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The Origins of L/L Research

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT: These documents are transcriptions of channeling done by Clyde Trepanier during group meetings in Detroit and that were previously published in the Man, Consciousness and Understanding pamphlets. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This document is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.


Man, Consciousness and Understanding

Volume I


The groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developing a better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lying before us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truth available to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.

On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe who have attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who will listen, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earth might awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.

Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail from other parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms of existence.

The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was one among a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a small group, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.

With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding offer their knowledge to all who seek the Truth.

Affirmations for Meditation

By Hatonn [1]

O Radiant One, send forth Thy Light, and surround each of us, Thy children, that we may have enlightenment and wisdom.

We relax and give ourselves completely to the Father. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him. We know that all is well as we relax in His Arms. We give our whole selves to the Father, we want only to do His will. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.

I am His perfect child. He guides me and directs me. He continually surrounds me with His pure white Light. I visualize this radiant substance of purest white, until I actually feel the consciousness of the Father, His Presence, His Power, His Light and love flowing through me. I relax in His Presence.

He is the ever-loving Father and Creator.

He loves me and protects me.

He is the one and only Power and Intelligence

I am His perfect expression

He expresses through me

I am a doer of His will

The Father and I are one.

There is but a single power and intelligence

This great power and intelligence is now a part of me

It is guiding me and protecting me at all times

I give myself completely to this great Power and Intelligence

I am a part of it

I live and have my being in this, the Father.


Sunday November 4, 1956

Greetings to you my friends, I am Hatonn.

In love and light I greet you. We of the Confederation are always grateful to find among your people those who are interested, who are willing to accept us. We are grateful to all of you for your acceptance of us.

There is much to be accomplished among your peoples in the days to come. Your planet at this moment faces one of the greatest crisis in its history. We who have come here from other systems and other galaxies, have came by request, request from others in your system. This service we are happy and proud to give; we only are happy that we have the opportunity to serve you. As I stated, there is much to be accomplished among your people in order that we may bring about conditions of betterment upon your planet. We hope and pray each day that more and more of your people will see the light. It is only through these awakenings that your people can be prevented from bringing about their own destruction; it must come from the people.

Your heads of government, your world leaders have become so corrupt, so power mad, that now it is up to the people to demand and to bring about their own salvation. It is through those who through their convictions are willing to come forth, to come out from among the multitudes and stand forth for what is right and good.

Great changes which have come about upon your planet, has not been brought about by the majorities but rather has been brought about by the minority, sometimes even by individuals who are strong in their faith and who are willing to come forth from among the multitudes and stand forth regardless of the race consciousness for that they believe and know to be right. One man, a few years ago upon your planet, was responsible for one of the greatest changes that has taken place in your civilization; one man, my brothers, who was not afraid to come forth from among the masses. If you think with the masses, believe with the masses, then you have lost your individuality, then you become one of the masses, one of the race consciousness. Seek the Truth and stand on it, my brothers. Use your intelligence, that is why the Creator gave it to you.

We have made our appeal to the heads of your world government, to all of your world leaders. We have made great offers to them, but our offers are the offers that would improve the masses, improve your scientific achievements, allow you to live a new life, one of grandeur and of beauty, but due to your customs, your economic structure, your monetary system, they who have the power in hands, are not willing to sacrifice their power to benefit the multitudes. Now we come to you the people, the power is in your hands. We do not advocate violence, but by making your choice to serve in the everlasting love and light, we can and will direct you in the ways of love and light, and through these methods, you can bring about the conditions that you desire.

My friends, you have no idea of your own thought power. This thought power when concentrated by the multitudes, by the masses, can bring about anything. There is much power in thought my brothers, much power. Our problems are solved by thought; we have no need for wars or violence. When we have a problem, our people attack it in thought, in unison, and the problem dissolves itself. Think about this, my brothers; there is much food there for thought. This is only a slight glimpse of what can be accomplished once you understand and know life as it really exists.

These things, my friends, are the things we want to teach you, these are the things we are trying to bring to you. Our only hope is that your people will choose in the right direction. I believe I have given you enough to think about this time. It has been my privilege to speak with you; we shall meet again.
May you grow ever in the love and light of the Infinite One and may His Truth flow continually through you. May you now and then get a grasp of the grandeur that lies ahead, I know you will be awed by it.

Adonai [2], my friends. Adonai vasu.

I am Hatonn.

Saturday, February 16, 1957

“Learn to go within-to follow that guidance, which comes thru your higher intelligence to you and will guide you only in the right direction, if you so desire.”

Questioner: Guide in health-material needs?

This is your guidance for everything. It knows what is best for you regardless of what it may concern, whether it be of a material nature such as a material need you may have for your everyday living or comfort.

There is no need to be in want—your Creator has never intended for you to want for anything. You bring about your own lack, through your own thinking, your own actions. Go always to this higher self or intelligence. There, any of your problems can be solved. It has the answers to all our problems. You need only to learn to contact it, to be able to state your problem clearly and it will give you the answer because it has access to that great storehouse of knowledge where all you can make, produce, has not been produced before.

No problem that you could possibly have has not been solved before. The answers are all there in that great storehouse of knowledge and your own higher intelligence has access to this storehouse at all times.

Questioner: Is this praying to the Father within? Can it be done in meditation?

It certainly can. You are a part of your Creator. You are a Creator. As your problems, needs arise—quietly and clearly state these needs, these problems to this Higher Intelligence or as you speak of it as God; we prefer other terms. The answer to these problems will come to you. State them openly and clearly and then let it rest in your innermost being. The answer will come to you.

Your people have lost this art generally speaking, it needs to be cultivated.

Questioner: How do we help others?

You can only help others as they will allow, you to help them. To those who seek help from you, administer your help wisely. The level of Understanding of any person determines the way in which Truth shall be given to them. There, my friends, is where wisdom is necessary in spreading Truth to those about you. Hardly any two persons will be on the same level of understanding. There again you must listen for that inner guidance, for that wisdom in administering Truths which you know. Try to realize that what is Truth for you may not be Truth for another. You cannot force Truth on anyone. Each must grow in their own way.

Questioner: By surrounding them with the Light we can help them to be aware of it, can’t we?

You can help anyone by sending your Light and Love. This is always effective although it is not always apparent to you.

Your love should so radiate that those about you feel your love and light whenever they are near you. This creates more desire in those with whom you come in contact, more desire to know the Truth than anything you can do. That is what is meant by the statement in your Holy Works which states, “Do not hide your Light under a bushel but let your Light shine forth that others might see it.”

Questioner: And that Light is our Creative Power within us and our love?”

Also it is your demonstration, your living demonstration of this Light. It radiates from you when you are able to demonstrate in your own life, because your life is a happy and glorious one and it radiates all about you for all to see.

May the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator rest in your hearts. My Blessings I leave with you.

Adonai, Beloved Ones. Adonai.

Thursday August 24, 1957

I greet you in the Light of Love and Understanding.

I should like at this time, to speak a few of the reasons why we have come to your system and to your planet. There are millions of beings at this time, who have come to your aid. We have come from other planets within your system, from other systems and other galaxies. They have all come with one purpose in mind, and that is to aid your system and especially your planet. Your people have reached a critical stage in their evolution; they have not progressed spiritually as they should have.

Scientifically, they have advanced much further, and therefore you do not have a balance. Due to the lack of this balance, you are in great danger of destroying yourselves. You have acquired the use or great powers, energies, some of which should not be used at all, and some should be only in the hands of those who are developed spiritually to the point where these powers should only be used for good.

Such powers as your scientists are tampering with today, in the hands of the wrong people, could destroy your civilization. This has happened before upon your planet, my friends, and could happen again. We do not wish to see this happen; we are trying to help you avert such disaster. Also, your planet and your system are entering a new cycle. Your people as a whole, due to the lack of spiritual growth, are not ready to enter the new cycle, the new age.

This will take place; nothing can stop it, and those who are not in a position to enter the new age, will not be able to remain upon this planet when you are well into this cycle. Therefore, it is doubly important that your people raise their consciousness to new heights, that they acquire new understandings, new truths, that will enable them to enter the new age, which is upon you.

We realize, as do many of your people, that many of your people will not be able to accept the new concepts; they will not be able to move with your planet. These, I should like to state, will not be lost; it merely means that they are slower in their growth and will require more time. They shall be given the opportunity that they need and shall eventually reach their goal, each in his own way, because man moves ever on and upward, some faster, some slower, but the climb goes on and on. There is also a cosmic reason why we are here; there is certain danger to your planet of which you have no control, no knowledge; we hope and are sure that we can avert this for you. However, I shall not digress upon this.

We love you, my friends, far above your highest concept, your highest understanding; we would do nothing to harm you; neither will we force you to do anything. We will only suggest. No man can force another to do that which he does not wish to do. We shall help you and guide you, each in his own direction, but only through suggestion, the rest, my dear friends, is up to you.

You are the pilot of your ship; no one else can pilot it for you. They can only aid you in-so-far as you are willing to let them.

Live always in the now. Now is the only important time. The past has passed, and you can do nothing about it. This very moment is the only thing that counts. Live the truth, and the truth will set you free. The time is now. Now is the time. Realize at this moment your at oneness with your Creator. We do not bow our head when we worship; we look up and out. Realize that Christ-like within you; realize that you are God; that you are a part of that One, and that you are expressing for Him; He is expressing through you; you are His expression.

Once these realizations have come in your mind, once you know who you are, then, my friends, truth shall unveil itself to you, and all shall become clear.

It has been my privilege to speak with you. I hope I have been of some service. I leave you in the love and understanding of the Infinite Father.

Wednesday, December 11, 1957

I greet you in the Light, my friends.

I am Oxal of Arcturus.

We have on this night, monitored your complete conversation. This is very simple for us to do, my friends. We can do it in several ways. We have small discs we can station a short distance from your point of meeting and record all that passes between you. Also, we can tune in upon the brain of the channel and listen through his ears. This, we have done tonight. This would amaze your scientists, would it not? But it is very simple.

We have been very interested in your conversation; many truths have passed among you. Some of you here have grown a great deal in your understanding; each of you here are here because you are seeking. You are seeking the truth. Continue this seeking, each in your own way, and I assure you, you shall receive as you are able to.

We have been in your skies for well on to three years. We are watching individuals, waiting for their choice. As was stated here tonight, once this choice is made in full faith and in love, we move in with protection, with love, light, and truth and guide them, direct them, and protect them. That is our mission.

We have come to your system by request of the Confederation and of your system to help you through the crisis that now faces your planet. Truth must grow and grow rapidly upon your planet. We are awakening your people in masses to the realization that they must make a choice, that there are two ways in which they can go, and they must make a choice. Many of your people have not realized this in the past; they have not realized that there are two ways in which each of you can go, that your civilization through all generations have had the right to choose, but they have not chosen wisely. Many of them have not realized or known that there was another way. We can help only those who choose to serve in the Light, who choose the path of service to their people and to their Creator. We have pledged our help to all who make this choice, and we shall stand upon our oath. To those of you who have made the choice, we urge you to establish firmly in your consciousness the great love for your Creator and for your fellow man; this, my beloved friends, is the first step in understanding.

Love one another. Once this has been established, the rest shall follow easily. Understanding shall come in abundance; on the waves of love shall flow understanding. Can you see, my friends, why this is? You see, when you have a great love in your consciousness, it opens wide the door for understanding, for wisdom. Without love, the door is locked. This is the power that permeates the universe. There is great need for this upon this planet we call earth, for the lack of it has set up vibrations about your planet, encircling it, that are bringing about chaos, disturbances of nature itself, for so you think, so are you, whether it be as an individual, as a nation or as a planet.

Do you have a slight understanding of what would happen to this planet you call Earth if suddenly all should start emanating love, if suddenly all should start emanating positive thoughts? Can you visualize what would be the results? Conditions would change so rapidly that many of your people would not be able to live in the vibration. Even your atmospheric conditions would change; you would not have the terrific eruptions of nature that you now have. The greater portion of these things are brought about by the negative vibrations that exist around your planet. If your people only realized the power of their thought.

On our plane of existence, we solve all problems through thought. If a problem is faced by one of our planets, it is solved through concentrated thought of the people. It is in this manner that we shall help your planet. We have been for some time past photographing conditions upon your planet, recording conditions; these are being relayed back to our people and at the proper time when our plans are laid, we shall concentrate our power and thought to help you, but there must also be concentrated help coming from this planet. We are also trying to establish enough people upon the planet to do this. In this manner, we hope to ease the situation greatly.

Many of the brothers of the Confederation have volunteered to come to the Planet Earth to serve at this time. They are working among you quietly, trying to establish more love and understanding among the people of Earth, and I might add, a great deal is being accomplished; this, I am sure, many of you are aware of.

Continue your seeking, my friends, for many of you have a great task to perform. Soon, many people who are now walking the surface of Planet Earth shall be awakened, shall become aware of who they are, and why they are here, and then their task shall begin in earnest, for the emissaries at the Infinite Spirit are soon to finish their missions.

I leave you now, my beloved friends. I leave you by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal

Sunday, December 15, 1957

Greetings and Light. Greetings and Light. I am Oxal of Arcturus. I bring you the greetings and love of my people.

For the benefit of some here who are not familiar with our story, I shall give a brief resume of our purpose in coming to your system. We, aboard the Otavana, are not of your system.

I shall refer to our system as Arcturus, since our sun is known to your astronomers by this name. We are aboard a craft outside your solar vortice. We have come by request, by request of members of the Confederation within your system. We have come to help your system and especially your planet at a time of crisis. We have been in your skies for nearly three years, as you calculate time. We are not alone. There are many, many craft at this time surrounding your planet. These have come from planets within your system and from many systems. We have all come to serve, serve your system and your planet. Each has his mission to perform; each was chosen for his mission because of his particular capabilities. But I shall concern this little talk tonight with my own people and our mission.

Our craft, to be specific, is 120 miles in length; it is 36 miles in diameter; it carries upward of 25 million people and approximately 50,000 smaller craft. It is difficult for you to conceive of a craft of this size, but we do not do things on a small scale. We serve only to our fullest capacity.

Your people, through all generations of time, have had the right to choose; they have not chosen wisely, so, in your time you face a great crisis. We, as have many others, have come to help you. We are awakening your people in great numbers, not to any great knowledge, but to the fact that they must make a choice, that there are two paths which they can follow. To those who make the choice to serve their humanity in every way and to follow the path of service of love, of light, and understanding, we pledge our help.

To all those who make the choice, we shall move in with protection, with love, light and truth. We shall guide them into paths whereby they can grow into new love and understanding. We shall guide them to the opportunities for service. They shall find themselves going about a new way, not knowing why they do this. We pledge our protection; no harm shall come to those who make the choice in full faith and understanding. All of this we shall do and more. We shall not land upon your planet. We shall not come among you, for all that we do shall be done from here. We could not take you aboard our craft; the vibrations are such that in your present level of understanding you could not exist here. We can perform any of our duties from here. The powers of my people are such that anyone of them could stand upon the face of your planet and perform many of the duties described in your religious history. We do not mean to brag of our achievements for we are servants, servants to a Cause, and we are grateful and humble for the opportunity to serve you.

There are many, many brothers and sisters working for your planet and your people at this time; some of those are able to come among you and are among you. They are seen flying in your skies; many of them are living among you and serving quietly. If they were to be known, their work would be greatly hampered, for this has been the experience in the past. When we have tried to come among your people and make ourselves known, some were worshipped as gods which we are not; others would tend to murder us, so, they work quietly among you, as one of you, and thereby accomplish their mission without harm.

I might also add, and some of you are already aware of this, but I believe it might be of interest to certain ones here, that those brothers who are working among you, have been brought here by craft landed upon your planet and become absorbed in your humanity. Others are voluntarily come through the normal route and have lived among you as one of you. Many of these are not yet aware, have not been awakened to their identity, but at the proper time when they are about to perform their tasks, they shall be awakened and go about their Father’s work.

There are millions of craft about your planet at this time. They are keeping accurate records, continually making observations of all things that take place. We have instruments that are continually registering every movement that takes place in the fault lines on your planet; these things are being watched closely.

The heads of all of your governments, I should say your major governments, have been contacted by us. They are well aware of our existence. We have made great offers to them and to your world leaders. We want to share both your scientific and spiritual knowledge with you, but in every case, we have been rejected. Due to your economic structure, your organizations and your customs, it is felt that they cannot accept our offers. Your profit system would not function well under the stipulations which we presented, for what we offer is for all and not for a few; it is for the benefit of all mankind.

Our contacts are now with the people. A great change will come about through people like yourselves. When enough of your people have established in yourselves enough love and understanding, the changes will be inevitable.

What, my friends, do you think is the greatest power in the universe?

Group: Love is the greatest power

You have spoken truly, my sister. Love can accomplish anything. It is a force that permeates the universe. I say to you, Beloved, love one another for through this love shall you rise to great heights in understanding. I leave you, my friends, by extending to you the love and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal of Arcturus.

Saturday, January 4, 1958

I greet you my beloved friends, in the Love, Light and Understanding of the Infinite Creator.

I have been among you tonight, I have heard your conversation. All of you here on this night, are sincerely seeking Truth, Understanding and Wisdom. This, my friends, shall be given you in degrees that are suitable to your individual. I am a newcomer among you; I spoke last evening through this instrument for the first time. I am one of the new-comers to your city. This is a new and delightful experience for me. I pray that my service shall be well received by your people. I sincerely hope that I shall be able to do my part in raising the Consciousness of Earth People.

