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The Origins of L/L Research

ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT: These documents are transcriptions of channeling done by Clyde Trepanier during group meetings in Detroit and that were previously published in the Man, Consciousness and Understanding pamphlets. It is offered in the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This document is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.


Man, Consciousness and Understanding

Volume IV


The groupings of communications contained in this enclosure are informative, teaching-instructions for developing a better understanding of ourselves, of the problems of our modem times, and of the magnitude of the future lying before us. The nature and the text of these communications differ in respect to the many spiritual studies of Truth available to the seeker; therefore, a few words are necessary to explain their source.

On and around our Earth there exist millions of beings from other regions and other realms of the Universe who have attained a much higher and a much greater degree of understanding in their evolution. To those who will listen, they extend their friendship and offer their understanding and wisdom that the homo sapiens race on Earth might awaken unto themselves and work to usher in the New Golden Age presently dawning.

Within these pages, the words you read are those received from physical beings aboard spacecraft who hail from other parts of the Universe, and from wonderful, Radiant Beings who enjoy the Perfect Life in the higher realms of existence.

The reader is to understand that these communications were received through a human channel who was one among a small group of earnest seekers of Truth. These words of enlightenment, even though spoken to a small group, also apply to the whole of mankind and may be used by any and all who are seeking a more Abundant Life.

With their deepest Love and Blessings, these Beings of higher understanding offer their knowledge to all who seek the Truth.

Affirmations for Meditation

By Hatonn [1]

O Radiant One, send forth thy Light, and surround each of us, thy children, that we may have enlightenment and wisdom.

We relax and give ourselves completely to the Father. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him. We know that all is well as we relax in His Arms. We give our whole selves to the Father, we want only to do His will. We relax and give ourselves wholly and completely to Him.

I am His perfect child. He guides me and directs me. He continually surrounds me with His pure white Light. I visualize this radiant substance of purest white, until I actually feel the consciousness of the Father, His Presence, His Power, His Light and love flowing through me. I relax in His Presence.

He is the ever-loving Father and Creator.

He loves me and protects me.

He is the one and only Power and Intelligence

I am His perfect expression

He expresses through me

I am a doer of His will

The Father and I are one.

There is but a single power and intelligence

This great power and intelligence is now a part of me

It is guiding me and protecting me at all times

I give myself completely to this great Power and Intelligence

I am a part of it

I live and have my being in this, the Father.


Friday, January 5, 1962

Peace be with each of you, my friends.

It gives me great pleasure to come among you in this manner and to have the opportunity to say to you a few words. I know that in your minds are many questions concerning the whys and wherefores of life, as you see it. Perhaps, to many of you there seems to be great injustice in life, and I understand how this would appear. Yet, I say to you that man will always be dealt with justly.

In the times that are ahead I am sure that you will see exactly what I refer to. For, if there comes about upon your planet some of the conditions that have been described as possibilities, the degree of these possibilities depend entirely upon Earth Man, and what he chooses to do, from here on. Your Creator is a loving and just Creator and it is not His desire to have to, through His laws, destroy man—nor does He. The judgment that will be reaped upon mankind will be exactly that which he has brought upon himself and this can be to whatever degree he chooses through his own doing and thinking. Perhaps the word destroying may be misinterpreted here, but I refer to this, at this time, only as a civilization.

These same souls have come up through at least three civilizations upon your earth and reached a point wherein they could have either developed into a civilization, such as exists on many other planets in your system. But they chose to bring destruction upon themselves, and return again to the state of caveman living and understanding, and start again to climb the ladder of becoming a race of men.

Today, due to the moving of your solar system, it will not be possible for the present race to repeat again upon this planet, its same pattern. You have been told that he who is righteous has nothing to fear, and this be true. For, those who have been sincere and have truly attempted to live a life of just existence and have had love for their fellow man and have put forth their efforts to raise their civilization in spiritual understanding, are going to observe, from a vantage point, exactly how man has dealt justness to himself. For, those whom I have just mentioned will not pass through the great suffering that will come to those who have misused their fellow men, and violated the laws of their Creator ruthlessly, with no regard, and no love for their fellow man. You will know then what is meant by the “Day of Judgment or Justice”—then will you understand, then will you know that those whom you thought were reaping great benefits from their wrongdoings—you will know then the meaning of these things.

Earth Man considers himself as having reached great heights in wisdom, in scientific knowledge, by gaining control of a few powers or energies that have such great potentials as to be able to destroy a planet, little realizing the very great unimportance of these things, and missing completely the importance of his soul. For some reason, Earth Man, through his civilizations, seems to always get the emphasis upon the wrong side, for all these things will avail mankind nothing, lest he have spiritual understanding and development, for he will only destroy himself.

In creation, all things were created to be used for the good of mankind.

Your Creator intended for man to have all things necessary for his happiness. He made provision in all ways that man should have all things necessary and beyond for his wellbeing and his peace of mind. But, he also gave man a free will, an opportunity to choose, for, lest man has free will and is faced with choice, he is only a robot. Therefore, man must choose wisely, he must see singly, he must search the Truth. For, man is dependent upon man and was created thus, so that man might work together as one and become as one, all equal in the sight of the Creator; and man will climb the ladder over and over until this realization becomes a part of his being.

No man has the right to take the life of another or take from another or live by the sweat of the brow of another. All men must be creative. The wasted energy and manpower in your civilization is appalling. If you were to break down into numbers the actual productive people of your planet, perhaps the small number would amaze you, and this, my friends, is not as it was intended by your Creator. Many of these things must change, if your civilization is to become a civilization of people capable of joining in the great Brotherhood of Man that are joined together throughout space.

Yours is not the only planet in space that finds itself in this condition. There are many others in other systems. But, as man reaches the realization of what and who he is, and as he reaches out with his consciousness and grasps the importance of spiritual understanding, and of becoming a part of the Brotherhood of Man, he moves into a new phase of life, and he finds a great feeling of peace and serenity coming into his life, and he begins to realize that he is now entering and finding that for which he has so long sought, and that he is now truly on the path of Truth and Understanding.

Long enough have I rambled, my friends. I leave you by extending my very greatest love, peace and understanding.

So be it.

Thursday, January 11, 1962

Peace, peace, peace.

My beloved children, many times have I stood among you and peered deep into your innermost soul, but I do not see what you see when you look into a mirror, but rather I see a being of great beauty, of great depth, of strength. I see there a being ready to be awakened and blossom forth into the great being of love that you really are. And, beloved ones, when the day of the great unfoldment comes within you, you, too, will peer into the souls whom you observe and will also see this beauty of which I speak. For, beloved ones, all mankind has this beauty within him, when you are able to see past the unreality and truly see into Reality.

As you move down the corridors of time, let your awareness grow. Observe the beauty that lies about you; observe the handiworks of your Creator in His Creations. Observe Nature in the raw, in your plant life, your animal life; and then peer into the heavens and truly see the great works. Observe closely, allow your consciousness to open wide and really take in the beauty that lies therein, and soon a realization will begin to dawn in your consciousness of the true greatness of Creation. And then, the realization will begin to come to you of the true greatness of the Creation of man; for man was given dominion over all of these great things.

Man was given this great dominion, and the realization will begin to unfold, and you shall truly begin to realize just what man is; not in an egotistical way that will inflate your ego, but in a humble and mature way, and you will begin to realize the responsibilities that have been placed upon mankind by being given this dominion and these powers. And a realization will come to you of how these great powers of man must be blended together to bring into being a complete brotherhood and understanding between man.

And there shall begin to grow within your consciousness a realization of your great at-one-ness with all of these things, and gradually you shall begin to blend yourself into this great Sea of Creation, into this great mass of mankind, and you shall begin to move into it and become one with it. And then a true understanding of Creation and its mysteries shall begin a process of unfoldment within your being; and then, beloved ones, you shall be truly on the Path of Truth and Understanding.

I warn you, beloved ones, this is not a short path, but is a long continuous path of unfoldment; for there is much to learn, much to understand. But, as this understanding grows and grows, you shall find that the path becomes ever more beautiful, becomes more intriguing, step by step, and your desire to absorb more and more of these great Truths shall grow ever stronger within you, accompanied by great peace, and a great feeling of love, such as has never been known to you. For the true concept of love does not really dawn in the heart of man until he has truly embarked upon this path. This, beloved ones, is beyond word of mouth to describe; it is much too beautiful to attempt to put into words, but rather is something for man to know, to experience. I say these things to you, because I know within each of you is this tiny spark that is helping you ever onward to seek more.

I know that this spark of desire to reach out is within each of you; and in my humble way I attempt to fan this spark, to get it a little brighter, so that its influences will be more felt. And I know, as I peered into the innermost being of each of you, that this desire is much greater than you have recognized, and soon it shall burst into a flame that will bring warmth into your heart and help you to move in the direction and upon the path that you desire.

My very, very deepest love and blessings I extend to each of you.

Peace, peace, peace … So be it.

Tuesday, January 16, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It gives me great pleasure to once more come among my friends. I am sure that there are many, many questions in the minds of each of you. I shall not attempt to answer all of these questions, but perhaps in our discussion this evening, some of them will become more clear in your mind.

The evolution of man relative to time, perhaps, is not too easily conceived by some of you. The evolution of man is often spoken of by your peoples, and I am inclined to think that, perhaps, too often this is thought of by you in terms of one civilization. But, my friends, this is not necessarily so; for, in the evolution of Earth Man, for instance, he has risen through more than one civilization to a point where he could have blossomed forth into a beautiful race of man. But, due to unwise thinking or choosing, he has brought about a condition that has caused him to lose, temporarily, that which he has gained, for he did not take the right path. He chose a path of science without spiritual understanding; his interest, let us say, in the scientific was greater than his interest in the soul, or the spiritual part of man. And, as he moved forward in his advancement, gradually the scientific part moved farther and farther ahead of his spiritual part, and he came into possession of energies, powers, scientific knowledge which he could not cope with, due to lack of spiritual growth.

In the case of the civilization prior to this one, man moved in much closer balance than he has in this present civilization. He reached a point where a great majority of the civilization had a very good spiritual understanding, along with scientific understanding; and his science reached a much greater evolvement than that which exists upon your planet today. But there was a point there that was reached when certain elements of the civilization began to desire power over mankind. In other words, he began to doubt some of the truths he had learned in relation to universal law, and he allowed to grow within him the desire for power, power over his fellow man. And, as this power began to increase, the desire began to increase more and more for himself. Thus, as man became weaker and weaker spiritually, his power began to destroy him; and eventually, great chaos was brought about, and the destruction of a great race of people came about; and again they found themselves at the bottom of the ladder. They were the Atlanteans and Lemurians; both races existed on this planet simultaneously.

So, man again is climbing the ladder of evolution. But, this does not say that all men of this civilization are again climbing this ladder of evolution. For, those of that time who remained steadfast in their pursuit of Truth and Understanding, and stayed steadfastly to the laws of universal love and understanding, have moved on in their evolution; but, this was a great minority. And so shall that occur again; but man himself can only make this choice. Man has always the right to choose his path. It would be well, be very well for all of you to review the prophecies that are written in your Bible histories, and to attempt to interpret these into your present day times. Read all of the prophecies given there, read them well and interpret them into your present day language. Realize that these prophecies were given by the prophets of old and they put them into words as best as they could, at the time. But, I am sure, with a little thought, a little meditation, you can interpret the meanings to apply to present day conditions. But, remember too, that all prophecies are conditional. Read both the Old Testament prophecies and the New Testament ones; read them both. For the prophecies of the Old gave men true prophecies, as did the later ones; but try to interpret them in present day terms that will be understandable to you.

It is also said that no man shall know the hour or the day; and this, my friends, is true; for it is not given to man—what we know as man—to know these things. No man that liveth in the physical, or upon this planet, is given to know the hour; and I know, in my own heart, that the day and the hour and the event, depend upon the action of man involved.

My friends, all of you face great decisions. Many of you have come a great way in your understanding in a very short time. I know that there are many things that often puzzle you. Often, there seem to be great decisions to be made. It would seem it would be a great help if others were to help you to make decisions, and perhaps you get a great deal more help in making some of these decisions than you realize. Yet, if man tries to be aware of his innermost feeling, he will find that great help can be had in these things.

I know that many of you, my friends, have felt a great closeness, a drawing together with others; yet, there seems to be no real reason for this; and ofttimes you try, you attempt to break or pull apart, yet, you are drawn, again and again. Does this tell you anything, my friends? It tells me a great deal. Some of you have much to do together and you will find, as you follow these impulses, these magnetic forces, that things begin to fall into place. And remember this, my friends, that man does not exist alone, but man is dependent upon man. This is something that your civilization seems to have forgotten, to a degree. I am sure, that in the future, you are going to find great need for each other, you are going to find great strength and great aid coming from each other.

I know that to some, it has become very discouraging at times, very much so; and the feeling grows within one, that he can give no more—yet—that in peering within his heart, he again finds strength to go on. He finds there a spark of hope which again raises his courage and strength and he goes on; yet, again he wakens, and again he finds this spark. But, my friends, man will always be so, until he finds his true at-one-ness with mankind.

My friends, you have a wonderful road before you. The path that stretches before you affords great opportunities for each one to show his courage and his sincerity to be one in the Brotherhood of Mankind. I say to you, my friends, go forward with the Light ever before you, taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself for you to become a more pure child of Creation. Each of you is endowed with certain abilities that your Creator placed within you. Use these to the best of your ability for all mankind, and, as you do this, you will find greater and greater capabilities developing within your consciousness step by step as you move down the path of Truth.

It has been my very great pleasure to again be with you. If I have been of the slightest service to you, I am grateful. I wish to extend to each of you my very, very deepest love and blessings and I hold for each of you the highest vision for you in your development and in your search.

Goodnight to you all, my friends. It has been very nice to be with you.

Wednesday, January 24, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It gives me great pleasure to come among you this evening and to be able to share with you. I know that in the minds of many of you there is great wonderment, shall we say, as to what will take place, due to the conjunction of the planets. So, I say this to you, my friends, I am not a prophet; therefore, I do not attempt to prophesy. But watch the events of this year very closely, for this will be a very eventful year. Some of the events that will take place are going to have great effect upon the future of the two great powers upon your planet today, and also upon your entire civilization. But also, the influence of this event will be much more far-reaching and will extend over many years to come. That is all I have to say concerning this.

But I should like to, with your permission, speak to you for a little while concerning some of the other things that you were discussing earlier in your gathering. My friends, remember that you are living in a universe of energy. Even you, yourself, are pure energy. What you call electricity plays a great part in the function of your universe and your planet. And remember, too, that your planet is not only a great mass of substance, but it is in its own right an entity in itself. This, my friends, is something to consider. Perhaps this would be somewhat difficult to conceive, but nevertheless, this is true and someday, as you come into a greater understanding of the function of your great universe, you will agree with me. But, your planet is contained within an envelope that you call your atmosphere, and this is made up of many layers of various combinations of gases; and some of these contain pure gas of one kind or another, such as hydrogen. There is a layer around your planet which consists of pure hydrogen and these layers are many and varied, but each has a definite function to perform. Your planet also consists of or functions by frequencies of vibration; that is to say, these have effects upon the planet and its atmosphere.

Now let us stop here for a moment and go to something else. Thought—you spoke of thought and its power. Now, my friends, there is much greater power in thought than is realized by any of you; for thought is energy upon a certain frequency, and this also has or rather could be broken down into various frequencies—like your electrical current. I refer to that because, perhaps, it is more familiar to you. It has been proven by your own scientists that there are thousands and thousands of frequencies of your electrical current that can be transmitted on many thousands of frequencies, and frequencies far beyond what your scientists have discovered. They have not reached the ultimate of these things, by far, but thought can also be transmitted on many frequencies, and this will determine the effect that it has upon the envelope of your earth.

Now, my friends, here again, these energies when they are released, do not cease to exist in a short time. They too, go on into the envelope of your earth and depending upon the frequency of vibration, or perhaps I should say, the frequency of vibration will depend upon—no, I must try to make this more clear. You know sometimes it is quite difficult for me to transfer my thoughts into your language of which I am not too familiar. But if you will forgive this lack of ability that I have not quite overcome yet, I shall proceed. The effect that these frequencies will have in the envelope of your earth, will depend on the frequency of the thought. Now, you say, “What determines the frequency of the thought?” There are several things there too; the motive back of the thought will determine somewhat the frequency—also the type of thought. For instance, thoughts of resentment, of hate, of fear, each has its frequency, and this frequency has its effect, and will eventually seek out the same vibration or level of vibration in the envelope. As this builds up in the earth’s envelope and becomes greater and greater in quantity, it will have its effect upon the earth, because the earth’s envelope has effect upon the earth and determines what takes place. Now weather, earthquakes, or many, many things are affected, or your planet is affected by these things through the envelope of your earth a great deal more than your scientists realize. You see, my friends, why a planet of people living in harmony, living for the good of each other, eliminating hate, resentment, greed, their minds working at all times in what you call positive thinking—you see why these planets do not face conditions that the planets do who do not recognize the importance of these things. So, you see, it is very important how we allow our minds to function. The act, my dear friends, is not nearly as important as the thought back of the act, for if it were not for the thought, the act would not occur. So that is why Planet Earth faces what it faces today.

