[If you enjoy this website, you have Ian J. to thank for it. With integrity, passion, and a meticulous eye, Ian served as L/L Research's volunteer webmaster for LLResearch.org for seventeen years without interruption, deciding in fall of 2012 to relinquish his labor of love in order to pursue other life-passions. Our good and worthy friend, Steve E., webmaster of the Bring4th website, graciously stepped forward as webmaster of LLResearch.org to fill half of Ian's critical role; and our new and worthy friend, Edgard, stepped forward to fill the editor half of Ian's vital role. As a bon voyage to Ian for his years of selfless, honorable service, we share with you Carla's thank-you note.]

November 28, 2012

Dear and Well-Beloved Ian,

To say I miss your voice in my ear is putting it mildly, and yet my heart swells with joy in your choice to do what is dearest to your heart. When I think of all that you have done for us, when we needed your aid so badly almost 20 years ago and ever since, my heart swells again with gratitude and thankfulness that we, too, were part of that work which gave you joy, as you were creating this library of Confederation philosophy. I want to quote from something Gary said to me, because he said it so well.

“What Ian has done for the Law of One, for L/L Research, for you two, for us, and for wanderers in general is worthy of a statue in some city square. Outside of you and Don, he’s arguably done more to connect seeker to Law of One, and to preserve the integrity of the Confederation philosophy, than any other human being.

As you know, in the beginning he painstakingly scanned all your hardcopy files into digital form (a monumental undertaking necessitating an effort that I can hardly imagine), and has since created the archive website, structured all of your data into an accessible, organized library, edited countless pages of text, published numerous of L/L’s books, including eighteen volumes of the entire transcript library, and served in the capacity of webmaster-publishing L/L’s material (workshops and Carla’s niche included) to www.llresearch.org-for over seventeen years without remuneration. All of this in a manner which kept himself comparatively invisible and the website a relatively pure, archive resource for the spiritual seeker. In my opinion, his contribution cannot be overstated.“

This is so true. And of course there was and is much more, in that we developed a relationship of two who love the language and love impeccability in style; two whose hearts were full of love for this philosophy and shared sometimes deep thoughts as we tried to live in the loving way so clearly laid out for us by unseen friends.

I will miss that voice in my ear-the droll, witty, always reserved and yet utterly giving voice of a fine man whom I love with all my heart-for as long as I live. You and I are bound to become Christmas card friends, historical friends if you like, simply because life moves along at a brisk clip and does not leave time for looking back to connect with those with whom there is no urgent reason to communicate. I could cry over that! But look at the legacy you have left for L/L Research! Your site is a masterpiece, and it will stay pretty much as it is simply because the logic on which the site was built is so well articulated and so simple.

So, no tears. But a deep well of thanks from Jim and me and from all who love the Law of One for all you have done for us. We love you so much. And we bid farewell to you with the hope that you can continue to express those things that are on your heart to do with the marvelous completeness with which you manifested L/L Research’s web site.

L/L, beloved companion -