Water is necessary for life. Without it, we die within a week. Our bodies are about three-quarters water in their make-up – 85% in the brain, 10 to 15% even in our bones. It is a magical substance, a crystal for healing; a cleansing tonic and perhaps most of all, a thing of limitless beauty, the drop of dew on the leaf of grass; the limitless stretch of the sea to the arc of the edge of the world.

And for the most part, we take it for granted. As Penny Kelly says on page 63 of her marvelous book From the Soil to the Stomach; Understanding the Connection between the Earth and your Stomach (Lawton, MI, Lily Hill Publishing, [c2001]),

“For many of us alive today, water is water. Our education has left us woefully unschooled in Nature’s classroom.”

Water played a powerful role in a breakthrough moment I experienced in East Sussex, Britain in June of 2005. It was very early. The dawn was just reaching rosy fingers into the pearly sky. I was to speak about love later that day in London and was enjoying a luxuriant soak in the stained-glass artist Pupak Haghighi-Brinch’s claw-footed bathtub. I was thinking about a transformative dream I had just had, in which I was running from the forces of evil with a precious message in my pocket. Finally I looked at the message, which I had been told would change the world if I could live to deliver it. On the paper was one word: BE.

In the dream, I was joined by an urchin – later identified by my companion, Vara, who had had the same dream, as she – who led me away from downtown Paris and into a charnel-house at the outskirts of town. I lay down, safe at last, amidst the stinking blood and carcasses of the abattoir and went peacefully to sleep. I knew that the forces of evil were all around me, but would never look for me there.

It was a very shamanic dream. I felt as though I had experienced my own death and dissolution in a completely fearless way, knowing that I would rise again. It seemed to me suddenly that my old life was dead, and I had the profoundly exciting opportunity to live completely anew.

Suddenly I was surrounded by angels. I thanked them for coming to me, and asked them to help me dedicate the rest of my life to the Creator and to service to others in His name. I felt the water being magnetized with love, those healing vibrations penetrating my body completely. When I arose from the tub, I knew that the rest of my life would be even more blessed than all that had come before.

And that has proved true.

That experience brings to mind something Q’uo said in a session dated April 2, 2006:

“Water is that aspect or element of the creation which contains the sacred energies of the Archangel Gabriel. Water holds gifts and powers that move from the simplest physical observations to the most abstruse and occult applications of spiritual principles. But the central gift of water is its acceptance of the impressions of consciousness. Water can be magnetized to hold pure emotion. Consequently, water is a very magical element, a crystal that can be solid, liquid or gaseous, and yet is a crystal in terms of the way that it can hold ideas, thoughts and emotions.”

This passage explicates just how important it is that we tune our thoughts to their highest and best. We magnetize our lives and our bodies by the quality of our thoughts, our devotion and our intentions, cell by cell.

In this article, I will make a report on what Kelly has to say about this wonderful substance. For water is far more than it seems. Its metaphysical qualities are as important as its physical ones. And that is saying a great deal, since our physical bodies need water to live.

This is the fourth article in a series reporting on Penny Kelly’s startling information about how the world is designed to work. Previously, I have covered stress, soil and trees, seen through Kelly’s eyes. The fifth article will be about nutrition. You can read the previous articles if you wish.

As I go forward, building upon previous material, I may seem to repeat some facts. This is inevitable due to the intricately intimate relationship soil, trees and water have in sustaining our lives upon Planet Earth. I am sharing this information because I am excited and engaged in attempting with my whole heart and mind to live The Law of One. Within incarnation, we are gifted with living the One in a physical body. There is no use in finding its chemical distillery a frustrating limitation. We did not come to incarnation here to escape our bodies in the pursuit of a strictly mental life. We came here to incarnate fully as part of the tribe of humankind upon Planet Earth – and to BE, here, sharing our love.

This entails accepting our physical parameters. It is good to need to eat and drink. It is a gift to need to pay the bills incurred buying clothing and shelter. It is wonderful that we are given challenges which we can meet, within these heavy chemical-distillery bodies, by faith alone.

L/L Research’s intention, in beginning to create a bio-dynamic farm on Avalon, is to live out The Law of One by creating an environment which operates on the assumption that the earth and all of its resources are alive and that we can cooperate with them to create a self-sustaining, thriving, unified way to live, where the food that we eat is grown on our own land, and we are part of that land as much as it is a part of us.

Rudolph Steiner, creator of the principles of bio-dynamic farming, had a vision of the farmer living in a unique environment, where all the animals and grasses, herbs and wildflowers had conspired together to make this farm a universe in itself.

And part of that unique environment is the water.

