When I do channeling, I start with the concept of myself as a transmitter and receiver. I know I possess an energy field around my physical body. That energy field holds the energy fields of each organ and body part in a certain configuration which keeps me healthy.

There is also an energy field around my energy body or chakra body. That energy field holds all the non-physical or “vital” energies of mind, body and spirit in one harmonious and functioning form. When we die, we drop the physical energy field and the body associated with it and move on to larger life within our energy body. Our consciousness never misses a beat during that transition.

When I prepare to channel, I tune my energy body by praying, singing hymns and intoning chants, calling forth the archangels and balancing, protecting and then sealing my chakra configuration so that it is a stable, functioning crystal with a clear “signal”.

I also tune my physical body, ritually washing my hands, brushing my teeth and combing my hair. Then I sit down and “count down” from my physical age to zero in order to reach a point of greatest physical focus and relaxation. As I grow older, this stage of tuning takes longer and longer.

I always ask for the highest and best contact with the consciousness of unconditional love, which I define as Jesus the Christ as I know Him, which I can carry in a conscious and stable manner.

I then ask the spirit for its name. I receive a name. Usually, for me, that name is “Q’uo”, my usual contact for many years.

However just because it is a familiar name does not mean it is all right to accept the contact without a challenge. Since I am now tuned to get the highest station I can carry, I challenge the spirit with whom I am in contact three times in the vibration of that highest “station.” Since I am a mystical Christian, that source is the Christ and I challenge the spirit in the name of Jesus the Christ, asking it to say that Jesus is Lord. It sounds like a flimsy thing to challenge like this, but such a challenge is like a wall in the metaphysical universe. If a spirit does not carry the vibration of the Christ, it cannot pass the wall, period. I have seen many spirits fall away at my challenge.

When the spirit has passed the challenge successfully, I accept the contact, join the sitting circle and proceed with the channeling session, responding to the questions that are asked.

This description of channeling may be as close as I can come to defining the activity or process of channeling. Science’s instrumentation is not yet at the point of being able to measure the very slight electrical vibrations which our minds emit. I have, however, been monitored while channeling and am told that my heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and pulse change about two to three seconds before I begin channeling.

It is a crowded universe. The unseen realms contain many discarnate beings of every imaginable kind, some positive, some neutral and others negative in spiritual orientation. I recommend that people never try to channel unless they are part of a group with a senior channel teaching. This is because getting hold of the wrong contact can split the everyday mind apart. Don’t try this at home!

However, you are channeling something all the time, just as your everyday self. It might be your worst, as when you are angry or jealous. It might be your very best, as when you are giving of yourself to help someone. It might be nothing either positive or negative, just an emotionless rote performance of work. However, your crystal being is always transmitting energy, and people around you are aware of it and respond to it.

What station are you on today? What signal are you putting out there to share with the world? Let it be your personal “highest and best.” You make a big difference when you tune your channel to love.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your light and love radiate today like a lighthouse on a hill!!