Being a channel brings me into contact with terms and phrases that are different from regular speech. I am a librarian by profession, so I get curious about words such as “density.” That term pops up a lot as my extraterrestrial sources talk about life on planet earth. They call this experience we are sharing here on earth the “density of choice.” Now that’s interesting — what choice would that be?

Here’s what that means. The choice they have in mind is the choice of how we live our lives. As a child in Sunday school I learned a lot about how we are moral beings. We are people with a conscience. We read the ten commandments and see that these moral choices focus on good and evil; on positive and negative. We are urged to choose the good, reject the evil and offer loving, positive responses to the things that happen to us, no matter how difficult the situation we face.

The beings I channel (who make up a kind of extraterrestrial Confederation) suggest that our lives on Earth are in fact a kind of school. They say that we are in the third grade or “third density” here on Earth and that our task in this life (or density) is to learn how to make choices of love rather than hate, kindness rather than anger, peacefulness rather than aggression and a tolerance for free expression from others, rather than control over others. That should sound familiar, because every religion asks you to learn this as well.

We’re in the third grade? We do not seem to have gotten far as a human tribe. Here’s the good news: the best is yet to come. Here’s the set-up of densities according to the Confederation. Think music and octaves. In the movie, The Sound of Music you enjoyed Julie Andrews singing this little ditty:

Do (a deer, a female deer) Re (a drop of golden sun) Mi (a name I call myself) Fa (a long, long way to run) So (a needle pulling thread) La (the note that follows so) Ti (a drink with jam and bread, and that brings us back to) Do

The densities run along the same pattern. The first density, the metaphysical “Do,” begins, they say, in timelessness, before formation of planet Earth. Time eventually begins and first density then becomes the “density of the elements.” We have all learned in school how the infant Earth was awash in water, wind, fire and eventually earth. Those are the four “alchemical” elements of first density. The ancients Greeks and the Native Americans both hold these four elements sacred.

The “Re” or second density is the “density of growth.” It is the world we see as we walk in nature. All the birds and beasts, trees and plants are second-density creatures. They are characteristically those who can move, either as plants turn toward the light of the sun or as animals move about following their natures. They have no self-awareness as such. They are completely creatures of instinct — although anyone who has a pet knows how quickly pets become like toddlers, full of whims and wants, when they are inspirited with their owners’ love.

“Mi” or third density, as we said, is you and me and everyone else on the globe. We are self-aware beings. We are those who have a conscience. Our main job of learning in this density, the “density of choice,” is how to make the choice for love — love of the Creator, love of ourselves as children of the Creator and love of all our neighbors as fellow children of the Creator, our brothers and sisters.

From the vantage point of third density we cannot see the densities that come after this one. Just as we can only see one channel on our TV at a time, we are now on the third-density channel. We do not yet have access to the higher densities. We have a lot to which we can look forward.

The “Fa” or fourth density, coming up next on our agenda, is called the “density of love.” Here we concentrate on following up the lessons of third density and becoming truly loving. This density can be attained while you are living on earth, and in fact you should attain it.

The “So” or fifth density is called the “density of wisdom.” We focus in this density on becoming wiser than we are now.

The “La” or sixth density is called the “density of unity.” In this density, love and wisdom are balanced and harmonized.

The “Ti” or seventh density is called the “density of foreverness.” This is because at the ending of this density, all of us souls will be harvested back into the heart of the one infinite Creator and the present creation will dissolve into timelessness once again. This octave of creation will be completed.

Then the great heart of creation and Creator shall beat once again and a new octave of densities shall begin with that timelessness yielding eventually to the dawning of a whole new octave of creation. And we shall start a whole new course of study.

It’s a pattern that fleshes out our everyday experiences with a structure of spiritual evolution into which our present experiences fit and have clearer meaning. This may sound complicated, but if we simply look at every choice we make as a choice for expressing love, that helps us in our thinking. Each new density is attained by personal growth in some aspect of unselfishness.

So how dense is a density? Each density of the octave is progressively denser with light. With a denser light comes the opportunity for more information coded into the very essence of creation. The more we learn, the more light we can carry. The more light we carry, the more we can learn. Once we wake up and get it, nothing can stop us from growing.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your day be densely packed with light and love.