For the past eight weeks, I have enjoyed answering Joyous Chee’s questions on spiritual hierarchies and the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. Today, I take up his third and last question, which is this: “Isn’t everyone a wanderer, since we are all multidimensional beings?”

The answer is yes and no!

Firstly I would like to talk about what a wanderer is. This is a subject close to my heart, since I feel that my life has been shaped by being a wanderer.

When Don Elkins and I were working, in the mid-seventies, to research extraterrestrial contact, we came across the concept of wanderers by reading George Hunt Williamson’s little book on ET contact by radio telegraphy. The source recorded in those pages called wanderers “apples”. These “apples” were souls from elsewhere who came into incarnation on Earth in order to serve at harvest time.

In 1976, we published Secrets of the UFO and included a chapter on wanderers, using data we had collected from three hypnotic subjects. The first subject was I. Under hypnosis, I described being of service by “wandering” to another planet than my own and helping to save the artifacts of a civilization. I said that a whole clan of people chose to do this service together. And I mentioned two of my friends in this present life as being members of that wandering clan.

Don then put each of those friends under hypnosis, not sharing the reason for doing so or telling either of them about the information gathered from me. They also described this clan and its wandering. Altogether, the three independently received stories fitted together perfectly and described a way of life which revolved around a temple. We lived and worked as a group, and occasionally we would take on an assignment on another planet. To work on that planet, we would incarnate there and become a native of that planet until our work was done.

In 1981, when we were putting together the Introduction to the first volume of The Law of One, also titled The Ra Material, we decided to ask a fourth person, the brother of one of the first three subjects, to undergo hypnosis as well, since his sister had seen him as a member of the clan. Sure enough, when hypnotized he described the same clan, the same temple and the same choice of wandering in order to be of service. I quote here from part of his session, which we used in the Introduction. He had described leaving the home planet to come to Earth.

Q. Why are you on Earth? What is the purpose of this life? What do you intend to do here? What were you assigned to do here? A. It seems like, to help. Q. Help with what? Something in particular? A. Something… Q. Have you already helped in this field? Or is the problem yet to come that you are to help with? A. It hasn’t happened yet. [Note that this was said 27 years ago.] Q. What do you anticipate? A. Just … just great needs. Q. What would happen, to require so much help from you that you know about? Spiritual growth? Spiritual development? Physical needs? A. I get the feeling of some people that are lost. Q. Can you help them? This is your mission? A. I feel like that’s what I need to do. Help those people. Q. Which people? A. The ones that are lost.

When we think of the phrase, “the ones that are lost”, it is easy to think of people lost physically, but that is not what he meant. Wanderers care not for the bodies of those whom they have come to help, but rather their souls.

Here on Earth at harvest time, there are many lost souls, locked within the shallow values and consumerism of our culture and safely removed from considerations such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” They are comfortably asleep. In general, this would not concern extraterrestrials, who are content to let people evolve according to their own inner timetables. But a 76,000 year cycle is ending on Earth and it is time for the harvest. The wanderers, therefore, have chosen to serve by coming into incarnation here on Earth to help with the harvest. In Session 52 of The Law of One, Elkins asked, “Why is the time of harvest is selected by so many Wanderers as time for incarnation?”

The Ra group replied, “The overriding reason for the offering of these Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow in incarnative states is the possibility of aiding other-selves by the lightening of the planetary consciousness distortions and the probability of offering catalyst to other-selves which will increase the harvest.”

The primary catalyst which a wanderer offers is his very being, the vibratory rate of his essential self. Who we are is always our biggest gift in service to others, not whatever our outer service might be. Being most deeply ourselves and finding and sharing the native radiancy of our essence is the heart of the wanderer’s work.

However, many wanderers have come into incarnation with artistic or technical gifts to share as well. Many of our singers, whether rock, country, pop or other genres, are wanderers. Many of the scientists who have been concerned with the quality of our lives are wanderers. The arts are full of wanderers’ gifts to us.