In your religious books or your Bible, there is spoken something about a day of judgment, and some of your religions make a great issue of this. They believe that the dead shall come to life and everyone shall be judged—like you’ve been good, you go here, you’ve been bad, you go there. Well, my friends, there is truly coming a day of judgment, but it shall not occur in this manner; for no great Deity is going to sit upon a great throne and separate his sheep. But, each man will receive justice, according to his own thoughts; he shall bring upon himself his own judgment. Many of you, or I should say, all of you, shall witness this judgment, for it does not matter if you are in this dimension that you call physical-chemical, or whether you are in what you call the astral life. The judgment day will be far-reaching and will include all of earth people, regardless of the dimension they happen to exist in at this time, for there is very little separation between the two dimensions. In fact, if all of you had developed within you your full senses, you would know this, for in reality there is no separation; you have taking place a dimension within a dimension. But, as you have been told before, those who have used their powers in the right way, who have attempted to live a life of justice, who have seen the needs of their fellow man and met them, who have faced up to their responsibilities—they have nothing to fear, for all shall be well with them; but they shall witness this judgment and they shall understand, they shall know at this time that man is always dealt with justly through the laws of his Creator and not by his Creator; that he brings about his own conditions, his own punishment or whatsoever you should like to call it.

Now, my friends, I think I have taken enough of your time. Perhaps one of the other teachers would like to speak to your group through one of the other instruments here; I understand there are others here.

It has been my very great pleasure to spend this time with you. I wish to extend to this household my gratitude for accepting me into this household and perhaps again we shall meet; I sincerely hope so. I want to extend to each of you my very deepest love and blessings and may each of you reach the heights that you are seeking in your understanding. I encourage each of you to search diligently.

Goodnight to you, my friends. It has been my very great pleasure to be with you.

Friday, January 26, 1962

Peace be with you, my friends.

First, I should like to commend you all for banning together in groups such as this, to attempt to expand your consciousness. Too few people upon Planet Earth today are making any attempt to do this.

You are told by your astrologers that you live in an ever-expanding universe, and this be true. And, if this be true, then man must also be continually expanding his consciousness if he is to grow with the universe in which he lives. Man of Earth has not done well in this respect; his efforts are too often spent in the wrong direction. He attempts too often to do things in his way, and thus he finds himself in conflict with the great laws of the universe. If you are to discover the laws of the energies that nature has supplied to bring about the functions of the laws that cause the planets throughout the universe, the stars and all things to function as they were intended, then first you must observe the action of these energies, observe them closely.

In the latter part of your nineteenth century, a certain individual volunteered to incarnate upon your planet and bring to your people the knowledge of some of these energies. Now this individual, during his incarnation upon this planet, was not aware altogether of his mission; yet, there burned within him the great urge and the great knowing that he must do these things, and that within him lay the power to bring this into being. And, also, a great knowing lay within the consciousness of this individual that, in order to bring this into being, he must observe, he must observe the actions of nature. He must study very closely her actions and reactions. And so this he did. And, as he observed these actions and reactions with great intensity, he found surging up within him great revelations concerning these things.

As the realization of the importance of this study and observation of nature became more and more apparent to him, greater and greater revelations unfolded within his consciousness, until a point was reached that he was bringing to your scientific world knowledge, facts and demonstrations, so rapidly, that your scientists of the times became lost in even attempting to follow. But, even then, many of the great revelations that were given to your people at that time were thwarted by the powers that would put self-gain ahead of the welfare of mankind. So, many of the revelations of this man were not even brought to light, for he realized, in his latter days upon this earth, that Earth Man had not developed to the point to receive these things.

I tell you this, beloved friends, only to illustrate my point. If you would go forward in your growth, do not allow walls to become built in your consciousness; but keep the doors open, that you may expand. For, when walls are built, they are difficult to tear down. Nature does not work in this manner and neither will you be successful in this manner. Recognize the urges that rise up within you, for what they are. Became master of yourself; for only you can determine if this urge is for the good of your wellbeing, or your fellow man. Those of you who are anxious to move forward in the advancement of your understanding, of your spiritual growth, who are anxious to move forward in behalf of bringing good to your fellow man, whether it be of a scientific nature or of a development to improve your standards, to lessen the labors of man—these matter not, for all things that benefit man are good. But, whatever the urge may be, attempt to make close observation of the law surrounding this urge and you will find, in making this close observation, that nature will reveal to you the answers. But you must be sincere and your motives must be high, if the results are to be good.

With this, my friends, I shall depart. Peace be with you. Peace, peace.

Thursday, February 1, 1962

Peace, peace be with you, my beloved children.

I come to you tonight, in your period of silence, to share with you my blessings and my love. My love for you, my children, is deep. I would that I could share with you the great bliss that comes from this love. I would that I could put into words the feeling, the satisfaction that comes with this great knowing of love. You see, beloved ones, I see you—not as one who is immersed in sin, nor one who is lacking in knowledge, in wisdom and in understanding—but, I see you as a beautiful rosebud, about to blossom forth in all its glory and beauty. I know not how to describe these things adequately, so that you would understand or know; for these things must be experienced to realize the greatness of the impact upon your soul.

I say to you, my children, be grateful that you have chosen these times in which to express in this dimension, for great opportunities await you; but, as I have said to you many times, and perhaps shall say many times more: “Love ye one another.” Allow to express through you this great Universal Power, which, if cultivated, will grow and grow and grow, and you shall experience bliss beyond your greatest expectations. Allow yourself to be baptized in this great sea of Cosmic Consciousness. This was truly the symbology of the one whom you call John, the Baptist, when he baptized in the water. The water being symbolic of the great sea of Consciousness of which I spoke. This Great Being again walks your earth today and will play a great part in establishing the kingdom of brotherly love, of justice and of peace on Planet Earth.

For those of you who sincerely seek the Truth, it is most important that your eye become single and that you see only that which is good in man; to recognize and cultivate that which will bring peace, love and understanding to Earth. Many of you, throughout Planet Earth, who have been faithful to your cause and to your Creator, shall receive the Light one day, as have many others. These are recorded in your religious histories, and this experience shall come to many, when suddenly they shall find great wisdom and understanding has unfolded before them.

Beloved children, let no fear, no resentment nor hate enter your hearts; but look always to that which is good, which is righteous, which is just. For, if this be done, your path shall become smooth, the fields will become more beautiful and life itself becomes much more abundant; and a peace begins to settle around your being, and you begin to become one with all Creation, and the true love of Creation begins to dawn in your heart.

Peace, peace, peace.

Wednesday, February 7, 1962

My peace and my blessings to you, beloved ones.

At times it is somewhat of a decision that is difficult to make in attempting to choose a subject upon which to speak to you that will be of great interest to all concerned. So, this evening I have decided, if it is your pleasure, to attempt to answer some questions for you.

Questioner: Thank you, I think we’d like that, wouldn’t we?

Would you like this? There is one thing I shall request, and that is that you keep your questions impersonal. So, my friends, shall we start from there, in a manner in which you wish to conduct this.

Questioner: Will there be peace and prosperity in the foreseeable future?

Now we are getting into predictions, and I must state to you, beloved ones, that in predictions I can only be, shall we say, general. And now, you see, beloved ones, in this question that our dear brother here has asked, we are again faced with interpretations. For what would be to one person prosperity, may not be to another, therefore, I shall have to answer your question in these terms.

In the near foreseeable future I see for many of your people great prosperity, for many of your other people or for many numbers of your people, I also see famine and lack. For your nations of this planet as a whole, I see a period of great struggle to maintain a degree of prosperity among their people, and I see this struggle growing ever greater, and I see the efforts of these growing ever weaker. For systems such as exists upon your planet can never stand through eternity. For until man has reached a state of greater understanding for his fellow man, a state of greater desire to serve his fellow man rather than to serve himself, and this too holds true with your nations, until you have at least some similarity of a world government functioning for the good of all mankind upon your planet with leaders of spiritual understanding, until these things prevail, you shall not experience world prosperity or world peace.

In regards to peace, it is difficult to see how world peace can come to Planet Earth when the very discussion of peace brings conflict, for thus far, none of your leaders have been able to agree upon any form of peace, and until this type of negotiations is overcome, until man can meet together in peace and can begin to see at least some similarity of what real peace should be, it is difficult to see how peace can reign supreme upon Planet Earth.

Questioner: Thank you.

Questioner: May I ask who we are now talking to, may I ask your name please?

In our level of existence or plane of life, names are not necessary.

Why do you use names, only because that is the only way you have, the only way you understand to identify, and this, my friends, grows more complicated as time moves on, for in the beginning of your civilization man had one name, then in order to identify him he was given two names and then three and in some cases four and five. The only identification that we use would be one to designate our type of service. If you must have a type of identification, you may call me “Johenie,” but I assure you this means nothing more than an identification. I will say to you I am very close to our dear doctor here.

Questioner: Thank you.

Questioner: May I ask a question Johenie? Thank you. Could you tell us a bit about our family life here, the way we live it and why it is, this way to clarify our way of family life here on Earth?

Would you be more explicit as to what you mean by family life?

Questioner: Well yes, we have a system set up here on Earth, where naturally we’re apart from one another, so there must be some purpose of living life the way we do with parents and offsprings and what not, and generally it doesn’t expand much beyond what we call family. What is the importance of this?

This, so far as offsprings are concerned, is only to propagate your race. This is strictly a Law of Nature. Your relationships to your families has become other than instinct, a matter of customs that has been developed by your people. There is a Law in Nature that automatically sets up an instinct in the physical man and woman that creates a desire or a love, as you call it, for the offspring. This you will find throughout Nature, through your animal world, but in the animal world it is not carried as far as it is in your human race, and ofttimes I must say, it is carried much too far.

For when a soul has reached the point of maturity in the physical body, they should be released, and before this, they must be allowed to express. Your civilization has much to learn in this respect, a great deal to learn. For in other races in your system, the capabilities or talents of a soul incarnated is known very, very early in the life of this child. He is directed and trained accordingly, therefore, you have no misfits. In Earth civilization there are so many, many, misfits; I believe the terminology that is used by your people “square pegs in round holes” or “round holes in square pegs”—this would not exist if the capabilities were determined and your offsprings were allowed to develop as their soul is trying to direct them. Have I covered that which was in your mind?

Questioner: Yes. I was wondering along the line too, what we call duty in the family and love, whether these things are existent in our mind only or whether, whether it’s right?

You are thinking of duty to another because of blood connection, am I correct in this?

Questioner: Yes.

Why should your duty be greater to one in whose veins flow your blood than to that which does not? If all men are to be as one, then we have the same responsibility for all. We are all children of the One Great Intelligence. It matters not whose blood flows in the veins of a physical structure, for this is only, as you well know, a vehicle of conveyance used to experience in this environment. The physical means nothing, and man must learn to see life as such, and when this understanding becomes evident in the minds of Earth Man, then you are truly expressing Brotherhood, for we are all brothers and sisters. Because I chose in this life to incarnate through the use of two physical vehicles, does not set me apart.

Questioner: He has just explained here what I have felt right along and I thank him very much for bringing this out.

Questioner: I would like to ask a question. Each person seems to have a reason for being in this life and what would be the key to find out what your mission on this earth is, for each one of us to do to the best of our abilities?

Each soul that chooses to incarnate into this environment has come with a desire to experience certain specific things in order to grow. At a very early age these began to come out through the physical brain as desires, as talents. Too many times, through your systems, your educational systems, selfish desires of parents who would like to have the child follow in his footsteps or her footsteps, to be what I have been known, and the true desires and talents of this soul are pushed back and back, and soon a great confusion begins to take place in the mind of this person, and they are not able to determine the thing that they should be doing. But if the individual as a child could be studied closely, it could soon be determined the path that he should follow, and once he has started on this path, his life shall begin to become harmonious, and all of the desires of the soul shall come forth and begin to express, and he shall allow them to express.

It is the great confusion that has been set up in this manner in the minds of so many of your people that causes the great crimes that you have, the juvenile delinquency; there is no need for these things. At least, if the soul could be allowed to desire, to express as it desires, there would be very, very little of this type of thing that would occur. There you have again what we have previously spoken of; you would not have the square pegs in the round holes.

I am sure that each of you have recognized at times these desires, these urges to do certain things, but due to circumstances, you have felt that it was impossible, and you keep pushing them back, pushing them back. This has become almost, I would say, almost, something that is almost, that has been experienced by almost everyone.

True, many of your people are successful as you measure success in your civilization and still have not expressed that which their soul has been crying for, but these same individuals you will find are not happy in their success. They have ill health; they try in many ways to overcome the confusion, the unhappiness that is within them, because they are not expressing as they should be. Many of those in your civilization who are known as alcoholics, drug addicts, are people of this type, who all know they were successful in your terms of successfulness, still they were not happy, and they tried to reach happiness through other channels, and many have completely destroyed themselves. Someone else have a question?

Questioner: How can I or anybody for that matter, make people understand just what you said, the agony in people who don’t want to understand. They become very little in understanding themself. To make them understand between lip service; they say, they pray, and as you can see, it’s just lip service, they just don’t want to understand or they cannot understand. Now, what is there any measurement that you can see if somebody doesn’t want willingly to understand or cannot understand, how can you help those people?

My son, this is a very good question, and I know that this is a question in the minds of many of you and many others who are true seekers. You see, one thing that has happened in your civilization, your people have been lulled to sleep, so to speak, by their political leaders, their religious leaders and many others whom they consider to be authorities.

Your people have been taught to accept the word of certain types of individuals as authority. There have been through these teachings and customs, great walls built up in the consciousness of these people, and these walls have carried from incarnation to incarnation, and in many cases have been built higher and higher through incarnation after incarnation. These are difficult to break; until something comes into the life or the experience of this individual that shows to him in some small way that the only authority he will ever find, will be within himself.

It is true, many, many who consider themselves to be highly spiritual, to have great understanding of the spiritual things, are some that have the greatest walls, and as you say, they spend great time, great amounts of time in praying to some deity far off, giving lip service, I believe was the terminology you used, which means nothing so far as his spiritual growth and brings him nothing.

In attempting to reach these people, it is almost a waste of time if they are completely unreceptive, if they have a closed mind. The greatest way to reach any individual is through our own living, our own examples. For when another man observes that you are happy, are radiant, are successful, you radiate joy and peace, serenity; this is something that all men seek. All men do not admit that they seek this, and all men do not use this terminology, but I am sure that almost anyone in your civilization will admit that happiness is the greatest thing to be had. And when he can be brought to the realization that in order to have true happiness, he must also have spiritual understanding, he is beginning to see the light. And through man’s demonstration by living, by attaining to this and living this, he will drag other men with him, for they cannot, they cannot touch this man’s life without realizing that he has a great something, and a desire will grow within them to know that which he has.

To attempt to smash down the wall of another is almost an impossibility. You see, unless man has some burning desire or some desire within his own heart to know the Truth, I am sure that many of your people have some desire, yet, they have not been able to break the habit of acceptance of authority. I believe in my own heart, the greatest thing you of Earth can do is try to point out to individuals the fact that what this man says or that man says, is not so because he says that it is so and that the Truth will only in time be found within themselves. When they are open and receptive, then you can spark these Truths in them, do you see?

Questioner: That’s easy, yes, that’s true.

Once they open their minds, you can spark these Truths in them, but they must decide within themselves whether what you say is Truth or not; also, or what I say, I do not ask you to accept anything that I say as Truth.

Questioner: I’m kind of stubborn on that myself.

But take it within your own being and decide whether what I say is Truth or not. Not because I have said it.

Questioner: I thank you very, very much.

I will answer one more question.

Questioner: What is the purpose and destiny of other forms of life on Earth besides Man?

All nature is dependent one upon the other. Each has its function and to try to explain to you the function of each individual form of life upon your planet would take hours. So I can only say in respect to this, that all life form that exists upon your planet, has a function in carrying on the process of this planet, and when this, when this function has ceased to be needed, this form of life will disappear. As you know, many forms of life have disappeared from your planet, because they no longer were needed.

Questioner: Isn’t life eternal in all its forms or not?

You could say this, because nothing ever has been or ever will be that has not already been and would not always be. It may transform from one form to another, but it will always exist for it is matter. Everything stems from matter.

It has been my very great pleasure, privilege, to spend this time with you. I extend to each of you my very deepest blessings and love and understanding.

Go in peace.

Friday, February 9, 1962

Peace to you.

My children, you ponder great questions in your minds. It seems that those in your plane of existence in many cases have great difficulty in searching out their pattern or path. For some reason, for many it seems difficult to find that inner burning urge, or to allow it to express, for, too often man cannot decide within himself exactly how he is to express these desires. He is torn between opinions of others and between many self-created desires within himself that conflict with the true soul desire. And thus conflict and indecision rises within man. But man will not find his true happiness except through true soul expression.

Now you say, beloved ones, in your minds: “This does not help me to fulfill the thing I know within me I must fulfill; this does not help me to be sure that I have made the proper decisions.” If I could, if it were within my power, without bringing to myself the knowing that I had violated the laws of my Creator, I should like to take you by the hand and lead you on, but I am going to help you in every way possible, as will others, to find and follow in the right direction.

Now, beloved ones, you know that you have free-will, that you have the will and the opportunity to make decisions as you will, and you need not follow any path. Yet, if the path you follow is not as has been determined as the path for you, your soul will cry out, it will rebel and this is going to reflect in your life; and the pattern will be disrupted, and that which is meant for you may not be received. Your good, your supply, your health, may all be disrupted. These things are all guideposts to be followed.

People are drawn together upon their path as they move, for many purposes; for, never forget that man was not created to live and work alone, that he is dependent upon his brother, and all are dependent upon each other if the race of man is to grow, is to become a race of men that will live and prosper together.