It is our duty, or at least one of our duties, to work with those of you who are sincerely seeking Light and Understanding. We are doing this although many of you are not aware of our presence. You too, are doing your part in the service to your brothers and sisters.

Let each of us rededicate ourselves each day to their service. Let us be ever more aware of opportunities to serve, to send forth our Light to let it shine that it may help others. But as I stated last evening, our most effective way of teaching is through example, through manifesting of our Truth so that others might see. Little is gained by shouting from the house tops or from the street corners, but through example, we can accomplish a great deal, for as others see our Light, they too, shall want their share and shall come seeking it. For when they come sincerely seeking, then, and then only can we lead them.

Children of the Light, you have much work to do among the People of Earth. A great deal of Light must be spread, and those like yourselves who are dedicating their life to this purpose, in Love and Understanding and Humbleness, those are the ones who shall inherit this planet.

Time is growing short beloved friends. Your development must come rapidly in order to fulfill your mission. Seek within through that higher Consciousness, that creative part of you which is able to reach out and draw forth from that great store house of Knowledge, Wisdom, of Light. Spend as much time as you can in this manner, for there you shall receive your enlightenment, your wisdom and your understanding.

We who have come here to serve and to help, to help those of you who are serving in the lower vibration, we are spending much time in meditation, in sending forth our Light, our love and our Understanding to you that you might be helped to a greater extent. Try to instill in your consciousness the realization of who you are and what you are. Place no limitation upon yourself, but realize that you are this great power and intelligence which rules the universe. You are one of the many expressions to this intelligence, therefore, locked within you are the powers that shall manifest all that you need. You need only to unlock them through your Love and Understanding, your seeking.

There are no miracles, beloved friends, there is only Law. You need only to understand and apply the Universal Laws. The laws that have always been present and always shall be. True, we know not where the spiral ends. It goes beyond our Understanding and beyond the Understanding of all whom we have contacted, but we know that the spiral, the spiral gets ever more beautiful, ever more lovely as we rise. So let us climb onward, beloved ones. Always reaching a helping hand to those who are struggling just below us; for as we extend our hand, someone else shall extend theirs to us. It is a never ending chain. All those who work and live in the Light and Love and Understanding, move ever onward and upward, and they grow by serving.

Now, beloved friends, before I leave I would like to pass among you and place my Love, my Blessings upon each of you. It shall take me but a moment. Now, beloved ones, I shall leave you. It has been my pleasure to speak with you. My love, my Blessings and my Peace I leave with you.

Adonai my friends. Adonai.

Sunday, January 12, 1958

Greetings in the Light, my beloved Friends, I am Oxal of Acturus.

We realize that many questions prevail in the minds of those of you who are seeking the truth. You are seeking to understand the ways that lead to understanding. Realize this, that you are now passing through a classroom for the sole benefit of learning, of growing, of receiving a better understanding of life and Truth. One of the great lessons that must be learned in this classroom, is to know yourself, or at least know yourself sufficiently enough to be able to function comfortably in a physical body, to bring about in your being that which is needed for a comfortable and happy living.

You see, my beloved friends, it has not been taught in your civilization that man and his Creator are one and that you possess the same powers as your Creator. You see, my friends, the fact that you do not understand these laws, does not alter the function of the law—the law works whether or not you understand it, so you see you are continually creating, although you do not realize you are creating—you are creating situations, conditions and many other forms of creation because you are only, beloved ones, what you think you are.

You have instilled in your super-self many misconcepts. These concepts, thoughts, what you call the subconscious are bringing about results that are not understood by you. Clean out this inner consciousness, weed out the misconcepts. Do this by injecting new concepts. Tell yourself that these must go.

Know that you are all powerful—continually tell yourself these things, because unless the old are replaced by the new, the old shall remain. This does not occur in a moment. Several years have been spent in indoctrinating yourself with these beliefs. Do not expect to eliminate them in a moment. It is difficult for you, I realize, in the face of what you call realities. Do not recognize them as real. Believe me, my friends, these things are only illusionary, they are figments of your imagination. They are not your real self, for if you and your God are one, if you are a part of Him, only a small part of Him, you are perfection, because He is perfection, but you have built around yourself an imaginary, illusionary imperfection.

This is difficult for you to understand, because of your teachings, your customs. These things have been handed down from generation to generation through your civilization, they become real to you; but they are only real because you see them as such. Understand that what you are seeing as yourself in the form in which you are now living, is not your real self. It has been created by you.

When you have left this vehicle, you shall find that you have left all of these things behind with it and it shall vanish into a nothingness. Therefore, you see it was not real. I wonder, my friends, if I am giving you a little glimpse of what you really are. There is difficulty in trying to convey just what I mean.

But know that you are a Creator, know that you and this Creation are one, that you are a part, an important part of the Creative Spirit, that dwells in all things, in all beings, therefore, you should be master of your Creation, and you are your Creator, so you must take charge of it, you must command it—it will respond to your command. When you command that your hand move, it does move. You are in complete command of the movement of your body, you are also in command of every organ, every nerve, every cell. You can command it to do as you wish, but you must do it with authority, knowing full well that you have the authority, as it was given to you by the Creator.

I hope, my beloved friends, I have been of some help to you. It has been a pleasure to speak with you. I leave you by extending to you the love and light of my people.

I am Oxal.

Saturday, January 18, 1958

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the light of love and understanding.

Understanding! Above all of our getting, get understanding; for with understanding comes wisdom, and with understanding and wisdom comes power. Power, without understanding and wisdom, would not be well to have. That is evident in your world today. Too many individuals upon your planet today, have gained power over the people, but they do not have wisdom and understanding to go with it. Therefore, you face the conditions which exist upon your planet. You face inharmony; with inharmony, you have chaos, wars, sickness, disease of all types. All things of a negative nature, my friends, are a result of inharmony, lack of love, lack of understanding.

You see, my friends, all things are governed by Universal Law. The Creator does not punish anyone; he does not bring about punishment to bring you into line. Man creates; he is an extension of the Creator. So you see, he is a creator. Man in his own right is a creator. Each thought, that passes from you, is a creation. Guard these thoughts, for they are most important. They bring about results, creation. You are what you think you are. Think well upon this, for it is important. All things are governed by law. The law brings about retribution, through our own actions. Your Creator sees you only as good. In the eyes of your Creator there is only good. Think well upon what I have said.

Our purpose in coming to your planet at this time is to attempt to bring about a new awareness among your people—to attempt to make them aware of a new Truth, a new understanding, that goes far beyond their present concepts. It is very necessary at this time, that your people be made aware—for your system, your solar system, in its sojourn through space, is entering a new cycle, a new area of space—for the vibratory rates shall be higher—a fourth dimension, so to speak. In order for you of earth to enter this new age, your spiritual awareness must be raised, for in this dimension it will not be possible to exist in the present spiritual awareness of the majority of your people.

And now I know, the question arises in the minds of some of you, as to what happens to those who are not able to raise themselves, who are not able to qualify for this new dimension. It is unfortunate, that the majority of the people of the Planet Earth, have not been given the Truth about themselves, about Life. Because, you see, if you understood life, death, or what you call death (we prefer to speak of it as a transition) this transition would take on an entirely different aspect in the minds of the people. For death, you see, is not death at all, it is really birth. In reality, you, at the time of the transition, are being born into the real life—from this state of hypnosis that you now exist in. This vehicle which you call the physical body, is merely a vehicle which you are using to gain certain experiences. When you have finished with the cloak, you lay it aside. So it is with this vehicle; when you have finished with it, you lay it aside. It is of no more use to you.

There are many schoolrooms and many classrooms throughout the universe. This is only a schoolroom in which you learn. So you see, those who are not ready for the higher classroom, shall simply lay aside this vehicle, and take on another in a classroom suitable to their level of understanding. It is that simple, beloved ones.

Your planet is the only one in this system that is not quite ready for the transition. That is why we have come, we of the Confederation, including those from other planets in your system and from planets in many other systems. Yes, and those from the Etheric Realms are also aiding. We have come to help you in this time.

During this transition, many changes will take place upon the surface of your planet as have taken place before in other transitions, for, you see, systems, planets, and individuals, are ever evolving, onward and upward. That is another of the laws. The climb is ever onward and upward. Man does not digress; he is ever progressing. And so, we move on, ever looking outward and upward, to a newer and higher understanding. Those above, ever reaching down to lend a helping hand to his brother who is coming after. For as we serve those who are struggling just behind us, we also receive help from those who are just ahead of us; it is a never-ending chain.

Now, my friends, I must leave. My blessings, my love, and understanding, I extend to you.

Adonai, my friends.

Saturday, January 25, 1958

I greet you, my friends, in the light of love and understanding.

I am what you have termed as your local contact; I have spoken with you many times. Perhaps at this time, due to the fact that another within your city, is also working with you, I should give you an identification. As you know, we do not have names; we know each other by vibration. Therefore, I shall create an identification for you—henceforth you shall know me as Mr. R. However, I have many things in mind that I should like to say to you. Take them for what they are worth to you—you are the judge. If what I say is of use to you, I am happy if it will help you upon your road to higher Truth.

The day has come, beloved ones, when you must discern Truths. Many Truths have been taught among your religions. In our opinion each of your religions, your sects, have some Truth, but there is not one upon your planet that has a corner on Truth, so to speak; if this be true, then all have Truths to yet be learned. I should also like to state that Truth is never-ending; it moves onward before us. We can only receive the Truth that we are capable of receiving at our present level of understanding; therefore, we must constantly strive to raise our level of understanding. As all of you here know, all Truth is based upon Law—we live by the Law of the universe. These laws are universal; they apply not only to your planet but to all other forms of life throughout the many galaxies in space. And what is the greatest of these, my beloved friends?

Group: Love is the greatest.

You have spoken well. Then first of all we must learn to love, to love our Creator, that is the first law.

If we love our Creator, we cannot help but love our fellowman—we cannot help but love ourselves, for we are that Creator, that is why we are all one, we are all parts of the whole, therefore we must love one another. All laws existing throughout creation are just. Your Creator did not create laws that you could not comply with. In creating these laws He took into consideration the various levels of life. So the law was not created so that one level of life could easily conform and to another it should be very difficult for him to conform, due to his level of life. Much has been written concerning Laws of Creation, but you see again, beloved ones, when you attempt to place in words certain ideas, immediately you are confronted with interpretations. This too, is not altogether a stumbling block, for in so doing if one is sincere, they use their God-given power of reasoning and of searching within, through that higher consciousness which we all possess, the answers that will bring the true meaning.

It is well that these things be discussed among you, for often a spark is set off in your mind by the word of another which brings about a clearer understanding of some particular question that you might have. There, you see, is where it is important to maintain an open mind, an open heart and consider the expression of your brother, regardless of his level of understanding, for often little gems of wisdom flow from the mouths of the lowly. Truth is where you find it, and it can be anywhere. Much Truth is found in Nature. Many of your people have gained great wisdom in the study or the insects, of the flowers, the trees, of Nature in general. Be aware of Truth in all places.

A great percentage of misunderstanding, of misconcepts among the people of Earth, have come from misinterpretations. Remember always in interpreting the Laws of your Creator, that they must be flexible enough to apply throughout the universe. This, my friends, is a key. The time has come when the people of Earth must learn and understand Universal Law. Those who have not the ears to hear, nor the eyes to see, shall not move with their planet into the New Age.

Great wisdom must be used—recognize wisdom when you hear it and see it. Do not become steeped in your beliefs, because many of them will need to be changed in order to understand and apply the law. Much has been given to you in the past; the brothers who are working with your planet, for your people, have brought you much Truth, but it has been brought to you in such a manner that you must put forth some effort to understand and apply it, and that is as it should be. We could give you many of these things in so many words and say to you, “This is the way it is—you must believe this,” but this is not our way, for you must choose, my brothers; it is in your choice that you shall prove yourself. I shall repeat something that has been said many times, “We cannot make your choice for you, this you must do.” Think well upon what I have just said.

There is a great work to be done among your people; you can be of great service, but the requirements are very stiff. It is not easy in the environment in which you have received your training, to be humble. These things must be overcome—the ego must not become inflated. You must be the least among them in order to be the greatest, for I, of myself can do nothing. It is the Father within me that doeth the works. I, of myself am nothing, but I and the Father are all things—there is no limit to what I and the Father can do. The I AM; that word has been much misinterpreted in your Holy Scriptures. Your great Avatar often spoke of the I AM but how has it been interpreted by your people? They have taken it to mean the man himself; but the I AM that he spoke of was not the man it was the I AM that you all possess. The Father within that higher part of you that is the Creator. He spoke not of himself as the man. You see much of the true meaning of His teachings have been lost by misinterpretations.

I say unto you again, love one another, for you are all one in this great Creation. Try to understand the true meaning of love, for it reaches far, much farther than you can possibly realize in your present level of understanding. Learn together, help one another; receive from one another in love and understanding, for in so doing your growth shall be much more rapid; for all of you have so much to give to each other, if only you will see it.

Questioner: I would like to know what fields we are in, referred to in the sixth Chapter of Revelations?

Giving information of this kind is not altogether our work. A great deal has been written in your Scriptures; there is a great deal to be interpreted. There are many keys for interpreting the writings; many of these have not been available to your people. In searching the Scriptures, you have found many things that seemed to be contradictory. It has been pointed out by many of your people, but this is only due to lack of understanding, the lack of being able to interpret. To go into the interpretation of many of these things would take great lengths of time. This, at this moment in your growth, is not of importance. Before understanding of all of these writings shall be made completely clear, there must be brought about among all of you, a higher consciousness of love, of understanding, between you. When these things have been established, these vibrations—your understanding shall become much clearer. These things shall all become clearer, understandable to all of you.

Questioner: Then we must establish a greater love between us that will bring into manifestation all these things in the future?

That is correct and that must be established; first things must come first and the first I have given you tonight, that when established shall bring about all others. Your Master Teacher stated that the greatest of all the commandments was to love. My blessings, my love I leave with you.

Goodnight, beloved ones.

Saturday, February 8, 1958

Greetings, my brothers. I greet you with the love, light and understanding of the Infinite One. I have come as an emissary of the Infinite One.

As you progress in your understanding, you have much in store for you. Give yourself in love and in understanding. It is necessary for you, each of you, to develop a clear understanding of yourself and of your fellowman, for only through understanding will you be able to accomplish your mission.

Be ye perfect. How shall we become perfect? Perfection is not an easy thing to accomplish, but we must aspire to this perfection at all times. Self-discipline is very necessary, very necessary. The desires of the physical must not be allowed to master us. Emotions must be controlled. How can we establish love and understanding among us if these things are not mastered?

You have been told many times to establish love, harmony and understanding between you. Yet, you desire to make great accomplishments, to demonstrate your powers that are within you. But I say unto you, beloved ones, that these things cannot be established, cannot be demonstrated without first establishing the love and understanding among you; for without this you have no power. This is the power. In love and understanding all things are possible; without it you accomplish nothing. It is the lack of this that has brought about the conditions that exist on your planet today.

How can you establish this among you? It can be established only through your own efforts, through becoming masters of yourselves. The rules you should know well. They have been given you long ago—“Turn the other cheek, go the extra mile; give, love.” See only good in all you come in contact with. Refuse to see anything but the good. You have been taught fear, and you fear the results if you turn the other cheek, or go the extra mile. There is nothing to fear, my friends, nothing to fear.

Let that love emanate from you so strongly that all negativity shall melt into nothingness before you. “He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.” I quote from your Scriptures. These things are not new to the people of earth. Your Great Teacher gave you all the rules. They are all there; you need only apply them. Why, oh why, make it difficult? You would be amazed at what a few of you, a very few of you, could accomplish if only you could establish between you complete love and understanding. Your accomplishments would amaze you. Each of you have within you the ability to establish this. You need only to put forth the effort, to make the decision and to apply the discipline necessary. We are waiting for such a group. Do I make myself clear?

There is a great work to be done in this great city of yours. You can be the Light Bearers in this area if you choose to be. The harvest is ready. You have fertile soil in which to work. There are many people who are ready to be brought into Truth, who are ready for a new understanding. They are waiting for their teachers.

Questioner: Are there enough of us here for such a group?

Any number is enough to start, my daughter, any number. You need only to establish that at-one-ness [3] between you and I assure you, things will happen once this power is released. Nothing shall stand against it. Call the dedication to the service; know within yourself that you are completely dedicated to the service of your Creator. This shall help you in establishing more love within you. Eliminate all self, holding only that desire to serve, for through your service administered sincerely and selflessly, shall you gain new knowledge, new understanding and new growth. Come unto me all ye who are burdened, who are heavy-ladened and I shall give you peace, love and understanding.

Adonai, beloved ones.

Monday, March 31, 1958

And the Glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly blessed.

Greetings to you, my friends, I am Mr. R.

All of you have been greatly blessed, this night—rest assured of this. For tonight, there have stood among you, Great Masters. The time has come, beloved ones, the time has come, when each must stand upon his own, when each must develop and bring forth that

great love which shall open the way. It is only through the manifestation of this great love, that the Great One who walked your earth many years ago, demonstrated for you, that you shall reach the heights to which you aspire.

This, beloved ones, must be your first achievement, for on this hinges all things. As you receive this love, and allow it to flow out through your being, many, many of the mysteries shall become clear to you. Your eyes shall be opened to the now unseen. The rest shall follow more easily once this cleansing has taken place. When this great love canter is opened, the others must follow.

