In 1986 I was flying west on my way to California to teach at a Gathering held north of San Francisco. My topic was my then-new book, A Channeling Handbook, which L/L Research had just published. To while away the hours of the flight I took along a book to read which had been a gift from a generous seeker. This was a mainstream book which was all the crack and I was curious as to what it contained.

As the miles hummed away in the wake of the big airliner, I read the book cover to cover. There were enjoyable things about the writing, but as I closed its covers to tuck it away into my carry-on satchel, my thoughts about the volume were far from complimentary. I could see why it had caught on. It was beautifully produced and was very easy to read. But I felt that it was made of marshmallow fluff. It was definitely not for me.

The woman next to whom I was sitting, a busy professional who had spent her flight time immersed in paperwork, noticed the book’s cover and exclaimed, “I just read that book too! It was exactly what I needed! I really loved that book!” Such was the power of my own judgment within my thinking that I was surprised. I quickly recovered, however, and carefully kept my response to her cordial, not sharing my opinion of the volume. It had worked for her. It just didn’t work for me.

I have never forgotten that lesson.

Twenty-plus years later, our society has come into what the Chinese curse calls “interesting times”. Instead of my next speaking engagement’s being about channeling, it is about getting ready for the great shift of consciousness which Planet Earth is undergoing as we near 2012. (For more information about that conference, see There has been a steep rise lately in mail I receive from people asking me questions concerning discernment. “Upon what source can I rely? What book can I trust? What organization is truly positive? How can I know what I know for sure?” When I received a letter yesterday from a woman named Ellie, I knew it was time for me to write this article.

Ellie’s letter would sound bizarre to some – not to me - because she writes of having a very clear dream in which she met a creature which looked alien. The creature was close to four feet tall and had skin the color of toast done just right. He looked a good bit like drawings I have seen of the so-called “Ohio River Valley Aliens” which were so commonly seen in Kentucky in the late sixties and early seventies, except that he did not wear a silver suit and his wrap-around eyes were red. He had orange spots on his bald head and somehow, in the dream, she felt as though she knew and liked him. He waited at her door until she gave him permission to come closer.

As he entered her room, she walked up to him, feeling completely safe in his presence. She felt that he was expressing to her without words a message of true love and compassion. The next thing she could recall was awakening and seeing her husband coming home.

This was a very vivid dream. The colors in it were brighter than Earthly colors. The details of the house in the dream were entirely correct. So she got on line to search for any discussion of such an alien. She was quickly led to our web site and our work. She purchased the five volumes of The Law of One and says of that work, “I think the words are the most beautiful words I have ever read.”

However, her mind is stuck on the need to solve this conundrum of just who this alien being is. She cannot let go of the mystery. She said in her letter, “If you could provide me with an idea, or could direct me to someone who had an idea of who this is, I would greatly appreciate it.”

I can completely understand why Ellie would wish to know that! Our minds do not like mysteries. We like our knowledge to come wrapped in common sense and proof, facts and details. I am this way as much as anyone is. However in this case, I can give her no satisfaction. I have no clue as to why the entity manifesting in her dream chose to clothe himself in that particular body.

When Don Elkins was conversing with those of Ra in the early eighties, he asked, as she is now asking, about how all the various races of aliens appear. They were not forthcoming to him. So her suggestion that she ask for a channeling session in which she asks about this being and his antecedents is not a good idea. It will get her exactly nowhere. It is entirely possible that the appearance of the alien in her dream is the result not of how that entity actually looks but rather of her having viewed two science fiction television series, Babylon 5 and Star Gate SG-1. Her alien resembles a cross between G’Kar of the red eyes and Thor of the small body. These are fictional characters from the two shows.

The parts of her dream which make sense to me are three. Firstly, the entity waited for permission to come into her ’space“, a service-to-others characteristic. Secondly, she felt completely safe with him. This also is a characteristic reported by UFO experiencers who report close encounters with seemingly positive beings, whether in the physical, outer world or in the inner, psychic world of dreams and visions. And lastly, dreaming of him prompted her to seek for more information, at which time she came upon our work far more rapidly than one would expect.

I have heard many stories of similarly high strangeness during the decades I have been engaged in channeling Confederation entities. Long ago I learned to focus not on the outer appearances and details of such stories but upon the results of them. I strongly suspect that the outer trappings of such experiences are pulled, whole-cloth, out of the expectations of the experiencers. This is due to the fact that such entities typically come from densities in which outer appearance is completely the choice of the entity, which molds the energy field of its body into whatever appearance he may fancy at the moment.

