How we start our days is important. As we start, so we tend to continue. I have cultivated the art of awakening well for some time now. After I awaken, and before I roll out of bed, I offer my first prayers of the day, dedicating my actions this day to the Creator and asking the Holy Spirit for help. Help for what? I have no idea! As the day unfolds, I will find out!

I lie abed a bit longer to think over my dreams. They do not generally make a lot of sense to me, but the colors and textures are worth pondering. I do not any longer keep a dream journal, because I found, when I did so years ago, that when my subconscious mind knows I am writing down my dreams, it wakes me up after each dream. And I get almost no sleep! So keeping a dream journal is not for me! However, if you have never tried keeping a dream journal, I recommend it. The practice often yields good information for spiritual seekers.

My sleepy face washed and morning ablutions done, I go into my office to greet the dawn and write in my blog. Each day I write about the things that have occurred here at L/L Research on the previous day. Two years ago now, because of a lack of available time, I gave up writing personal snail-mail letters to my friends in favor of writing one daily account of my doings for everyone to read and putting it up online. If you wish to keep up with my part of L/L Research’s daily doings, you can find my blog by going to our website,, and clicking on “Carla’s Blog” in the left-hand menu. My webmaster tells me it gets the most hits of any of our features.

Then I open my email to see what’s new. Usually the first thing that I see is an email that comes to my Inbox Monday through Friday from the Reverend Angela Peregoff, a Science of Mind minister. It is called “Morning Blessings.” And what a blessing these little readings are to me! Even before I descend the stairs to awaken my husband and start our day with our Morning Offering, my mind is sowed with seeds of love and light.

Since Angela’s daily writings have made such a difference in my own morning routine, I wanted to take this week’s column to talk a bit about the nature of her message. It harmonizes well with the message of the extraterrestrial Confederation sources whom I channel. The basic Confederation message is that we are all one thing. The entire universe is one thing. John Lennon said it well in his song “I Am the Walrus”: “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” And Morning Blessings sounds that theme as well. Here is an excerpt from her reading for Aug. 30, 2007:

“I rest in harmony with the Mind of God in action as I relax into the idea that all that I have been, and ever will be, is conceived in Oneness and wholeness and reflected through me as absolute perfection. Inside me, guiding me, is an intelligent power and I am one with that power — we are one complete universe.

“In this moment I claim for myself all the good and beauty I can imagine. I release all sense of limitation and embrace the truth that all my needs have already been met by an Infinite Giver. I know that all I desire to accomplish flows easily and gently into my world. I don’t have to know where to begin. I simply commit to serving God, myself, and others and allow life to call me into my divine realm of expression.”

The Confederation states that this one thing of which all of creation is made is unconditional love. They call this love “Logos,” as does the Gospel of John, which begins, “In the beginning was the Word.” The Greek for “Word” is “Logos.” Angela’s reading for Aug. 21 harmonizes with this teaching:

“Right where I am, God is. I live at the very heart of an infinite spiritual system that is divine in nature, lawful in its action, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. I experience this spiritual system as love, because that is what it is. I am created from this perfect love. Every facet of my being is this love in expression.

“And I have been given the power to express this love through my life, today and every day. Rather than think about choices I could have made, I choose mindfully today. Instead of lamenting the roads I did not choose, today I choose a road that is rich with opportunity and filled with the potential to create heaven on earth. This very day, I embrace my life and all that it contains. I open my heart to enfold every experience, every person, every fact or condition and every moment of my life.”

Another Confederation theme is that we are the creators of our own universe. They say that we are powerful, magical beings who create our own reality, regardless of our outer circumstances. Angela offers the same message on Aug. 17:

“I wasn’t created to suffer or regret; I was created out of Love Itself to give love away in all that I do. I was created to live a magnificently full life, and I choose to do this today. Whatever I’m holding onto from the past that’s just excess baggage is now released, and I am free. The expectations I have harbored about how things should be are yesterday’s ideas. Rather than live in old expectations, I live in knowing. I know that my life is spirit in form, and that every instant of it is blessed. And so am I.”

And again, on Aug. 13, Angela says,

“No matter what challenges or tests may be presented, I know nothing is worth moving away from the harmony of God’s grace and timing. I am a spiritual being that is superior to my mind, emotions and circumstances. As such, I drink in the opportunity for Light from the heart of God to merge with the discipline of a physical body. Every cell, every atomic and subatomic particle within my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies is now pulsating with the certainty of Divine Radiance.”

Angela’s message is always an empowering one. Here is a thought she shares from her rich store on Aug. 27:

“I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of a man who encounters a lady on the beach. She is picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean after a storm had dumped hundreds of them onto the shore. Her behavior is disturbing to him, as it holds up a mirror to his feelings of impotence. ‘Look around you. How can you feel what you’re doing matters, saving just a few, in the face of such overwhelming tragedy?’ ‘It mattered to that one,’ she replies as she happily tosses another starfish into the sea.”

In the face of today’s challenging news headlines, the Confederation suggests that we not be discouraged. They say that this is the world we came to love. Angela’s reading for Aug. 27 is quite congruent with this faith-filled outlook:

“Lately I have counseled several people who were quite discouraged (removed from their courage) by the greed, violence and destruction going down on the planet these days. Depression currently exists in epidemic proportions, and many of us have lost our hope and vision for humanity. I have not.

“I have discovered something that gets me bouncing me out of bed in the morning without a need for caffeine and fills me with joy and enthusiasm all day long. It’s a safe and natural alternative to Prozac. It gets me up, inspired and ready for action, 24/7. Its potency is off the charts, and now so is mine. It’s not a pill, however. It’s a point of view.

“My point of perception is that I am an honorable member of God’s Reconstruction Team, here on a lifelong mission to penetrate the world with love. That’s my viewpoint, and I’m sticking to it. I used to worry that it was arrogant, and that I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. Then I immersed myself in the study of Science of Mind, which points out that the greatest treasures are paid out when we let go and trust in the law of good.

“Now I understand that I am actually recovering from delusions of impotence!”

“The Science of Mind” is a book by Ernest Holmes, written in 1923. It is this work upon which Angela bases her ministry. Holmes’ work is a rich teaching, especially on prayer, and I recommend it highly. I believe the most skillful advocate of this philosophy who is working today is the Rev. Angela Peregoff.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Let’s all vow to be honorable members of God’s Reconstruction Team today!