Give yourself in selfless service with that great love and desire to serve your Creator and your fellowman. Let your heart and your soul sing forth in joyous praise and thanksgiving, and His light, His love, and His understanding, shall engulf you. Let not your heart be angered from any cause whatsoever. Let it sing only forgiveness, joy, praise, for, in this state, you are all receptive to the light that shall make all things known unto you. These are the things you must develop, beloved ones. Recognize only the good, for those that persecute you know not what they do, so, pray for them, and forgive them, with malice toward none.

This sounds like a big order, does it not, beloved ones? But I say unto you, it is the only way. It was His way, and so it must be yours; there is no other.

I leave you, beloved ones, by extending to you, the love, light, and understanding, from my deepest soul.

Adonai, peace be with you.

Friday, April 11, 1958

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Mr. R.

As you meditate give your thoughts, your light, your prayers, to those unbelieving ones, who so much need your help. Time rapidly approaches when these, as all others, must definitely make their choice. The time for separation draws near, beloved ones, it draws near. Soon, very soon, your people, regardless of the opposition, are going to become aware of our presence, and our purpose shall be made known to them—our hand of friendship extended for all to grasp who care to accept our aid.

We come only to do good—to offer a helping hand to those who will accept and believe. To you, beloved ones, who are attempting to offer yourselves in service, your efforts are not going un-noticed. You are being given aid, more than you realize. Sharpen your awareness that you might be better able to use the help we are sending you. Enter into that at-one-ness and love that is being offered to you; become aware of it. Use the power and wisdom that has been given you.

Do you realize, my friends, the power that is contained in that love that is being offered you? Do you realize the power that it will place in your hands, once you are established in it? It means, beloved ones, that all things are yours. Once the true love centre is opened within you, all else is yours. Think, beloved ones, think what this means. It means a great overcoming; it means a whole new concept, opening before you. But it all must start—the beginning is love, love for your Creator, love for your fellowman, love in all that you do—you express only love, and only love returns to you.

People of Earth, too long you have been lost, too long you have tarried. Now you must find the way—it has been pointed out to you, People of Earth. The Great Master who trod your earth many years ago, has show you the way, but your ears have been deaf, your eyes have been blind; you have heeded not His call. Again, O People of Earth, He calls. He is knocking at your door; He is showing you the way again. Shall you follow? All creation is beckoning to People of Earth to come home. The Father awaits with open arms and a forgiving heart; you need only answer the call by giving yourself in complete faith, love, and understanding.

We, of other worlds, and other realms, are standing by to help you in every way possible, to make this step reward into a new life, a glorious life, one of love and understanding.

My peace and my blessings, I give unto you.

Adonai. Adonai.

Sunday, April 20, 1958

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal, of Arcturus.

Our observation of your conversation here has been interesting. We are aware of much growth taking place among you. Many of your experiences do not have much meaning to you as yet, but they shall, for by experience shall you learn the Truth.

The seeking of Truth, my friends, requires effort, stick to-it-iveness, to use your terms, for your persistence, in your search, is the thing that will bring you results. Many of your people start the search for Truth, but they find that it takes effort, patience, and above all, great sincerity. Many of them fall by the wayside when they discover that Truth must be earned. They desire it providing they do not have to work for it.

Nothing comes to you or to anyone without effort, and many times, great sacrifices are necessary to gain the Truth and the experience, that will bring you into a high understanding. This is as it should be, for things gained without effort, without sacrifice are not held dear, are not appreciated and are soon lost. It is the things that we gain through hard, sincere efforts and suffering that really benefit us, that brings soul growth, that is permanent.

Works without faith are valueless. We could give you many demonstrations that would convince you of the many things of which we speak, but this would only be temporary. For only the things that you gain through your own efforts, your own searching, your own suffering, must establish the faith in you that is necessary to reach the heights to which you aspire.

To him, or her, that see and witness, it is no problem to believe. But he who sees not, and believes through faith, faith in his Creator and his fellowman, to him there shall come great awakenings, great experiences. Prove these Truths to yourself by demonstration, by putting them to work for you. You are not asked to accept a Truth, without first trying it. To see it demonstrated by another, does not qualify you. You, yourself, each of you as an individual, must take these Truths, and let them manifest in your own life, building your own glorious Light for all to see.

All of you have heard and discussed much the powers of Love. I believe it is clear in the minds of each of you the power contained in this force, this energy known as love. Now is the time, beloved ones, to prove it to yourself. You have been told all about it; you have heard the experience of others who have demonstrated the power of Love. What more can be said or done except, for you, as individuals, to take it, and put it to work for you? Many times I have asked you this question—what is the greatest power of the universe, of all creation? And you have answered me—“Love”. Why not try it? I say again, my beloved friends, the time grows short. Soon, this great power shall be needed by you. You shall need it to bring about your own salvation, as well as that of others, for many events portend. And many of these events, although necessary, will not be pleasant for the People of Earth.

For in these events, the forces of darkness must perish; they must be banished from your earth for all times. And out of this must come, a new age of love, harmony, and understanding; an age where each shall live, to benefit his brother, and not himself, where in all problems, the answer sought shall not be what is best for me, but what is best for all concerned.

How often in these times is a problem attacked in that manner? Let us visualize today, in the disputes that arise between your industries and your workers—just assume that they should sit down around the table, everyone concerned only with that which would benefit all. What solution could we arrive at that would be most beneficial to all concerned? What would be the results, if love and harmony existed around this table, and around all of your conference tables? Can you visualize how much different your world would be? Do you agree with me, my friends? Where there is love, peace and harmony, even the very atmosphere about you changes. All creation about you becomes harmonious; nature becomes less violent—nature reacts directly with the vibrations sent out by its people. If your masses and your leaders could realize this I wonder what the reaction would be?

Why do you suppose nature is gradually becoming more violent around your planet? Earthquakes are becoming more prevalent, tornadoes, windstorms—all of these things are gradually becoming more violent. And around your planet the vibrations have been becoming more and more negative, and nature reacts accordingly.

The catastrophe that comes to your planet does not come from your Creator; it is the result of the wrong thinking and the wrong doing of your people. Your Creator does not judge you; you judge yourself by nature’s own laws. That is why we have continually said, that if enough love and light could be established among the masses of your people, that much, very much, of the future disaster could be avoided.

Now, my beloved friends, I think I have rambled far enough. I leave you by extending to you, our love and our understanding. May the Peace of this great Creative Spirit rest with each of you.

I am Oxal.

Monday, April 21, 1958

Good evening to you my friends. I am Mr. R.

I extend to you my love, and my blessings, in the name of the Infinite Creator.

I should like at this time, my friends, to impress upon you, the seriousness of the situation. I should like to emphasize the seriousness of the results of the nuclear tests that have taken place about your planet, or on your planet, and more of these are being planned. This, my friends, is much more serious than you realize. The results are becoming quite prevalent among your people. The last test that was conducted, has greatly increased the radioactive clouds about your planet. These are being controlled as far as possible by your brothers in space. Great damage is being done to your people, to the People of Earth. Our control has prevented a great deal of damage, but this is being released in ever increasing amounts. How much longer we can prevent great disaster from resulting from these experiments, we do not know.

New diseases are appearing upon your planet; many of these are results of this madness. Your people are suffering in more ways than you realize. People who have been closer to these tests are much more aware of it than are some of you. However, they are being convinced that these things are not the results of these energies but we tell you, my friends, that they are, and unless this madness ceases it shall become much more rampant. Some of your great earthquakes at this time are direct results of these tests. If we were to release the clouds that have resulted from these tests, the havoc would be great upon your planet. Gradually, we are neutralizing these radioactive clouds, but if these are produced in greater numbers than we are able to handle the results shall be disastrous. The great tests that are now being planned should be prevented if at all possible.

We are attempting to do our part by impressing certain people upon your planet to cease this madness, but it is not always easy to do this with certain peoples. They are so intent upon what they are doing, that it is almost impossible to break through to them. People of Earth must, somehow, be made aware of this madness, and demand that it cease, for unless the voice of the people cries out loud enough, these Forces of Darkness are apt to engulf them. We do not wish to see this great suffering occur upon your planet; we are making every effort to prevent these conditions, but, unless the People of Earth shall respond in large enough numbers, it shall be very difficult to prevent.

I do not wish to frighten you, beloved ones, and I should like to say this, as an assurance to you—that those of you who establish yourself, firmly, in the light, and in the love, of your Creator, shall not be harmed, but the masses of innocent people we do not wish to see suffer for their lack of knowing. Many of your scientists today realize the seriousness of the situation and are attempting to correct it, but they are meeting great opposition among the warmongers of your world.

Let each of us do our bit in helping to prevent this. We can do this in two ways. First, by helping to make people aware of the dangers. And I do not imply by this that you must go out shouting, but if each in his little way plants the seeds, they will grow, for you must also be ever aware of the opposition. Secondly, you can help greatly by establishing all the light possible and sending it into the ethers about your planet. Positive thoughts—anything that will raise the vibrations of the atmosphere about your planet—shall be of help.

To each of you and all of the workers in the light, we ask you in the name of the Infinite Father to do your part; to help save a civilization that is much in need of being saved.

I leave you, my friends, by surrounding each of you with my love, light and understanding. Love, peace I leave with you.

Goodnight, beloved ones.

Monday, May 19, 1958

I greet you, my friends, in love and understanding.

I speak to you tonight from a craft within your vicinity. Our craft is of the smaller type which is operating from what you call a mother craft. The activity, though seemingly at a standstill about your planet, is very active. The numbers have not decreased; we have just not been displaying ourselves. In the not too far distant though, there shall be another cycle of events take place that will again arouse the interest of People of Earth. It is becoming more and more difficult, for the powers that be to discount our presence. Yes, many more people are aware of the presence of our craft and our people in your skies than you realize. Many hesitate to talk about it to their friends, but within their hearts they know that it is so.

The activity of the workers upon your planet, such as yourselves, has also been passing through a lull, so to speak. But this, my friends, is only temporary, for more and more, you shall find events taking place to awaken the interest of yourselves and the less interested. Take advantage of these periods, my friends, for your own development and your own growth. Add to your store house of knowledge and experience during these times, that you might be better prepared when you are most needed.

The awakening of the People of Earth is taking place, but this must be a gradual progress. People, concepts, cannot be changed too rapidly, for this should be detrimental to them. This, each of you should know by your own experiences. More of our craft will be contacting you in the near future.

Each of you, by making that contact through your higher consciousness, shall find more enlightenment, wisdom, and knowledge, of wide variations coming to you. But you must become still and listen, so that you might receive. Still those racing thoughts and let your mind rest with your Creator, so that this inflow of knowledge might be brought to you. Now is the time to grow, to grow in every way, to tap in, to that storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, that you may use it to your advantage and to the advantage of your brothers.

I leave you, in love.

Goodnight, beloved friends.

Friday, October 17, 1958

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

Let thine eye be single, beloved ones, that ye may see always the glory of Creation. Give not your thoughts or your sights to that which is not pleasant, which is not of the highest. Keep on the positive side of your consciousness. The ever-increasing vibratory rate of your planet is causing Man to come out from within himself. It is causing his real self to show. It shall not be easy from now on to conceal your real self. It is coming out for you to see, for you to recognize and for you to do something about, if necessary. It is bringing forth the positive, but it also is bringing forth the negative. So as one of your songs go, “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”, for in so doing shall you reach a higher state of consciousness in this expression.

It has been stated many times that the time is short and so it is, my friends, and so it is, for you have much to accomplish in this short time you have to do it in. But your greatest task, beloved ones, is with yourselves, for the most important part for all of you at this time is to grow in understanding, to grow in love, to understand yourself and in so doing you will understand and love your fellowman. The events that are forthcoming upon this planet shall require great understanding. It you are to be a worker in the Light, then you must be able to demonstrate that of which you speak. For how can you teach another, other than by example? How can you teach me a principle if you cannot exercise it yourself?

In the days ahead it will be necessary for you to demonstrate love, understanding and it will be necessary for you to demonstrate the strength and power of the great Universal Power and Energy which we call Light. You may find, my friends, there will be times when that will be your only protection and believe me when I say this great Universal Substance can protect you from anything, and I mean this literally, beloved ones, for when this Light is established about you, or about anything in its completeness—I say nothing shall penetrate it. It is a complete protection against all things. This is done, my friends, through practice, through sincere, intelligent pursuit. It shall not be accomplished in a moment, but literally, none of you are putting forth the effort necessary to accomplish this and this is done, my friends, through the power of thought. Visualize, learn to visualize this great Light of Purity; the purest white that you can imagine, completely surrounding and engulfing you. Picture in your mind’s eye a wall of this Light, extending from the Heavens and surrounding you, encircling you, in a tube-like shaft. Once you can vision this in its completeness, it is there; it becomes a solid substance that nothing can penetrate. You are completely safe and protected at all times and this can also be done for others, once you have accomplished the secret.

I can give you no better instruction than this, beloved ones, for that is the way in which it is done. When enough of your people are able to do this, you can surround houses, property, towns, yes, even nations with a wall of Light that is completely resistant to anything. Do I make this clear, beloved ones? Only through your own efforts shall you accomplish this—we cannot do it for you. I might add, however, that negative thoughts tend to tear this wall down from your own consciousness. This Light is one of Purity, for it is a pure Substance of the Creator. You cannot build this Light with negativity. There have been those upon your planet, who have accomplished this and then through their own negative thoughts have dissipated their own creation.

Questioner: Can one be helped by a mechanical device such as Tesla’s invention to build a wall of Light?

It is possible to accomplish this scientifically, but this requires much equipment, much time and effort and mechanical devices have always the possibility of failure when they are most needed. Why do it mechanically if you can create it with your thought? My friends, you do not realize the power held within you, the power of your own thoughts. Thoughts are creative. Every thought you think, every thought sent into the ether by you is creative, that is why, beloved ones, it is so necessary to keep your thoughts ever-loving and positive, for you do not want to create negativity.

You see, my friends, that is exactly what has happened with your planet today. This we have spoken of before. The negative thoughts and deeds of Earth People has created a negative aura about your Earth which has caused a great deal of the unhappiness, of the chaos that has occurred upon your planet. This must be eliminated. As you move into your new location in space, this will be eliminated and eliminated with it shall be those who create it. I do not mean by this (I sense some questions in the minds of some of you), that these people who are not able to move with your planet into the New Age, shall burn in, what is spoken of by your religious administrations, as Hell—but they shall be removed in a normal way, in Nature’s way to another plane of existence where they can live as they desire. But to those of you who want to move forward we suggest you put forth all the effort possible to raise your consciousness in love and understanding.

And now, my friends, I must leave this instrument and in so doing I extend to you the love and the blessings of my people. May His peace rest with you.

I am Oxal.

Monday, December 1, 1958

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Your great Master once said “Seek the Truth and the Truth shall make ye free”. This is stated in your book of religious histories, but there is one thing which was omitted, for he added to this “Seek the Truth first which is within your understanding, which you can grasp and use,” for only in this way will you prepare yourself for higher Truths. In other words, one step at a time. Master what you have and then proceed to master more, for Truth is of no value to you unless you can use it in your life. Unless it benefits you, it means nothing.

We have listened to your conversation here tonight and are well pleased with your discussion. We feel that you have gained from such a discussion. Each of you have your task to perform, try to perform it well, with wisdom and with understanding. As was stated here, the day is at hand, the time is now, and you have only a short time to prepare yourself. This is the time beloved friends, for self-development. To learn to know yourself, to recognize who and what you are, to declare and claim your sonship with your Creator, to develop love and understanding for your fellowman, for all Creation.

This is no time for judging, condemning, criticizing. Condemn not yourself, for every time you do so, you lower your own evolvement. Rather, hold your head high and declare your rightful place with your Creator. Your Creator is not a respecter of persons. He does not condemn you or criticize you for your mistakes. He has only love for you. Take this realization into your being that you might understand its meaning. Meditate upon it, for once you have this realization established in your being, your progress will increase rapidly.

We who are working in your atmosphere and in your system, are attempting to help you to help yourselves, that is our mission here, but we also are limited to this extent, that we can help only those of you of Earth People who are willing and ready to help themselves. As we described to you many times in the beginning of our contact, we can help only those who have made the choice. In full faith, those who have chosen to serve their humanity in every way possible, those who are willing to give themselves to the service to become workers in that everlasting Love and Light of the Creator. To those we have pledged our help, our guidance and our protection, and we stand upon our oath. Many have made this choice; many more have not. Those who have not, have very little time now in which to make it. We can only hope that there will be more, before the time has passed. To those of you who have made the Choice, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and humbly offer our services in any way that we can possibly serve you, for we are only servants to a cause that is far greater than we.

I leave you now my friends, by extending to you the Love, the Understanding, and the Blessings of my people.

I am Oxal

Monday, February 9, 1959

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator.

I am Hatonn.

I am with you tonight. I am not speaking from aboard a craft, but I have come here among you and am using the body of this instrument to work through. I have done this for a purpose. Also I should like to state, that each one of you here tonight have a Master beside you. Each one of you here by this time should be able to at least sense this. This is not without purpose either, my friends, for each of you tonight are being endowed with love and knowledge, whether or not you realize this, is up to you. But nevertheless, it is being given, and you shall benefit.

There is a great task for the Light workers to perform. The importance of this task is increasing day by day. You must be ready when the call comes, and it shall come, beloved ones. Yes, it shall come, and the response will be up to you. The recognition will be up to you.