So for Ellie, and for all who are experiencing such events of high strangeness at this time of the beginning of a new density, I have some information. But it is not the information which Ellie came to me seeking. Here is that information, in a nutshell:

  1. It is the time of harvest on Planet Earth.

  2. The harvest is not going well. Many of the humans on Planet Earth have not awakened to the plan of spiritual evolution in the Density of Choice on Earth which is now drawing to an end. They have not yet made their choice of polarity – service to self or service to others.

  3. There are many positively oriented entities from elsewhere who greatly desire to help the people of Earth awaken and make their choice.

  4. These positively oriented entities often choose to work in dreams or visions so as not to infringe upon an Earth person’s free will.

When I read how rapidly Ellie had been drawn to our work with those of Ra, and how strongly she had resonated to Ra’s message of unity, love and light, I felt sure that she had had an activating dream. And it has worked to an extent. For it to work fully, however, it is necessary for her to let go of the outer details of who and what and from where and focus on the message offered by the source to which she was drawn. There is no objective reality within the physical world to her experience. There is a powerful subjective reality to it which she can trust.

This brings me back to the subject of discernment. Discernment is entirely subjective. We can trust our discernment. We get all kinds of signals when we hit something that speaks to us. As we find something that is “for us” our bodies perk up. There is a resonance there that creates an energy that leaps between the written or spoken word and our emotions. We just know – this is for us! It is a grand feeling. And this is the feeling which Ellie reports. Consequently I can assure her that her experience is valid.

On December 22, 1996, the group question at L/L Research’s public channeling was about discernment. It read, in part,

“We are aware that we know whatever we know through the intellect, through the experiences that teach us, and we know also through intuition, through the subconscious mind, through any entity that might communicate through the subconscious to give us an indication of the rightness of a thought, direction or action. We are wondering how to find or discriminate the highest knowing, the best knowing. How much of this is dependent upon faith?”

These are thoughtful questions. The Q’uo principle began its response to this query by saying,

“We ask that each of you trust her powers of discrimination, for there is within you a very powerful knower. And that keeper of your own personal truth awakens when you hear that which is true for you, that which is of use to you. It is a feeling of remembering or recognition of that which was already dimly known. Then that is yours.”

Q’uo does not direct the response in any way towards our relying upon the intellect. Rather, the group asks that seekers trust their discernment. I cannot express how central and helpful I believe this suggestion is.

Q’uo goes on to say,

“The wish to obtain and purify the faculty of spiritual discernment is surely a common one because of the nature of the spiritual journey. It is not given to any to have proof of rightness.”

They are suggesting that spiritually speaking, the highest and best knowing comes through faith alone. It is a bitter pill for the intellect to swallow. Q’uo continues,

“The hallmark of the spiritual inquiry of the seeking and searching after truth, of the thirsting for righteousness, is the darkness, the perversity, the inability to see clearly that is typical of a world that is in darkness in which the only light is the light of stars and of the moon. The one this instrument knew as Don used to say that the moon was more important than the sun because it gave light in the night, when you need it. This is very true. It is into the spiritual night that the light, so dim yet so precious, of discernment must come. It is not in the noonday of consensus reality when choices seem clear, but rather at the midnight, the dark night of the soul, which in some levels goes on all the time beneath the tempo of your everyday life.

“Discernment is all about moving into that uncomfortable darkness, where things are almost impossible to see aright. Oh, the light could not be dimmer without going out entirely. This is your spiritual situation, and that is why the faith with which you meet the good and bad fortunes of your existence is such a signal and powerful portion of a walk that can be termed spiritual or devotional in nature. Since nothing can be known, one must choose either to stop trying to understand or to invest in faith.”

If you wish to read further in this interesting session, this channeling session is available in our library.

So Ellie, and all of those who are trying to make sense out of unusual, mysterious, spiritually based experiences, please let go of the details of appearance and turn your focus instead to the essence of your experience. Look for the knowing that is not intellectual but entirely subjective and intuitive. And trust your feelings. Then focus on the message that emerges, and if this message has resonance for you, work with the message. See where it takes you. And enjoy your journey of awakening.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. As the great shift of consciousness into the Density of Love envelops us, let us be fearless. Let us follow the processes which may well include periods of unknowing and mystery. And let us invest in faith, even as we rely upon our inner, entirely subjective faculties of discernment.