved as you are, there is nowhere to go, nothing to accomplish that can create between you and the Creator any greater approval or any more vehement or intense love. Before any thought of you was visible to the most metaphysical eye, you were already created and loved. For the units that have been sent out to experience and to come back into unity have gone out and come back many, many times, and as far as we are aware, this is an infinite universe.

Now what is the nature of this grand illusion, space/time? How can you use it? What is the nature of time/space, and how can you use that? Firstly, we ask each to consider the possibility that the right use of time is first of all the right use of consciousness or attention. Within your culture the weight of importance is generally given to actions undertaken and completed. There is much spiritual encouragement along the lines of, “by their fruits you shall know them,” which entities almost always take to mean the fruits of time and attention which are money, or projects completed, or services offered in love. Surely all of these achievements are excellent and show that stewardship of talents and gifts that is, as far as we know, the right use of those gifts. However, what this point of view misses is the far deeper importance of the way your consciousness is aligned with respect to the vibration of the One Original Thought which is Love.

Indeed, you may grade yourself, firstly, on that tuning with which you meet consensus reality moment by moment. To our mind, we cannot conceive of running out of time to do one’s main job because one’s main job is to experience in as clear and undistorted way all of those catalysts which come before you with that vibration which is most essentially yours, which is closest to the tuning of love. This tuning one may think of as a constant such as the speed of light. Let us say the speed of love is the same for all entities. However, each entity is unique, and so each entity’s path is unique. And each entity’s way of tuning the self moment by moment must be his own and not something taught to a group by rote, each person doing precisely the same as each other. The path to the clearest self-awareness is unique for each seeker.

However, we encourage each, when thinking about the right use of time, to remember to consider before all else whether the self is tuned to match the vibration of love. Each feels this constant within, and we would pause for a moment at this time to allow each person to move into the heart, to move the attention into that place within that is the metaphysical equivalent of the heart, the green-ray energy center. Here is the seat of love coming into the created body. Here is that holy of holies where love dwells fully, undistorted, and pure. Moving into this sacred place within, open the heart and feel the love of the One Infinite Creator.

Like the sun lights up the sky, the Creator rests in full strength within you, lighting your way. The key that opens the door into your own sacred heart is silence, a turning within to listen to the silence. And this habit of turning within, of centering first upon the Creator which is Love, shall stand each in very good stead as each attempts to seek the truth of its own being and its own journey. Thus one cannot finish an incarnation and realize that one has run out of time to do that which one has come to do. For that which you took flesh to do is available to be done in every living moment.

Moving from that place within which contains truth, which contains love, one may begin to feel an energy, which has nothing to do with how much sleep one has gotten, or how healthy the physical body seems, beginning to enhance and energize not the body but the spirit which moves the body about. Each may find this a very present helper as she goes upon her way. This aid will enable each to know, recognize, and acknowledge those gifts which have been given to each, for each has come with three things, at least, to do: to experience, to learn personally, and to use one’s gifts in service to each other, for in serving each other you serve the One Infinite Creator.

We ask each to see each other as the hands, the voice, and the face of the Creator. The Creator cannot smile upon any, nor reach a hand to any, nor feed nor clothe any. The Creator’s voice, hands, and actions are yours. You represent and give meaning to love by your service to the Creator within those with whom you share your fragile island in space. It does not matter whether these services are small or great or considered important or unimportant by any society or way of thinking whatever. What matters is that you are attempting to open the heart, are attempting to use your gifts, and are attempting to make what sense you can of your experience. These are your basic commitments in incarnation. These you may do minute-by-minute and day-by-day, and to the world you may be doing nothing useful. But each who has come within the glow of your smile or the friendliness and cheer of an open handshake, or hug knows that more is going on than just passing the time.

When entities attempt to think of time as a value, inevitably they become completely frustrated. The reason for this is that time is illusory. It is tied into space as space is tied into time to create the illusion that something is happening, that there is a past and a future. In actuality it is our understanding that we are all without space and time, without separation. All is occurring within this one instant that ever has or ever will occur. It is one whole. It is love. Through the illusion of time love is articulated and mirrored back to its source. And this is deeply, deeply satisfying to the Infinite Creator. So when you think of how you spend your time, release yourself from the judgments of those who have strictures of what constitutes service and love. For by the way your being meets the world that it perceives through its senses, each of you is giving the greatest gift of all to the Creator, to each other, and to the planetary vibration, and we feel this is worthy of being emphasized . For as your planet and as the entire solar system of which your planet is a part, rotates into a never before entered part of time and space, it is nearing, closer and closer, true fourth-density space/time.

The nature of space/time is beginning to alter. The nature of the way each perceives time and space is slowly altering. Even values that your physicists attempt to understand, subatomic particles and such, are part of space/time in fourth density. Your planet is being prepared to enter this environment as are all of the global inhabitants, and at this time we are very please to say that much progress has already been made in lightening the planetary consciousness.

Wanderers who come to this planet from other densities have served as beacons of light through song and art and government and through all of the little-known and seldom understood ways in which simple vibrations aid the planet. And each of you is as a beacon of light. That light will grow dim or grow bright as you allow the infinite love that comes from the Creator to all to move freely through the ever opening heart and out into the world. You cannot love, for your human love will be very limited. There comes a time when the effort must cease, and no matter how firm, the intention love cannot any longer be expressed in a human sense. It is only when one quits trying to be love and allows love to come through the self from infinity that one becomes able to withstand that great force and to be able to offer it on a continuing basis. So each is encouraged to think of the self as a kind of lighthouse or radio station with the light being brighter or the tuning being higher the more one’s heart is stayed in love, and is open to love, and is open for loving.

All of these things are yours to give before you rise from your bed to begin the busy day. And no matter what gift you give the world during those daylight hours of commerce and satisfying accomplishment, that which is the deepest service shall always be your vibration, your signature that we would recognize from any other entity in the creation, no matter in what density or under what circumstances we met you. You are yourself, full of glory, and full of a life that is unending.

Perhaps it may be true that worry affects the open heart to some extent, contracting it, holding some of the light within because of over concern. But this is acceptable. It does not alter the basic vibration. What alters the basic vibration of any entity are those thoughts that one has and that one moves back into time and time again. Thoughts of not enough. Thoughts of unworthiness. Thoughts of fear. These keep that heart closed. However, when one gazes at whether one who does great things in the world is superior to one who does nothing greater than re-diaper the baby, or take care of a pussy cat, or simply get through a difficult day without complaint, one realizes that all are doing completely congruent acts because what is important with any act is the love with which it is done.

And worry not about whether you are centered if you are worrying, for truly we say to you that if you are a loving person worrying, then your vibration is very little affected by worrying or by anything else that does not close the heart. Each of you remembers a better way, and we would call that way the way of the open heart. Compassion opens the night and makes it daytime. Seek always then to center in love, to revel and enjoy being loved by the Infinite One. And that which your love is to do, those places where your love is to shine, will come to you, and you will know them.

I am Q’uo, and we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group at this time, leaving each, as always, in the love and in the ineffable light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.


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