The times which you are now in, are rapidly changing, as you well know. Many things are to be brought forth for the good of all men. It is going to take sincere and understanding persons to work hard and devotedly to mankind’s welfare to bring about these things. And through his own life, his own living, to demonstrate to man the necessity of love, of understanding, of justice, of peace.

There are being established today upon your planet several places—several settlements of people—people that are gathering together in an attempt to bring about these things. This is going to require courage; it is going to require great courage. For, those who step forth to put their efforts into bringing about a new understanding among Earth People, are going to find themselves open to criticism, to condemnation, and all of the things that men can find to reap upon him, who are not in sympathy with his efforts. These paths will not be smooth in any respect; yet, those who, through their sincerity, their great efforts and their great love for mankind, shall reap within themselves a great satisfaction and peace that no man can touch. For man’s efforts, spent in the right direction, will never bring him anything but peace and satisfaction within his own being; and this cannot be taken away, as can man’s material wealth.

Have I been of any help?

Group: Yes, thank you.

These things are difficult to say.

May the peace and joy of being of service to mankind find its place in the hearts of each of you. Peace be with you, my children.

Friday, February 9, 1962

My greetings to each of you, beloved ones.

Once more it is my pleasure to be with you and to share with you. Beloved ones, you have just crossed a threshold. For some time you have been drawing close and now you have just stepped over the threshold into a new cycle for Planet Earth, and for your system, your solar system. From here on you are going to be exposed to new influences, which will be very apparent as time moves on, or as you move on in time, for time does not move—you pass through time. But time can only be measured by events.

These influences will become more and more dominant in the lives of your people and in their effects upon your planet as you move farther and farther into time. The effects are going to work in two directions on the minds of your people, depending upon the mind of the individual. To those who are moving in the direction, or who have made their decision to move in the direction of service, of dedication to mankind, are going to find these influences bringing about a sharper awareness, opening their senses, so to speak. They shall find new horizons opening before them; their awareness of opportunities to serve and to grow are going to become more apparent to them. Where, on the other hand, to those who have reacted in the opposite direction, who have chosen the path of greed, of hate, these are going to find these things becoming more predominant in their lives. For these influences are bringing out the true man, that which is uppermost in his consciousness, and those shall be led down the path that will eventually eliminate them from this planet in due time.

But great changes await this beautiful planet, and great changes await those who have chosen the path of service. Many will find that to carry out the service, the mission, or the responsibilities that they will discover are theirs—that great changes in their lives will come about—and in making decisions for these changes will come great tests to these people; great tests of their sincerity. For many will find that it will be necessary to pull up roots that have taken them a lifetime to put down, and these are decisions that for many will not be easy to make. But these decisions will prove to man himself his sincerity, his desire to pull himself and his fellow man up out of the conditions that he finds himself in today.

It is going to be necessary for souls to be strong, to be firm, to be dedicated and sincere. Many are going to find great awakenings coming to them, as did Saul on the road to Damascus; and this, my friends, is not idle talk. For there are many great souls upon your planet today, who need but to be awakened. All of these things will come to pass in the not too far distant future; and you, my friends, shall be there.

So be it.

Thursday, February 15, 1962

Beloved, once more I come among you to bring to you the blessings, the love, and the understanding of our Brotherhood.

My children, you now find yourselves in an era of time where great opportunities await you. Many times in the past we have emphasized to you the very great importance of cultivating awareness, of becoming aware of all things about you and within you, to cultivate this to a point where it becomes a very great part of your being, of your consciousness. It is necessary to reach a point where you no longer find it necessary to be aware that you are aware, for you live in a state of awareness.

Now, my children, this will mean many things to you. For, in this state of awareness, you will become aware of yourself, of the innermost functioning of yourself, and soon great revelations begin to dawn in your consciousness—for you become conscious of the great powers within you that need only to be brought forth through becoming aware of them. And through this awareness, soon you will find your entire life taking on a new look. You will soon find yourself, not living a life of existence, but a life of great abundance in all things, abundance in knowledge, in wisdom, in understanding and in all needs. You will also find your concepts of your fellow man changing; you shall see him in a new light, as you shall see all other things in a new light.

You will find that all things have taken on a new and different appearance to you. You will no longer find yourself involved in many of the entanglements of life that you have experienced in the past, for these things will have lost their importance to you, and you shall see these things as they truly are. No longer will you find yourself worrying or fretting over the things that have, in the past, caused you disturbance. You will find you are discovering peace. And once you have slightly tasted the cup of true peace, you will be anxious for more, and you will know wherein to find it. Few men of earth have found true peace; many claimed to have found but few have really found peace. When you have found true peace within your being, there will be no doubt in your heart, or in the hearts of those with whom you come in contact, for this peace will glow from every cell of your being, and none can mistake it—this joy will stand out for all to see. When you have touched the life of another they will not soon forget your passing, for their life will have been sweetened by your passing.

You are now entering the cycle in your evolution where these accomplishments can be more easily made by those who are sincerely seeking, for great help is coming to you in many ways, and as you move farther in the corridors of time, these influences will become more and more apparent. So, my beloved ones, give yourself sincerely—let your efforts grow stronger day by day. Be honest with yourself and with your Creator; attempt in every way to weed from your consciousness those things which will hinder you in your growth and search. Pluck from your mind all resentment, fear, hate, anger; leave not one stone unturned to take these things from your mind and close the door—close the door tightly against them—for where these things exist, the seeds of Truth do not grow well.

No, beloved ones, seeds of Truth thrive only on love, on positive thinking, on self-respect. In other words, clean soil is needed for Truth to grow. So let us plant these seeds in fertile soil that they might come forth and bring us into the great Cosmic Consciousness that all of us are striving to reach, for only in this great Cosmic Consciousness can we become one, one in the great Brotherhood of Man; only then can we join in Brotherhood with the many, many civilizations of the Cosmos—and only then can we begin to enter into the knowledge, the wisdom of the universe that awaits us there.

I have been blessed again by the opportunity to spend this time with you. May each of you grow rapidly into an awareness that will bring you into the Cosmic Consciousness that you have so long sought. Peace, peace, peace.

Tuesday, February 20, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Today upon your planet a new milestone was reached in your scientific advancement and knowledge. From this will come great celebrations, great elation among your people. Already, this knowledge that has been gained is being analyzed, with the purpose in mind of using this knowledge to increase the ability of your science to destroy man. If a new milestone had been reached today in the spiritual advancement and knowledge of Earth Man, I wonder how great would be the celebration.

From our vantage point, as we observe and record the actions of men of Earth, it never ceases to bring us amazement at the complexities which man creates for himself. Earth Man today finds himself so surrounded with the complexities that he has created—entanglement has become so great—that he finds it almost impossible to see beyond the entanglement. Man of Earth has reached the point again in the evolution of his civilization where he must make some very wise choices if his civilization is to survive.

Soon, and very soon, man must come into the realization that his scientific knowledge and achievements have carried him beyond his own capability to deal with them. Unless he goes back and strengthens the foundation of his civilization, it is going to collapse. Man does not build upon sand if he wishes his structures to stand against the elements; and neither does man build upon materialism if he wishes his civilization to stand. The civilizations that have reached heights in their evolution, wherein they are able to travel the universe, to know and receive the great science of the universe, have built their civilization upon a sound spiritual foundation.

They have learned to know man as he truly exists. They have learned the laws of their Creator and they are living by them, with a thorough knowledge of the laws; and a thorough knowledge that only by living these laws does man truly become great in himself. They also know and realize the place man has in this great creation; they know that each is but a cell in this great Cosmic Creation, as is each individual cell a part of your physical body—each depending upon the other, each being a part of the other, each living for the other as well as himself. Perhaps, to visualize oneself as such could be difficult for many, for the “I” has become so important to them that they are ruled by the “I” and the ego, rather than just being, just being a part of this great creation.

Awareness of these things must come forth from the hearts of the masses of Earth Man if he is to survive as a civilization. And, beloved friends, the cycle has almost passed; the time in which he can do this for this civilization is very short. But, whatsoever comes to pass for Earth Man in the near future, he has brought upon himself. Great efforts have been made by others in your system, from other planets in your system, in attempting to bring this realization to your people. Some of the great world leaders of your world have been contacted by these people and have refused to listen, have turned deaf ears. Many offers have been made to the powers that control your planet; but always they have been refused. This is difficult for many of your people to believe this we know, yet the Truth stands. And so they go on, and so Earth Man goes on, living on borrowed time. For, were it not for your friends from other worlds, none of you would be sitting here tonight. This is well known also, among your leaders; but they go on, plotting and planning destruction. Peace has been a great issue, much talked of among your people and your leaders, yet the very talk of peace among them bring conflict, for no one can agree upon a method of peace. Peace is not something that we agree upon. Peace is, as Truth is. For, until peace is found within man’s heart, there can be no peace.

It is our sincere hope that many of your people will find this peace within themselves. For if enough of them do, much, much of the conflict that will otherwise befall your people can be avoided. And we are grateful that there are those, such as you gathered here tonight, who are helping these people to find peace.

I leave you, beloved ones, by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Thursday, March 8, 1962

Peace be with thee, beloved, I am Anthon.

Since you are familiar with the teachings and the quotations of the great teacher that you call Jesus, I shall use His—or rather, I shall quote from His teachings.

In your scriptures are written these words, “He who has eyes, let him see, and he who has ears, let him hear.” How few in this civilization, since His time, have had the “Eyes to see, or the ears to hear.” Often He spoke in the first person, and your religious leaders to this day, are still accepting this as such. For instance, “Come unto Me all ye who labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you peace.” Does this mean to you that He must be accepted by you as your Personal Savior, that by believing what He has said, and by only doing this, will you come into the peace of which He spoke?

“I am the way and the Light … He that believeth on Me will have everlasting life … I am that I am.” Is it not ridiculous that one man should accept all of this responsibility unto himself? How few of your people are able to conceive the idea of the I Am of which He spoke, of the Me of which He spoke—the I am in Him, the Me in Him, and also the I Am within you and the Me within you. If we were to take literally these things without proper interpretation, would there not be many contradictions in the statements of this great teacher, for He spoke of the Father which was in Heaven and also said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you … All these things that I do, ye also can do and greater things.” Then how can such ridiculous teachings be brought from these words? Yet we find this coming from the mouths of some, or most of your so-called great religious teachers, teachers who are leading people, teaching them, attempting to give them spiritual understanding.

I sought Thee madly through the Temples,
and I found Thee not.

Anxiously I climbed to the mountain tops searching for Thee,
and I found Thee not.

Through the valleys I trod, searching here and searching there,
and I found Thee not.

Then upon the oceans I sailed for many moons,
searching through the night and day—

More desperate I became by each setting sun,
for I found Thee not.

And then, as I sat quietly in the solitude of my
humble abode, pondering deeply, searching
deep within my inner soul—

There I found Thee. And with Thee I found the
peace that, through many lifetimes, I had sought.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

Friday, March 23, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It gives me great pleasure to come among you again and to enjoy your presence, your vibrations and to spend a few minutes with you.

More and more people of Earth are becoming aware of the tension in the world today, of the chaos that exists. Man is beginning to wonder where all this will lead, what will be the outcome? When he discusses this with his friends, he does not express his true feelings or his true fears, and fear is becoming more and more predominant in the minds of the masses as time passes. He sees your peoples’ leaders trying to come together in agreement, attempting to avoid complete disaster. He sees that among them there is so much distrust, hatred and greed that he wonders how any possible agreement can be reached in such an atmosphere. Of course, he is right, for in such an atmosphere it is impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement.

Within his heart he is beginning to realize that this is all wrong, that there must be some way in which there can be a meeting of the minds of man to solve his differences in peace and understanding, where man can come together in some sort of way, to plan to live together without continually attempting to destroy one another. People all across the surface of Planet Earth are searching within themselves, their minds, for some type of solution that could be the answer to these problems.

I mentioned to you at the beginning of your present year that this would be a very eventful year in the experience of Man of Earth. Already you have seen some very unusual things come about in your weather conditions that have brought a great deal of discomfort to many of your people, a great deal of damage, but other events, too, are coming about. There will be events that will have great effect upon the political aspect of your planet.

Also, there will be a noticeable change starting this year in the minds of many of your people. Many of them are going to come into the realization of what has been said to you long ago; there will be a crossroad in their lives when a great decision must be made. They are going to realize that they have reached a fork in the road; either they must go right or left. The events in the future in the next few years on Planet Earth will be affected greatly by which choice people make, rather, how many choose the right path. Many have already made the choice—all of you here have done so, but there are still many who must make this choice, and as many makes this choice—if he decides to travel the road of service to his fellow man, the road of justice, of understanding, of peace—he is going to find a new knowing opening within his own being. The answers to his problems, to his fears, shall begin to become clear to him. For soon he will realize that if peace is to come to Planet Earth, it must begin in the heart of man himself, each individual, and when enough people have found peace within their own beings, and only then, will peace reign supreme upon your planet.

Does this make sense to you, my friends? For how can man sit down around the conference table, discussing methods of peace when none of these beings, practically none, have peace within themselves. When peace does not exist in their own hearts—when each has a different conception—they will never agree on a solution to true peace.

There is so much being done for your peoples from those outside your race, from those from other planets and the hierarchies, but they cannot force peace into you, for it is already there, but only you, my friends, can find it, only you can go within your being to find this peace that is already there. Only you can cast out all of these misconcepts, idealisms and isms of all kinds and find the true you.

For, my friends, when you find this true you, you have found a great being, one who is capable of dealing with the great powers of the universe, the powers that are withheld from Earth People today because they have not found this peace, and, therefore, they are not capable of dealing with these things.

My beloved friends, find that true you. Start searching deep within the inner man with great sincerity, with great love, and you shall find Him, my friends, for He is there, right there within your own heart.

It has been most invigorating to spend this time with you, my friends. I extend my appreciation to you for accepting me into your midst and to the hostess for accepting me also.

May the peace, the love and the understanding of the true great ones rest with each of you.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace be with you.

Wednesday, April 25, 1962

Peace be with you, my friends.

Today, my friends, people of Planet Earth are facing a situation that is quite appalling. We find the lives of millions and millions of your people hanging in the balance, so to speak, due to the fact certain great powers, certain minds that hold in the palm of their hand the destiny for these people. Two great powers are struggling for supremacy, two powers or ways of life or perhaps we could say ideals of ways of life of a few individuals. Neither, in their search for power are considering the millions of lives that are being jeopardized. It is about time that these small people or perhaps a better terminology would be, the masses of people begin to realize that the powers they possess by joining together in common bond.

The decisions that are being made today are being made by a very, very small minority. They have gained power either through the control of money, wealth, resources or through military might which they can hold over their people. If the situation that exists today is to be solved for Earth Man, it must start with the common man. Little effort has been spent in this direction. Great efforts could be spent to reach an understanding between the various races of people and realizing that when they have joined together in common bond, made known their desires, that sooner or later these powers or few who have been in control must yield.

There is great strength in numbers and this need not be done by force, for enough of your people shall bond themselves together in this manner. Even the thought power created, the desire in itself would bring things into being that are desired. For when man desires within himself, the desire will be met, for this is a law of nature and will always respond. And so, by multiplying these things you strengthen the law; the law acts and reacts much faster. But these things must be done in sincerity and in love; the desire to bring about that which is good for all man. The desires that have emanated from man in the past have been to a great degree selfish desires, each with his own desire to bring about something that he only desires for himself. But, you see, if man begins to join together in common desire, how much greater will be the reaction of the law.

It is quite amazing as we observe the actions of Earth People, the things that are going on in your civilization; it is amazing that so few have been able to hold the power over so many. Freedom is something that has been spoken of a great deal among your people, but as yet, Earth Man has not experienced freedom; he yet does not know freedom, he only knows a degree and only a very small degree of it.

Today communication facilities upon your planet have improved greatly. There is no reason why if the effort were put forth that the people of Earth could join together, to bring about the crumbling and falling of these powers. A greater freedom could be experienced as well as a great hazard lifted, for it is not only in your nation that people are seeking to know, the people are desiring for peace, are desiring freedom.

The masses in their minds are not supporting these powers but are only following through fear and these fears must be overcome for man must declare his right, his right to live, his right to be free without gaining it through chaos, through force and violence. It would be well for your people to think upon these things. To think what they might do to bring about the conditions that they desire.

For, children of Earth, if these things are to be brought about it must be done primarily by Earthman himself, for he is responsible for his civilization and no other civilization can take that responsibility or do these things for him; they can only aid him as he desires to receive aid.

It has been my most sincere pleasure to spend this time with you.

Questioner: May I have one question please?

You may state your question.

Questioner: Are there any groups already established, could Understanding be used in that manner, are there any suggestions you have?

Anyone can be used in this manner, any group, any individual. Any individual can contribute and correspond, can contact those of other nations. There are many methods that can be devised to bring these people closer together in understanding, there can be group projects; it can be any number of things, even individual correspondence with those of other nations. It is up to man, if he does not desire these things enough to act, then he shall not receive, for man must act upon his own for unless he is willing to help himself, how can anyone do it for him?

Questioner: Thank you.

I extend to you, my friends, my peace and my blessings.

Go in peace.

Monday, May 7, 1962

Greetings to you my friends, I am Yom.

To those of you here who are not familiar with me, I shall ask you to be somewhat tolerant of my English, for I assure you it is not very good. I will ask you to remember one thing: This I am sure that you know, but I should like to remind you that nothing happens by chance. This is something that is well to bear in mind at all times.

