One day a friend of mine who was a Captain in the 452nd Battalion of the Kentucky National Guard was standing with his superior officer, a Colonel, in the back of an open Army truck. They were plotting Howitzer trajectories.

Standing in the truck bed, their heads were among tree branches. A ladybug landed on their plotting paper. My friend carefully put the ladybug safely on a leaf of the overhanging tree.

The Colonel watched this operation and commented mildly, “I hope you don’t feel that way about people!”

When I, as a person, look at the so-called war in the Middle East I see a human tangle that is as old as our civilization. That area of the world seems to have been in turmoil forever. Every empire since Babylon has fought in that desert land. To my eye, it looks as though the latest Empire to rise and smite the Holy Land is the USA.

As a channel, I am aware of a larger view of war. The Q’uo, my source for the last twenty years or so, says, in a session dated 11-18-2001,

We do not disparage war in and of itself. It is part of the almost inevitable confusion of third density (earthly existence). A case can be made for war as an excellent game, rich in glory and honor. Going to war is a part of the expression of third density.

In other columns offered for this UPI Forum, I have talked about the densities which constitute the structure of our creation. The first density is air, water, fire and earth. The second density is plants and animals. The third density is our present density, the environment of humankind. Our tribe is the first biological form to have a conscience and to develop and practice ethics.

This density is also called the Density of Choice. What is the choice we must make in this density, according to Q’uo? It is the choice of polarity.

As Bob Dylan wrote, “You got to serve somebody.” It’s true. We might be serving ourselves, the Creator or the people around us, but we cannot act without causing an effect by the choices we make.

We can seek to love and serve the Creator in other people. This polarity is called service to others. We can seek to love and serve the Creator within ourselves. This polarity is called service to self. The Q’uo group is saying that we are confused in our polarity.

Some things we do are service-to-others oriented. In any disaster you see all kinds of proof that people are wonderfully kind to each other. People pitch in and work together to save strangers’ lives and see that they get food, water and other necessities in their extremity.

Some things we do are clearly service-to-self oriented. Marching into someone else’s country without being attacked by them and deciding their policy by the power of our weaponry fits that description.

Who are we? We are ethical people making a choice of how to live and express our being. Why are we here? We are here to practice making these choices until we are able to polarize effectively towards service to others.

I do that in my small way by attempting to follow in the footsteps of Jesus the Christ. Jesus turned down the chance to go to war in the Holy Land and try to wrest the region back from the Roman overlords. He made his followers put away their swords and said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” That’s something to ponder.

In the same session, the Q’uo group says,

The heart of war and the heart of the reason for war in third density is the nature of love.

All things that you experience come to you as distortions of love. There is no other substance but love from which to draw life. So all of life, including murder, pillage, and rape, is act after act of love: love distorted, love blocked, love asked to go where it would not go.

No matter how many times the stock seems to be hybridized and ruined, the basic root stock of all experience is love.

According to Q’uo, we started third density as great apes who had an inkling about loving each other and serving the Creator. When I look at the war in Iraq I wonder if we’ve come very far from that beginning. It is a great-ape instinct to be territorial and to defend any territory which contains resources we feel we need. I wonder when our national policies will grow up to reflect more mature spiritual values than simply “us against them.”

I will let the Q’uo finish this thought.

It is easy for us to ask each to go into meditation each day and seek the silence. The answers are there within the silence, not within our words. However, when it comes to attempting to step into your shoes as third-density entities we find that we are simply glad that each of you has the energy and the will for this great task of seeing the truth amidst the confusion. Love calls powerfully and pulls each entity forward.

Third density is carefully designed to pull entities forward according to their desires and their thirst. The challenge of selfhood is to find out what you truly desire. What shall you desire? Truth? Love? Peace? Where is the substance to those words? Where is the reality beneath your feet? What is your understanding of your journey?

If you understand that you are here to pursue spiritual evolution; that you are here to answer the call of love, then you will want to shape your questions to the infinite Creator in such a way that you are seeking your own essence and the essence of love itself.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you radiate love today like a peaceful, golden sun!!