When I was seven years old my family moved to a new neighborhood where there was a troop of Brownies, which are junior Girl Scouts. I was invited by the den mother to join the group. I was excited to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends.

My first meeting was my last. Our project for the meeting was to cut a pattern out of colored construction paper which, when glued, became a little candy basket. We were going to fill them with gum drops and distribute them to the children at a nearby orphanage.

The pattern was such that one could easily put two of them on one sheet of paper. I thought of the waste of paper and was motivated to show the troop leader my improvement on her plan. I thought she would be pleased. However she was furious with me and immediately asked me to leave the meeting. I was banished. There was no appeal.

I never did make any friends in that neighborhood. Two girls from that meeting dropped by but one was a Roman Catholic, and her Mother did not want her playing with Protestants - I am Episcopalian. The other was a hard-shell southern Baptist and her Mom did not want her playing with Catholics. I went back to reading my books, singing my music and playing tomboy by myself. But I digress.

The point is that I am a typical example of an indigo child. I have never been able to take orders blindly. Things need to be explained to me. I felt, as a child as much as today, that my mind was the most trusted one around. I am introverted and find it challenging to be in large groups unless I get to pick the group.

These are all indigo characteristics.

Let me list them more precisely:

  • They are not able to accept orders without explanations and the opportunity to share their own input.
  • They tend to be antisocial and introverted.
  • School is often very hard for Indigos because the people in their classes do not make sense to them, and because they tend to know as much or more than their teachers.
  • Their sense of self-worth is quite high. The indigo Child web site describes them as coming into the world with a feeling of royalty.
  • They won’t do some things, like stand on line.
  • They are system busters when the system does not make sense to them. It is not that they are rebels. They are naturally progressive and want to improve the environment in which they live.
  • You cannot make an Indigo feel guilty by threatening him. Your only hope of altering his behavior is to ask for his help in negotiating a solution.
  • They assume their right to be here and tend to tell parents what they need.
  • They tend to be highly psychic and intuitive, with many characteristics of right-brained people such as artists, musicians and writers.
  • They tend to be very intelligent.
  • They tend to present to the classically trained therapist in such a way as to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder of one type or another.

They sound like such brats! What is going on with these kids?

Firstly, here is the psychological version, which is that, in psychologist Jan Tober’s words, “An Indigo Child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.” Jan and Lee Carroll are leading writers on this subject. Their very good book is titled “The Indigo Children”. Their feeling is that this is not at all a local, American phenomenon but is occurring world-wide. They state that perhaps 80% of all children now being born have these characteristics. And that percentage is rising steadily as more of us graduate upon the occasion of our natural death.

These psychologists’ take on this phenomenon is that these children have been born with a mission-oriented mind and that they are spiritual Masters who have evolved beyond the old-style human being. They have both right-brained and left-brained characteristics. Coming into a left-brained culture, they want to balance it.

The name, Indigo Children, by the way, was created by a psychic, Nancy Ann Tappe, who sees auras. She reports that most babies born nowadays have an indigo ring around their auras.

The Confederation source, Q’uo, which our group channels has a different explanation for why these children are here.

I have talked before about the concept of densities. First density is the planet with its elements and forces like air, water, fire and earth. Second density is plants and animals. Third density is human beings like us. Fourth density, the next density up from our environment, is humans who are able to study the lessons of love and understanding. Fifth density is humans who are able to study wisdom. Sixth density is humans who are able to study the balance of love and wisdom and come into perfect balance and unity.

The Q’uo report that there have been three waves of people incarnating into Earth from fourth, fifth and sixth densities in order to do a job. That job is to be here and love everything and everybody - the planet, the plants and animals, ourselves and other humans and all the beautiful virtues of higher densities.

The story goes that, by golly, we humans here in Earth’s third density have not learned the lesson of this density yet, which is to love each other. These waves of wanderers have responded to the need of Earth at this time to cram for its final exam. Third density is coming to a close. The next class begins in 2012. Earth will become a fourth-density positive planet.

The first wave of wanderers, including me, started around 1940. I share many characteristics of the Indigos but my faculty of self-worth is compromised compared to the Indigos. However I am passionately involved in service and feel I have a mission on Earth, like Indigos. That is characteristic of the first-wave wanderer.

The second wave of wanderers started around 1970 and were not particularly service oriented. They wanted to come to Earth for their own personal evolution; to work on the balance between love and wisdom in their own natures. Helping the planet and its people was secondary. Steaming, as we are, towards the crux of 2012, our environment is rich in learning experiences that will give the second-generation wanderer chances to work on that balance - to open the heart if they are too wise, or to open the wisdom faculty if they are too loving. They do want to serve others as well but have to work hard to remember that.

The third wave of wanderers, say the Confederation, are graduates from third-density Earth. They are the pioneers of fourth density. They began to stream into our Earth world around 1985, as they graduated from third density here.

At considerable sacrifice they chose as their first task of their new density to come back and help those who have not yet graduated here on their home planet.

They also want badly to restore the earth itself to balance as stewards. They feel intensely about this two-pronged mission.

They are a fourth-density indigenous species, to look at their situation carefully. They are in the great-ape, heavy, chemical-distillery bodies we enjoy, but they remember pretty well how it feels to live in a lighter and far less emotionally reactionary body. And they come into incarnation with their fourth-density inner or energy bodies activated as well as their third-density bodies.

Carroll, Tober and Tappe all feel that these children are Masters. This is not precisely so. They are children! Certainly, however, they have the potential to become Masters with far less struggle than those without the thinner veiling which helps the Indigos to remember how to think in fourth-density terms and make decisions with fourth-density values like compassion, peace, beauty and progressive thought.

These three researchers link the Indigo Children with the energy of the Divine Feminine. This energy has been exemplified by figures such as Sophia and Quan Yin and many in mainstream thought as well as in the channeling world have said that they feel that this energy is what the world needs now.

Next week I will continue with this subject and write about how to work with these children.

You may discover that you, yourself, are an Indigo who came through a bit early. Or you may find that you are a wanderer of the first or second wave. What shall you do with this information? You might read my “Wanderer’s Handbook” to learn more. That book is up on our web site for free. Or you can buy the printed version.

The core of what to do with this information is: respond! Respond with all your heart! If you have a sense that you have a mission on Earth, know that the core of that mission is love. You are here to be yourself and to love and accept love from others. That’s the mission. It’s almost too simple to grasp. What you do in the outer world, whatever it is, is only an offshoot of this basic mission.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Whatever you are doing today, do it with love. Whomever you are meeting today, meet them as the perfect, precious, exotic, dazzling, wondrous young Creators they are. Get beyond behavior and judgment and love, love, love!