My friends, there are great changes that are being faced by your peoples, peoples of Planet Earth today. They are going to affect the lives of all of you, of all peoples of Earth. There are many serious problems facing your people, and these problems are being taken very lightly by people. I should like to touch only briefly upon this, because I know that you are aware of these things, but sometimes it is good to be reminded.

Today, again your great country is continuing its nuclear testing, and soon again other countries shall be doing the same—Russia, France, England and soon other powers in your world are going to be in position to do the same thing. The danger at this moment is not so great, however the effects are being felt by your peoples; but if this continues to be built up, more and more of your countries begin to test their nuclear experiments—you see what is going to happen—the effect is going to become very, very, serious.

Unless something is done by the peoples of your planet to bring an end to this madness, the suffering is going to be very, very extensive. I believe some time ago one of your teachers called Hatonn, painted a picture for you of the results, and this was not a very pleasant picture; and unless something is done to stop this madness, this is exactly what will come about, and only the people can cause this to be stopped by realizing the danger and bringing pressure to bear upon the few mad minds that insist upon bringing destruction to Earth Man.

There is a great deal to be done by all of you in the future to bring about the developments that are going to help your people in the preparation for the times that are ahead—providing, they do not bring destruction upon themselves through the madness of which I have just spoken. All of you here are of the proper minds to work in behalf of bringing about the things and the conditions that must be brought into being if the race of people upon this planet are to develop into a race of people that are capable of joining the Cosmic Federation and become a part of a Universal Brotherhood. And this must be brought about on Planet Earth within a very few years. For, as all of you are aware of, your Solar System is moving into a new era in space, or a new cycle. To accomplish this, in order to be able to be a part of this system—and since you are a part of this system—this has to take place. At least a percentage of your people must be able to accomplish this, so that a new race, so to speak, can be manifested here upon this beautiful planet which you call Earth.

There is, in the minds of many today, a type of confusion, of indecision, or perhaps an inner feeling of something that is to take place or come about and they do not quite know what this is all about. Many have a feeling of insecurity; many have a feeling of unrest. They feel that they are not doing what they should be doing, or that perhaps they need a change of some kind, and this is due to the changing vibrations, for you are entering a new cycle, and great changes are coming about for many of your people, for all of your people who are going to be, perhaps what you would call New Age people. Now these feelings or urges, or whatever you wish to call them, mean different things for different people, but to each it does mean a change. So, my friends, if this annoys you or concerns you, do not allow this to happen; but rather, know that this is merely a change taking place in you and try to be open and receptive; and in your quiet times of meditation, allow the inner self to bring forth that to you which is right for you, for there within will you find that which is right for you—not by someone telling you—but through your own innermost feelings will you find the right way for you.

You were told several years ago that those who did make their decisions in the right direction, would receive help, would be guided, directed. And my friends, this is true, for all of you today who have dedicated yourselves to the service of mankind, are truly receiving this help, this guidance, more, much more than you know or realize. Do you believe that you are receiving help?

Questioner: Yes.

I am happy to hear you say that, for I know if you have this realization, you are truly getting the help you desire, and you shall find the right path for you if you are sincere in your dedication. The path will open for you, and you will find yourself doing that which will enable you to give the best of yourself to the service of your fellow man and to your Creator.

Those of you who follow this path in pure dedication, are going to reap rewards far beyond your most wild expectations; not in monetary gains, or material gains, but in the understanding that you will come into and be able to use the wisdom and knowledge. For, my friends, out here on the horizon there lies great secrets that will enable you to enhance the lives of your peoples, to bring to them richer lives, to bring to them greater spiritual understanding, knowledge of the universe and a realization of the oneness that you are of all of this. This realization in itself can bring to you the greatest happiness that man can experience.

Now, my friends, I know that your hour is late. I have taken much of your time. It has been my privilege to spend this time with you. I have been with you for quite some time and I always enjoy very much listening to your conversation, for you know you all drop little seeds of wisdom here and there, and I thank you for this; I appreciate it, for we can always learn, you know.

I leave you by extending to you my deepest and sincerest love and blessings. It has been my very great pleasure.

Go in peace, my friends, peace be with you.

You all have very wise and understanding teachers and you get a great deal of help and guidance from these teachers. Without them you perhaps would find Earth life much more difficult.

Thursday, May 10, 1962

Peace, beloved ones.

Each of you here are seeking greater understanding, greater Truth; you wish to come in to the knowledge of greater powers, of the richer life. These are the desires that I see lurking in the hearts of each of you; therefore, beloved ones, if you would attain these things, I beseech thee to do these things.

Remove from your consciousness all resentment, fear. Do not let these things creep into your consciousness. Do not allow any thought of coveting, of jealousy. Dig deep within your inner consciousness—or what you would term in your language, the subconscious—for here you have stored these things. Over the years you have placed these things within this storehouse, and through natural law, these things shall keep coming to the surface.

Beloved ones, as these things come to the surface, come to the conscious, cast them aside and immediately replace these with thoughts of love, thoughts of kindness—with any thought that is of the opposite of that which you wish to dispose of. Man of Earth has been taught to do these things; these things have been heaped into his consciousness; but man will never find the higher life, the greater understanding as long as these things remain. If man is to grow in spiritual understanding, if he is to know the greater things of life, these things must pass away. The self must be lost, and a new consciousness of at-one-ness must replace the consciousness of self, a consciousness of being one with the whole. For, beloved ones, this is what you truly are—a minute cell in the great Sea of Consciousness you call God. You are a minute particle of this great consciousness, yet, a very important part, a very great part, capable of acquiring and using all of the knowledge that is contained therein.

Beloved ones, this perhaps is somewhat difficult for you to conceive, yet it be true, and as you grow, as you gain more knowledge, more understanding of the true you, you will begin to take on a realization of these things. As man eliminates the blocks, as he removes the stumbling blocks from his pathway, he begins to discover himself, who and what he truly is. And as he discovers more and more, he begins to come into a realization that within him is contained the same powers, the same energies, that control and permeate the universe; that you, each one of you, as all men do, contain this one great energy, and through this he is able to absorb, as he develops, the knowledge, the wisdom and the understanding of the universe and of this great power and intelligence that you call God. You discover that you are a part, as important a part as is any other cell or particle of this great at-one-ness, this great Wholeness.

Beloved ones, think upon these things, ponder them in your quiet times and begin to prepare yourself for the realization that will someday be yours.

Go in peace, beloved ones, go in peace.

So be it.

Thursday, May 17, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

For the benefit of those of you who are new in this group tonight, I shall briefly acquaint you with our people. We are aboard a craft known to the Confederation as the Otavana. Our peoples are not of your Solar System, but have come here to aid in the transformation of your system and your planet. We are concerned primarily with your planet, for yours is the only one in this system that is not prepared to make the changes that are coming about at this time.

We have been in your system approximately eight years in your time. Our craft has traveled your system many times previously; it has been viewed by some of your ancients. We are here to help you; we understand your problems, we understand why you face the situation that you find yourself in at this time. We are grateful to be of service to your system and your planet; this task is not an easy one, for your peoples, by and large, are difficult to reach.

Your Creator, in creating this great Universe—I use this term for a lack of a better one to describe His Creation—but, as your Creator brought forth these great Creations, as He extended Himself throughout Infinity, setting up a process of Creation which goes on and on and is never ending, He also created the Laws by which this Creation was to function, and, beloved ones, all does function by Law. Your Creator does not decree the destiny of Man, for in His Creation, Man was given a will, and this will was to be free, so that he might ever have the choice to make for himself, so that he might bring about the conditions that he desires.

Man was a creation of the Creator in His own likeness. He is in reality the extension of the Creator Himself. Man was endowed with the same creative power of his Creator, and many of the beings of His creation, through their desires to experience new and different experiences, have brought themselves into darkness through eons and eons of what I shall call Time. Many of these, or perhaps I should say, all of these in various stages of evolution, are seeking their way back to the original creation, and through this process, Man gradually comes out of the darkness by experience, by experiencing all things. And as Man uses these experiences, as he learns from them, as he likes these experiences and uses them to remove the darkness, he begins to come into Light.

Today, the dark clouds are many about Planet Earth, and this indicates certain things for your race of people. Your people have chosen to live in darkness; thus, they have created about them a future of darkness. We, as have many others in many realms of life, are attempting to remove this darkness from people of Earth, so that they might see the Light and come into a realization of their Oneness with Creation and the Laws that govern these things.

You see, my friends, darkness is only lack of understanding, of knowledge or wisdom. Earth people, by and large, have not been able to rise above old customs, beliefs that are false. These are much greater in their consciousness than are the Truths that are before them. The destiny of Earth Man will be as he chooses; if he is willing to come out of the darkness, to remove himself from the hypnotic state in which he has placed himself and begin to see the truth for what it is, his destiny can change rapidly. We cannot force your people to do this, we can only suggest and help those who are coming into the Light, who have made the choice to come out of the darkness to seek the Truth and to increase their knowledge and wisdom, who are willing to take the responsibility of their destiny upon themselves and not sit waiting for some Messiah to do it for them—for this, People of Earth—shall never happen. Man holds his own destiny within himself.

We hope enough people of Planet Earth will come into a realization of the necessity of doing these things, that their civilization might transform itself into a civilization of people who, through their wisdom, their love for their fellow man and their Creator, will cause them to bring about conditions that will enable most of the people of Earth to make the transformation into the New Age, the new vibration in which your planet and your system is moving. Already, Planet Earth and your Solar System have crossed the threshold into this New Age or new era of space. The new influences and vibrations are already being felt by your people. The reaction varies according to the understanding of each individual; therefore, the reaction varies from person to person. But as you move farther and farther into this new era, more and more evidence shall be seen and felt by your people, and this transition can be as easy or as hard as you care to make it. So, beloved ones, it behooves each to put forth every effort to expand your consciousness, to come into more and more of a realization of who and what you are, to do the things that by Universal Law will bring to you that which is pure, that which is good and to dedicate yourself wholly and completely to the service of your fellow man and your Creator.

Continually weed out from your consciousness all thoughts of hate, greed, jealousy or anything that is not of a positive nature. When these things come forth in your consciousness, immediately cast them aside and replace them with that which is of the opposite. For those who would be the seeds for the new creation of the new civilization that is to spring forth on Planet Earth, there must be brought into being a consciousness of Love. A great Brotherhood of Man must spring up where each will have some realization of his at-one-ness with all Creation.

I leave you, beloved friends, by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, May 18, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

We have listened to your conversation and watched your reactions; your comments have been interesting. However, from our vantage point, we view your people somewhat differently than do you. We do not see you as separated by boundaries but as a race of people as a whole. But you have brought into your civilizations separations, built barriers of languages, customs and whatnot. This has made it very difficult for your peoples to reach an understanding of each other, to build among themselves any type of common bond. Yes, my friends, it will be a great task to attempt to join the people of Earth together in any one common bond; yet, if peace is to come to your people, if your civilization is to avoid complete destruction, a common bond must be formed, must be found that will tie your people together in a common cause.

This cannot be done at this time through your religions, for your religions are so many and so varied, therefore a common bond of another description must be found, and what could be a better bond than in trying to preserve your entire civilization? It seems that among Earth People that the only thing that can bring them together in a common bond, is a threat. Even in your own great country in times of threat of war, your religious groups, your organizations which are many and varied, join together quickly in the common bond of preservation.

So, you see, beloved friends, today your entire civilization faces a similar threat, and this can be a bond of the people that will bring the people, the masses, together for their own preservation. If this can be done—we are not sure—for the resistance and the lack of interest has made it difficult; enough of your people have not yet realized the danger that they face. Perhaps they shall not realize it in time.

The competition for power may increase much faster than the realization of the danger, and, my friends, this is a race of power; it is a race to control the power of nuclear energy. The race is transferring from electrical to atomic energy, and the opinion of the great world powers today is that he who holds in his hand the control of nuclear energy, holds the control of the world in which you live. It is as simple as that, my friends. The power supply that controls the function of your nation, is the greatest control that can be had, for without these energies your industries would not function.

There is, however, another race involved in this, the race into space, and this may have a greater impact than you realize. Great advancements are being made in your exploration of space, and in the next few years some of your people are going to reach another planet, and this is going to bring some of the greatest changes that have taken place in your civilization. It is going to rock to the foundation your religions and many of your customs and beliefs. This, my friends, may be the one accomplishment that will do more for the saving of the civilization of Planet Earth, than anything that could happen—providing you do not destroy yourself first—before this can happen.

But regardless of all this, even if this is to take place and your civilization becomes awakened, a Brotherhood of Man must still come about; an understanding must take place among its peoples. Let us all hold the thought that your exploration into space shall be successful before your destruction becomes successful, for this will be the turning point for Earth Man. To many the shock will be too great.

Now, my beloved friends, I will take no more of your time but will leave you by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Thursday, May 24, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends.

With your permission I shall be happy to spend a few moments with you. I would like to extend to each of you my blessings—and to our new friend here—I would like to extend a special greeting and welcome to you.

Since there are so few of you, would you like to have a little friendly chat—is that what you call it—chat? So you start the chat, will you? Do not be nervous because of me, for I am no different than the rest of you. I am just a being, learning, experiencing, loving, the same as you are, so come forth with your pearls of wisdom so that I might learn something.

Questioner: Why do the men’s teachers speak more often than those of the women?

This is strictly a matter of decision by the teachers themselves; they decide when they wish to speak to you. I do not know what their reason might be.

Questioner: I wondered if women are not important enough?

My dear, no one is more important than another. The gender has nothing to do with it, whatsoever. Perhaps in the next lifetime you might be of the positive gender; this does not especially mean anything in this lifetime, if you are male or female.

Questioner: Is it true that women are more intuitive than men?

Perhaps they are somewhat more, because it is the nature of the female or negative expression—physical—to cultivate somewhat of a Mother nature, shall we say? It is something that Nature instills in the negative expression of your physical body, and this extends into the animal world also. It is necessary because the negative is the one responsible for the young, and in this function it is necessary for them to have this intuitive ability more. However, it can be developed in the male expression as well, but they do not feel the need for it, so they do not develop it—although some of them do.

Questioner: Will you discuss the reason why many of us, who want to serve and are seeking to grow spiritually also, are having so many problems in health, finances, etc?

These things are results of past thinking. Every person creates their own world—whether they want to be or not—they are creators. We create our own situations, surroundings. The conditions that we find ourselves in today are a result of past thinking. That is why it is so necessary, so very, very necessary to weed these things out of what you call the subconscious, and keep replacing them with things that we must. You see, my friends, this is what has happened: As you are brought up through the civilization, you are taught to believe in certain things. You are taught that ill-health, lack of supply, were a part of the things that you must face; a danger that you have to avoid, but that you were very apt to have it—and in case you have it—there is nothing that you can do about it; it is something that has come to you from nowhere, and you can do nothing about it. But you see, my friends, this is not so, for your subconscious is what controls your environment. It is what you put into the subconscious that will bring back to you the same. This works through the Law of the Universe.

Questioner: Did we put some of these thoughts into our subconscious in our former lives?

Perhaps so, but not necessarily—could be—but not necessarily, for if in this life, if you were from childhood, taught to use the Law, the Law of Creation as it is, if you were taught how it functions, and you were to use it in the right way to bring to you that which is for your good, you would have had none of these things. To a degree one incarnates with certain characteristics, emotional patterns, but these things can be overcome very easily, if, at an early age, as the mind develops, the right things can be fed into the subconscious. This would overcome anything that you had brought with you.

Any karma, could have been overcome in a much easier way. But if these people had been taught right in the beginning, that this could be overcome—through their own thinking—overcome this karma, they would have created a new situation that perhaps the karma could have been met in a much easier way. The subconscious is not a respecter of good or bad—or evil as you call it—it knows no good or evil—it only reacts to the Law.

Questioner: Is it possible to remember a person from past experiences?

Yes, I would say it would be possible—it would depend greatly on the awareness of the person involved, but just because you feel attracted to a person, does not necessarily mean it has been a close relationship in another lifetime.

Questioner: Then how do you account for the attraction?

Attraction can be due to many things; certain personalities attract each other. Anywhere you were to go on this planet, certain persons you would be attracted to—others you would not. This does not mean you have spent other lifetimes with them. However, through many, many lifetimes on this plane of life and other planes, you have met and associated with thousands of people. Some are attracted together perhaps through several lifetimes—then not some together for several more lifetimes—or perhaps in your time for thousands of years. Time is eternal, it has no beginning, no end, in reality there is no time. So a thousand years are nothing; many lives cross, cross over eons of time. Sometimes they become very closely entwined for some period of time, and due to soul growth, they drift farther and farther apart with no more common interests, and then they find someone else.

Questioner: Why does one feel a great concern and responsibility for someone at first meeting?

Why do people fall in love? There again, is a strong attraction—two people who feel they cannot live without each other, and yet, years later, they cannot stand each other.

Questioner: Can two people be attracted and marry in order to do certain work together?

Here, too, friends, there are so many things that enter into association. There are times when certain ones incarnate into this lifetime to work together, to do a certain service. This is arranged that two people will come together to either do some particular service or job. There are certain experiences that might be needed by each of them that can only be had in this way, or this could be a karma thing, too, or there is a certain karma that two people need to work out together. Many, many things could enter into it. Then, again a feeling of responsibility. Certain people sometimes, through certain conditions, find themselves attracted to someone, and they suddenly take on a feeling of responsibility towards this person and want to do something for them and help them. They have a feeling for them; yet find it difficult to fulfill just what they would like to do. Sometimes the other person does not respond to their help or consideration, and as the other person does not respond, it seems to automatically, in the person who wants to help them, increase the urge for them to do it. They keep trying harder and harder; yet, do not seem to understand why the other person does not respond. This is a working of minds and sometimes the minds can do very strange things.

