On September 11, 2001, I was planning to have lunch with a friend. She called me a bit after 9:00 that morning to tell me that she would not be able to make it. The World Trade Center had been attacked and she felt it was unsafe to go to a public place. She suggested that I turn on the television. I did so and was immediately awash in the massive coverage of all the events related to that day of national tragedy. I was glued to the reportage for days to come.

The U.S. has had bombings before, such as the one in Oklahoma City in October 1995, in which over 100 people were killed, to which the public at large did not react as they did when New York City’s icon of global trade was destroyed. Perhaps it is because the guilty bombers in Oklahoma were Americans. In the case of the 9/11 events, it appeared, at least, that all participants were Middle Eastern terrorists.

Two events in the life of L/L Research (my metaphysical research firm) are interesting to include here. Firstly, we had begun daily meditations for peace on planet Earth and for stewardship of the planet itself about three weeks before the bombings. This was at the request of a friend of ours. He wrote in great distress in August 2001 to say that Gaia, his name for planet Earth, was in such great distress that she would not even acknowledge him. He was afraid that our planet had given up on its tribe of humankind entirely.

We knew of this man’s previous psychic accuracy in matters of earth energy. We took him seriously. Our response here at L/L Research was to institute daily meditations each morning and evening. We call them the Gaia Meditations. A network of people all over the globe pray and envision peace and the restoration of planet Earth in that sacred space behind closed eyes and beyond outer sound.

There is more information on the Gaia Meditations on www.llresearch.org. Follow the home page link to “Gaia Meditations”. Please join us whenever you can. It does make a big difference, as several psychic sources have independently written in to assure us.

The metaphysical reason, by the way, that the events of 9/11 showed themselves to a psychic three weeks before the events manifested on the physical plane is that things occur first in the inner planes and only gradually manifest in the outer or visible world. So we had a head start in responding.

Secondly, after the event, we naturally received questions about 9/11. The Q’uo group (a spiritual entity for which I am a channel) told us a good many things, and the transcript dated September 16, 2001, is especially interesting. It is available in the library on our website.

However there was an especially deep and poignant sweetness in a story which the Q’uo told of a group of people in the World Trade Center who had died, but who did not yet know that they were dead due to their very sudden deaths. The Q’uo reported that Native American Indians, the original inhabitants of Manhattan, came to their aid in the inner planes where ghosts dwell. They built a spirit campfire on the 37th floor of one of the towers and gathered all the lost little dogies together, soothing their fears and gradually helping them to realize that they had died, so that each of them could prepare themselves for the transition from this world to the next. All souls were collected safely and sent on their way to Paradise.

What followed thereafter in our nation’s history is a story of the Bush administration’s determination to make war. Their first entry into war came after the administration chose to use information which was repeatedly said by intelligence insiders to be compromised, as the network producing the information had been thoroughly infiltrated. However this completely faulty intelligence was presented to the Congress as the truth and the administration received the votes it needed to go to war.

This administration has continued to act as though this were a just war. Bush said last week in several speeches that he was going to press the war in Iraq and perhaps into Iran. He suggested that anyone who disagrees with him is unpatriotic. Such allegations of betrayal by anyone who questions these harsh decisions are deeply disturbing in a supposedly free society where information can and should be challenged.

The course of the war in Iraq has not gone well for anyone. However, Bush claims as always that all is going well. Where is the truth?

Saddam Hussein, whom the first Bush presidency in the 1980s supported and armed, was a harsh dictator whose governance stabilized wildly conflicting factions within Iraq. Hussein began attempting to pursue policies in which Iraq would retain rights to its oil rather than giving them to the Americans. The U.S. responded to this attempt by going after Hussein and thereby destabilizing the Iraqi government.

As the administration now is being pushed more and more from the grassroots level to wind up this war and bring our soldiers home, it knows well that the government it destabilized is a loss. Civil war is the de facto situation there. There is no hope of our creating a military victory. Nor is there any hope that we can stabilize the native government ourselves before we leave the area.

Having taken a stable foreign regime and removed its point of stability, the United States can be seen to be directly responsible not only for the many deaths it has caused there in-country so far, but also for the many deaths that will come as we finally do leave the area - if we can be persuaded to do so - and the native system of governance rights itself to balance by internal war.

Conspiracy buffs have thrived on this story. One documentary available on the internet, Loose Change, directed by Dylan Avery and produced by Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas, lays out a comprehensive case for feeling that our government has deceived us in many ways. It is worth checking for yourself. It is downloadable for free from that site.

A good counterpoise to such youthful and brash work is a mature book of reportage by Popular Mechanics Editors, David Dunbar and Brad Reagan, called Debunking 9/11 Myths. It is available from bookstores and leads the reader through the complex maze of assertions and allegations concerning these events. For many readers looking for sound information, this book will be invaluable.

View the video, read the book and ponder for yourself, please! The motto of the now-defunct TV show, The X Files, said it well: The truth is out there.

However, the real lesson of 9/11 seems to me to be beyond the facts of what happened. I have an acquaintance in Manhattan who wrote me of seeing the ash thick in the air outside his very high-rise apartment near the twin towers, the day of the bombing. His first thought was concerning the tarot image of the Lightning-Struck Tower, which is a symbol, in that system of viewing the archetypal mind, of the transformation of the self, whether that self is a human being or a society. He felt that the whole society was attempting to balance itself. The energies of Light and Dark needed to come into transformative harmony,

The Q’uo seemed to agree as it said, on 1-15-2006: “all of you are part of the tribe of planet Earth. Therefore, each time that you achieve more clarity for yourself you achieve it also for the tribe of the peoples of Earth. Realize, then, that your process, your confusion, your changes, your choices and your decisions are not simply for you. As you do the work that opens up your incarnation to receive more and more light from the Creator, you are receiving more and more light for planet Earth. As you do the work to lay aside those stumbling blocks that would keep you from service, you are laying aside stumbling blocks that lie before each and every soul of your tribe. You do not have to say a word or share any concepts in order to do this work. You have simply to do the work.”

The Q’uo group goes on to say, “It is important to be sensitive to these times, to recognize them, to acknowledge them and to thank the Creator for giving you this time of choice. It is a time when it is well to invoke gratitude. Be thankful that such a time has come to you.”

Why should we be thankful? Because in such times, we can make a real difference for the better. As we move through confusion, unknowing, processes of discovery and assertions of our faith that all is well, we are part of the balancing.

Into the atmosphere of fear we can bring fearlessness. Where there is prejudice and hatred we can establish our beachheads of compassion, comprehensive understanding and non-judgment.

And when we have gained our own intelligence and formed our own picture of what the issues are at this time, we can be good citizens in following elections and working to promote the candidacies of those whom we feel have the deeper interests of our society and nation at heart.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Let us not be dismayed or swayed by the continuing difficulties of our nation. Let us gather our strength and determine to be a part of the solution for ourselves and for our world. Let us be tireless secret agents for love!