In the article on Penny Kelly and trees, I talked about the hydrological cycle and stated that in order to be “living water”, it needed to go through this cycle before we harvested it. So I will start with Kelly’s thoughts on this, from page 62 of her book. She says,

“Only when water reaches the surface on its own and enters streams, rivers, artesian springs, or issues from other natural sources, is it considered to be used for drinking and irrigation. When kept cold and moving in rivers and streams, this potent and energetically beneficial water will remain alive and well. Those plants, animals and people who drink it will maintain strong, stable, energetic and healthy physical systems. The ill who drink it will be slowly returned to good health.

“Viktor Schauberger deplored the pumping of “immature water” from deep in the earth to be held in pipes and tanks. He discovered that if water was pumped from the earth before it had risen to the surface on its own, it did not have the internal centripetal motion that was critical to life. Instead, its internal spin was centrifugal and was characterized by a right-hand spin, which he described as a disintegrating, dissipating, destructive, or outwardly exploding force used by nature to speed the break-down and dissolution of systems to be recycled.

“This is just the opposite of the centripetal, magnetic motion used by Nature to attract and hold the particles necessary to build up life-forms and maintain their shape, strength, vitality and function.

“In our present-day world we do not allow water to come up to the surface naturally. Instead we dig deep wells and pump it forcefully to the surface. Once there we hold it quietly in tanks and pipes where it is forced to stop moving and allowed to become warm. Warming has a very poor effect on water because it causes the water’s internal motion to change from centripetal to centrifugal, thus going from magnetic (form-building) to explosive (form-destroying).

“As water loses its natural magnetism and becomes dissipative, it begins to throw off its precious load of minerals and trace elements, which is why pipes and plumbing so often become clogged with mineral deposits.”

L/L Research is located on the Ohio River, and so we get water that still has its natural magnetism. However, it is stored, before we get it, in tanks and pipes and therefore our water is losing at least some of its virtue while waiting to be used. On Avalon Farm, we use rain barrels to collect water and again, it is living water when we collect it. Then, it must sit. Unless we drink and cook, wash our bodies and launder our clothes using water we take and use immediately from the river or rain barrel, we shall never experience the full force of living water. However, we can choose to drink spring water rather than water from the water tank, and come closer to feeding ourselves living water.

On page 63, Kelly goes on to say,

“Once it has risen to Earth’s surface, it must continue moving in the naturally spiraling ways that are characteristic of living water. Photographs of the inside of a drop of living water reveal extraordinary structure and order in what appear to be whole sets of currents, waterfalls and oceans of motion inside the molecules, all of which the water uses to maintain itself while carrying the gift of nutrients to plants, animals and people!

“Those twisting, turning, snake-like bends that we see in every natural river course are the water’s way of constructing its own path to maintain its high-energy spiral motion. When we straighten out a river, we ruin that motion. When we cut the trees along the banks and eliminate shade, water warms up and becomes lazy. Instead of spiraling along in a manner that literally and continuously excavates its own deep and narrow riverbeds with a range of temperature to spur its motion, warm water stops spiraling, gets shallow and spreads out, slows down, gets muddy.

“When we cut too many trees from the land, surface soil heats up, microorganisms die, and the soil collapses. Falling rain cannot sink in deeply. Instead it runs across the surface, carrying topsoil with it. Most of that topsoil ends up in the river, choking the waterways and filling in the channel the river is constantly trying to dig out for itself. The bottom line is that when water does not sink deeply into the earth, we end up with water that has not passed through the entire water cycle. The water table slowly drops and there is less fresh water to drink.

“We end up drinking dead water with centrifugal energies that explode our good health. We water the plants in our garden with dead water and wonder why we’re fighting fungus and mildew all season long. The missing minerals and energies that should have been in the water contribute to plants that are structurally weak. In the same way that we use calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals to build good, strong bones, plants use the same minerals to build strong, healthy leaves and stems. Without these minerals they are highly susceptible to the same decays, molds, mildews and rots that we are.”

It is clearer by far to me after studying this material why the great dams that stop the water’s flow in our country and elsewhere have done great damage to our water. In hoarding the water instead of letting it flow, in piping it across the country, in using it to make the natural deserts of our country into middle-class America, we are subverting the plan of nature. Americans have traditionally felt that we were king of all we survey and that it is not only possible but our destiny to mold water and soil to our will. How much better a model would it be for us to learn the ways of Mother Earth and then cooperate with her?

In closing, I would quote Laitos, in a channeling session recorded at L/L Research on February 1, 1976:

“You seem like islands in the stream. You are separate, and the waters are rushing past you, and you are each in a different place, attempting to understand the nature of that which is around you. Yet you are fixed, still, and as the waters rush past you, you see only that which touches you.

My friends, you are the water. One drop of water is one with all of the water that reaches from one corner of the world to the other, that indeed touches all that there is, that knows all that all the other drops of water know. Release yourself from that island, in meditation, and become one with the water.“

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Let us be no longer separate. As you read these words, take just a moment out of time. Feel yourself merge with all others of the tribe of humankind, and rest in unconditional love.