Very strange things can happen. Very little is understood by your people about the mind; mind is tricky. When people dwell on things, they are concentrating their minds on certain things, doing certain things or trying to accomplish a certain thing—when suddenly, just like that, a strange thing will happen.

The mind has created something for you, an experience that seems to you as real as if it actually happened; yet, it was nothing more than a trick of the mind. Many of your people are fooled many times by the mind, so it behooves to be somewhat careful in what you allow your mind to dwell on. That is why it is good to always keep positive. Think only of those things which are good, and the things that are righteous.

Questioner: Isn’t it natural to want love and understanding from another and pour out your love to another?

Yes, this is true, but the big trouble with earthman is that he gets his mind all mixed up between real love and emotion, and he must control emotions; he must learn to distinguish between love and emotion. Emotion is a desire—love is a state of consciousness where you realize a state of at-one-ness with Creation and all Mankind, and you see all Mankind in a consciousness of love. Not a possessive love—nothing to do with sex—not a state of desiring, but a state of giving—a wanting for another that which is for the highest good and rejoicing in them receiving but no thought for self.

For—“I am the least among you.” Do you see what your Great Teacher meant • when he said that when he washed the feet of his disciples? This was a demonstration of symbolizing love. This is love, my friends, but this is not emotion. There is nothing wrong with what you call love, which binds two people together in marriage. Love for children, this is also beautiful providing it is done in the right way; it can be diabolical too—so much for love.

Now, my friends, I would like a few of your pearls of wisdom.

Questioner: Could you tell us anything of your work or activities?

My work is so slight in the great field of giving that it would not even be noticed, but if each of us do our part, it can bring great results. This, my friends, is needed upon this planet today. Most of your people think only of themselves. They say—what is good for me—how much can I get for myself, not, now much can I give—how much can I do for the good of others?

It is true, my friends, there are a few, but the numbers are so small. If only half or less than half of your people would begin to take the attitude of giving and serving of time to establish a Brotherhood of Mankind and try to understand a neighbor, the situation upon your planet would change rapidly. But, instead, you find yourselves faced more and more each day with a threat of destruction of a great planet, a beautiful planet and its people. It is difficult to understand how a people could follow a pattern of this kind when the right path is so obvious. Don’t you agree with me, my friends?

Is it not obvious many of your people, your leaders talk about these things? But no one seems to accomplish much, for not enough people realize or want to wake up and come out of their state of hypnosis. They are living in a state of hypnosis; they are hypnotized.

Well, my friends, this has been my good pleasure, so with your permission I shall withdraw. Thank you for accepting me in your midst and discussing your problems with me. If I have been of any help to you, I am grateful.

I like to extend to each of you my very deepest love and blessings, and may each of you in your seeking come into a realization of the very great importance of reaching a state of understanding with your fellow-beings.

Go in peace, my friends.

Goodnight to you.

Tuesday, May 29, 1962

Yom: It is my pleasure to come among you this evening and to spend a few moments with you. My friends, is there something you should like me to talk about? I would much prefer to speak of the things which you are interested in providing we do not have to become personal, shall we say.

Questioner: That’s the most interesting part, is the personal part.

Well, friends, I believe that it is necessary for all of you to realize your responsibility to your civilization, to your fellow man. There is so much to be done today in your civilization if Earth Man is to prepare himself for that which is before him and if the civilization of Earth is to survive. There seems to be today among most of you who have started in the search for Truth, to have fear of ridicule, of being embarrassed or ridiculed by your fellow-man, but no great advancement in your civilization has ever come about without those who were responsible for it—facing condemnation and ridicule and all of these things. Today as never before in your civilization, Earth Man needs to broaden his horizons, his consciousness; he is going to either have to accept these new thoughts and new ideas into his consciousness, or he is lost from this civilization.

Great advancement is being made today by your peoples in their conquest of space, and this, my friends, is going to bring a great awakening to your people, providing, providing I say, your civilization withstands for a few more years without bringing destruction upon itself. For soon in the next few years, certain of your people in this conquest of space are going to reach other planets, and this, my friends, is going to be much sooner than you think. And the information that they will bring back, is going to be one of the greatest revelations to your civilization that has ever occurred. True, it is going to be very upsetting to many of your peoples, upsetting to the point where they will not be able to accept it. It will, their resistance, rather, to the accepting of this new information will be more than the minds can stand, you see, and perhaps, insanity will increase for a period, yet, it is going to do more for the advancement of your civilization than anything that could happen, you see.

It is as, as has been explained before, the great danger that your civilization. faces today, is the race or competition that your nations are in at this time, in testing of nuclear devices. There is much more danger at this moment from dust than there is from a nuclear war. This has been gone over before, but to those of you here, I should like to bring this point out.

Here you have today engaged in a competitive race, two of the greatest powers upon your planet. Soon there will be others; so you see, my friends, this thing will build up. Each one feels that he must get into the race, therefore, your atmosphere is going to become so polluted with the debris of this nuclear test, that this in itself could bring destruction, and will if it continues, to your people. A destruction that would be even worse than a nuclear war, for it would be a slower process, and a great deal more suffering would occur. Unless the Peoples of Earth unite in a common cause to bring an end to this madness, you are going to find Earth People will find themselves in a very bad situation.

Great resistance is already being expressed in all the countries of your planet, and I sincerely hope that this will increase to a point where it will impress these leaders, that the people are demanding that this be stopped, and I sincerely believe that each of you, each man, woman and child should be sincerely interested in doing something to try to avoid this thing. Many feel that there is nothing that can be done but if enough people oppose these things, it will be stopped. It is much easier to sit and say, there is nothing to be done, but if man had done this and had not feared criticism, your civilization would not have today the things that you have. Man must have courage if he is to grow; if he is to accomplish anything at all, he must have courage. The time, my friends, is past for thinking; the time is for doing in everything. If man is to grow spiritually, if he is to bring about a new age, if he is to bring into being a new civilization, then he must act. Well, my friends, words without action mean nothing.

Questioner: Could you suggest some specific things we could do in that direction?

I believe, as do many others, that Man of Earth must make his desires known to his leaders. He must let them know that he does not approve of what they are doing. Perhaps there are many ways this can be done. In your own country you have representation in your governments. In many other countries this is true, and where it is not, you find the people are beginning to come out and demonstrate; they are letting them know that they do not approve. It is going to be a matter of each group of people, nations of people or whatever you call it, to do what will be the most effective under their own system.

Questioner: Well, in our country we have one group of scientists who say that the fallout is not our fault and that seems to be the problem, people question it.

This is true, your people are confused. They do not know who to believe. Well, my friends, this is only necessary to stop and think.

If this is not harmful, why all of the big meetings among nations in trying to come to some agreement to at least, to be pretending to come to some agreement. This in itself, should point out to you that there is danger. But your straight thinking, sincere scientists, do know and are against this thing. It is only those who wish to go on and prove something regardless.

Questioner: Well, Yom, is it not true though, that they maintain the reason for attempting to come together and agree not to test, is to stop the race for power rather than to stop because of the fallout?

No, this is not so, this is not so.

Questioner: Well, I mean that’s what we’re lead to believe.

No, it is expounded every day in your news facilities, that this is dangerous, that there is danger from this nuclear fallout. Your scientists, many of them, have come up openly, but they are not the ones who are backed by the great powers who would control the energies of your planet, but this problem has become so serious is why I have chosen to talk about it. I realize it is not a pleasant thing to think about. It is much more pleasant to ignore, but, I say to you, my friends, there will come a day where it will not be so pleasant.

Questioner: Well, we have to figure out a way then to help ourselves, figure out a way to get this to our leaders, through our representation. Of course, there are groups who are doing this.

This is, this is true, and this is being done by many people many groups of people all veer your planet, not only in your country, in other countries. It is growing, and this will be the one thing that your people can join together in a common bond. People of your planet, for this is not a threat to any one nation, it is a threat to your planet. As your teacher Oxal spoke of this, I believe a short time back, and he mentioned that when war has come to your nation, your peoples immediately join together in a common bond of survival, of protecting themselves. They forgot their differences in religions and what not. They joined together in a common cause, but so far, there has never been an occasion when the peoples of your planet could reach a common bond to bring them together, because there has been so many barriers in languages, in religions, customs and what not, but this can be a combined thing, where all other things can be forgotten and your people join together in a common bond of survival. It would be well to give this some thought, for it is a very serious problem.

Anything that anyone does to bring the people closer together in a better understanding of each other, for people are not different, people are people, they all have minds, they are all created in the same manner, and if you are to converse with people through all of the different countries, you perhaps would find they all are thinking very similar.

Now, my friends, I think I have taken enough of your time. I wish to extend my gratitude to the members of this household for accepting me and to all of you for spending this time with me. It has been very nice being with you.

I extend to each of you my very deepest love and blessings and I know that each of you in your search for Truth are going to make great accomplishments.

Go in peace, my friends.

Wednesday, June 6, 1962

It is my pleasure once more to come among you and to be in your vibrations. I wish to give special greetings to our new visitors here tonight, I do not believe I have had the opportunity or the privilege to speak to you before; it is my pleasure I assure you.

If you have a special subject that you should like me to share my understanding with you all, I shall be glad to attempt to do this. I believe the last time I spoke with you I offered to do the same, and it seems that no one can think of a subject. I believe someone, the last time I spoke with you, mentioned that whenever I am asked a question, they receive a lecture. I assure you, my friends, I did not mean to do this, but perhaps I sometimes get a little carried away, shall we say, with my subject. No offense, no offense, I am sure you meant well what you said …

Questioner: Yes, I did because it’s true after you get started on something, then we want to interrupt you and not hear all you have to say.

Well, you know it is difficult sometimes to find just where to stop, because as you start going, you begin to think of so many things to cover that it is difficult. But, my friends, if you have nothing in particular, I should perhaps like to elaborate a little more upon what this Great Being said to you a few evenings back.

He mentioned a foundation of your civilization and its weakness and its need for repair. Now, my friends, this is a very important thing in your civilization, for as all of you are well aware, great progress has been made in your material science, and it is increasing at an ever increasing speed, and this is normal of course, for as man’s needs and his desires increase, his science will automatically increase. This is a Law, for man will bring forth that which he has desires for and need for, you see. But, there are three basic steps that man needs to be in balance, and so, if his social, I believe is the word—you will pardon me, sometimes I have to search somewhat for the words to express to you what I want to convey to you, so you will understand what I am saying. Your English language I find more difficult than any other that I have ever attempted to learn; so many of your words mean … the same word I meant to say has so many meanings, depending on how you use it—his ability to live together, to socialize and then man’s spiritual development. Understanding these are basic, for civilizations in order to grow and to develop must develop all three of these sciences, but in the case of your present civilization, this has not happened, you see. The social and the spiritual has not followed through, therefore, the foundation has become weak because the building is growing, getting bigger all the time, but the foundation is not being increased proportionately, you see.

The important thing today is for Earth Man to come into the realization of this, you see, because unless he realizes the weakness, the cure for his illness, he will go on until he destroys himself. Now this is what this Being was referring to, when he spoke of the crumbling foundation; the building is getting too heavy, you see, to carry it. It is very important today that your people realize this. It is very important that those who know of these things, who have the realization of the weakness of your civilization, try to help others to realize this, for you see, unless you take and face a situation, discover a cure, you are not going to accomplish anything.

There is a great realization among your peoples today that they are facing a great danger. They can see your scientific development increasing to a point where it is endangering the civilization, but your masses do not know what to do about it. They do not knew or realize where the weakness is, you see, and I feel, and as I know many other ones feel, that once they realize the answer to a situation, they will begin to do something about it.

It would be a great disaster to see another civilization upon Planet Earth, have to return to what you perhaps would call, the caveman stage and to make the climb again, when with effort it could be avoided. Other civilizations upon this planet faced the same situation; yet, they were not able to conceive the answer, the remedy. Today, my friends, this is being stressed more and more by those of us who are trying so hard to help Earth Man come into this realization, for you see, my friends, the time that man has to do these things, is getting shorter and shorter, for your science is rushing onward, faster and faster, while your other sciences are lagging farther and farther behind. I do feel that once man begins to see the answer, becomes clear to him, this situation will change. We do sincerely hope that those who realize and know these things, will not through their fear, lack of courage, their fear of criticism and all of the things that man must face when he attempts to do something of this nature, when he attempts to bring forth a new idea or a new discovery, for this, among your people, has always done these things to man, but man must have the courage to stand up and declare that which he knows to be true.

All of you are well aware, the criticism, condemnation that has come upon almost everyone who has brought forth anything new in your civilization, for that is the way people have of fighting that which they do not care to investigate or to learn. They want to stay in the little circle that they have created around them, and anything that is beyond that is not reality. That, my friends, is what he was referring to, and again I have given a lecture on a small subject.

Is there anything that I might be of help to anyone? We will take a few minutes, perhaps I shall give another lecture.

Questioner: Can you suggest the best possible technique for meditation?

This, my friend, is something that requires a great deal of practice, a great deal of effort upon the part of the individual, you see, and I do not believe that anyone can set down a definite technique for another.

For it is my opinion, that man in his efforts, if they are sincere, will find the technique that will help him to achieve that which he desires. But it is necessary to be regular in your practice and to learn to close out everything about you, to become I myself, attempt to create a blocking, and this is a mental exercise, create a wall of blocking which nothing of the outer world can penetrate, you see. Yes, this requires constant repetition, you see, and you become a creator of that which you desire.

Questioner: Do you build a wall of light around you, is that what you had reference to?

You can visualize it as light, or you can visualize it as a wall of a solid substance if you desire, something that you can realize within your own consciousness that nothing can penetrate; so you close out all sound, all interference of any kind, for you know. You see, my friends, the mind can do great things; you have great power in this mind. You can create, create the things that you desire, but you have to exercise this power.

You see, my friends, I do not know how to play an organ, so someone starts to teach me. They teach me the fundamentals, and then I must start to practice, and I practice, and I practice, and the more I practice the more perfect I become, and if I practice enough and I desire enough to become a good organ player, then soon I become a great organ player, and I play those great wonderful, beautiful music, you see.

So we must desire, we must have the desire, and then we must be willing to work for it, to practice, to develop. You see, we have many powers within us, greater powers than you can imagine, but we must develop them, you see, and as we master one, we become aware of others and we master them, and so we do, on and on, but it requires great effort especially in the beginning. As you gain more confidence in yourself and in your powers to do these things, you see, it becomes easier and easier, for it becomes, it’s like it’s natural to do this.

Questioner: Will our civilization become destroyed if enough people do not work to save it?

My friend, if your civilization does not avert it, it will not be averted, for no one is going to do it for you. But first man must realize what he is facing. You see, many of your people, greater numbers of your people do not realize what can be done, they know no answer to these things, so they say, well what can I do, I sit here and let our civilization be destroyed.

The powers that man is developing, the science that he is developing is nothing, not a thing wrong with that, but man must have the ability to use it in the proper way, you see, and unless he has social and spiritual understanding, he will not have the knowledge to handle these powers. And, my friends, nuclear energy is only the beginning. Man is going to develop powers much greater, much more dangerous in the hands of those who do not have the ability to use them. Nuclear will be a toy to other powers that will be developed in the future, providing you do not destroy yourself with what you already have. And your nuclear testing is a greater threat at this time than is a nuclear war. So, you see, you are getting into a competitive race of testing, and if this continues and more and more of your countries begin to test and test, soon your atmosphere will become so polluted that you will bring chaos in this way which will be a much slower method of destruction than an atomic or nuclear war would be, for life would be much shorter.

Man is beginning to see that he has something here that he can destroy himself with. More people than you realize are beginning to see this and especially your younger generation, and this is the trouble today among your younger people—they see no security in the future, for they face this destructive situation—they see no future, and youth must visualize a future to have courage to go on. Otherwise he begins to take the “I don’t care” attitude and begins to do things that he should not do or could not do if he felt secure within himself. But, as these people who are beginning to realize the danger, have the answer, the solution pointed out to them, they begin to think, and when man begins to think intelligently, the answer begins to make sense to him, for he already has realized that there is something that can destroy him, his family, his fellow man, his civilization, and he says, “Why is this?”

Most of your people call themselves Christians or some other religious group or follow what have you,—if all of your teachers, if they think at all, will find that this is the only answer, and this is being talked about a great deal, too, by your leaders of all your people.

They must begin to understand; they must come to an understanding; they must understand this country and every country. We must reach out—this is a part of understanding. This is a step forward in the social science. As people become more developed in their social science, in their ability to live together, then they realize more and more that there is something yet which is man’s spiritual growth.

The race problem is a sad situation, but here again more and more of your people are beginning to realize that the only solution to this problem is to live together. Even in the southern part of your country the people are beginning to realize this, but there are always those who would reject to the last, but there are going to be many in your civilization who will not be able to accept any of these things. But if even half are able to do this, your civilization can be saved, and the others will gradually fade out of the civilization and will not return to this civilization, but will incarnate in another area where they can express as they desire.

Now, my friends, I believe I have taken enough of your time, It has been a great pleasure to spend this time with you. You have all been very gracious in accepting me.