There exists among Earth People today a great fear. Why do they fear? Why does doubt and fear rise up so predominant among Earth People? They have lost faith in themselves. They have forgotten what the great Master told them. His words were these, and they had great meaning, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for lo, I AM with you always”. It would be well to meditate upon these words occasionally, and let their meaning sink deep into your consciousness, for therein lies a great Truth. Know, my friends, with all your being that this great “I AM” is with you at all times and is your guidance and protection, your all. It is the most important part of your being, and it will carry you over the roughest pith, over the wildest seas. It is yours to use, and it is within all. It need only to be recognized, that is all. That “I AM” within you will do the works.

Man is great. He is great within himself. Man in his true reality knows no bounds. Earth People have strayed far from reality. They are living in a great illusion. If earth man is to come into his own, then he must rise out of this illusion and into reality. He must know Himself. He must learn to love. To know love is to know your Creator, to know yourself. For in reality, Man is love. For it was through love that Man was created, therefore, Man can only come into his own through love and to love is to understand. So you see, my friends, when we know love, we have understanding and wisdom, for they go hand in hand. So know, learn to know yourself.

We are making progress with Planet Earth. The New Age is dawning. The masses are beginning to awaken, very slightly, but they are beginning. Through our influence, we are bringing about many things. Many things are happening to spark a desire in man for knowledge, to step farther and farther into the unknown. In general, Earth Man has had a great fear for the unknown. This must change, and this fear must be replaced with a desire to know, for when Man desires to know and seek in love, he shall know the Truth and this Truth shall make him free.

And now, my friends, before I leave, I would like us to have a moment of silence, when each of you will receive from that one with you tonight, a very, very, special blessing. And now, my friends, let us make ourselves receptive, open and receptive; let us lay our hearts open to love for just a moment.


It is done.

Now, my friends, I must leave. May each of you receive untold benefits from the blessing that you have just received. May each of you grow rapidly in Love and Understanding. And may each of you, when your call comes, be so filled with this love and understanding, that you shall perform your mission in a run and masterful way.

Adonai, Beloved Ones. Adonai.

I am Hatonn.

Monday, February 16, 1959

Peace be with you my friends.

As I came among you tonight, I have observed each of you, and I saw in you a great deal that you have not seen in yourselves. Beloved ones, raise your sights, realize your potentiality. Know that within you lies the power of the universe. You see, beloved friends, it is so much easier for you to doubt your abilities, your powers, than it is for you to try to realize the potentials that lie within you. Accept your challenges of today. Cope with them and be not concerned for the future. You can only live one moment at a time. Live that moment to the very best that is in you. Realize that there is only the now. Know each moment of the day that, that which you are doing is the right thing for you. If you do this, each moment, each hour, each day, shall fall in place. Take each task as it comes to you and be conscious of what you are doing. For, you see, no experience is beneficial unless you are conscious of it, at the moment it takes place.

Each of you have tasks before you that you will perform, and if you will allow yourself to flow with the tide, you shall find that these things will come to you in proper sequence. I know that some of you now, at this time, are feeling within you this urge to do certain things. These urges are a part of your consciousness that is directing you upon your path. These urges, desires, should be well considered by you, and in carrying them out, much wisdom and meditation should be used.

Each of you, beloved ones, should be very grateful for the opportunity to serve Earth humanity at this time, for in this period, Earth will reach a new height in its climb. This civilization that you are now in, is about to reach its greatest height. The advancements that are in the future for Earth People, both scientifically and spiritually, shall bring about a change that the masses at this time cannot conceive of. But I am sure that within the hearts of those like yourselves, you have a slight conception of what it will be like. The darkness is beginning to lift. Suffering, disease, all of these things shall vanish, shall vanish from the face of the Earth, and in their place, there shall be radiant health, peace of mind, well-being, a Brotherhood of Man that has never been known before.

My friends, you are witnessing today this change. It is taking place before your very eyes. But you say to me, there appears to be more suffering, more chaos, more fear and unrest today than ever before. This, my friends, is not true. There is not more of this upon your Earth today, it merely seems to you that there is more, for Earth population has increased greatly. Communications have improved, more information comes to your ears, and too, had you lived in other periods, or could you remember the things that have taken place in other periods in your civilization, you would realize the Truth. It is true, very true, that in this changing period, many are affected. It has brought to the surface that which is within them, but still, percentage wise, improvement has been on the up-swing.

As brother Hatonn has told you, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. The time is coming rapidly, and Earth Man shall not know fear. In this new age, it shall vanish and be no more. Fear has been man’s worst enemy. There is really nothing to fear but fear itself.

I leave you, beloved friends, in peace and love.


Monday, April 13, 1959

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the love and light of the Infinite Creator.

I am Hatonn.

I know there has been some discussion among you and some wonderment, as to these exercises which we have used upon your instrument, but this has been simply an exercise to clear the vocal system of the instrument.

As your planet and your system moves more and more into its new location in space, you shall note greater changes taking place. The new vibration into which you are moving, is bringing about many changes. Even the atomic structure of your atmosphere is being changed, and soon baffling changes will occur in the atomic explosions that your scientists are experimenting with. They shall be greatly baffled by these changes, but they shall be due to the change taking place in the atomic structure of your atmosphere, due to the new vibration into which it is moving. Also, changes will be noted in the beings themselves that are upon your planet, for all must be affected in this change.

We are here for the sole purpose of helping this system in this coming change. We are interested in seeing this system and this planet pass through this change in the easiest possible manner. As most of you are already aware, there are thousands and thousands of beings who have volunteered to come and live upon the surface of this planet and aid in this change.

Many of these are known as wanderers. These wanderers have aided through the Ages in various planets and systems, for their aid has been needed.

Yes, beloved ones, these are times of great changes, and this great nation in which you are living, as we see it from our vantage point, must take the lead in bringing about the New Age upon Planet Earth. And great concentration, both from without, from those of us who are working from without and those who are working from within, great concentration is being placed upon this nation to prepare for this task.

As was mentioned to you some weeks back, we do not believe from our observation that a great conflict shall rise between your nation and the other great power on this earth. That is not to say that there will not be conflict, for it appears that there shall be. But the great eagle, if at all possible, shall be spared from this. And in the meantime, prepare to salvage what is left and to bring it together in a Brotherhood that will enable Planet Earth to join with the other planets in this system, to take her place in the Brotherhood of Mankind. This has long been awaited by the other planets in your system, and it is our hope that this shall come about in the near future.

Earth man must learn to live together in love and in understanding. I realize that at the moment, this does not seem possible, but I assure you that it can happen, and we believe it shall happen. Man must know himself. To know one’s self, will enable one to live in love and understanding, for to know thyself is to know Creation. Look within for your Truth, for who can establish your truth, your understanding, better than yourself. Within you lies all Truth. You need only to seek and find it there.

At this moment, we are sitting here in space 500 miles above the surface of your planet. We have our Iconiscan attuned to your location, and we are able to sit here and observe each of you, as you are sitting there in your comfortable chairs and in your comfortable room. We are also, through our scientific methods, able to pick up any sound or thought that occurs there. Beloved ones, these are some of the things which someday soon, we hope to be able to share with Earth People. We have much to give you, to share with you when you are ready and willing to receive us. We await only the day when we can come to Earth People and be received in love and in understanding.

And now, my friends, I must leave. May each of you reach great heights in your understanding, and may each of you be able to share with those whom you come in contact with, that they may also increase their understanding and their love.

Goodnight, beloved ones.

Saturday, April 24, 1959

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Mr. R.

Cycles come and cycles go. Life is a continual series of cycles. Cycles of experiences, cycles of growth, but know this, beloved ones, that each step is a step nearer to that perfection that all mankind is seeking. Bear in mind also that this spiral of evolution moves ever onward and upward—where it ends we know not. In our travels of the Universes we have discovered life in all cycles of evolution, but thus far we have not found the ultimate. But this we are sure of—that when one seeks in love and understanding, it grows ever more beautiful, step by step, for as you grow and are able to absorb more and more of this universal love, life takes on a newer and more inspiring love and understanding. We are here to give our service in love and understanding that we might grow and know a higher and more beautiful understanding.

As Man, through his evolution, reaches a better understanding of himself, he also reaches a higher understanding of Creation and what it is all about. Life cannot be without meaning or without purpose, for were it to be so, there would be no need for life, for evolution. As we reach that higher understanding of our own being, we are able to conceive the at-one-ness that actually exists between all of us, for we are one. We are one in Creation. Let us then try to bring into our being the realization of our at-one-ness; I in you and you in me. We are all Universal Mind, each expressing a fragment of this Universal Mind, each taking on his portion of individuality which goes to make up the whole. Functioning as you are at this time, I realize that it is difficult to get a clear picture of this existence. But as you go deeper within and reach that higher part of you, the I AM of you, as you come closer and closer with this part of yourself, this understanding shall come to you. And when you have reached this understanding many things will become clear.

I know that you grow impatient; you become impatient with us, because we are not able to bring to you this understanding, but were we to attempt to do so, we should bring about confusion. This simple fact has been brought to you many times. You can only receive as you are prepared to receive. Truths that are beyond your comprehension tend only to confuse you.

I assure you, beloved ones, we do not attempt to withhold, we only attempt to protect you. Patience is a virtue. Take what you have today; use it in love and understanding. Prove that which you know, and if you are sincere in your seeking, you shall receive it as rapidly as your capabilities permit. There are many, many things concerning life that we realize you must know, but, we also realize the capabilities that you have. And do not think for one moment, my friends, that you are any different than we, for we face the same situation. We may have a higher understanding, but we are only a step or two ahead of you, and we too must seek and learn, and we too have limitations and can receive only as we prepare ourselves.

Planet Earth is moving forward in its evolution at a rapid pace at this moment. The consciousness of Earth People is being raised at a greater pace than has occurred in many centuries, and soon she shall emerge with a new look and a new vibration. Her people will know a life such as has never been know upon this Planet, and we who have volunteered to come here, rejoice that we are able to serve in this great event.

I leave you in love. My peace I give unto you.

Goodnight, beloved friends.

Monday, April 27, 1959

Peace be with you, my beloved friends, peace be with you.

Never has Man of Earth stood at such a great point of decision, and this beloved ones, is universal upon your planet. A great decision must be made by Mankind in general. It is necessary that he choose his path. The indication at this moment points in the direction of progress. This does not necessarily mean that the right choice will be made by the majority, but there again, how many great advancements that have come about, have come through the majority? No, my friends, it shall be the minority that will bring peace and brotherhood to Earth mankind. Man through all eternity, shall be faced with choices. As each of you are finding in your growth, that you are continually choosing—and it is not always an easy decision, for we are prone to allow our ego and self to become involved. This, my friends, always makes it difficult. I believe you understand my point.

But know this, beloved ones, that your path is chosen by you and none other. No condition that can arise can alter your path unless you choose to have it so. But too, we must always be honest with ourselves and this is easy not to be. We are swayed by customs, by rules of man. These thoughts that are instilled in our consciousness are difficult to remove, even when we realize that they are not conforming to Universal Law.

Man, in this illusionary phase of life, becomes, if he is not very cautious, a creature of habit, a victim of race consciousness. Man must think for himself, must make his own decisions, must choose his own path. Attempt to raise your sights to a broader scope that your vision may widen out and take in more than what is seen here. Reach out beyond these man-made laws and rules. Try to conceive life on a wider scope.

Universal Law will not destroy anything or anyone when they are in harmony with it. Your happiness cannot be destroyed if you are living the law. We are prone at times, to place the blame upon the law, but if we are honest with ourselves, we shall find the difficulty lies with us.

Think upon these things, beloved ones, before you draw conclusions. Each of you have great wisdom within you. Do not let this wisdom be distorted by ego or self-pity. Take all problems within and ponder them well. Consult your higher consciousness—that God part of you, the part of you that is now here to give you all understanding. It is yours to receive; this you were promised long ago—this you have.

My peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Beloved, I am your servant—I am least among you.


Saturday, May 2, 1959

Break through Otavana—Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

There has been a slight delay in our coming through due to technical difficulties. We are now being relayed through another craft which is closer to your surface. We also, my friends, occasionally encounter technical difficulties, but this is not what I wish to speak to you about.

I know that in your minds are many questions. This is always so in the mind of a seeker. We should like to answer all questions for you. We should like to give you our entire understanding, as we know it, but I am sure that you realize this could not be done, for Man, regardless of his level of understanding, can only receive and absorb that which he is capable of at the moment, for Man grows in Truth in cycles. We, as you, are still seeking, we are only a step or two ahead of you in understanding, for Man seeks ever more and more of that great Truth and Understanding that permeates through all space.

We have travelled space through many systems and many galaxies. We have not found the ultimate, nor yet have found anyone who feels that they have the ultimate in Truth. Life is vast and is a never endless spiral, moving ever onward and upward to higher understanding of Truth. As man learns more of himself—begins to understanding his own being—he begins to understand and know life.

Love is a subject that is much discussed among Earth People, but the understanding of love is something different and until Man understands and knows his own being, he will not know love, nor will he feel that great Universal Love for mankind. For when Man knows and understands his own being and his at-one-ness with all others and with all Creation, then he begins to know Love, for we are all one in this vast sea of life—each expressing individual but yet a part of the whole. It is difficult, my friends, to put into words that would be understood—the expression of these things. They come only from that inner knowing and I say to you again as I have said many times that within each of you is all Truth. Man really never finds the Truth except within himself. For this higher consciousness, higher self or whatsoever you prefer to call it—is the part of you and I mean just that—it is the part of you that is able to contact the One Intelligence of which you are a part and draw from this all knowledge, for there is nothing new in Creation. All of it has always been and always shall be. But as Man evolves he comes closer and closer to this great Intelligence and he draws more and more Truth. There is no teacher, no book, no source of information that can give you the Truth in a better way that you will understand—than your own higher consciousness.

But Man, in order to contact, to bring about this at-one-ness, must still this outer and draw deep into the inner, and that was what your great Teacher meant when He said to go into the closet and close the door. You must learn to close that door, close out the outer and become one with the inner, and this my friends, requires effort and patience. But each individual is capable of doing just this and each individual will accomplish this very thing. Some will do it sooner and some later, but time is eternal. There is no end, in fact, there is no time.

We aboard the Otavana, have come to this system by request. We have been in your system for approximately four years in your time. We are attempting, in the case of Earth People, to help them help themselves. That is all that we can do. We do not attempt to force anyone. The decision, beloved friends, is up to each individual, but many people upon Planet Earth have realized in the past few months or years, that they are at a crossroad of decision, that a decision must be made. They are realizing that things are not as they had thought or hoped and I will repeat what I have said many times, to all those who have made the decision, to follow the path of service, the path of love, light and understanding, we pledge our assistance, and we stand upon this pledge, as some of you already know.

Your planet and your system is moving into a new area of space. In this New Age many things will change—even the surface of your planet will change. You are living at this moment in times of great change. In fact, in a few short years the greatest change that has taken place in thousands of years will occur in this planet, in this system. We are interested in helping, and particularly in Planet Earth, in helping your people through this change, for they are less prepared than are any of the others. This change, my friends, is now in progress and has been for some time, and day by day is becoming more evident. Some of your scientists are aware of these changes. Some in your Government are aware of these changes and are aware of coming changes.

A large program is now in progress by your Government to educate its people for some of the things that they know are to come. But this is held in a very small circle, much smaller than you would think. We have spent great effort in influencing these people to bring about these programs. There has been great opposition and among some of your leaders there are some very great souls who have fought desperately for the rights of their people and there have been those who have been equally opposed. But day by day the Forces of Light are gaining, they are making progress. This shall become more and more evident as the days pass.

Earth People must be made aware. There are many things that they must learn before they pass too far into the New Age. For without this knowledge they could not exist. Man must understand more of life. It is a pitiful sight to see how little understanding exists among the masses on Planet Earth. A great majority do not have the slightest idea of what was before, or what will be after the existence they are now in. Few will recognize the fact that the physical—as they know it, is only a conveyance for the experiences which they are now encountering. Life is a series of experiences, and it does not end with this one, nor does it begin with this one, for it requires thousands of lifetimes on various planes to become a well-rounded being. Man learns by experience, and you, my friends, each of you, and all Man, chooses his own experiences, for only he knows the experiences that he needs to become this well-rounded being. I know that it is difficult in this present expression, for many people to conceive of the idea that they have chosen the experience that they are now passing through. But they knew when they chose to have that experience that they needed it. It was needed for their development.

I do not ask you my friends, to believe what I say to be the Truth, for it is only my Truth that I expound, but take all things within your own being, meditate upon them and ponder them well and only you will know whether they are Truth for you. If for you they are true then use them, if for you they are not true, cast them out. But keep always an open mind. Do not reject any Truth until you are sure within you that it is not your Truth.

And now beloved friends, I must leave. I leave by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal of Arcturus.

Saturday, May 16, 1959

Greetings in the Light, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

For a few moments tonight, I should like to speak to you about some of the conditions that exist upon Planet Earth, and some of the corrections that must come about in the near future.

For many years it has been the practice of the powers that be to withhold scientific developments because of the effect that it might have upon the economy or the investments and holdings of some. My friends, you would be amazed if you knew the scientific advancements that are being withheld at this moment. It is felt by many of the groups of Planet Earth, that anything being developed in their particular field of science, is of no value unless it is presented through their organization. However, it is often true that some of the greatest developments are brought by someone who is in an entirely different field of endeavor. The greatest concern in most cases today is the effect that it might have on the holdings of those in power. A very narrow view is taken by some in this respect. There is no reason why any new scientific advancement should bring about ill results if the motives of all are of the highest.

I say to you, my friends, there are enough scientific advancements being withheld today to eliminate all poverty and practically all disease upon Planet Earth if they were allowed to come forth and be used in the right manner for the benefit of all. These things are not in the future, they are here today.

