Earlier this month, L/L Research held its annual Homecoming weekend. The event always draws an interesting crowd, as our channeled and written material speaks to spiritual outsiders and wanderers. Often the sense of isolation that such seekers feel is crushing. There is no one with whom to talk, no soul with whom to feel safe enough to share the searchings of their souls. Here at L/L Research’s homey campus, there is blessed relief from loneliness.

We call the occasion a Homecoming because so many people, through the years, have reported that when they visit here, they feel as though they had literally come home. As Homecoming begins, there is tension and nervousness in the group, especially on the part of those who are coming for their first time. By the end of the weekend, the sensation is one of being in the midst of a family reunion. They are safe here. Their questions are respected, and their hopes and dreams are honored. And love is everywhere.

This year, our study theme was the age-old question “Who am I?” Throughout the weekend we examined that question, using as our starting-off points the seven chakras of the energy body. This gave us a chance to explore who we are in terms of our sexuality, our desire to survive and our personal and group relationships. We explored our identity as brothers and sisters of the open heart, as communicators and as those who walk a spiritual path.

If you would like to study the same material we used, you may find it on our site, under “Homecoming 2007.”

At the end of the weekend, the 30 souls in our circle talked about what they had discovered about who they were. The answers were so beautiful that I wanted to share some of them with you.

Let me start with the more down-to-earth responses. M. said she is a fool, a woman who gives and gives while receiving nothing in return. And L. agreed with that sentiment, saying that she still has “absolutely no clue” as to who she is, even after many years of seeking and several years of intensive psychotherapy. Her one hope is to be of service.

A. defined himself as a child of Earth: “I am grateful to our sub-logos (the sun) and Mother Earth for allowing me this habitation in which the infinite One may experience Itself through this unique extension of Itself.”

A. also defined himself as part of the tribe of humanity: “I am one who enjoys positive group interaction, for through collective group consciousness there is the conceivable magnitude of purpose which cannot otherwise be attained individually. I am one who offers up the sacrifice of praise for the source of beginnings. I am full, yet I am empty. Therefore I evolve.”

And I defined myself, in part, as a pilgrim in this poem:

We are pilgrims On the King’s Highway, Each goal the same. The goal is love. To human eyes, we’re all alone But in Love we are all one.

Behind all the shadows lies the One God. Behind all the stories dwells the One Love. Though separated by opinion, When speech is ended We are all One.

Several attendees identified themselves with their spiritual functioning. N. saw himself as a creator of the new world:

Birds sing out in harmony. A flower blooms that we might see How beautiful this life was meant to be.

A word to calm the stormy sea; A blind man healed that we might see By faith will we do greater things than these.

So now we begin, Creating a new world With love and light and truth. The darkest night is gone.

So now we begin Creating a new dawn. Through tears of joy we sing our praise In the healing rays of a new dawn.

Both M. and A. defined themselves, in part, as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, respectively. M. said:

I am an aspect of the Divine Feminine And as such, my function is to nourish all life. I am an electrode of the Divine in this time and space. I feel the inbreathing of energy currents into my third-eye vortex And feel the radiating energy through my crown As though from blowtorch fires forming a circlet round my head. I am not mistaken in Who I Am.

And some saw themselves as essences. A. saw himself as becoming: “I am one who shifts to each new paradigm to accommodate my present engagement. Daily I am an unfolding saga.”

M. echoed that thought:

As my body and ego become more often transparent, I feel the light radiating from my head. I am an expanding spirit, Joyfully following the ever-upward spiral of Life Eternal.

A. and I saw our identities to involve being a gift. A. said: “My sincere desire is to be a gift to humanity in the service to other-selves. In my quest and thirst for knowledge I sometimes find myself by myself, and yet there is this torch which burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished.”

And I echoed the sentiment, referring to a poem I had written in college:

Let me Remain, O Lord, Not in a body or in a thought, But in the air, as fragrance from A flower.

Make me A smile that fills One lover’s night with fire And forges one enduring bond With light.

Or let Me be a prayer Come true: a famine quenched, A husband home, a whole world grown From war.

Let Me be, Before I die, To whom you wilt, A crystalled absolute, A flame, A gift.

M. identified herself in part with light and love:

I am Light. Light is my friend, my constant companion, my comfort. It is my Source, my delight. It is the quiet centre of my mind.

My function is Love. Thousands of times energy rises up through me And the words “I love” breathe out into the world. Thousands of times energy comes down on me in a shower of diamonds And I look up in gratitude at the touch of my Father.

R. called on Popeye to create his identity: “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am!” This is a very simple sentiment, yet look how close it comes to the “name” of the Creator in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible: I AM THAT I AM.

M. identified herself as a child of the Creator:

I am a child of the One Mighty Creator. In every instant I choose the strength of Christ. In every instant I choose the love of Christ. In every instant I choose the Light of Christ.

And I echoed her sentiment in this song:

It’s only when I lose myself That I find myself in you; Only when I die away Like the ending of the day. It’s only when I give up my will That I’m still enough to know What it is you’d have me do; What new land holds promise true,

For I find myself in you. You are my explanation. I lose myself in you. You do my exploration. And all I discover praises you.

It’s only when I yield my shape And my limits to the cave; Only when I am no more In any sense save to adore; Only when I utterly die And sink into the grave That angels come with trumpet’s tone To roll away the light-struck stone. And all I discover praises you.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May you, in hearing these voices and pondering the fruits of our Homecoming thoughts, move forward in the discovery of your own deepest self.