I wish to extend to each of you my very deepest blessings, my love. May each of you be able to do a great work in bringing those who are ready into a realization of the solution to the problem of the present civilization upon your planet.

Go in peace, my friends.

Thursday, June 21, 1962


You have asked that you be given the healing energies. This we have done for you. Receive them as you will; and since you have approached this subject, there are a few words that I should like to say concerning same.

If you would receive the healing light, then there are certain necessary steps in order that you might receive the full benefit of such. You need not have the help of others to receive this light; any of you can do this for yourselves. But there are certain things that you must realize if you are to put this energy to successful use.

First, my friends, realize that you live in a state of consciousness, a world of thought, where mind is more powerful than you think or realize. It has been stated by many of you that those whom you deem to be in what you call invisible worlds—or so to speak, invisible to you—it has been stated that they live in a world of thought, that that which they think and desire manifests for them. Realize, beloved ones, that you also live in a world of thought, or consciousness, and that which you desire can also manifest.

If you live in a consciousness of health, then health will manifest for you; if you live in a consciousness of ill-health, this will also manifest. Now, perhaps, ofttimes we live in a consciousness that we have become so accustomed to, that we do not realize our state of consciousness. Therefore, it is well for one to observe oneself very closely, to look deep into the state of consciousness, study it carefully; and perhaps we shall come into a realization that we are not living in a state of consciousness that we have thought ourselves to be living in.

Mind plays a great part in the functioning of the physical, much more than you think or realize. Every thought one thinks has a reaction upon the Physical structure; somewhere within a reaction takes place, and you can prove this to yourself very definitely if you are observing. Each of you will admit that anger allowed to rise up in the consciousness brings about a terrific action in some of the glands of the physical structure. Fright, fear, shock, each has its effect, therefore it behooves us to be very careful of how we allow the mind to react. Resentment, jealousy, prejudices, all of these things bring reaction to the physical; therefore if we are to manifest a healthy, strong, physical structure, it behooves us then to eliminate all of these things from the mind. Replace them with that which is good, that which is righteous, that which is loving.

I should like to give you a little exercise to use in your healing efforts. Choose for yourself a quiet time—either sit comfortably or lie comfortably—and then with the mind, picture yourself bathed in the pure healing energy. Visualize it if you will, as a beautiful light, bathing in it as you would in the sunlight, and then see in your mind’s eye—visualize as strongly as you can—all resentment, all negativity of any kind being drawn from you. See it leaving your being and being absorbed in this great healing energy. Allow yourself to become completely relaxed and feel all of these things, all of the cares, all of the worries, all of this being completely drained from you. And then see yourself as a lively, radiant, happy being, full of life, full of energy. See yourself as strong, see yourself as being joyful, happy, and see yourself enjoying all men, realizing their greatness also; realizing that all men, regardless of race, creed or color, has within him the same as you, that he also is a perfect child of the great Creator, a part, as important a part in the great Sea of Life as I or as anyone. Realize your brotherhood with all mankind and rejoice that it is so.

If you will practice this thing and let it become a part of your consciousness—let your consciousness become one that engulfs all good and allows only good to be retained within it, if you will practice this and establish a knowing of these things within your heart—you will become a strong, a healthy, a happy, radiant child of Creation and you will know that all men were created equal.

Receive ye now the Light, the great healing energy of the universe, created for your good and for the good of all men.

Receive ye now also the blessings, the love, and the understanding of our Brotherhood.

So be it, so be it.

Go in peace.

Thursday, June 28, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Tonight I should like to bring to your attention some of the happenings that are occurring among the peoples of your Earth. Many great issues are arising among the people of Earth. A great tension is increasing among those who are in power, for the economic structure of your civilization is becoming weaker by the moment. Great efforts are being made by those in power to avoid collapse. Important conferences among those in power are occurring daily at this time in an attempt to keep in balance—or to keep in operation, I should say—this system.

You are going to find many strange things occurring among your people. Many of the things that have been kept under cover are going to be revealed. Many shall be exposed for their ill-works and many of these are going to be in high places, much higher than would seem possible. Through all of these happenings, many issues shall arise among your people and if these things are to be settled peaceably without great conflict, a realization is going to need to be brought about in the consciousness of Earth Man. It is going to be necessary for him to realize that he can no longer shift the responsibility of the lack of cooperation and understanding and trust among Earth People to someone else, but he is going to have to realize—each man is going to have to realize—that it is in him or her, that he must be the one to accept the responsibility to became understanding, to be willing to cooperate and to meet his neighbor fairly and squarely, to be willing to give as well as to take.

Things that you see happening before you today are only the beginning; for corruptness, greed, lust and hate, can only rule for a limited time and then the laws begin to react and man begins to pay the penalty. The law in your civilization is beginning to react. I am sure that those of you here who are aware—as all of your are— see these things taking place and realize what is happening. The civilization of Earth Man, if it is to continue and become a great civilization—as it should be—will become this great civilization through the efforts of a minority group who have dedicated themselves to the service of mankind; who, through their dedication, place their service above all else, above any monetary value, material value or personal desires. For the time will come when these things will no longer have value; for the value of no one thing is greater than its service to mankind. If it has no value as service to the race of man in improving his life, his understanding, his wisdom and knowledge, its value is shortlived.

Observe closely the events in the present and the near future and you will begin to see a pattern; you shall begin to get a picture of what is occurring. And then, beloved ones, it is up to the dedicated ones to act accordingly, to bring about a civilization that can stand on its own feet and face all man, proving to him that the civilization is solid, is good, is wise, is great. These lessons should have been learned long ago—the realization of the purpose of man and his sojourn—should have been realized long past. We hope this realization will dawn in enough hearts of your people to avoid making again the climb through evolution.

I leave you by extending to you the love, the light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Thursday, July 5, 1962

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

Beloved friends, it has been our purpose in the period of time that we have communicated with you, to attempt to bring to you Truths, techniques and information that would help thee in thy growth. We have attempted to bring to you these things that would help you to help yourself. We have also brought you information concerning your civilization, its problems and its solution. We have attempted to point to you, in many ways, the things that should be obvious to your civilization, yet seem to be overlooked by most. These efforts have been put forth to persons all across the surface of your planet who have shown interest in these things.

It is in this way that we have attempted to help men of earth to help themselves. Yet, we find that many of these people who seemed to be sincere in their efforts to learn, who are sincere in the efforts of increasing and broadening their consciousness, yet, many find themselves lacking in courage, holding a bushel over their light, lifting it slightly, occasionally, allowing only a small portion to shine forth. I say to you, beloved friends, those who would serve their humanity at this time when it is so desperately needed, must cast off the bushel and allow their light to shine forth; to have the courage of their conviction, to stand forth for all men to see.

For what is there to fear? There are only a few things that you could possibly fear: perhaps a loss of prestige, perhaps some criticism, perhaps some opposition, perhaps to be labeled. Beloved ones, what is more important today? Is it more important to withhold these things, or is it more important that a great civilization take its place in the Universal Brotherhood of Man, to take its place as a civilization that can live in peace, in love, in understanding? Is it more important that man learn the truth about himself, to discover his true being? Man will only make these discoveries when he comes to the realization of the importance of accomplishing these things.

We sincerely hope that this civilization, in this process of evolution, will pass safely over the threshold into a new concept—a new concept of life—where strife and struggle and chaos no more exists, where man lives with peace of mind, with true peace of mind, where man knows no longer the struggle for survival, but knows life in its true essence.

Such great things await this civilization, if it but can step across the threshold, things of such greatness that your consciousness at this time could not conceive of it. I ask you, beloved ones—and I direct this to all those who are seeking truth and understanding—is this not worth striving for, worth all the effort that can be exerted, worth all the sacrifices that can be made?

Beloved, may each of you have great success, and may each of you display great courage in your service, in your efforts to bring your civilization across the threshold.

Peace be with thee, my friends, peace, peace, peace.

Go in peace.

Thursday, July 12, 1962

Yom: Good evening to you my friends.

It is my pleasure once more to be with you; it has been some time. I have been occupied with several conferences and missions that required my entire attention. So, I am happy to be able to spend a few moments with you this evening. Since there are only a few of you, if you can agree upon some particular subject you should like me to share my understanding with you on, I should be happy to try to help you.

Questioner: How does one become aware of inspirations?

You see, awareness is something that you have to cultivate. You grow in awareness by constantly cultivating it. In other words, you try continuously to be aware of everything. It is amazing how much we miss by not having cultivated our awareness, not only in inspirations and guidance but in things about us. It is amazing when you really begin to become aware of how much you have been missing. Is this not so, my friends? We often find that we are missing a great deal for passing it by. We do not even see it, because we become too concerned with our little self, you see. Everyone has inspirations, receive guidance, but when it comes, they are so unaware that when it passes through their minds, they slightly notice it, that there is no reaction. So you see, it is just a matter of cultivating this in your consciousness, just like you would with anything else. Do I make myself clear?

Questioner: Could you be a little more specific?

I do not see how I could be more specific unless you want me to define awareness.

Questioner: How do you recognize whether it is an inspiration or not?

An inspiration is nothing more than an urge; it is something that comes to mind, and you will find that it stands out above the normal thinking, the normal thoughts that get through the mind, if you are aware.

Many people have inspirations, but they are so unaware that it is nothing more than just a passing thought to them. But, to those of you who are seeking truth and understanding, who have cultivated this sort of thing, you know the difference between the ordinary thought and an urge to react to something, or to do something.

Questioner: Yom, as we spoke before, we have to check back and recall how these inspirations were.

Often these inspirations come sharply and quickly. They have been referred to as first impressions. I am sure some of your teachers a long time ago have emphasized the importance of following first impressions, but often people, you see, start to rationalize, they argue with themselves, and soon they have talked themselves out of it, you see, because to them at the moment, it did not seem much to their intellectual thinking.

Questioner: Yom, I’m very fascinated by this higher realm of consciousness referred to as Cosmic Consciousness. I wondered if you could give us a little discourse, give us a picture of this; there are many writings concerning this, but I know it doesn’t take place in our own area here, it’s in a higher plane or something. I wish you could fill us in on this.

This perhaps is a terminology, cosmic consciousness; this has been referred to many times. In my understanding and in my thinking, I would say that, cosmic consciousness is an ever evolving consciousness that takes in greater knowledge, greater understanding, you see, which" extends beyond what your consciousness would consist of here. Now this can extend as far as you are able to extend it, you see; there is no beginning or no end to consciousness. The term “cosmic” would indicate inclusiveness of the great cosmos, would it not, therefore, this is so far-reaching, that I am sure it would be difficult for anyone to draw a picture for you of complete cosmic consciousness, for as we grow, it becomes ever larger. It is ever expanding, you see, like the Universe itself. So, in my understanding, my way of thinking, or at my present capability to view this thing, I could not see the end of cosmic consciousness. It would extend to the far corners of the Universe which would take in the lifespan or life’s civilizations, it is difficult to find the terminology here to express this. I believe that one of your teachers expressed this one time; I have heard it repeated, that although they, their cosmic consciousness we will call this, their understanding is quite extensive, yet, they realize that their concept, their understanding of the entire picture is only slight, you see. Yet, they are perhaps thousands of years ahead of Earth People in their consciousness.

Questioner: That would mean Yom, that regardless of what sphere of consciousness you are on, there would still be a cosmic beyond that of which you did not understand.

Yes, this is correct, for the truth or the ultimate in Truth stands way beyond any of us today; we are all growing.

Questioner: Then we should concentrate on accomplishing what we are able to accomplish in this sphere which we are in, is that correct?

We must try always to get the best understanding possible in the place where we stand today. For as we master what is here for us to learn, then we are able to be ready to take another step forward, you see, and this goes on and on, where it ends I do not know. Does this, my friend, does this …

Questioner: Yes, I think that it leaves it out there for me to expand into, yes.

You have so much room to expand, you have nothing to worry about there, my friend; you can expand for many millions of years.

Questioner: I believe, Yom, that it is the terminology that we use when we talk of cosmic consciousness, and I refuse to differentiate between a narrow consciousness of our everyday life and immediately after we die, probably the next plane. This is where usually 90% of the people interested even in metaphysics is centered and then when they have, when somebody comes out with a far-reaching thought, he says, get under cosmic consciousness, the complete cosmic consciousness, they mean nothing by this but extend your horizons into other spheres that are far, far beyond this because you are limiting yourself. That’s probably what they are trying to indicate when they urge one to get interested in cosmic consciousness.

The terminologies ofttimes confuse people, you see. Actually, there is no limit to consciousness. Perhaps I do not particularly care for the word cosmic at all, I should like to, for myself, just say consciousness, because the Truth is, and I can only attempt to gather Truth to the best of my ability at the time.

Questioner: I wonder if you, Yom, could tell us a little bit or if you were aware of some of the influences or the happenings, or the effects of the nuclear shots in the high atmosphere that our country just set off?

We are aware of what has happened, and all of these tests are adding to the pollution of your atmosphere. One of the shots made recently to explode the bomb in the stratosphere was destroyed; one was destroyed. The first one was destroyed, deliberately destroyed by Beings from outer space. The second one was a malfunction of the mechanism. The third one was allowed to go. Now, your scientists concerned with this experiment, were aware that the first one was somehow destroyed not by their own hands, and this was done as a warning. For when it disintegrated, it disintegrated so completely, in full view, that it practically turned to a cloud of dust; yet, there was no detonation of the nuclear,

Questioner: Did that concern the fallout?

There was no detonation of the nuclear device.

Questioner: Why didn’t they do that to the third one?

Your people were determined to make this experiment. They were warned, they have been warned in several ways, yet, they are determined.

Questioner: Did they realize the warnings came from Beings from outer space; did they realize the source of this warning?

Perhaps they would not admit this, even to themselves; yet, they were mystified, they could not explain, in their hearts they know. But those who are intent on doing something that they feel will make them great, make them be recognized, do not even admit to themselves that they could be wrong. This did a great deal of damage to your atmosphere, and your people will suffer from it, as they will from all of these things. Perhaps, in time, enough people will become concerned to do something to stop the madness, but it appears at this time that before they are going to get concerned enough to do something, they are going to bring a great deal of suffering upon your civilization. It seems that Earth Man, by and large, has to see the results before he will believe it. The evidence is already there, but it does not yet seem to be strong enough for most of your people to become concerned. Perhaps they shall have to wait until many thousands of deformed children are born and thousands of people die from the results, before they can become concerned enough to do something about it.

Questioner: Yom, I feel as though we haven’t done our part, I mean though, people do believe that this is harmful; it just seems as though there is so little that we have done or can do about it.

This is true, because your people are confused. On one side they have a group of leaders, scientists telling them one thing, and over here they are telling them another; they are confused, they do not know who to believe. And until some of the people who are advocating and carrying on these things begin to see the results and become frightened themselves, perhaps then, they will want to stop it, if it is not already too late. But this, my friends, is madness, is madness for people to allow themselves to be destroyed in this way.

Questioner: People are hypnotized into believing, and I think this started way back when Thomas Jefferson warned us that when we lost sight or lost contact with our representatives, then the negative powers would take over, and because we have multiplied in all of our cities, we don’t know our representatives and don’t make it our business to know them, and therefore we believe that we are helpless and we haven’t the power to really control things.

This is true, and your people have become as sheep; they want to be led. They do not want to think for themselves; they want to look to authority for their information. To allow those in power to do their thinking for them and give them the answers. They have become mentally lazy, and this, my friends, is the downfall of any civilization when it no longer thinks for itself and allows a few individuals to do their thinking.

Questioner: I think it would be rather presumptuous that the same kind of people that do this, try to go out in outer space and visit the moon and other constellations, we certainly aren’t ready in that sense.

No, but there is one point here that I should like to make. This on the other hand could be, the salvation of your civilization. If a group of people should happen to reach an inhabited planet and return with information they would receive, and this information were made public, this could be the turning point of your civilization, for the information will be so astounding to your masses, it will cause some repercussions, but on the other hand, it could be the turning point of your civilization.

Questioner: Do I see right that in some of the stories that came back from the astronauts that were orbiting the earth, that they had experiences that were not told in the press?

This is correct. They did not tell all.

Questioner: But they told all to the authorities though not told to the press?

They told all to a few of them, but there were some that were not made public. But this was not anything of the astounding information that would be obtained were they to land upon an inhabited planet.

Questioner: Well our, the first intent is to go and land on the moon. Now would they find on the side that we cannot see, on the so-called dark side, would they find habitation there?

No, the moon landing would not be too important, but given time and perhaps it will not be too long, for your space program is being helped a great deal by those from other planets, unbeknownst to your people, because they are anxious that this happen, but it has to come through your own people, you see, through their efforts.

Questioner: Yes, I understand that.

So they are giving them all of the help they can without it being known, to try to speed up, you see, this program, for they realize too that this can be the saving of your civilization.

Questioner: Yom, will they reach another planet through their present means of development in the space program, rapidly, and so forth. Is this possible?

I suppose it is possible; this, I am not a scientist, I am not a physicist, but to my understanding they are developing other powers, your government already has experimental craft using other energies.

Questioner: Yom, in this idea to try to do something about the hectic situation, in your opinion what would be the best way that we could be effective in our efforts to stop it.

Well, you see, there are many ways, the main thing is, people themselves have to become aware of the danger of these things. They have to become aware of this, and, you see, that is what we were speaking of a few moments ago, but they are confused; they do not know who to believe. But, for myself, I would not hesitate to declare my beliefs to anyone of the harm and the danger of this thing and of the sickness of this civilization and the true answer to the problem your civilization faces. This is something people are going to have to realize, because it is the only solution to your problems. So, sooner or later, they will either have to realize these things and to act upon them, or your civilization will no longer exist.