There are many sincere people who are trying to bring this about. There are many new developments, and they cannot bring them forth, because they would be persecuted brutally. I am sure that some of you at least, have seen some of these and others who have not seen, are aware. But not until Earth People are awakened and brought to the realization that they must think for themselves, will these things change.

The masses of Earth People have been for so long in a state of sleep; they have been taught to allow others to think for them. That is why, my friends, we find corruption in so many of your organizations. Unless enough interest is taken to do something about these conditions, they shall continue. That is why we say, my friends, that a Brotherhood of Man must come into being where each shall take his rightful place, where everyone shall do his part for the benefit of the whole. There is no room for hate, for greed, for when these are eliminated, social want and poverty and sickness vanish with it. No man is entitled to more than he earns, and in Universal Law, no man receives more than he earns. But when Man has understanding and love in his heart, then he is willing to earn his advancement; he is willing to work for his understanding, for nothing, my friends, comes without effort.

I leave you now by extending to you the love and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, May 25, 1959

Good evening my friends.

Once again, I shall take the opportunity to say a few words to you. My friends, each of you must awaken within you, the realization that now, now is the time, to bring your being into balance, to weed out of your consciousness the undesirables, to build upon that foundation that you have set. For the time draws nearer, my beloved friends, when in order to accomplish your aims, your desires, it will be necessary for you to have balance. Ego must be brought under control. Emotions must be brought under control. A new standard of values must be established. A goal of accomplishments should be set. A definite something to strive for.

Stay clear of that which tends to pull you down. This physical structure that you now occupy, is a very intricate piece of mechanism. It is affected by many things. That which you think, has a great effect upon the movement of the electrons of this structure. Anger, hate, greed, and any of these things, tend to disrupt and unbalance the electrons, causing the cells to become out of balance, and many things may result.

Learn relaxation. Be conscious of what you do but not anxious. Anxiety, tension, brings about weakness in this structure. Learn to close these things out, by placing about you a wall of resistance. Simplicity, my friends, simplicity in your life is important. Lead the simple life as have all of your Great Masters, for life in its purest form is simple. So let us feed our body and our souls that which tends to give them strength, which tends to make them great. These, my friends, are suggestions that you might be a happier and more rounded soul, that you might attain greater heights in your growth, in your understanding. For to grow and grow properly, one must obey the law, and if one obeys the law, the law will serve you.

Peace be with you my friends. Peace be with you.

Tuesday, June 2, 1959

Beloved of my being, I come to you in the Light of the Great Spirit of Creation.

I come to you by special permission through this instrument. I have watched the growth of some of you here, and am greatly interested in your progress. I come to you to bring to you a word of encouragement. In gathering together as you do in an effort to grow in love and understanding between you, you shall develop a new and greater understanding. As you realize, there is power in numbers, and this power multiplies rapidly when those of like mind and like purpose are gathered together. If you shall keep your motives high and your purpose definite, your accomplishments shall come with great rapidity, for as you learn to know your own being, great revelations shall come to you.

Much interest has been shown by all of you in receiving Truth and understanding. We who are interested in helping you, are with you much more than you realize in thought. If you will try to sharpen your awareness, we can be of greater value to you. Try at all times to be aware of all things, and especially of those inner feelings, those urges that appear to come from. somewhere far within, for these are important in your experience. These great urges that cometh from within, are the things that will guide you on the path of understanding. Be aware of every experience that you have and attempt to draw from it, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Each of you have within you the power to tap that great Universal knowledge, that storehouse that contains all knowledge and all wisdom. It is yours to use; it is your God-given privilege. It is up to you to clam it. You, my beloved friends, hold within yourself the power of the Universe. You have only to claim it, to claim your sonship with Creation, with your Creator, for no man shall receive lest he come to the realization of his own Being.

At this point you hold only a small conception of your rightful place in Creation. Let this conception broaden that you might be able to receive more and more of His Truth, of His love and of His Understanding. It is all there for you to use. Knowledge must spread fast on Planet Earth, and to the Children of Light who are given the understanding now, shall find a great responsibility placed upon them at a later date. So, beloved ones, pray that you might be able to accept this responsibility and handle it with wisdom, with understanding and with a great love for all Mankind and all Creation.

My peace I leave with you. Goodnight, beloved friends.

Monday, June 15, 1959

Greetings. I greet you my friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator, I am Hatonn.

As time passes, you shall see many changes come about. Changes in individuals; great mental changes shall occur with many. It is necessary that each person who wishes to grow in understanding, to spend much time in developing their understanding. How do you do this? By being aware, becoming conscious of that higher consciousness which leads you into experiences, into paths that shall bring you understanding.

Proper meditation is of uppermost importance, and I should like to dwell for a moment on this subject, for proper meditation is most important in your growth. First of all, place yourself in a position that is proper for meditation. The best meditation can be had in a sitting position. Sit the body comfortably but erect, with both feet placed firmly before you. Keep the body and head erect and straight. Place the hands open and upward in the lap. Allow those racing thoughts to race. Do not try to force them to stop, but bring yourself into a relaxed feeling. Let your mind relax; do not try to control it, and you shall find these racing thoughts in time will slow, will become slower and slower until they eventually stop. And with practice, my friends, this time shall become shorter and shorter, and !n due time you shall reach that state of stillness quickly, and in this state of stillness you become one with Creation and life begins to speak to you. In this stillness you can bring yourself in attunement with whatsoever you wish. In this still, very still quietness, all things can flow to you, for your mind is open and receptive to the higher knowledge.

In this great stillness within, you become one with your Creator, and He passes to you many things that will enlarge your understanding. Now to some of you it may seem that it is impossible for you to relax in this position, but I say to you, my friends, that is the only true relaxation. For when the body is in position for which it was not intended, true relaxation does not come, you cannot be receptive. Much of the Universal Energies comes to you through the spine when you are in the physical and unless the spine is erect, they do not

flow. You would be amazed when this art is mastered, at what you can do; how quickly you can attune yourself in this state to anything that you desire. It is possible to attune yourself in this state to anything in Nature and to draw from that the information that you seek.

I shall not digress further upon this subject, but I thought it might be well to point out a few of these things. For in the days that are ahead you will find this accomplishment of great benefit to you, it you care to use it.

And now, my friends, I shall leave. May each of you, if you so desire, master this art quickly and reap great benefits from it. My love and my blessings I give unto you.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

Monday, June 22, 1959

Peace be with you, my friends.

As Man travels the corridors of time and gathers unto him experiences that brings him growth and understanding, he develops a wisdom, a knowledge and an understanding, but how often Man must repeat his experiences over and over again, before he really becomes aware of his learning. Unless your awareness keeps you conscious at all times, many lessons are missed. Man comes only into this physical existence for experiences that can be obtained in no other way, but how often in the past generations has Man experienced great things that should have brought Man great wisdom, great understanding, but still he failed. Civilization upon civilization has risen and fallen upon Planet Earth due to the lack of Man’s understanding, and many of these beings have passed through and shared the responsibility for these failures and yet has not learned.

We are most anxious that this civilization does not fail, that it does not, through its ego greed and hate, bring about again its destruction. This is still possible in your civilization, and unless Man of Earth will come forth and exercise his rights, he shall again fail. This realization is coming to many of your people, but as yet, few of them are doing anything about it, or if they be, it is very little. The time is rapidly drawing nearer when Earth Man must stand forth and be counted. We wonder how many today would stand forth among all others and be counted—who would stand forth with what they know to be true. Soon, the lead must be taken, and we hope and pray that it shall come from this great continent upon which you live, for this is the logical nation to take the lead in bringing about the Brotherhood of Man upon Planet Earth.

We are doing all in our power to get this Nation to stand forth upon the principles upon which it was founded. Your Nation professes to be a Christian Nation, to follow the principles of this great Teacher, but as yet this has not occurred. We wonder why it is so difficult for a culture such as this, to lack this foresight. If these principles could be followed by this Nation, could be established among its masses, it should be the greatest power upon this earth, that has ever existed upon this earth, and it should spread and engulf the planet, for the light that is should emanate, would be so bright that all would be attracted to it, and those who could not be—would fade into nothingness, for where that much light exists, darkness cannot exist.

Peace, my friends, peace be with you.

Sunday, July 12, 1959

Peace be with you my beloved friends.

While I hope I’m not intruding upon you at this late hour—but with your permission I would like to say to you a few words.

Group: We are glad to have you.

Thank you.

All of you are aware that your planet at this time is in the process of a great change. I do not wish to bore you with more predictions or conversation concerning this matter, but the very conditions that exist today make it very important, my children, for all of you to have an understanding of what this means to you. As these changes come about, it is going to be necessary for individuals as individuals, to bring about within themselves great changes in order that they themselves might avoid a great deal of suffering and unhappiness.

Very few Earth People will take these things seriously. They have become quite smug, so to speak, in their situations, in their environments, and it is very difficult for them to realize that these things are upon them, but I say to you my friends, you are in the last days of this Age. The time of the prophecies that are written are upon you—they are at hand, my friends. And I say with all sincerity, it would behoove every man and every woman of Earth to prepare for these times. Those of you who are aware of these coming changes and events have a responsibility to your fellowman. This, my friends, whether you realize it or not, you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility to yourselves and also you have a responsibility to your fellowman.

More and more each day events are coming about that are causing few more of your people to become a little more aware and it is your duty to your brothers and to your God to plant seeds among the people—thought provoking seeds that might cause them to become a little more aware or to cause them to think, to bring about in them a small spark of desire to know the Truth. It is your responsibility to watch carefully, to be aware of these opportunities, for by so doing, you are serving and you are building up treasures for yourself and also you are paying off some of your debts. I wonder, have I made myself clear?

Group: Yes

My friends, my beloved friends, you are living in such a great time when opportunities are so great to serve. How little, how very little do you realize this. These opportunities do not come often. Take advantage of these O Earth friends, for it is so important to you. If People of Earth could just get a small inkling of the meaning of Brotherly Love—what a vast difference it would make … ah yes … ah yes. How little is known by Earth People of what is being done for them—of what great sacrifices are being made in the higher realms.

Beloved children let the Peace of the Great One sink into your hearts. Be ever grateful to this Great One for the blessings that you have, for through this gratitude shall come great Peace and great knowing, for if we are grateful for the small things in life, the greater things are inevitable. Ah yes—so shall it ever be and ever has been for all ye who are faithful in the smaller things shall also find the greater things. Let this great Peace and Love of the Infinite One fill your hearts so full that there is no room for resentment, hatred, jealousy, or anything that is negative, for where dwells this love and peace these things cannot exist. Build for yourselves, build for yourselves, not in the material for the now, but for the future, build for the future this Spiritual Knowledge and Enlightenment.

I am very interested in all of you here and am with you many, many times, observing. My love for you is great. May your love for the Masters and your Creator become ever greater and brighter as you grow in His Peace and Love.

I leave you, beloved children. I leave.

Monday, July 13, 1959

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

I know, my beloved friends, that there are many, many questions in your minds, many concepts that have come to you, that are not clear in your human minds. If it were possible, I should like to clear up many of these things for you, but as yet, it is not possible for us to do this. Some of these shall be cleared through experiences, experiences that shall come to you individually, for without the experience, you could not have a thorough understanding. But take many of these things into your meditation; meditate upon them. While you are allowing the Light of the Infinite One to flow through you, in these times, many things can happen that will bring you enlightenment and understanding.

A great deal has been pondered among you concerning the consciousness of Man. A thorough understanding of consciousness comes with evolvement. At your present level of understanding, it would be impossible for you to understand the full extent of the consciousness of Man. But as Man grows and moves ever onward and upward on the spiral of evolution, he becomes more and more aware of his consciousness; his consciousness widens, and grows ever wider. It takes in more and more of the universal knowledge and wisdom, and consequently Man’s understanding of how to use this consciousness, becomes greater and greater.

Man is able to extend his consciousness over vast areas of space and encounter experiences that would otherwise be impossible. The important thing at this time, beloved friends, is to use that which you have to the greatest possible extent. Use your wisdom and knowledge today, and use it in a reverent and holy way, with ever a high motive in mind. By so doing, your consciousness shall widen, shall extend out and take in more of this universal knowledge and wisdom.

Once Man has truly taken this step in sincerity, placed it above all else, above all other things, then he begins to move rapidly on his course. This is not done without effort and sacrifice. Many comforts may have to be sacrificed to gain this knowledge. The great Masters have not accomplished this without making these sacrifices, and they continue to sacrifice.

Do you realize that the Masters who are working on behalf of earth today, have made great sacrifices; they have given up great peace and comfort. They have left their homes and their friends and are passing through what is to them great discomfort and sacrifice, but they complain not. Neither do they think of their sacrifices as sacrifices, but they are spurred on by the great love that they have for mankind, for their desire to see Man of Earth raised up out of the stench in which he lives.

Little does Earth Man realize the sacrifices that are being made. How many earth people would be willing to leave their comfortable homes and work in your slums, to go there and live in the filth that exists. Once you have known life on the higher planes and return to conditions such as exists on Planet Earth, you are doing exactly that. These individuals come entirely by their own choice as volunteers. They are not asked to come; they are not told to come. It is their choice through their great love for Mankind.

The question arose among you tonight as to whether we had forsaken Planet Earth in our efforts to influence your leaders, to attempt to aid in preventing further warfare. I should like to clarify this at this time. We have not given up; we are still putting forth every possible effort to influence your leaders in their decisions, but we can only influence or attempt to influence. We cannot interfere physically; we cannot interfere with the free will of Man, only to the point where it is necessary to save your planet. Man must evolve upon his own as much as possible. To interfere with the evolvement of another, only brings Karma upon the one who is interfering. But according to Universal Law, we shall intervene at the point of total destruction; that is our right.

I leave you, beloved friends, with my blessings and my love surrounding each of you.

I am Hatonn.

Saturday, July 25, 1959

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator, I am Hatonn.

Beloved friends, we have this night established here a field of light surrounding you. This light is a Cosmic Energy that should bring to each of you a feeling of well-being, and if each of you will open your hearts and your minds—visualize this great Energy—take it into your being direct it through every cell, every fiber of your being—direct it into your blood-system and allow it to flow, you can receive a great deal of benefit both physically and mentally. This shall remain throughout my dissertation, so take full advantage of it.

There is among Earth Mankind, generally speaking, a great question as to why Man is here, and as to what Man might be. Some give great thought to these questions while others pass it of lightly, but Man, sooner or later, must come to the realization of what he is, and why he is here, the reason for life. Man must sooner or later come to the realization that he is but an extension of the consciousness of the One Great Being, whom you call your God. That this extension has taken on an individuality and is expressing, experiencing and following a path that will take him through experience after experience and eventually return him to his source. He must realize that this path can be short, or it can be very long, depending on Man as the individual.

As Man travels these corridors of time, he quickly learns that responsibilities are placed upon his shoulders. He also learns, and sometimes not so quickly, that when these responsibilities are not met, the weight of them grows heavier and heavier, and he sinks deeper and deeper until he comes to the realization that he must face life. He must face his responsibilities; he must learn to go with life. Earth Man is at such a point. He must learn to face responsibilities that are upon his shoulders, the responsibility to his Creator and to his fellowman. He must learn that he does not live for himself alone. His Brother is also his responsibility. When this realization is reached by enough people, conditions will begin to change. Man’s load will be lightened; he shall find within him a great peace which he has not known before. All of life shall take on a new look to him. Man does not find peace within himself until he reaches this realization and then does something about it.

If a man gaineth great wealth and has not peace within himself, he has nothing. Man does not find peace in the material; he finds it only when he has made this peace with his Creator and his surroundings, and this can be found wherever you are. We hope it shall be found by great numbers of Earth People soon. Each man, each woman, must sooner or later return to their source. Spiritual understanding must be gained in order to do this, but each must find his own, and when enough Earth People have found themselves and united their efforts, Planet Earth shall be a new Planet. It shall be able to take its place in the Brotherhood of Mankind in this System, and life will have taken on an entirely new phase.

Beloved friends, I hope each of you have taken advantage of what we have brought you tonight. May each of you have received great benefits from this great Energy which comes from the Source of all Energy. And now I must leave you, beloved friends.

My love and my blessings I leave with you.

I am Hatonn.

Monday, July 27, 1959

Peace be with you, my friends. Peace be with you.

With your kind permission I should like to speak with thee for a few moments this evening. I am sure that each of you have had through the past three to four years in your time, many experiences which have brought to you more wisdom and more understanding. I should like to digress for a few moments upon the importance of these experiences, and to remind thee how very important all of these experiences are to thee. Each of you are aware that you only grow through these experiences; that is really the only channel for your growth. Therefore it is very important that each individual take full advantage of each experience that comes your way.

Now these things should be held in great reverence. Any spiritual or enlightening experience that comes to you, that brings you Truth and Understanding, must be considered with great reverence. Too often valuable experiences are dissipated and lost, so easily, through speaking of them to a great extent. It is much better for thee to take these experiences into your meditation and meditate upon them. Consult with your higher consciousness, so that ye might receive a thorough understanding. An experience that carries great impact for you, should never be discussed, except with one whom you feel or know has great understanding, for as ye spread these pearls, they are lost, perhaps, not to be regained in this life time.

