Channels such as myself tend to get a lot of the same kind of questions that fell to the prophets, sibyls and oracles of old. What should I do next? Where should I live? How can I win this argument/case/war?

I wonder if the prophets of old felt the same frustration I do when such questions come to me. I wonder if the oracle at Delphi ever despaired as she leaned over the bubbling pool that intoxicated her.

My frustration as a channel is based on the content of the messages I receive. That content speaks not of repairing this earth but of creating a new earth experience. And I find that helping people to embrace the creation of a new earth is tough work. It just does not make sense to most people.

On Nov. 12, 2006, our question for the Q’uo group which I channel had to do with fixing the earth scene. The questioner’s words were these: “Ever since 9/11 I feel a sense of failure, helplessness and hopelessness. Has the planetary experiment gone awry? If so, what spiritual principles are involved in transmuting despair into hope and doubt into encouragement?”

The spiritual principle invoked by them in response is no surprise, since our source often speaks of the Law of One. That saving principle is unity. We are all one in our relationship to the one Creator. We are all children of the Creator and heirs to Its sacred nature. We are one in our makeup. The Q’uo group says:

“It is interesting that we see you, all of you individually and collectively, as enormously greater in substance than any other details of your earthly environment, whereas you see yourself as the smallest portion of an environment that towers above you, beneath you, and on all sides of you, making you insignificant, helpless, hopeless and full of despair.”

It is difficult, from within the earthly round of activities, to feel one’s power. When our minds are involved with details and chores, we shut out the surrounding space of silence and formlessness in which our true nature can bloom and within which we may develop and exercise that power.

Further, it is in that shared space of silence and formlessness that all of the tribe of humankind may choose to act as one being, united in inspiration and dedication to creating a new earth experience. In this shared space of consciousness and self-awareness of ourselves as spirits who are part of each other and of the Creator, we can co-create a space for that world to be born in us. The Q’uo say:

“When individuals who belong to the tribe of humankind choose one, upon another, upon another, to serve the love and the light and to refrain from fear, that attitude will spread. That emotional safety net will begin to spread out. And the more people that are doing this kind of work within themselves, the more the environment will shift on the inner planes in such a way that those who come after you will be able to do this work in consciousness more and more easily.”

Choosing to serve the love and light and to refrain from fear are general instructions indeed, but the context of daily life gives us one chance after another to be the love in the situation when needed, to appreciate the gifts of love from others and gently to clear away fear-based thinking from our habitual circle of thoughts. And people are doing this, all over the world. The Q’uo group says:

“We see the world waking up to love. We see it beginning to identify the hunger that it has. We see it beginning to respond; love being reflected in love. There is great hope at that grass-roots level, below the radar of politics and empire.”

Can we, together, do this thing? Can we lift up from the drama on the world stage and refocus together to think a thought that never was, or at least to call upon our common creative process in order to make the space for that thought to grow? Can we intend together and think our way together to create the new paradigm?

Eric Bibb, in his song “New World Coming Through,” says:

Keep your mind on it. Shine your light on it. Don’t give up on it, Because you know you want it too, On that new world a-coming.

Today I ask you to lift up your eyes from daily concern and loose yourself into the power that your true essence generates when your will is focused with pure intention. And the Q’uo echo me with their eloquent words:

“We ask you to rest your concern and internalize that desire to help so that you see the very living of your life as an emblem and a symbol of the living of the life of the world.

“Consciousness is not yours alone. You share the innermost identity of yourself with all that there is. Walk, my sister, out of the small rooms and dim hallways of fear and come out into the outdoors of wind and water and fire and earth.

“Come from the local to the infinite.

“Come from the world of detail to the world of the four directions, the elements and the powers.

“Come to the great cross of life, the vertical reach to the infinite; the horizontal reach within incarnation to loving and being loved.

“And know that it is in the little things that you shall create a new heaven and a new Earth.”

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. To Q’uote one last time: “May you do each little thing as if it were a great honor and privilege! May you shine as the lighthouse you are!