The Biblical prophets, from Moses to St. John the Divine, were channeling.

How accurate were they? That, I would suggest, is a determination to be made by each of us for ourselves. After reading the words and sensing the energy of those words, how do you feel? What do you think? It’s your call, not the church’s or any other authority figure’s. You are the boss of your spiritual life.

When I read the Bible, I choose not to get involved with what the church has done with this information since the time when Jesus the Christ lived. I listen for the spiritual sense of the parables Jesus tells. I enter into the beautifully caught emotions of spiritual seeking as expressed in the Psalms and wisdom books like Ecclesiastes and Lamentations. I pick and choose that about which I meditate and pray, and I specifically do not deal with the prophetic content of the Old Testament or the New Testament without careful thought and preparation.

I downplay these prophecies in my own spiritual process because I am a woman of faith who has chosen a style of seeking driven by love rather than fear. The prophecies tend to be about doomsday. The stories are fearsome and were I to accept them as given I would have to assume that the Creator liked to judge humankind more than He was drawn to love us.

The New Testament also contains many prophecies of doom. Jesus talks about the day when He shall return and the picture is not pretty. And for real “Twilight of the Gods” adventure, tune in to the seemingly drug-induced fervor of John’s Book of Revelation. Creatures and catastrophes abound.

The same is true of modern-day channeling. Any channeling’s accuracy must be determined by the person who is reading those words. I never tell people to “believe” my channeling. I tell them to discriminate carefully for themselves. I could be having a bad day! When reading any channeling or inspired work whatsoever, be it ancient or modern, you are the judge. You decide. Please do not give this power of discrimination away to anyone or any institution.

People feel, justifiably, that most channeling is junk. Either it is marshmallow fluff which makes us feel good without containing substance or it is full of specific information with which we do not agree. Certainly to my jaundiced ear and eye, most channeling is not excellent. Channeling is alarmingly easy to do, and extraordinarily difficult to do well.

When I see specific information and prophecies of doom about the near future, my scepticism is awakened. I have been researching channeling since 1962, when I was in college and began investigating channeling with a study group headed by a professor of physics, Donald T. Elkins. At that time channels were predicting the world would end in a few years, perhaps 1967 or 1970. Dire warnings were offered along with the advice to get to a “safe place” as “this was the Earthquake Generation.”

As time went on, the predictions changed only to advance the dates of predicted catastrophes. Forty-plus years later, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes still beleaguer us. Yet we are still here; still living and enjoying this beautiful planet. So when I see predictions that the world will end, I know that this channeling is not of a level that is useful to me. It is caught up in, and driven by, fear - fear of death and fear of the Earth’s ceasing to be hospitable for human life.

These sources may end up being correct: the world may end in a moment. If so, there’s not a thing we can do about it. And there is no reason to fear such a happenstance. Dying is not an end for us. It is a transition to a new beginning! If we happen to do this as a planet, together, think of the party we will have! If it happens it will be an exciting and celebratory time, not something to fear.

The weakness of any channeling lies in the strength of the channel and the channel’s preparation. If the channel has done her homework, she knows who she is and “Whose” she is. She knows what she is living for and what she would die for. As for myself, I am a child of the Creator and a follower of Jesus the Christ, whom I serve with all my heart and soul. I would die gladly if it became necessary to express total dedication to this source. And I live to “follow in His train.”

The Christ’s energy is that of unconditional love. I tune to that. I challenge on behalf of that. And, the Creator willing, I receive information designed to talk about and carry in a direct, experiential way, the vibration of love. As the Q’uo said through me in a public channeling on March 19th of this year, the Q’uo group does not tell people what to do. It tells them how to do it with love.

When you read channeling, whether it is from the Bible or from any other source, realize that you have the power to choose the things about which you will think, meditate and pray. Find the channeling that is coming in on your vibration and inspiring you where you are today. It’s out there, I promise you! If you are ready to be inspired, the book or on-line material you need to read will come right to you. Ask for it! The cliché is true: ask and you shall receive.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you find inspiration and information that sparks your seeking process today with love and light!