Now, my friends, I am sure that each of thee are aware that as you spend your hours in slumber, many things are happening to you. You are receiving, shall we say, training, teaching, and experiences. You are also conscious of the fact that many of these things, perhaps most of them in your waking hours, are lost to you. This, beloved friends, is not altogether true. I should like to suggest that each of you henceforth before you pass into the slumber state, strongly suggest to this higher consciousness which you all possess, that you retain your experiences that are taking place for you during these periods. Now my friends, it is possible, if you will insist upon this, in time, to be able to be fully conscious of what takes place during these times, and you may be quite surprised of the teachings you may receive. It may be, beloved friends, that you might gain great Truth, great Understanding which apparently at this moment is passing you by. No, ye need not be concerned about this disturbing the rest of the physical, for it does not, for at these times, you are so far detached from the physical, there is no disturbance what-so-ever to the physical body. Once you have become conscious in this state, great Wisdom can be brought to you in very short periods. For you are being taught through the higher consciousness, the higher mind, which is much more receptive and retains its knowledge much easier.

Beloved friends, I bring this to you as a thought, for each of ye to think upon and act upon, as ye see fit. It is only my suggestion to you; take it for what it is worth to thee. Try it, experiment with it, see what results ye may gain. But I would like to remind each of ye, that this will not come immediately. It will be necessary for you to work with it for a short time. The results will depend upon thee.

I extend to each of you, my Love, my Blessings. My peace I leave with you. I go.


Saturday, August 1, 1959

My beloved children, Peace be with you.

In the hearts of all of you arise many questions. Operating as you are in this vibration that exists upon the planet that you call earth, it is difficult to understand the actions of the more advanced planes. But let me assure you that each of you by following your guidance, that inner urge within you, will come into your own, will fall in to your path and will fulfill your destiny.

There are many scientific things that we should like to share with People of Earth. For one thing, we are controlled by Universal Law, and another, we could not, as yet, give to planet earth the powers that will one day be hers. Her people and especially those who are in power, have not as yet, reached a stage where they are capable of coping with these powers, of using them to the advantage of their people rather than to the advantage of selfish interest. And to bring to you an example of what I am speaking, already the powers that control Planet Earth, are using powers wrongly. Already, your military powers are using sacred gifts of certain individuals to gain information. They have learned that they can apply these powers to their advantage. If certain other energies and scientific knowledge were made known to them at this time, it would be used in the same manner. Your science is advancing regardless, and your scientists are discovering more and more of universal powers and of what you term as psychic powers. These should be used with reverence and used to the advantage of mankind. Until spiritual understanding becomes predominant among earth people, these powers are in dangerous hands. We shall do all that we can, to prevent these powers being used as a destructive force. We are not at this moment as concerned that these energies, these powers, be known by earth man, as we are in the development of mankind, in trying to bring into his realization a desire for spiritual knowledge, and this can come only from within.

All mankind has somewhere within him this desire. The problem is to spark it, to ignite the flame, so that it might burn within him and spur him onward. Within each of you is the ability to draw this knowledge which you seek. Each or you have within you a desire for certain accomplishments. These desires shall be fulfilled through your own efforts. You can do that which you desire to do, and help is forthcoming to each individual who makes the effort, removes the blocks and proceeds upon the path. No man is helpless; he only needs to make the effort. However, earth man has much to overcome. He has allowed himself to become attached, and many times our attachments can be a tremendous block in our path.

Questioner: Personal or material?

It could be either or both. Emotions can also bring about great blocks. These things we must recognize and deal with. Each in his own way must deal with his or her problems. But above all, we must recognize our problems, for unless we recognize them, we have great difficulty in dealing with something that we do not recognize. We must face ourselves, openly and squarely.

Many people on Planet Earth have been given great opportunities to serve. In many cases, they have served well for short periods, and then their weakness overcame them. They were not able to cope with the temptations. They were not strong enough to say “Get thee behind me Satan”. So many have failed; a few have succeeded. Many others will be given the opportunity, and perhaps your opportunity will come. But have patience, my friends, have patience and prepare, for it shall take strong souls to overcome.

When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. Continue your preparation, for you know not when you will be called upon, and I have not the authority to name the time, but the time depends somewhat upon the individual. Therefore, let each of us attempt daily to prepare ourselves for a greater opportunity to serve, and when that time arrives, let us each serve to our fullest capacity. Let us serve in love, in humility, and in understanding.

In Love I leave you.

Monday, August 10, 1959

Peace be with you always.

Beloved, where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of you. Were this not so, I would not have stated so. Beloved children, increase your Light, that it might shine forth and lighten this dark world of yours. Great is the need in this hour. You can be of no greater service to your fellowman than to build your own Light and use it to lighten the lives of those about you. It is not necessary for you to preach your Truth in the Temple or to shout it from the roof top—nay—not so, for he who lives the law attracts unto him that, and those who are seeking to know.

Cast not your pearls before the swine, no—but let your Light so shine as to fill the lives of those with whom you come in contact. These will be the Temples that shall bring the Truth to Earth Man; not the temples built by those who would bring to Man that which he would have him know. Man of Earth has had Truth withheld from him long enough. Now he shall have the opportunity to know the Truth and woe unto those who have falsely taught in My Name. Their karma shall be great. Great Temples of stone are not necessary in the eyes of the Great One, His Truth is revealed in the hearts of Man.

Love ye one another, for in so doing, you are living the law. Cast aside these petty grievances. Let the Love of the Great and Radiant One fill your hearts with love. Condemn not that which you have, but bless it and use it to glorify Truth, for when ye have found the Kingdom, all these things are added. There is lack for nothing in His Kingdom. To lose one’s possessions in spirit is to gain them, for in true spiritual understanding there can be lack of nothing.

Many have been the Great Masters who have trod your Earth. Each has brought great teachings of Truth, but the darkness has hidden these Truths. Therefore, let he who has eyes, see—and he who has ears, let him hear and know the Truth. It shall not be found in the great Temples, but in the heart of Man.

Know ye not that ye are the Temple of Creation? O Man of Earth, open your hearts and receive this Great Light which is being given to you at this time. Yea, I say unto you, Man but needs to open his heart and receive the glory of the One Great Being. He need only be touched by this Light to awaken in him great revelations; to bring about a degree of understanding that will put him on a path of great magnitude, great learning, great wisdom and understanding. Beloved Children of the Light, open your hearts that this River of Light might flow to you and raise you to heights far, far beyond that you can now conceive of.

Blessed be ye everyone, blest be ye. May the Love of the Infinite Father fill your cups to overflowing, and may your being become so filled with His Great Love that your Light will shine forth for all to see and may this Light emanating through you, raise the consciousness of this planet to a new level.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace, love and understanding.

Friday, August 14, 1959

May the peace of love and understanding of the Great One be with you each tonight.

You speak of experiences, of visions, of dreams, that come to you, but let me state this, my friends, each of these is something that means a great deal to you, and as your awakening comes, you will understand the purpose of these things. It is also possible that you might bring about an understanding of these things through your own meditation, by taking them within you. I am sure that each of you in the not too far distance will experience a number of things of this nature. Man, in is unawakened state, has great difficulty in understanding himself, in understanding the nature of his being.

You see, my friends, the fact that you have experienced so many lifetimes, leaves a great deal stored in your consciousness. I wonder what Earth People would do—if suddenly their past experiences were to flash before them? I am afraid that some of them would not be able to cope with them. They would not believe what they saw. But on the other hand, perhaps they might understand why they must do certain things, why they are drawn to certain people and why they find themselves so closely associated with certain people and why certain relationships exist. Many of these things are a great pattern formed by past experiences.

Karma, my friends, plays a great part in one’s life. Karma can be on the positive or on the negative side, for you see, my beloved friends, it works both ways. As you great Master once stated, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” And this, my friends, is a definite positive law that always brings about the same result. That is why, in many cases, individuals find themselves drawn to certain individuals, associated with them at various times in their lifespan.

These associations often occur only for a short period to bring about certain results. Others may be of long duration. Today, all across the surface of Planet Earth, there is a great deal of bringing together certain individuals. Now, all of this, my friends, is not karmic, for in many cases certain individuals are here for certain purposes in the Plan that is being carried out at this time. And in the work that is in store for these individuals, it is necessary that certain ones be brought together from time to time, and this is arranged in unusual ways. Those of you who find yourselves open and receptive to inner guidance, I am sure, have no doubt that often, through no doing of your own, you are brought into certain action; you do certain things, and you find yourself in certain places at certain times. And often those whom you thought would be there, are not, and those whom you did not expect, are there. Often these things are arranged and controlled from sources outside yourself.

More and more people are becoming aware of the changing times on Planet Earth. Some are awakened to action and others find themselves rather unconcerned. To use one of your expressions, they take the “So-what attitude”. These, my friends, are mentally lazy individuals. They are not ambitious enough to put forth the effort that is necessary for their own enlightenment, or either they are worshipping a false master which they are not willing to forego for the higher learning.

Materialism has become a God for the multitudes of Earth People. It saddens our heart to know that these people are soon to lose their God, and they will have nothing to cling to. They shall find themselves in great despair, and they shall sink deep, for there will be nothing there for them to hold to. Build your foundation, my friends, on this spiritual rock, and you need have no fear for the future.

There is such a great amount of work to be done for Planet Earth. The response of the masses is very, very slow. With all the help that is being sent to Planet Earth at this time, if its people were only slightly receptive, a great deal could be avoided; a great deal of pollution would be cleared from Earth’s aura. But the response has been so very, very slow and the efforts have been so great. We are hoping that this situation shall shortly change. There has been same improvement in the results of our influences among some of your leaders, or perhaps I should say, there appears to be. The results are not yet evident, but our prayers are going out hourly for these people.

Now, my friends, I think I have rambled long enough. I shall bid you goodnight and leave with you my love, my peace and my blessings.

Sunday, August 23, 1959

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal of Arcturus.

You have met here tonight on the eve of the launching of a satellite that is to help Earth People in their spiritual awakening. It is true, my friends, that this is being done, as many other things are being done for Planet Earth. The purpose of the device is to attempt to bring about a method of amplification of the efforts of those who are attempting sincerely to raise their spiritual consciousness or understanding. This will be effective to every effort made towards spiritual evolvement, providing sincerity and true effort is present. It is impossible for anyone to use this energy in any other manner. Any selfish motive in the minds of any individual attempting to gain benefit from this energy, will automatically cancel any benefit that might be derived. Also at this time, any love or light that is sent by you to the Masters, shall also be increased to them, and they in turn can amplify it again and return it to the people of Earth.

I would strongly suggest that any of you seeking spiritual enlightenment might put forth extra efforts during these periods. I would suggest especially that you use to a degree some of the breathing exercises that are described in some of your written material. I do not feel that it is my prerogative at this time to go into this, for I think you have this information. By using this method you are able to draw within your being these energies and have the benefit that you would normally receive, greatly enhanced. So much for that.

Earth People are so greatly in need of help at this time; if they would only realize their need and accept the help that is offered them. People of Earth have a great deal to face in the very near future, and they shall need all of the help that is available to them. Planet Earth, in order to avoid total destruction, must bring about a new Brotherhood of Man. This can only be done if Man will accept the laws of his Creator and abide by them, and the greatest of these laws is that “Ye must love one another.” For to hate another is to hate yourself, for you are a part of the whole. All Man, all mankind are one in Creation.

It is time that Earth Man realized his true existence. It is time that he stops living for himself and starts living for the whole. There is no other way, my friends, for any other way will go against the laws of your Creator. Therefore Man, to exist for long, must learn to love. You see, the great difficulty for Earth Man, is that he does not understand, he thinks of love as emotion, but true love, my friends, is understanding. Therefore we must learn to understand ourselves first of all. When we have learned to understand ourselves, then we begin to understand our brothers, and when we understand Man as Man is, then we begin to love. Because we know Man is what he is, because he is Man, and we realize that Man is only expressing to gain experience so that he might know Truth, and when we have this understanding, we lose hate, greed, jealousy, resentment and all of the things that go to make up the conditions that are found upon Planet Earth today. Beloved friends, we realize how much this has been repeated. But what else is there to say? Because, before Man can have anything of value spiritually, he must have understanding, and the first step in understanding is to know oneself. As you meditate upon this sincerely, you shall find many answers coming to you, many realizations or revelations as they are sometimes called by Earth People.

Much more help is awaiting Earth People if only they will make the effort to gain understanding. When Earth Man has attained understanding, even to a small degree, peace will reign on Planet Earth, for with only a slight amount of understanding, Man will see the utter futility of war, of hate and greed. So, my dear friends, take advantage of every opportunity to raise your consciousness.

Encourage your friends to do likewise, for as you raise your consciousness, you have improved the race consciousness of Planet Earth to a degree, and this is the thing that will eventually turn the tide. The time is now. Time has run out for Planet Earth. The prophecies are being fulfilled, therefore Man of Earth has no choice. The only choice he has is whether he will go with his Planet into the New Age, or leave this Planet for one that is of like vibration. For in the New Age Planet Earth will have a new and higher vibration, and in order to live upon it spiritual understanding will be necessary.

And now, my friends, I must leave. I extend to you the love and the blessings of my people.

I am Oxal.

Monday, August 31, 1959

May peace, love and understanding engulf the hearts of each of you this night. So be it.

My beloved friends, Planet Earth and its people find themselves at this time in such a precarious situation, only because they have allowed to come into their hearts, greed, hate, jealousy, self-pity, ego and so on. Man has had these things so implanted in his consciousness that they have become a part of him, so to speak. It is difficult for some of us who live in an environment of love and understanding, to see how Man of Earth can be so oblivious of the things that are bringing about his downfall. Over the centuries Man has had the opportunity to learn of these laws. Master after Master has come to your planet, bringing a message of Truth, of love, telling Earth Man of the Universal Laws and asking him to go with these laws. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and many others have brought this message to Earth People. Great multitudes of Earth People profess to follow the teachings of one or another of these Masters.

In your hemisphere those who call themselves Christians, are more familiar to you. They profess to follow the teaching of the great Master you call Jesus of Nazareth, yet how few, even to a small degree, attempt to follow the teachings. How many do you know, would go the extra mile, would turn the other cheek, who would do many of the things that are necessary in order to be a true follower of the teachings of this great Master?

Many or your so-called Christian churches have removed part of the teachings from the writings that have been handed down to your people. They have decided who shall be given the teachings and what part of these teachings shall be given to their people. This, my friends, follows down to the individual, who decides for himself the certain portions of these teachings he will follow; other portions which do not suit his purpose, he will ignore. This does not work, this does not blend with Universal Law, for if Man is to reap the benefit of Universal law, he must go all the way, not a quarter or a half. I cannot love the neighbor upon my right and hate the neighbor upon my left, for I am not fulfilling the law when I do this. I cannot extend to one man the hand of fellowship, of love, because he is conforming to my truth and not to another, because he does not agree with my truth or my understanding. These are the conditions that exist among the masses upon Planet Earth; this constitutes the race consciousness that exists. Each of you who are able through your own efforts to rise above this consciousness, to go all the way, to master Universal Law—these, my friends, will be the ones that will bring this race consciousness to a point where Man of Earth will move into a completely new consciousness. There are today upon Planet Earth, many people who are on the verge of accomplishing this. They need only to put forth a little more effort and determination in order to accomplish this.

I do not imply that these are in the majority, but rather in the minority. But a minority group can do a great deal in furthering the evolvement of Earth Man. Once this has been started, and it has been started, it shall gain momentum, for the Light emanated by these enlightened ones shall bring unto them many more, for all Man is seeking in some degree, and any light that shines bright enough is bound to attract unto it others.

I say again to all of you, love ye one another. See in each a perfection that ye know exists. Ah, how beautiful is the true you, of all of us. Let us see this beauty, let us see ourselves and our brothers and sisters for what they are. May the peace, the love and the understanding of the Infinite One fill the hearts of each of you to overflowing.

So be it, so be it, and ever shall it be, beloved.

Tuesday, September, 1959

I greet you, beloved friends, in love, in light and in understanding.

We who are, shall I say, the opposite life of existence to yours—perhaps even that is a poor expression. (You know beloved friends, it becomes quite difficult for us to convey to you in words of your language, a complete understanding of what we are attempting to convey to you). We do not particularly like the expression of higher realms, for we do not feel that we are above you. It is merely that on some things, let us say, we have a little better understanding. Therefore we are anxious to help those of you who are seeking higher understanding. This we try to do in many ways. We are limited in the help that we can give you by Universal Law. We dare not and will not invade your own free will, but we are anxious that each of you grow as rapidly as is possible according to your pattern; for each of you do have a pattern of growth that is to be followed by you, but often individuals are behind schedule, so to speak, and we attempt to help them in every way possible.

You see, Earth Man is often misled by his race consciousness. He knows deep within that this or that is what he should be doing, but he does not conform, because of what seems to the individual would cause criticism or perhaps disruptions in certain customs. In other words, this is not the way it is being done, therefore I must conform to the customs. People of Earth have long been victims of customs. These have become a part of the race consciousness Earth People. Many of these customs must be broken.

Evolvement of individuals depends greatly upon the determination and the desires of each individual. Man must learn to know that the greatest evolvement will come, as you as an individual learns to use the Universal Laws. Man is first obligated to himself. There is nothing that is more important to each of us than our own individual development, for in order to serve and to benefit those about us, we must first be able to radiate the love and understanding that goes with evolvement. Each, as he becomes conscious of his own being, as he realizes his at-one-ness with all Creation. Realize that you are a part of this one great Power, each of us a tiny minute part, yet each of us expressing as an individual yet a part of the whole. This, beloved ones, is quite difficult to bring to you in your present level of understanding. Parts and counterparts, division upon division, have each a small, yet important part of the whole.