According to the Confederation, not all wanderers have awakened to their nature or their purpose. So an auxiliary aim of current wanderers is to help those wanderers who have fallen asleep in the dream of Earth to awaken and remember why they came here.

In the sense that wanderers are a distinct group, not everyone is a wanderer, although it is likely that over 90% of babies being born now on Earth are wanderers, fresh from graduation in Earth’s harvest, which has been ongoing for some years. According to Q’uo, many who have already been harvested on Earth at this harvest time have chosen immediately to incarnate on Earth as those who can enlarge the harvest of their fellow humans. Those of you with children will be able to tell me many stories of just how different these current “Indigo Children” are!

However, there is another sense in which all people who have awakened are wanderers. If someone functions as a wanderer and has all the earmarks of being one, then in that functional sense, that person is a wanderer.

People all over the planet are awakening. As more people awaken, the planetary vibration is lightened, and this vibration of increasing light acts as a stimulus for others to awaken. And what happens as people awaken? They no longer fit in the “box” of our culture. The heaviness of the consumer society begins to weigh them down. They turn to alternative ways of thinking. “Less is more,” the motto of the minimalist philosophy of architect Ludwig van der Rohe, begins to appeal.

My husband, James Allen McCarty, felt that call as soon as he graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in early childhood education. Rather than becoming a teacher, Mick headed for the country. He found a beautiful piece of land in rural Kentucky which he called Hummingbird Mountain and built his own cabin there. And there he lived, growing and making his own food, eventually building a bee-keeping cabin and a guest cabin and offering seminars on the possibilities of spiritual expansion in wilderness conditions.

Mick expected to live out his life on Hummingbird Mountain. Working occasionally as a farm laborer and stone mason to earn the money to buy those things he could not grow, he was able to retire from the world. His mornings were devoted to meditation and study. He worked on his land from noon until sundown. Then he sat on his tiny porch and watched the sunset and listened to the whippoorwills call as night fell. His diet was chapattis and beans, homemade bread and the vegetables he grew himself. It was a good life.

The “back to the land” movement of the seventies has transformed into the current movement to save the planet’s air, water and earth; to take back the cities; to see that every person has good health care and every child, a good education.

Here is another way in which we are all wanderers: almost all of us came from elsewhere. The Confederation describes how the race of humans was made by Yahweh by crossing the great apes of Earth with cloned genetic material which offered superior brain power, the ability to walk completely upright and improved dexterity in the hands.

This was done at the time when Mars’ population rendered their planet uninhabitable. The souls of the Martian population, still in third density, needed to go to another third-density planet. So they came to Earth and incarnated in these “new and improved” bodies. Some sixteen planetary populations have joined the Martian-Earth group here, all of whom failed to graduate from their own third density at harvest. In a way, we humans are the descendants of a bunch of juvenile delinquents, all from elsewhere!

Now harvest has rolled around for this planet. When we pass from this world, we will all walk the steps of light and discover whether we are ready to go on to fourth density or whether we shall need to repeat third density again. It is a very good time for all of us to awaken from the dream of Earth!

If you feel you are a wanderer, then wake up and praise the daylight that still remains for doing the work you came to do! Stop grumbling about what a rough planet this is and set about loving and giving your best to this dear planet and its people.

If you feel you are not a wanderer, it is still wake-up time for you. It is time to make contact with your true self, that self that is a citizen of eternity. Open your eyes to your own deepest self and the truth that lies within that essential self. Re-orient yourself to this world as an awakened spiritual being, and let your light shine.

In both cases, once you have awakened, you are exactly equal. Wanderers do not have any special status. They become Earth natives when they incarnate here. So we are all in this together!

I open my arms and embrace your spirit! Let us collaborate together to make of this Earth the Eden it can be! And let us grow into our spiritual shoes as those who live within the new paradigm of love and cooperation which we together can envision and bring into full being as we truly “rise and shine”!