Remind me of just exactly when life was simple! Please!

For most of us, life is never a simple thing. Our bowl of cherries contains blemished fruit. Sitting on top of the world hurts, with the peak poking at your tender parts. Life may be a beautiful thing, but somewhere, we lost that string.

I think life is the best party in town. However I do know and expect that there will be a cover charge for this party. The cover charge is the blemished cherries; the mountain peak’s poke and the suffering involved in realizing that once again I am at a loss for where “that string” went to that made life “such a beautiful thing.”

The Q’uo group channeled through L/L Research on September 17, 2006, said:

“before one even moves into considerations of the so-called end of the age and its specialized waves of vibrations, one is already living at the center of a personal vortex of energies: energies that are incoming, energies that are flowing through, and energies that you are blessing by your thoughts, your intentions, and your actions, and allowing to go forth from you.

“Are you a lighthouse? Or do you turn out your own light? That is for you to decide and it does not have anything to do with the end of the age.”

I got a letter this week from longtime Law of One fan, Monica. Monica is losing confidence in her outer world. She is facing the challenges of seeing a world which is not as she, and many of us, would have it be.

Monica is in favor of peace and justice in a world where the present state of our own nation’s and of the world’s governances in general seems bent on legislating away the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Echoing the actions of Adolf Hitler in Germany in the 1930s, the writ of habeas corpus has been suspended in the U.S.. Torture is considered appropriate as a means of information-gathering. We can be spied upon, our mail read and our liberty interrupted at will with no evidence being required other than the buzzwords, “suspicious contacts.”

Our research group gets mail from all over the world. If you don’t hear from me, I could well be detained somewhere because someone in a suspicious place wrote us. People are sitting in jails both here and in places like “Gitmo” and Abu Ghraib, often for no reason except that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or had correspondence with someone from the wrong place.

Monica wants to find ways to share the wealth of the United States with our own poorer citizens and with those poor, hungry and weary souls around the world who are in desperate need of simple creature comforts like food and water. She faces a world where not only the United Nations representatives but also Oxfam’s and other helping organizations’ representatives, the men on the ground who are supposed to give the donated food and water to the recipients, are instead trading the goods for sexual favors, and this with children as young as eight years old as well as with older teenagers.

Where is hope and faith in this picture?

The Q’uo group said, in that same channeling session,

“These are the energies of everyday and they are indeed challenging enough. They are set up to aid you in receiving that catalyst that you need in order to create choices that move you forward. You have the opportunity at any time to accelerate the pace of your spiritual evolution by using the resources of your mind, your emotions, and your body in a disciplined way.

“And we always encourage each to look at each day with that sense of creation and authorship that you would if you were looking at a blank canvas and deciding what to paint.

“There is a great deal of life as you experience it that seems to be intransigent and unable to be dealt with in any way except to accept what is. However, there is always a creative way to find the love, the thanksgiving, and the joy that are inherent in that pattern, however difficult it is.”

It is easy for me to find love in a day when I get such a soul-filled letter as I did from Monica. It is easy for me to give thanksgiving for her. I find great joy in sharing energy with her. And I believe she finds the same coming from me.

We certainly both do suffer. All souls seem to do some of that. But when we are lucky enough to have someone with whom to share good words, life does seem merciful and good, or at least better!

What about those times when, despite every attempt to see hope, faith and love in a situation, you see it nowhere? The Q’uo group says,

“It may be that you are the only love in this moment, and that creates for you a tremendous opportunity to settle into your true vibration and share that with the situation.

“It may not change the outer situation, but your use of energy, your expenditure of energy at that time, has made a difference, not only in the local atmosphere surrounding the situation in which you applied love without judgment, but also because such energy expenditures are added to the fund of love upon planet Earth. For your energy expenditure, when it reaches the level of ethical choice, redounds to the tribe of humankind, not only to your own spiritual evolution.”

Most of all, Monica is aware of the enhanced vulnerability of all of us on planet Earth at this time to the effects of the new energy surges that are sweeping this planet at this time of great shifting and change. We have sung “The Age of Aquarius” from the musical “Hair,” and now it is time to look for that Age’s advent in the outer, “real world.” Reality has caught up with fiction. The New Age’s beginning is at the winter solstice of 2012. Monica wonders if, somewhere, we went terribly wrong. She wonders if we have time to fix this old earth.

The Q’uo group gives a careful response to this concern. Basically, they say that in this time of New Age energies of transparent truth and honesty, hidden things are coming to the surface so that we can meld them into our whole natures and become full-circle human beings, aware of our shadow sides and ready to make true ethical choices with a fuller and more balanced awareness of who we are and why we are here.

It does sound a bit grim. Sometimes it feels grim, when we are looking hard for where the heart of truth and fairness is in the decisions we so carefully consider.

We would perhaps rather not know ourselves so well!

Here is their advice:

“Remember that knighthood is that which is attained by warriors. In working with these energies, see yourselves as warriors for light and truth. Let yourself become fierce. Do not be afraid to gaze at the murderer within, the liar within, the adulterer within, the lazy person within, or whatever other distortion hits your attention with all of the power of a harsh wind or a severe rain. Stand in the wind, glory in the rain, and give thanks.”

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. I join you in the wind and the rain of this inner weather we are all experiencing. Let us stand together and find thanksgiving and joy together, arm in arm; hand in hand. We can love each other. And in the reality of that love, the spirit will teach us all. Well does the Psalmist say,

“Send forth Your spirit, and we shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the world.”