But I must repeat, that at the level that Earth People stand today, the first step is love—to try to see the perfection of Creation in everything that we see. This at times may seem impossible, yet, as we practice going within and bringing ourselves into at-one-ness with that higher part of us, with that higher consciousness, we begin to get more and more of this feeling of at-one-ness, and in this great silence, as we become more and more familiar with this, we begin to take on the realization of how and why there is but one expression. Truly, truly, beloved ones, ye are all Gods and Goddesses; it is only matter of time.

Let each of us start right where we are, from this day forward with what we have at hand we shall begin our work and upon this let us build. Let us meet every situation with love and understanding, let us know that nothing is by chance, that each experience that comes our way, regardless of how minute—is an experience bought to us whereby we may learn, for we learn only by experience, no other way. Experience, beloved ones, is our only teacher. I could talk to you for hours, attempting to explain how to accomplish a certain feat, but until you have accomplished it, you do not know. You only know what I have told you. So let us be thankful and grateful for every experience that comes to us, and let us attempt to find our proper lesson in each experience, for no one present experience will repeat itself, if we have learned from it.

So you see, beloved ones, we really have no choice but to take what we have at hand and mold from that, that which we would like to be. We have created what we have, therefore it we wish higher Understanding, we must start by creating it, for all of us are Creators, and we create that which we desire most. Every thought that we send out is creative. It creates and returns, so, you see, what we think is most important. Let us think in high and positive terms, visualizing always the highest, building our Light through love and understanding. Day by day it becomes brighter, the radiance of our being begins to attract, and we find ourselves in the midst of great joy, great peace, great understanding, and we find attracted to us those who are seeking the understanding that we can give them. It is amazing how the radiance of one’s Light attracts and how far this attraction sometimes reaches. I am sure that all of you here have experienced this to a degree.

My daughter, let not your heart be troubled, you seek to know His Truth and it shall be known unto you. Your purpose is high, your efforts are strong. Sometimes one becomes impatient, but to all of those who sincerely seek and who patiently trod the path, all things shall come in due time.

Now, my friends, I am told that I have stayed my time with this instrument, so I must leave you. My love and my blessings I leave with each of you.

Peace be with you, beloved ones, peace be with you now.

Saturday, September 12, 1959

Peace be on the heads of each of thee, my friends.

May the blessings of the Great Masters, both within and without your planet, rest upon the heads of each of thee.

Seek ye each, my friends, for understanding, for knowledge, for wisdom. Develop in yourselves a love with understanding, a love that will reach beyond Understanding. Reach deep into your hearts and cast out that, that has so long repelled the love and understanding which you have sought. No man shall come unto the Father, except he hath love in his heart, except he cast out all jealousy, resentment, hatred.

Let each of us probe deep within us; let us explore each corner of our consciousness; let us do it sincerely, fairly, honestly; let us accept what we find there, and bring it out and replace it with love—for where the Father’s love dwelleth, these things do not exist.

I wonder, O Beloved Children, just how much you realize the damage that comes from these things. We wonder, sometimes, how Earth People can be so blind to themselves—how they can depict all the weaknesses or another—yet, they are completely blind to their own; and then they wonder why their spiritual growth does not come more abundantly.

A great housecleaning is about to take place upon Planet Earth and its people, and when this has been completed, Planet Earth will have been thoroughly cleansed and will be ready to come into her own.

Little have I said to you—yet I have said much. Ponder my words.

You are wondering who I might be. Does it matter? Have I spoken Truth? Who am I … Who are you … I am an Intelligence, a small minute part of the One Great Intelligence. What more can I be.

I ask the great Lords and Masters of the Cosmos, to place upon each of you their blessings, their love, and their understanding.

In love I leave you.

Monday, September 14, 1959

I greet you, my beloved friends, in the love and light of the Infinite Creator, I am Hatonn.

Today upon Planet Earth there exists in one Nation great elation, while in your Nation there exists more or less a state of depression. In the one Nation, they feel a great milestone has been reached and perhaps it has. It is unfortunate that there must exist between people upon any planet a condition of this type. Here we have two great powers divided against one another, each claiming to have a superior way of life; each pointing at the other and accusing.

Frankly, my friends, we fail to see too much superiority in either. Among the leaders of your great Nation there are some great men who are striving to pull this nation up by its boot-straps, so to speak. But I assure you they have great resistance forced upon them.

There is no reason why any nation should be advanced scientifically over your nation. The only reason is the great waste that has taken place. Your nation has ruthlessly wasted its resources. It has not used the scientific knowledge that it has to the best advantages. Too often, time and material have been wasted on projects that were known to be outmoded.

Jealousy between factions has been a great factor also. Power interests through greed have wasted great amounts of resources of time, human efforts, money as you call it, which is no more than a representative of human efforts. There is no other reason why your nation should lag. But above all there should be no competition between your peoples. These are the things that must be overcome. Men of all nations must join together and work for the good of all, and Planet Earth shall never stand upon a firm foundation until these conditions are overcome.

It does not appear, my friends, that Earth Man will overcome these things by mass in the short time that is left. It appears that individuals doing the overcoming within themselves will be the only solution for self-survival. Time has been shortened a great deal by Earth Man’s blunders. Therefore, it remains to be seen how rapidly the individuals will respond. I need not go into this in detail, for I am sure that all of you understand. I am sure all of you know what is to take place in the transformation of Planet Earth.

Those who are responsible for the shortening of this time, have placed upon their heads a great Karmic debt. This we regret, but we cannot change the situation. People are being awakened to these facts as rapidly as possible in order to give them the opportunity to make their own preparations, for it is entirely up to each individual as to which way he shall go, and no one can change that.

Now, my friends, I must leave, but I should like first to thank each of you personally for asking the satellite to send you power, so that it might be increased to send to others, for giving yourself tonight as a channel of love to be used to channel through the energy so badly needed by your people. This you can do any time you desire, you need only to make your desires known. Each of you here are sensitive enough that you should have felt the flow of this energy.

May each of you, through your efforts to serve, raise your own consciousness to new heights—that each of you might find a better and happier existence.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

Tuesday, September 22, 1959

I greet you my beloved friends, in the love and light of the Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

I am speaking to you tonight from a craft that is within your atmosphere. We have at this moment attuned our Iconiscan to your location. And through this instrument we are able to observe you, as though we were but a few feet, in your measurement, from you. This may be somewhat difficult for some of you to comprehend. But when the day arrives, that we are able to share with you our science, ‘you will see many things that will amaze you much more than will this device.

Beloved friends, you are living today in times of great change, much greater than you think or realize. These changes are coming about with an ever increasing rapidity. And you, too, beloved friends, shall experience great changes within yourselves. Each of you here on this night, are here because you are seeking. You are seeking to know the Truth. Therefore, you can expect great changes and you can expect to know the Truth. Knowing the Truth, shall bring great changes within you. For every step you take on the path to Truth, brings change. Therefore, let us be open and receptive, that we may learn. I do not imply by this, that you must except everything as Truth. But, if we are to gain knowledge, wisdom, and truth, we must forever have an open mind. For when one closes the mind, and decides within himself that he has all Truth, he is dead, so to speak. For Truth moves ever onward and forward. I know not where it ends; I know not what the ultimate in Truth is.

I have travelled great areas of space, have found life in every corner, but I have not found the ultimate. You see, we too, are searching, are seeking, for higher truth. We are no different than you. We simply, shall we say, are a step or two in advance. And we are reaching back, attempting to help our brothers, as are those that are ahead of us, reaching back to help us. For, you see, my friends, that is the way we serve. All creation moves in this manner, each attempting to serve his brother, for when I have served my brother, I too, have been served. This, my friends, is a good thing to remember. In order to receive, we must give, and this law applies in everything we do, for if we have great truth and understanding, and use it only for ourself, it shall gain us naught.

This my friends is happening day by day, upon Planet Earth, and it is things of this nature, that bring the chaos that you find among your people. As those of you who are seeking to know Truth reach higher and higher, you must be ready to have brought to you many things that may have been, or may be contrary, to some of the things that you have known to be Truth. These things are going to come to Earth People, perhaps a great deal more rapidly than you realize for the time is short.

You are going to find yourselves tested in many ways. I mean by this you will have challenges to meet, and some of these challenges might be quite shaking to you. So I would suggest, that much time be spent in prayer and meditation, preparing yourself for the things that are to come, preparing yourself to serve. For in the days that lie in the not too far distant, those of you who are Children of the Light, shall have opportunities to do great service to your fellowman. The need will be much greater than you realize.

Planet Earth must pass through some great changes in order to be cleansed, to be balanced when she passes into the next dimension in space. We of the Confederation, are going to see to it that this great planet is not lost as was another a few years past. We shall not interfere in the evolution of Earth Man unless it is necessary. But, if it becomes necessary, we shall and will, for we have at this moment, over four million craft standing by for any emergency. So, you see, my friends, we are prepared.

Now, my friends, I must leave this instrument. It has been my pleasure, and my joy, to have spoken with you. May each of you reach great heights in your search for Truth. And may each of you, when your challenge comes, meet it in such a way, that it will bring you great wisdom, great love, and great understanding.

Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

I am Hatonn.

Saturday, October 3, 1959

Good evening to you my friends.

It is my pleasure and my joy to be your guest this evening. I should like to extend my thanks, my gratitude to the instrument and his teacher for granting me this opportunity. I should like to also state that I am very much interested; I might say that I am very close to one of you here. I have a particular interest and that is as much that I care to say concerning this at this moment. When I have finished, the instrument will have the answer for you.

And now, my friends, I should like for a few minutes to talk to you in regard to your growth, your understanding and what it might mean to you in times that you are about to encounter. There is not one among you who has, shall we say, more than a small degree of knowledge concerning your abilities, or shall I say, an understanding of who and what you really are. You see, my friends, each of you, if you could but realize the fact, are potential Gods in yourselves. As man aspires to higher knowledge, he begins to get a realization of what he is. Is it possible, my friends, that each of us someday might reach a stage in our growth where we would have the understanding, knowledge and wisdom that we now think of as being held by the Gods? Does this sound inconceivable to you, my friends, or can you conceive of this?

Man can be anything that he can conceive of being. Created within Man was a desire or rather, an ability to desire. When Man exercises this ability the law reacts. So you see, my friends, there might be two ways of looking at this. If you are to desire something, it would be wise for you to be sure that that which you desire is for your good—will bring you good. Man does not always weigh that which he desires; he does not put it in the balance. This we should do if we would have wisdom and understanding. View it from both sides, my friends, before you let your desires reach forth.

Man is moving on a continual spiral that takes him ever onward and upward. Occasionally he may slip in a backward direction, but this can be only temporary, for the nature of man is to know himself. And Man shall never know his Creator, until he knows his own being. So I say to you, my friends, reach out, reach out far into the Cosmos and gather understanding. Learn the ways and the laws of nature and then live by them, for as Man learns to know the law and to live by it, he finds that Life has taken on an entirely new aspect. He sees through different eyes, he hears through different ears, and the things that he sees and the things that he hears, brings him ever new understanding and wisdom.

People of Earth, I am afraid, have some terrific shocks coming to them. They are going to find that a great many of the concepts which they have been taught and which they have accepted as Truth, are not Truth at all; this is going to come as a terrific shock to some—yes, a great many Earth people. And especially to some of your religious leaders, but sooner or later Man must know the Truth, for only by him knowing the Truth, can he be freed, and Earth Man has been held in bondage long enough.

This chain must be broken, and those of you who are accepting and searching for Truth, shall play a great part in removing the shackles from Planet Earth and its people. The shock may be too great for some of the people of Earth, but, be that as it may, the Truth must be known. So I say to each of you, keep your hearts and your minds open and receptive that you might receive understanding and wisdom. The man who carries a closed mind has little chance of becoming wise. He has little chance of raising his consciousness. He shall fall far behind. To have an open mind does not require you to accept anything that does not seem right to you, but there is a great difference, my friends, in accepting a Truth as Truth or being able, if it doesn’t appeal to you, to lay it aside until such a time as you can filter it through your consciousness.

For we find that many times an experience does not appeal to us or something that comes to us by word of mouth or by writings does not fit in, so to speak, with what we presently know as Truth, but of times we find that these things, if they are laid aside, can be picked up later and be put into the picture perfectly. You see, my friends, there is where a closed mind prevents us from learning Truth, for when we have rejected it completely, we have lost it for a great time to come. This is a mistake we should not make, for often it is costly.

As I observe those of you here tonight, I am sure that each of you are interested in bringing yourselves into a higher state of consciousness. Each of you desire this in a different degree, yet, each is seeking in his or her own way, and each shall receive according to his or her own efforts. No one is going to bring this to you without your effort. But this I must say, that each shall be aided according to their own efforts. So you see, my friends, the major part of our growth is up to each of us individually, and each shall receive proportionally.

There is so much for all of us to learn. We do not make any claim of having the ultimate in Truth. We must realize that Truth is moving ever onward before us and the Ultimate I know not. But this I know—that every step forward that I have taken has brought me greater happiness, greater understanding, and has been each much more glorious than the last. Therefore, I shall attempt to climb ever higher on this spiral of knowledge, for I find the more I have learned of science, of nature, the more understanding I have of my Creator. For you see, my friends, we do not separate one from the other. Earth Man has always attempted to separate. You have your philosophers, your scientists, and what not, and each must be both or all if we are to have Truth. All things that exist came from the One and only Source, no matter what it might be. It is all a part of the whole, therefore we cannot separate. The sooner Man of Earth can realize this, the sooner he shall begin to understand Creation.

Now, my friends, I have been told I have stayed my time with this instrument; now I must leave you. It has been my pleasure and my joy to spend this time with you. May each of you receive the understanding that you seek and may each of you in the days to come, have the wisdom and understanding to meet the situations that shall arise.

So be it.

Wednesday, October 7, 1959

This person standing by you is definitely interested in you. He is your teacher or counterpart. He has been with you and in touch with you all during your life on this Planet. He has aided you when the going was rough—he has been by your side. You had more support and help than you realized or were aware of. During the war you had rough times. He was flying with you.

He says he is definitely from the Etheric Realm, as we term it. He is definitely not from the Astral Realm around our Planet. He says “we have complete control over matter.” If he so desires he can manifest a physical body and talk among us. Those in the Astral Realm are not able to do this.

Many of these things are difficult to try to put into words that you can understand—so that it is clear to you. We have tried many times, but the subject is so vast and far-reaching that it is hard for you to understand it without having experienced it. There are many facets to all of it. It is all scientific.

The main thing Earth People need to do is to raise their consciousness, become conscious of more of the things that are. As we become conscious of these things, we search in the right path. As we get further into our true area of space or density, the better we will understand. The vibration of this area itself will affect our consciousness, and it will be easier for us to understand.

The subject of consciousness itself is so vast that it would take volumes to explain about the extensions of consciousness and its various divisions. As we evolve to higher states of understanding, we become more and more aware of consciousness itself, and the part it plays in life throughout the Universe. For instance, there are beings who are pure consciousness, who have no need of an astral shell or a physical body. These beings can divide and sub-divide their consciousness. So you can see there is a wide field here in this one particular phase which would require many life-times to get a clear understanding; even we do not have a complete understanding of it.

It is very necessary at this time for everyone to be aware and to seek as much knowledge and understanding as possible of all things, because all things tie together—the whole Universe ties together in at-one-ness. Each is dependent upon the other, so it is necessary to have an understanding of all things to become well-rounded or evolved.

Changes on Planet Earth are coming more rapidly as time passes. We can expect the conditions we are experiencing now to increase for some time to come. All things we are experiencing now in our atmosphere, are forerunners of greater changes that are to come.

The greatest thing Earth Man has to learn is to live together in understanding, to try to understand his fellowman and to suppress feelings of superiority. There is no Nation on this planet who can claim any great superiority over another.

Man has to concern himself more with helping those with lesser understanding, rather than try to bring about greater achievements for himself, for as he serves his brother, his own understanding will increase automatically. Planet Earth has reached the point where Man must learn to live together. It is his only salvation. It is now a must—either this or total destruction.

You, as many other individuals at this time, feel a greater urge within yourself. You are not entirely aware that this urge or urgency which you feel is the urge for knowledge, for understanding, and the closer we get to the new density, the greater this urge will be. Respond to this, my son.

So be it.

Monday, October 12, 1959

May the peace of the Infinite One rest upon the hearts of each of you now. My beloved friends, I greet you in love and peace.

What is it, beloved ones, that gnaws at the heart of Man, that drives him ever onward, seeking and searching? Within the heart or every Man burns this desire. Man does not always know or realize what this desire is, what this urge within him is seeking, and this urge is turned in many directions by various individuals. Some direct it in a search of wealth, others in the search of pleasure, others for knowledge, but this—direct it as you may—is the same spark that burns within each of you. It is that inner urge to know the Truth, to know more of life.

Man does not recognize this spark that drives him onward for what it is. It is something that he must release, but he does not always direct it wisely. In order for Man to grow, he must release these energies and use them wisely to bring him knowledge and wisdom and spiritual understanding. Man, if he is to have spiritual understanding, must have understanding and knowledge of many things. Spirituality is not denoted by one who claims to have great knowledge of a great being that rules and controls all things. A truly evolved spiritual being will have great knowledge of all things, for all things are spiritual in Nature.

The great scientist of the Universe must be a spiritual man. He must have great knowledge of the Universe about him. He must have an understanding of what causes Nature to function as she does. To become a true spiritual being, requires eons of time spent in studying and searching for the true answers to Nature’s function. Earth Man has become so involved in his own small circle of function that he does not see; he does not see the things that are taking place before his very eyes.