People do not need to be afraid to say these things, express them. Does it matter if I am believed or not? At least I have planted a seed in another man’s consciousness, and perhaps it shall take root and grow. This is being done by many and the realization is gradually taking root; the people are beginning to realize and much more in some of the other countries than in your country, but even in your country, there are people who are coming out and demonstrating even. You may say this is foolish, but at least they are making their feelings known, and more and more people will join them. For until the leaders of the world are brought to realize that the people do not want these things, they are going to demand that they be stopped, they will continue, for when enough people express themselves, they will listen, for they know that there is power in numbers. No man has ever acquired such great power that he could not be overthrown by the people when they become enough concerned.

Now, my friends, I have taken enough of your time, unless you have something you especially want to speak of at this time, I will take my leave.

Questioner: I wanted to ask you, are the scientists beginning to realize what they were doing, that they were doing damage?

Many of your scientists do. You see, your scientists are falling into two groups, one who says “Yes,” one who says “No.” That is what confuses the people. There is a group who feel that they must find out these things, they must develop this power, they must become great in the eyes of their civilization. They do not think in terms of humanity; no, they do not care. They think only of themselves. By accomplishing this I have become great. Some of them have even stated that they know that many people will suffer from this; well, so what, so what they say. In order to develop the civilization, to move forward, someone must suffer. This is not so, my friends, this is not so. For science developed properly by proper people does not need to cause anyone to suffer. It is only by those who are bent on power, who live for the glory of themselves that this seems good.

Questioner: How much push is there behind the money power and the controlling interest of this development?

A great deal, for without this, it could not be done. They could stop it tomorrow by refusing funds. Where would your government get the money to finance it? They cannot do it from taxation, because they go farther in debt, and this also is madness.

Questioner: Then the same power is back of the new development that they could possibly use to go to an inhabited planet?

Oh yes, it all comes from the same pack. But you see, they also can learn and will. They will realize at a certain point that there are greater than they, and they will have to humble themselves a little bit. You see, there are those who take the attitude—there can be no greater than “I,” there can be no one who has greater understanding than “I”—but this also can change.

My friends, it has been my very great pleasure to spend this time with you and to share with you my understanding and to have you share yours with me. I should like to extend to each of you, my love and my blessings, and may the peace, love and the understanding of all the Great Ones be invoked upon each of you.

Go in peace, my friends.

Wednesday, July 18, 1962

Greetings in the light, my friends, I am Oxal.

Many of your people have reared their heads above the wall that you call reality, and they have seen that there are things beyond this wall that are also reality. But, by and large, most of your people remain hidden behind this wall, and fear, plus laziness, prevents them from even taking a peek upon the other side. It has been our hope that more of your people would, at least, investigate; but the progress of expansion of consciousness among the masses of your people is exceedingly slow, considering the progress that has been made in other fields.

It is to the advantage of all those who have taken the step beyond this point, to help in every way those who remain behind, to attempt in every way that you can to cause these people to take a look beyond the wall of reality which they have built about them. For, in the times just ahead, it is going to be of vital importance that the eyes be opened of many of your people. Your science is moving much faster than you realize, and if suddenly, information, through certain channels, is brought to your people, the shock may be too much for many. The knowledge of the existence of certain types of civilizations and their ways of life, their development, will come as such a shock to many people that it may destroy their mental stability. So you see, it will be well that whenever you can and when you have the opportunity, to help pave the way for these people.

Many of these people are sincere, are well-meaning, and have attempted to the best of their ability to do the things that to them, in their state of awareness, seemed good and proper. Many have been mislead through placing their confidence in those that they felt were authorities in your religious organizations, and have faithfully followed that which they have been taught. Yet, they have developed a weakness, they have failed to think; they have failed to search beyond the authority. But many of these, when the realization comes to them of their errors, will quickly correct their searching.

I only mention these things to attempt to bring to you the realization of the responsibility that lies with those who have gone beyond your wall of reality. There are many who should like to come among your people, who would be willing to sacrifice to help your civilization across the threshold into the New Age of which you speak. But they cannot do this until the desire is in the hearts of enough of your people, and when and if this time does arrive, there are many of great understanding who will be willing to come among your people and to show them the way, for these are beings who are anxious to see your civilization continue and become a great civilization, to become as man was intended to be. They are anxious to become brothers in Truth with your civilization.

But, beloved ones, the answer lies with Earth Man—only he can make this choice, and we can only give our service when the choice has been made and we are accepted for what we are, We are not gods, we do not wish to be accepted as such—but only brothers who are waiting to extend a helping hand, a hand of friendship when it can be received as such.

I leave you by extending to you the love, the light, and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, July 20, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It is good to come among you again.

I should like to, with your permission, speak to you for a few moments tonight concerning the brighter side of the picture for your civilization—if your people are able to strengthen the foundation of which you were speaking . For, once you have crossed the threshold and you have passed the danger point of your civilization, the things that are in store for you, and your children and your children’s children, will be beyond your conception. For the time will come when you will be able to travel the universe, to visit other planets, so to speak, to gain knowledge of those who are advanced somewhat in their sciences.

You will find your material sciences developing to where man will have a great deal of time to travel, to learn—you will not be confined to working many hours a day—you will reach a point where even your factories shall be operated by thought-controlled machines. For when man reaches this state through his increased desire for more spiritual understanding, more knowledge of himself and his relationship to his fellow man, to his Creator, he will be able to spend his leisure time in gaining greater knowledge and wisdom. You see, man does not need to live by the sweat of his brow, providing he has the wisdom to develop himself and to use his time constructively in growing, in gaining ever greater knowledge. For you are going to find in gaining knowledge that is available in the universe, it is going to require continual effort, continual searching; for out here beyond the horizon, there is always more and greater knowledge to obtain.

As man progresses in his wisdom, his knowledge of universal law, he is able to move farther and farther into new realms, into new phases of life, for there are many, many phases of life beyond and beyond. In your bible is quoted: “In my Father’s house are many mansions” and these are the many mansions that lie beyond where man can, through his process of evolution, move ever onward to greater and more magnificent mansions, so to speak.

Among the many things that will come about as you move into a New Age here upon your planet, will be new methods of learning; man will learn much faster. For you are going to be taught new methods, your children will be taught new methods. Under the present system there is a great waste of time in teaching. What now requires fifteen or twenty years of your time to learn, to teach to a young one coming up in your civilization, will be done in about one-fourth of the time. In other words, what could be what you would call a Masters degree, requires twenty years or more, would be accomplished in approximately five years. This should be quite an advantage, should it not? Man could gain a great deal of wisdom in a very short time. These things will come to your civilization, once it has crossed the threshold, has left behind the danger of annihilation.

Many other things shall also come about. You shall learn to eliminate all diseases, all sickness; suffering will become a thing of the past. Would it not be a wonderful thing to just eliminate suffering among the people of Earth?

Questioner: Are you referring to physical beings of future generations?

Indeed, so.

Questioner: Will they have the ability to use this knowledge for their own good?

Once they have passed the danger point, then they will realize, they will know, they will have the realization of man’s at-one-ness with each other, with the creation, with his Creator—these things will be understood and when you have passed this point you have no problem as far as using energies for destructive purposes, and you will come into the knowledge of energies so much greater than nuclear energy, that nuclear energy will become obsolete. You will find energies much more adaptable, much more flexible and much cheaper. You will be able to draw these energies from the ethers, sunlight and other energies; lines of force will be discovered that are traveling through your atmosphere at all times, of which you are not aware at this time. You can tap these energies and have all of the power, energies you need at the cost of very little effort. Your homes will have no dirt, you will have no dirt problems; you will have devices that will eliminate all dust—you housewives will not need to take the dustcloth anymore and go dusting around, for this problem will be solved for you. You will have windows that are of pure, energy—no glass—yet no air will come through and you can push your hand out of the window. You can control the amount of air from the outside, the heat and cold. These are some of the things you can expect.

Questioner: How about food?

Food will become a very minor problem. You will require some food, but you will learn a great deal about foods and you are going to discover energies that can be used to replenish the body in place of many of your foods and also, as your civilization grows and becomes more understanding, gains more knowledge of these things, the physical body itself will refine, to change. Many of your organisms will probably disappear—others may appear, for Nature adapts herself, through time, to any condition.

I thought that it might be of some interest to you to talk for a few moments about these things; and to answer your statement, I would like to say that life is eternal. You can cast this body aside and create for yourself another one, so you have no worry about not being able to enjoy these things if not in this body, in another.

Questioner: Can we regenerate the body that we have now?

Oh yes, this can be done, this can be done. The body will respond, once you have the knowledge, this can come about. But sometimes, you know, we like a change of bodies—we get tired of this one, this same old one, we like to get a new one, a new model, you see.

Questioner: You have told us before, Yom, that you have been in your present body over two hundred years and that we can learn to use our bodies that long, too.

Once you have the understanding of the relationship of the spiritual to the physical, there is really nothing to wear out in a physical body. It only wears out because we abuse it and because we think it is going to wear out, you see. We have to think properly, too. I never concern myself with the physical body, I never think of it as wearing out—I only think of it as a vehicle for me to use in the present environment that I am in and the present work that I wish to do. When I have finished with it, I will discard it and it will still be as good as new.

Now, my friends, it has been my pleasure to spend this time with you. I wish to extend my gratitude for your acceptance of me, and to the lady of this household. It is my privilege and my pleasure. May each of you in your search for understanding accomplish that which you seek very rapidly, and may each of you be able to be a great light in bringing your civilization into the New Age, the new era of understanding.

Go in peace, my friends.

Thursday, July 26, 1962

Peace, my beloved ones.

It hath been said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” I should like with your permission, to dwell upon this for but a moment, for it seems that your people have interpreted this saying to mean that a peacemaker is one who goes about trying to make peace between individuals of disagreement—or groups or nations. But, beloved ones, the true peacemaker is one who first establishes peace within his own being and when this is accomplished he becomes, through his very being—a peacemaker. For having established peace within his own being, the great Light that he does emanate to those about him and with whom he comes in contact, these are greatly affected by the very fact of his being, and the degree of peace grows within those about him. For, you see, he is demonstrating peace without saying a word, and those who come to know him, begin to grow in peace. Just the very association will cause them to desire to establish within themselves that which he has found, and he truly becomes a peacemaker.

It hath also been said, “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for lo, I AM with you always.” This, beloved ones, has also been greatly misinterpreted by Earth people. Many of the things spoken by the Great Masters who have visited your planet in attempting to help, have been taken with literal meanings.

The reference to the I AM, which was so often used by these Masters, have been accepted as a personal I am, which they did not mean. To those in that day who understood, these things were clear, but they have been handed down by teachers who did not understand, and therefore your people have been taught in darkness.

I am sure that all of you here have a clear understanding of the I AM, have the knowing that this I AM is the creative part within you—what many of you refer to as God. This you truly are, for each and every individual trodding your planet is a potential being that you would refer to as God, for each is a true Creator in his own right, once he has established within him the true understanding of the I AM.

So you see, beloved, I AM with you always—in this expression, and in any type of expression that you might ever attain. I AM that I AM, I AM THAT I AM. The emphasis must be placed upon the I and the THAT.

These are the things that must become clear to Earth people, and those of you who have some understanding of these things, can be of much help to many. Many of these things have been brought to your attention; much, all of you have learned of the true meaning of the words of the Masters. Use this knowledge whenever you have the opportunity to plant seeds of Truth in the hearts of your people that they might grow toward greater understanding. Become a peacemaker, for no greater joy hath any man than to become a peacemaker.

Receive ye now the blessings, peace, love and the understanding of our Brotherhood.

Go in peace, go in peace. Peace.

Good evening, I am Yom; I am just going to say a few words to you concerning the Being who just spoke to you. He happened to be in my presence tonight and I asked him if he would come here with me and speak a few words to you, which he graciously consented to do. He is, in my opinion, a Being of great understanding. He is not from this realm of life—at this time he is expressing in the Etheric realm, another phase of life. He was happy to spend this time with you. This is all I wanted to say and to extend to you my very deepest love and blessings.

Bless you all.


Saturday, August 11, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

It is my pleasure to come among you again and to be in the presence of our new guests here tonight. I hope I shall be able to be understood by you; I assure you my English is not the best.

My friends, you are living today in perhaps the most interesting and the most vital time in your civilization. Many of you and your friends are going to discover great things about themselves; they are going to find many of their hidden abilities coming forth. Those of you who have advanced somewhat in your knowledge and understanding and are putting forth the effort to come into the realization of who and what you are, are going to be able to be of great service to your fellow man if you so desire. You should realize, all of you, that besides self-development, you have a responsibility to your civilization, for today and for some years to come, your civilization will hang in the balance, and this balance will be so delicate that it can go either way, depending upon how many of your peoples can come into the realization of what is necessary to bring about the survival of this civilization.

It is not right, my friends, that a civilization should have to rise and fall so many times. In fact, it is not necessary at all—at least one rise should be enough, you see. The great lesson should be learned in one application, and this has not been the case with Earth civilization. There are those in all realms of life, those who are in the physical upon other planets who have advanced beyond the danger point, there are those in the realms who do not need planets, who are all interested and anxious for your civilization, this time, to pass the danger point and take its place in the Confederation and join in the great Brotherhood of Mankind where they can grow into a true realization of themselves and can enjoy the great things of life. For, my friends, not one of you can begin to conceive of the great things that await your civilization, once it has passed the point where man no longer is in danger of self-destruction.

So you see, my friends, you do have a responsibility to your civilization, for you are a part of this civilization; therefore you must carry your share of the responsibility. I do not mean by this that you have to attempt to convince everyone you meet of the importance of self-development and to try to convince them that you must do this or you must do that, but the average, intelligent being in your civilization today realizes there is a problem. Many have a hopeless feeling because they cannot see a solution to the problem—in fact, most of your masses are not even aware of what the problem is. They have misconcepts of the problem; therefore in your association with people, your conversations, these things arise, and you are prepared to at least point out to them the problem and the solution to the problem. Any intelligent person who is able to think just a little bit for himself, will realize the Truth, and as these people ponder these things in their mind, they will begin to realize that they must do something to help solve this problem. As more and more of your people come into the realization of these things, their thinking shall change, and all of this can grow into a great movement among Earth People that can be the saving of a great civilization.

To some of us who have seen the happenings that have taken place upon this planet, how its people have struggled to the very threshold of realization and then through lack of wisdom have fallen and had to make the climb all over again, I am sure that you have seen this happen in a small way with individuals, with children, and it is not a pleasant thing to see—and to those who have seen this take place over and over with your civilization, it has not been a happy, pleasant experience. Therefore, they are concerned, they are anxious to see Earth Man this time, make the step across the threshold, and they are putting forth every effort to try to help him to do this.

It is true that this can be done for you. Those who have crossed the threshold can only point the way for you; they can only say, “Beloved, this is the way, this is the Light, will you follow?” It is difficult not to attempt to interfere, to try to push you over, but we realize that unless Earth Man can do it for himself, he has gained nothing.

The energies that Man of Earth has in his possession today, are only toys compared to the powers that he has yet to discover. So, you see, that it is necessary for him to develop great wisdom and understanding. He must learn to live side by side with his neighbor, he must learn to know himself—for when he has learned to know himself, there is no problem in loving one’s neighbor. When we have understanding of ourselves, we have understanding of our neighbor and social problems no longer exist.

I know that all of you here have a great desire to develop this understanding, to grow spiritually, to become as some of the great teachers who have been examples for you—and you will reach these goals if you are sincere and are willing to put forth the effort. But, my beloved friends, in your search for Truth do not forget your responsibility to your neighbor or your civilization. Realize that each is a part of this great whole, and it is also important that your brother receive understanding too. You are being taught, you must also be teachers.

Beloved friends, I have taken enough of your time; I do not wish to bore you with my ramblings. It has been a great privilege to spend this time with you—I always enjoy being in the presence of Truth seekers. I know that each of you are going to make great strides in your search. I would like to extend to each of you my very deepest blessings and love and may the blessings, the peace of the great Masters be bestowed upon you.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

Thursday, August 23, 1962

Bless you, my children.

I would ask each of you, as I speak, to become relaxed; let your heart do the listening, for we have again brought into concentration here—cosmic or universal energies that can be very beneficial to your wellbeing. If there is need in your physical habitat, you might mentally direct these energies to the areas where the need may be, and perhaps you may receive great benefit.

Beloved ones, People of Earth today and in the days to come are going to face great decisions; decisions that are going to require courage, decisions that are going to determine the future of your race or your civilization. It is very difficult, as I see it, for Earth Man to draw his decisions from his innermost being where lies the Truth. Especially, those of you who have sought Truth and understanding, it should not be difficult to know the right path or the correct decision, and I believe in most men this be true. Yet, there seems to rise up within Earth Man the desire to cause others to suffer because they do not agree with him, or do not see as he sees.

Your nation is, perhaps, the greatest and strongest nation upon your planet today; they have accomplished great things for the welfare of mankind and in the eyes of those in other lands you are an advanced race. Therefore, your nation stands in the greatest position to lead Earth Man, through example, to the threshold of a new life. Your nation, with its great wealth, great abundance of foods and resources—if wisdom were used—could, perhaps, make the greatest demonstration of a Brotherhood of Man that has ever been made upon your planet. Yet, your people are not willing to do this; they prefer to allow food surpluses to rot and ferment in their storage bins, rather than to feed those who are starving and have not that with which to purchase the food.

This, beloved ones, if I may use one of your terminologies, is a great sin. You see, beloved ones, when nature produces in abundance, she does not produce to be wasted. It is well to have plenty, man was created to have plenty. But, also, in nature there are laws concerning waste, and when man deliberately wastes life’s substance, the law reacts, and sooner or later man will pay for the waste he has created. For, you see, the laws of Creation are just; yet, they are firm and they are positive.

So, beloved ones, you see it would behoove your nation in its great abundance to wisely share these things and yet do it wisely, but these are only a few things.

In the position that your people hold as a world power, many, many great demonstrations could be made, and I must say some have been made. There have been efforts in this direction, and there are many among your people who would that these things be done, and yet, there are too many who object, who are not willing to go the extra mile, or to turn the other cheek. They must have an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth—but this is not the way of Truth. If man had been created to live unto himself, there would have been no need to create him.

It is difficult for those who stand at the level of understanding of your masses, to be able to get a slight conception of their relationship, one to the other, yet, man must through time, come into the realization of this great fact. For, until man realizes his relationship to his brother man and to his Creator, he has not found Truth. This, beloved ones, is one of the great realizations that man must reach, and this, and this realization, when it has come, is the first great step into the realization of Truth; it is the first great step in understanding Creation and its great laws and the vastness of it. Yes, beloved ones, search and find this realization, for when you have, you have reached a great milestone in the evolution of man.

Beloved children, I hope that each of you have been able to receive benefit from what we have attempted to do for you. It is free, the great universe is filled with these energies; they are the energies that sustain life. Without these you would not be. And it is ours to use in any quantity you desire, for we are the Sons and Daughters of the Creator of all this; it is our heritage—let us receive in great abundance—we are not limited.


May the peace, love and understanding of the great Brotherhood of Man rest in the hearts of each of you.

So be it.

Go in peace, beloved.

Friday, September 21, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

To begin, I should like to extend my appreciation to those of you who responded to my last suggestion. It is gratifying to see dedicated ones put forth their efforts for the good of their civilization, to be willing and anxious to spread the word—and I assure you—you have accomplished a great deal more than you know.

I, here and now, charge each of you with a responsibility to your civilization and its future, and I sincerely hope that each of you will accept his or her responsibility and put forth every effort to assume and fulfill it. There is great need in your troubled civilization for dedicated ones, for those who are willing to put forth the effort, and to come out for what they know to be right and good for their civilization. And I assure you, beloved ones, that through this effort, you shall gain many new friends, for all of your people are not going to disagree with you.

In fact, more of your people today are coming to the realization that your civilization is standing at the threshold of a great decision, that either it must find a cure for its illness, or face destruction, and many are beginning to listen and to think.

So, I say to you, beloved ones, back these projects to the fullest of your ability, for only through these efforts will you survive. Many are awakening to this realization, and at this point, as we observe from our vantage point, we see a fifty-fifty chance of your civilization awakening; but much work must be done by those of you who have the realization of the illness and its cure. Each of you are going to find the opportunities opening before you to do your small part in bringing this into being. Our hope is that you will allow nothing to stand in your way. Fear not the criticism or the condemnation of those who would not agree with you, but rather dedicate yourself to a cause; for man must have purpose in his doings that he believes in.

If you accept your responsibilities and fulfill them, you will find the rewards will be great—not as the world rewards—but in the peace and satisfaction that you will find in your own heart, in the joy and peace it will bring you. Also, I should like to remind you of the pledge that we made in the past, when we stated that whosoever has made the choice in true faith and love, we shall protect and guide you, and we still stand upon that oath. No harm shall come to those who have dedicated themselves to the propagation of Truth, who have dedicated themselves to serve in the Light of the Everlasting Love. Remember this oath, my friends, for we are prepared to fulfill it. So, on this night, I charge each of you to go forth with a dedicated heart and a determination that through your efforts and the efforts of all the dedicated ones, your civilization shall survive.

Now, beloved friends, soon this instrument and his mate, shall be moving on to a new service, to a new phase in the life in which they have dedicated themselves. But, before their departure, at your next gathering I shall speak with you again, and perhaps others shall speak to you at that time.

And now I leave you by extending to you the love, the Light and the understanding of my people.

I am Oxal

Thursday, October 18, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends, I am Yom.

I have felt a vibration of oneness here so I have come to you and will spend a few moments with you at this time. Perhaps I will not have the opportunity again.

My friends, it has been my very great pleasure and my privilege to have been able to become friends with you and I have appreciated your cooperation in listening to my very humble opinions and putting up with my poor English; but I feel we have become very good friends.

Now, beloved ones, perhaps I shall not be able to speak to you in this manner for some time. The instrument through which I speak and his mate are to go forth to a new experience and a new phase in their lives. I’m sure you folk here feel great joy in parting rather than sadness for you know this is necessary in their development.

Many of you are going to see—due to your knowledge and your foresight or information that your search for Truth has brought you—you are going to recognize in the events that are taking place the fulfillment of the prophecies. Great changes are taking place on Planet Earth but only those with eyes to see and ears to hear are recognizing these changes. Each circle of events as they come about, brings the greater changes nearer and nearer. As you look back, for only a very few years, you see where the events have started to take place which will bring geographical changes and the changes which are to come about will be more severe. It was stated at the beginning of this year of 1962 that it would be a very eventful year. Has it not been so, my friends? And you may see before the end of the year even greater events take place.

Now, my friends, as you view these things, realize that this is only a cleansing that has begun to take place before Planet Earth can be permanently established in a New Age. It must be cleansed, you see. Those who have a sincere desire to serve, to become a part of the New Age, are going to be set apart from these things. They are not going to be affected by them—providing they follow a sincere inner guidance which must be sought for. This true inner guidance is not found unless you seek for it, unless you acquire it. Man must have a sincere dedication, forsaking all other things. As it was stated in your religious works, “There shall be no other Gods before Me.” You see, my friends, there is nothing in this whole universe that is as important as one’s own soul development.

The I AM in me and in you is the most important thing in all Creation, for when I have reached a complete realization of this I have reached a great height in understanding. We must seek first these things, searching our innermost souls and there we will find the guidance that will lead us down the path for our greatest development, our greatest safety and our greatest joy. And, my friends, wherever this takes us — be it over sea or mountains or through outer space—that will be where we will receive our greatest good, the good that will bring to us true happiness, true love and understanding. Do you see what I mean, my friends: Joy is only found within one’s own soul and joy is only found by doing that which our innermost soul or higher consciousness or higher self or whatever you wish to call it, demands of us.

There is much unhappiness among your people of Earth because they do not follow the dictates of their inner soul or consciousness. When man truly follows this he radiates love, joy—he brings joy to those with whom he comes in contact. He is loved by all because he gives love to all. It is really quite simple, you see.

I have been rambling on—I get carried away at times and I give a lecture. No offense meant. If you have something to say, you may ask. Your hour is late and I must not keep you.

Questioner: I have been attempting very hard to know that I am that I am. Am I succeeding?

This is a realization that sometimes, when one is faced with a great deal of outer influences and obligations, as you call them—it is quite difficult to get the mind quieted and to go deep within and come into a realization of these things.

The word I AM has a great and far-reaching meaning. I AM for I am all things. I am what you call God but this is the true I AM. This is not what people see, this is not the I which is faced every day by your civilization and its demands. This is not the true I AM.

The thing is that Man of Earth, in so many cases, has a distorted idea of what is necessary and he becomes rather controlled—under pressures that he feels are necessary and are required by his environment, rather than controlling it. It becomes difficult to withdraw and bring about the realization of his true I AM. When man becomes truly conscious of his oneness with Creation, this takes precedence over all other things, and as this becomes more and more a part of his consciousness, it becomes easier and easier to have a true realization of this. There are many stages of all of these realizations for, you see, as in most things, there are certain degrees and as your realization becomes deeper and deeper you advance to higher degrees of this realization.

Do not be discouraged, it takes time to reach a full realization, a great, great realization. There are times when I have reached certain degrees far, far beyond my realization—where I can see the vast greatness which lies ahead.

I must vacate this instrument. It has been most gratifying to be with you. If I have been of some slight service, I assure you I am grateful, for life can only be realized in its abundance through the service that we can render.

Beloved friends, as I leave you now, I give to you my very, very, deepest blessings and I ask that those who are in charge who have greater responsibility, greater wisdom, greater understanding, will invoke their blessings to you also, and. I know that this is done.

May the peace and joy that you shall receive through your service—may each of you be greatly blessed by it. May your joy be great and your peace rewarding.

Goodnight to you, my friends, goodnight.

Friday, October 19, 1962

Greetings in the Light, my friends, I am Oxal.

On this night, I come to you with a plea to dedicate yourselves again and again to the service of your civilization. For, today, upon your planet the need is great if your civilization is to survive and move into the New Age, but the choice, my friends, lies with Earth Man.

In your religious histories are predicted or prophesied many events in the latter days of your civilization. Perhaps that terminology is not as it should be; perhaps I should have said, that in the higher evolution of your civilization it is prophesied that great disaster shall befall you. But let me say to you this, that prophecies were given so that Man would have the opportunity to avoid these things. Prophecies do not necessarily need to be fulfilled, for Man’s destiny lies entirely within his own hands. You see, prophecies are made by a realization of a pattern, but patterns can be changed, and you, my friends, the People of Earth, have it within your power to change and to avoid these things.

As I have stated, your civilization at this moment hangs in the balance and which way the pendulum shall swing will depend upon Earth Man. If enough of your people will choose the path of service to their fellow man, the path of love, light and peace, your civilization will experience the greatest advance in its evolution since the creation of this planet. Twice your civilization has risen to this point and fallen. Shall it fall again, or shall you this time, pass over the top and into a true realization of a Brotherhood of Man. People of Earth, it is up to you—you hold the choice in your own hands. Those of other planets in your system stand ready to help you in every way possible whenever your people are ready to receive them. We have offered our assistance to those in power upon your planet and have been rejected; yet, we still stand ready to extend the helping hand—a hand of friendship—if we are accepted.

We cannot solve your problems for you; we can only show you the way; but, it must be done by Earth People themselves. For none can profit by another’s doing for him; but he can profit by using the experience of others who have found the way.

Again, I should like to commend those of you who have put forth their efforts in these directions, who have dedicated yourselves to the service and used your efforts in that direction.. We are helping you in more ways than you know and we know of your every effort, of your every accomplishment; for we are watching and recording the actions of all people of Earth. We are aware when you have made the choice and we are aware as to the degree of your choice.

It has been my very great privilege to have worked with you and for you. If, in our dissertations I have been of a slight service or help to you, I am humbly grateful, for we consider an opportunity to serve in the Light of Truth and Understanding a very great and rare privilege. Perhaps it shall be sometime before I shall be able to speak to any of you again in this manner, but in leaving, I should like to leave with you, my very, very deepest blessings, my love and my understanding. It has been my very great privilege. I understand there are some others who wish to extend a few words to you, so we shall withdraw our instrument from you and in their manner they shall speak with you.

Again in leaving, I extend to you the Love, the Light and the Understanding of my people.

I am Oxal.

Friday, October 19, 1962

Good evening to you, my friends.

Once more it is my very great pleasure to come among you. I could not pass this opportunity to speak to you tonight for a few moments, for as I have said before, I feel very close to all of you; I feel that all of you are very dear friends, as I hope you feel about me. We have spent many pleasant moments together, have we not, in our discussions, etc., and I have been given again the opportunity to speak to you.

As I believe most of you here know, I am a dweller upon your planet. I have lived and worked upon Planet Earth for many, many years. I will not go into this in detail for most of you know and can explain it to anyone who does not understand.

But, my friends, I have been very interested in your organization; that is why I have spoken to you so many times, and I have also been very interested in many other organizations, in many other groups who are working in the Light, who are attempting to bring Light to Earth Man; and it is very, very satisfying to see that there are people all across the Planet Earth who are doing this. But the only saddening part, my friends, is that there are not nearly enough. And there does seem at this time to be somewhat of an increase in people who are coming into the realization, you see, of what is faced by Earth civilization today; and we have great hopes that the awakening will come more and more rapidly to your people.

Of course, all of you know what the problem is that faces you and what the solution is; the only thing is to get more and more people to realize it and your group here in the city of Detroit has done a very, very good job of this. We wish to commend you, and there has been a great deal more results than you know about and this is good. If enough people will get behind these things and try to awaken your civilization, my friends, you cannot possibly conceive of what awaits your civilization in the not too far distant future. If, if they can only pass the point of where they no longer want to destroy each other and to no longer have mistrust for each other, then your civilization will really begin to move forward. Well, my friends, you know these things, but I sincerely hope that your people, you people, will continue in your efforts and encourage others to do the same. And, as my very dear friend Anthon said, you are going to get much more help than you will realize if your efforts continue. We can only help you in your efforts; unless you make the effort, we can do nothing for you.

If the People of Earth could realize how much they have been helped by those from outside your civilization, as many of you know, that none of you would be here today had it not been for them. So you see, my friends, every effort that you can put forward is of great importance; for every, every ounce of effort is felt, whether it be in the outward or the inward.

You see, there are many ways you can work. You can work in the outward by doing these things, and also on the mental plane by developing your own Light and letting it shine forth into the ethers of your planet, for there is great need of higher vibrations there. So, in every way you can do these things, remember always, take the time to go within, to build your own strength and understanding, searching deep within your own soul for the answers. These things, my friends, I ask you to do.

It is necessary at this time that the instrument and his mate move on; this, my friends, is not only for his good but for yours; this is necessary for all of you at this time. We also wish to extend our gratitude for the service he has rendered to all of you and to us in this manner and to his very dear mate who has in the past been what you might say his “right arm”; maybe his right and left both, she has, she has developed; without her assistance you would not have all of these printed communications that you have had and many, many other things that is done behind the scene. So, for all of these things and to all of you for all of your efforts, we wish to thank you, to extend our gratitude.

And we, and I am speaking for all of the various teachers that have spoken to you, it is not possible for all of them tonight to, to speak to you, so I am speaking on behalf of all of these when I say, that their Love for you is great, greater than you can ever, ever think or realize. For it is a Love of which you do not yet have understanding. You are each as a great jewel in their sights, for we see you as you are, pure Children of the Creator, emanating and expressing His good. Each of you are our brothers and our sisters—we are one—we are all of the Great One Being. I am in you, you are in me; so you see, we cannot be separated, we are all one, just a cell in the Great, Great Spirit of Creation, which you may call “God.” Expression matters not, the only thing that matters is the realization of our Sonship, our part in this Great Sea of Life.

Beloved ones, we love you, we bless you, we bestow upon each of you the blessings, the love and the understanding of the Great Masters; those whose Love is of such magnitude that the concept of it is not possible to us; yet, I know that through your asking, they have fulfilled.

Peace be with you my friends. Go in peace and know that you are everything, that you are always in the hands of the Great, Great Intelligence, being continually guided into the knowing of which you seek.

Peace be with you, my friends, peace.

Friday, October 19, 1962

Peace be with thee, my friends, I am Anthon.

I should like to take this opportunity and a few moments to extend to you my love and my blessings. I should like also to state that it has been most gratifying to see you as an organization advance and grow as you have. It is very necessary that groups such as yours, and such as have been formed under various names, yet all working for a realization of their relationship to Mankind, to their relationship to their Creator. It matters not what you have labeled yourself; it only matters that you are searching for Truth, and in your search for Truth, be ever mindful of the fact that Truth is far-reaching, that Man, as he passes through the corridors of evolution continuously gathers more and more of the Universal Truth.

The ultimate in Man’s evolution and search is a long and narrow path. It will not be reached in this lifetime, nor in the next, but through many, many, many phases of life. Man of Earth has great need of the realization of the search for life. There are those who are advanced in understanding, what in your terminology would be eons and eons of time, and their accomplishments would be inconceivable to Man of Earth and would be even inconceivable to many who have passed far, far beyond this level of understanding. Yet, they have not, to their knowledge, reached the ultimate in understanding. So you see, my friends, the search goes on and Man becomes ever wiser, his understanding becomes ever greater. Yet, would Man be happy if the search were to end? Life will never become boring to those who search for Truth, for you see, Truth is never ending.

So, beloved ones, keep your sights high, move ever onward with an open mind, with a seeking mind, yet, a discerning mind, using always great Wisdom in your search, for there are also the pitfalls for those who use not Wisdom.

Beloved friends, as my son, his mate, go forward in their path, they are not apart from you, for in mind there is no separation. In mind and spirit we are all one; we are all one in this Great Creation of Life. Time and distance does not exist in mind and spirit; know this my friends, and you will not know separation.

It has been a great privilege in my experience to have spent the time with you that I have, and there are many others who wish to extend their blessings and assure you that if you continue in your work, help will be forthcoming in more ways than you know.

I know in many cases you will not realize it, but help will be there and will be given. Bear these things in mind, and continue on your path of service to your Creator and to Man; for when you serve Man, you have served your Creator.

My peace I leave with you and may the peace, the joy, the understanding of all the Great Ones be bestowed upon you.

Peace be with you my friends, peace, peace.


[1] The original spelling of this name in these manuscripts is “Hatton.” It has been changed to “Hatonn” in order to be consistent with the spelling of this name in the rest of the material on this site from the same source. It is pronounced hat-ON.

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