While Earth Man is endangering the population of his Planet, poisoning its people, bringing to them great miseries, there lies within his reach great powers, great resources, that could eliminate all of these things and supply for Man abundance of power, of energy, to be used for the good of all Mankind at a cost of almost nothing. Earth science today realizes and knows the dangers of the powers with which they are now working. Still they insist that these powers must be used. They have been told that there are powers, energies to be obtained that are completely safe, but they heed not. Why is this, my friends? Could it be for selfish reasons? Could it be that certain interests see their power crumbling through the introduction of certain improvements upon Planet Earth? Could this be, my friends? I leave this for your decision.

If People of Earth were to be told the things that have been rejected from us by the powers that be upon Planet Earth, I wonder would they believe? I fear they would not. Earth People have been lulled into a deep sleep of contentment. They are content to let someone else think for them, guide them, and as they believe, protect them. One of your poets once said “O what tools we mortals be.” Sometimes I wonder if perhaps he may have been right. Yet Man is free to choose, and no one can force him to choose rightly or wrongly. He will choose as he will.

Now, my friends, I have said enough. May the love, peace and the understanding of the One Great Spirit of Creation rest in the hearts of each of you this night.

Monday, October 26, 1959

Peace be with each of you, my beloved friends. With your permission I will speak with you for a few moments.

Man—what is this thing called Man who was given dominion aver all things by his Creator. How could you define this thing called Man? In your existence or your plane of existence we see Man in a physical chemical body, so to speak. He functions through this chemical body, controlling it and its actions through what you call a brain. But here upon another plane of existence we find Man functioning much differently. Here he functions in what, to use your terms, you can an astral shell. Here he moves, he thinks, he carries an a life much as you do upon your plane, yet he does not function with a chemical body, nor does he control or manipulate his astral shell through a brain as you do. He finds life is much different in some respects; he finds that thought is much more effective upon this plane. He finds that he brings into being that which he desires by merely creating a thought and promptly his thought comes into being for him. He builds his own surroundings with very little effort on his part and these surroundings and actions will depend entirely upon his ability to think.

Here he is also limited in many ways for he finds himself among the physical beings, for he has been lost so long in his physical existence, through desires that were created within him many eons back in time. He finds this desire which he has continually pushing him, so to speak, to express in the physical or chemical, and oft-times not realizing exactly where he is, he does not take advantage of the situation that he finds himself in at that time, but rather tries to pull himself back into the physical, chemical plane of existence before his time. Oft-times this becomes quite confusing to the un-enlightened ones and causes much unhappiness to the individual and oft-times through lack of understanding much harm and much inconvenience and suffering is brought to some of those in the physical chemical plane of existence. But to those who have somewhat of a higher understanding, they are able to live a happy fruitful existence in what you can the astral planes of existence.

What is Man, just what does he consist of; for as we move farther out, we find other planes of existence, other levels of life. As we pause here we find beings of greater understanding, we find beings with greater knowledge of the Universe and its functions. We find that these individuals also function in a world of thought, but they have a higher knowledge of the use of this power. They also have greater knowledge of many other powers. They have an understanding of matter to a greater degree. We find that these beings are able, through their power or thought to control and manipulate this matter. They are able to change it to different forms, to bring into being that which they desire and to mould it into whatever suits their purpose at the time. They are able to transport themselves from place to place without the aid of a vehicle if they so desire. Yet if they desire a vehicle in which to travel—this can also be created by thought and the manipulation of matter. Also we find that many of these can bring themselves into your plane of existence and create for themselves a chemical body to be used temporarily as they move among you and then again to be returned to the nothingness from which it came.

What is Man? How do we define this Man? Shall we go higher? Shall we move from this realm where Man lives in a world of thought, yet he lives a life somewhat as yours in that he lives with his fellowman … they work together, they have their homes and their families, but yet so different. As we move on we find ourselves surrounded by beings of such great intelligence, of such great Light, that our understanding of them is naught. We see nothing but Light. These beings have such great knowledge and control of matter, of intelligence, of consciousness that it is beyond our understanding. They have such great knowledge of the Universe, they know its functions, they know of its creation. They understand consciousness. They are able to divide and subdivide their consciousness, sending it out into many spheres and many planes and there expressing, helping to raise the consciousness of these beings on other planes that they too might someday move into their plane of consciousness. These beings, I can only state, are pure consciousness.

You ask, is this the ultimate in Man and I must answer, I do not believe so, for I understand that Man reaches even far beyond this. So beloved friends, how would you define Man? I have no definition for Man, for Man, shall we say, is inconceivable. At my level of understanding, I believe I would have to state it so. But Man has all of these potentialities and Man, sooner or later shall return to the high states of consciousness from whence he came. We are gradually climbing step by step. As time is never-ending, so is our climb to the ultimate.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you.

Monday, November 9, 1959

Greetings to you, my friends, I am Oxal.

A great amount of confusion seems to be present among people of Earth at this time, and this appears to be increasing. Now, my friends, why should this be? Whenever you find an awakening taking place with great numbers of people when they have started a search en masse for Truth, this condition will prevail for a time. Now this is not alarming to us, for it is a sign of growth. Out of confusion will come understanding, but for many it will not be easy for them, and the reason for this is that they have not learned to seek properly. In other words they are attempting to reach out and grab Truth from every corner and to cram into their being. They are trying to digest faster than their digestive system is able to receive it. They are not separating.

You see understanding comes slowly, and we must allow it to become a part of us, as we are able to use and prove its worth. Many are inclined to take fragments of Truth and build around this a philosophy and through this attempt to gather a great following, but Truth needs no proof, for Truth shall prove itself. Each of your religious organizations today have followed this pattern, and this is why the separation, why your peoples are divided against themselves; each believing that he or his group of followers have the Truth. Earth people must soon learn that Truth and understanding are only gotten by effort and through the efforts of the individual. No teacher of Truth that is a true teacher of Truth, will seek for pupils, nor will he expound his truth before the non-believers or attempt to sell his truth to anyone, so to speak. True Masters of Truth will never be found shouting or selling their wares in any manner. They wait to be sought out by the seeker of Truth, and when they are found, they give in love, in understanding and freely. They are very careful that their pupil learns, as he is able to receive and understand. A true Master of Truth is very cautious with his pupils, for he knows that they must receive only as they can absorb and understand and use what they have to the advantage of all concerned.

A great amount of the confusion that exists among Truth seekers today upon Planet Earth, is caused by those who are selling their wares or those who have become over-zealous, realizing that they have found a shred of truth. They are anxious to share it, to give it to everyone they meet, and oft-times they enlarge upon their truth without knowledge of what they are doing, and thus they spread confusion. True understanding will only come through quiet meditation of these Truths—meditating upon them, letting them flow that we might view them and test them and bring into our being that which brings us peace, love and understanding. It is good to listen to the experiences and truths of others, but do not let them confuse you, for they are only the experiences of others and your understanding will not come through the experience of another but only through your own.

But by continually pondering the experiences of others, we block experiences for ourselves. Why attempt to understand the experience of another when you cannot possibly know the reason for his experience? Being individuals, as we are, we must have individual experiences, and how can we expect to understand the experience of another when we know nothing of his soul growth? Rather let us learn relaxation. Learn to unfold and let go of the tensions and to draw within that we might receive an understanding of our own experiences, that we might take advantage of them and benefit from them, for unless we grow by our experiences, we are not making progress. So let us not condemn or criticize that which we have, but let us use it to the best advantage that we might move ever onward and forward, reaching each time another step toward our goal of perfection.

I leave you by extending to you the love and understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Tuesday, November 10, 1959

Greetings to you, my beloved friends, I greet you with the love, light and the understanding of the Infinite Spirit of Creation.

Why does Man continually find that he is faced with a choice, so to speak? We find that this is true throughout Creation. Man has always found that he must make a choice. You see, my beloved friends, that is why you are here, for had you not chosen to do so, this would not be. The only reason that you find yourself in this chemical, physical world of Creation, is because long ago, eons of time back, you chose as did many others to experience in the unknown. Much caution was given, great efforts were made by those of higher understanding and love as to the results of these experiences, but still you chose to have this experience.

And so from higher and more pleasant planes of existence, many millions descended for an unknown experience, and that is why we find in existence today the worlds and worlds of life as you now see it. These things did not come about in moments or hours or years of time. Neither will Man return to his original state of existence in a short time as you know it. Yet time is eternal. Time does not pass, you are merely moving through time. And so, as the descension took place, so must the ascension, and Man is climbing back on the ladder of evolvement rung by rung. If this picture at this time could be seen and understood by each of you, it would make quite an amazing story. Some have climbed the ladder of progress more rapidly than others, yet each in his or her own way is progressing step by step.

The decisions that we make as we gradually climb back towards our goal, are a determining factor in the speed of our progress. Nevertheless, each individual is climbing ever onward and upward, sometimes falling back for a time and then again proceeding. As we find ourselves attempting to make progress upon the wheel of incarnation, we must learn to face all situations honestly, fairly and squarely. Take each decision deep within our consciousness, and there we shall find a true answer if we are sincere and honest in our seeking.

You see, beloved friends, when the Creator breathed us forth, He endowed us with this great God-like ability to take all things into the core of our being, of our at-one-ness, of our allness with Creation and when this point has been reached all things come into balance and we see clearly. And as we see clearly, our decisions are made and things begin to happen that brings us into harmony with Creation and that, dear friends, is most important. For all Creation must function in harmony if we are to have well-being, peace of mind and harmony within ourselves.

Man has allowed himself to become out of tune with Creation or Nature and when Man is out of tune with Creation, he is out of balance and he does not function as he should. But rapidly Man of Earth is beginning to glimpse the importance of these laws, and he is beginning to attempt to bring himself to a point where he will strike this cord of harmony. When this has occurred with enough people upon the Earth Plane, a great difference will be seen in the function of Earth activities. Man will find he has reached a new plane of existence, a new level of understanding, a step nearer to his Creator and His perfection.

I leave you now, my friends, but before I leave I am going to pass among you and place upon the heads of each of you my special blessing. With your permission I will proceed … It is done.

May the love, light and the understanding of the Infinite Creator rest in the hearts of each of you, and may each of you reach unbelievable heights in your search for understanding.

Peace be with you, beloved ones, peace, love and understanding.

I go.

Monday, November 30, 1959

Peace be with thee, my friends, peace be with thee.

Tonight, beloved ones, a special ceremony is being held for thee. Each of thee have present with you tonight your Wisdor, plus two others who are conducting the ceremony. This ceremony is primarily being conducted for the purpose rising the vibrations of each of you and the surroundings wherein you gather. Now, beloved friends, let each of ye try to maintain an attitude of reverence and gratitude, thus opening the way for this good to enter. As I speak, the ceremony will continue.

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for lo, the I AM is with you at all times. Why, my friends, is fear so prevalent in the hearts of Earth Man? Man of Earth has been taught to fear, generation after generation, and fear has become a part of his consciousness. It is necessary for Man to live beyond this fear if he is to progress, if he is to reach a state of higher understanding. Man must dig into his consciousness and root out the fears that are lurking within, and he will find that these are varied and many. Let us take these out one by one and examine them; let us see exactly what they look like, and as we view them in love, we shall find them fading into the nothingness that they really are. Each time we find popping up within us one of these demons, let us quickly pull him into the open and examine him. You will be surprised, beloved friends, at their insignificance.

Why do we fear the words of another? Let us examine closely this small demon; let us see what he consists of. We find as we look closely, that he is a very close associate of ego and pride. We find that ego is fighting desperately that he may not be suppressed. He desires to stand out, to be noticed; he wants so much to be. So as we view this situation, we discover that in order to eliminate this particular demon, we must suppress Mr. Ego, and as we do this, we find that this particular demon has vanished, for we discover that these words or sounds that we feared are not bringing to us harm at all, and we may even find that they have brought to us some good. So you see, beloved friends, if we will take each one of these small demons, examine it closely, and each one, I am sure, will be discovered to have no foundation.

Why am I telling you this? You say, “I know and realize that fear is a great problem in our civilization.” But, my friends, I wonder if you realize just how much Earth Man is blocked by his fears. Think well upon this, my friends, think well upon it, and then bring to conclusion your findings.

May the peace, love and understanding of the One Great Power rest in the hearts of each of you. My peace and my blessings.

I am Anthon.

Monday, December 21, 1959

Greetings to you, my friends.

I come with your permission for a few moments tonight.

The great mass of people upon this planet, who call themselves Christians, are about to indulge in a great celebration and according to my understanding the theme of this celebration is—peace upon earth, goodwill toward mankind. Is this not so, my friends? A great deal will be said in regard to this in the next few days of your time, but I wonder just how much real thought and consideration will be given to this? As we view from our vantage point, it seems to us that the theme has been almost completely lost in the fanfare that takes place.

Down through the generations that have passed since the birth of your Master, the story has been told, year after year. The story as told, is only partly accurate, due to errors in your religious recordings, but this is not of too great an importance. Your people have accepted the story as told with very little effort having ever been put forth, even by your scientific men, to explain many of the happenings in a scientific way. Yet, if your scientists were to see a star floating in the sky, as is told in your story, your scientists of today would not accept this without scientific explanation. But in order to understand this, they would have to become more spiritual, and as they become more spiritual, they will accept and understand many of the things that are spoken of in your religious recordings.

But to return to the point of our discussion; Man of Earth is gradually realizing the importance of peace, partially through the fear that he feels for the future, and partially because he is becoming, shall we say, filled with fear because of what he sees taking place, that he knows does not go with a Brotherhood of Man. But, in order to bring peace on Earth, he is beginning to realize the change must begin with himself, he alone can bring this change about. It will not be done until Man realizes within himself that he must do it.

So, as we approach the season of festivity, let each of us make a great effort to establish within ourselves, within our own being, a consciousness of peace, love and of understanding. And in so doing, each of us will be doing our part in establishing a true at-one-ness, a true brotherhood, that will bring about upon Planet Earth an era of love, peace and understanding among all mankind.

It has been my pleasure to speak with you. This is the first opportunity that I have had to speak through this instrument. It has been my pleasure. I extend to you my peace and my blessings.

So be it.

Monday, December 28, 1959

Greeting in the light, I am Oxal.

We have monitored your conversation here this evening and found your discussion quite interesting. The story of Man, as you know him, is quite lengthy and complicated. You have spoken at some length of experience, and how it is necessary for Man to experience and this my friends, is true, for Man cannot know without experience. I believe one of you expressed in somewhat this manner, (correct me if I be wrong) that you should like to rise above the place of belief into a stage of knowing. Am I correct?

Group: Yes.

Then, my friends, you must experience, for only through experience do you know. I could expound for hours on my experience, but this would not bring to you knowing, for to know is to experience.

Upon Planet Earth are many, many teachings, religions, metaphysical teachings, occult teachings and what have you. Among each of these you find divisions. A teacher has sprung up, teaching from his experience. Now, beloved friends, I do not mean to convey the idea that this is completely wrong, for each of your religions, your teachings, have Truth. Each contains a segment of the whole, yet none that we have found have the complete Truth, but each is found to be a stepping stone for those who are seeking. For as all men are at a different level of understanding, each must seek according to his understanding, to his capabilities to understand. Many people have found great help in each of these; yet, he who is a true seeker; sooner or later moves on to a higher Truth. He seeks new experiences that will bring him new knowing and thus does life move ever onward, but Man must go a step farther in his search for Truth, he must also search and desire to serve. For though Man gain all knowledge and serve not, his knowledge will avail him but little, and Man shall find as he seeks and serves, that he shall move ever onward and upward on the spiral of understanding. Where the spiral ends, I know not. As we have stated before, it is of such magnitude that our conception of it is only slight. Man reaches ever forward and onward attempting to gain these experiences.

There is something that I should like to touch upon that perhaps might for some ease their anxiety. As Man moves on through the process of evolution, he passes through many periods of experience. This life or existence which you are now passing through upon the planet you call Earth, is a most important experience upon this path, and upon this plane are beings of a great wide variety of states of consciousness. To attempt to judge an entity by their expression in passing through this experience or series of experiences, would be most cruel. Many have passed through many lifetimes upon this planet, expressing and experiencing. Yet in their present state they have no recollection whatsoever at what has passed, and this, beloved ones, is as it should be, for if many of the people were to look back into their past lifetimes upon this planet, they would shrink in horror. Yet these experiences were very necessary for the evolution of the individuals, for when these experiences are gathered together in a state of consciousness where the entity is able to evaluate them properly, he will have a great knowing. The soul growth of any man cannot be determined by his expression upon this plane. Seek your experiences, beloved friends, where your inner consciousness guides you, for there will you find the experience that you need.

And so I extend to you the love and the blessings from the Sons of Adonai.

I am Oxal.


[1] The original spelling of this name in these manuscripts is “Hatton.” It has been changed to “Hatonn” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this name in the rest of the material on this site from the same source. It is pronounced hat-ON.

[2] The original spelling of this word in these manuscripts is “Odina.” It has been changed to “Adonai” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this salutation in the rest of the material on this site. We infer from its placement in the text that it is a departing salutation along the lines of “adieu,” roughly meaning “Go with God.” It is pronounced odd-in-AY by both Walt Rogers of the Detroit Group and the channels of L/L Research. The rest of the salutation, “vasu borragus,” pronounced vah-SOO boh-RAH-gus, we infer to roughly mean “our brothers.” Supposedly the original language of this salutation is Solex Mal. This attribution may well be mythical.

[3] The original spelling of this word in these manuscripts is “aoneness.” It has been changed to “at-one-ness” in order to be consistent with spelling in the rest of the material on this site. We have assumed there is no other special meaning that was intended by this word.

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