It was about a year and a half ago that I began sharing my thoughts with you in this weekly column. I jumped at the chance when I was invited to join UPI’s columnists. I knew this would be a good chance for me to produce a harvest from the flow of the thoughts that tumble through my head in an endless stream.

I was also motivated to write this column in order to make the Confederation philosophy, which I hold so dear, available to a larger audience. These extraterrestrial communications, which L/L Research has recorded ever since 1974, have a bully pulpit here in these weekly pages. I can always bring any subject I discuss back to the leitmotifs of unconditional love and unity.

At first, I was slow to choose topics. I was lost within the very abundance of my stream of consciousness. I thought about so many things in a day! Which ones should I choose to share? I consulted my UPI editor, who asked me questions about Confederation philosophy. I produced articles of answers for him. He called me his “big book.” This period was reminiscent of my school days, where I wrote a weekly essay for my English teacher.

It was three months or so before I spontaneously realized that I wanted to write a column about a specific topic my editor had not requested. After that, the complexion of my writing changed, as I began writing from inspiration. These days, when I note something special occurring, either in the outer world or in my inner process, I jot it down. I have a dozen column topics in my ideas folder, just waiting for a good week to tackle them.

Which brings me to today’s column. I currently have several great Difference Makers stories saved up to share with you. I thought, when I sat down to write this morning, that I would select one of those inspiring people and share good tidings.

But then I sensed that there was unfinished business from my last article, which was about the politics of the day. Now, I think it is fine to write about the details of the world when the inspiration strikes. Spirituality is not divorced from the nitty-gritty details of our common life. Spiritual principles are relevant in the discussion of any and all arenas of thought and opinion. We need to stay close to the heartbeat of our times.

But it felt unbalanced to me, this morning, to slide right into a Difference Makers column. Instead, it felt appropriate to talk a bit more about why we need not be discouraged by the roiling waters of our present political, economic and social climate. So let me restore balance in my conversation with you. Let me bring the focus of attention back to the heart, back to why we are here.

Have you seen the refrigerator magnet that says “God bless this mess”? That phrase expresses succinctly why I feel that we are here. We chose to come into this world to love it. This is our common mission. Because, as Burt Bacharach said so well:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of What the world needs now is love, sweet love, No, not just for some but for everyone.”

In a way, we came into the world to be witnesses and observers. The Creator wished to know more about Itself when it decided to make this creation and sent all of us Creator-sparks into the chaos to explore. We are pattern-makers, orderers. We make sense of the world, each in our own way. And so the Creator learns of Its nature. That is the side of myself I was exploring last week, in writing about the challenges of society today.

In a more central way, we are just here to love this mess! The Confederation entity, Q’uo, says:

“There is a purpose for your being here now. Indeed, you have created the lifetime which you are enjoying, in terms of choosing the relationships that shall be important to you within this incarnation, choosing the cluster of gifts and skills that you have brought with you to share with the world on the outer or manifested level within this incarnation.

“And you have chosen those blindnesses, seeming faults, and ways of being uncomfortable that shall offer you catalyst, so that in this valley of the shadow of death that your short life is, you may make straight in that desert a highway for the Creator.

“Each time that you encounter a tangled pattern that calls out to you to be solved, remember that this is grist for the mill. This discomfort and suffering is valuable, for in the fiery furnace of this suffering, this very situation that seems so difficult shall shake you and break you open so that the gems hidden within the ore of your personality may be harvested and you may suddenly, for the first time, see a jewel-like and utterly beautiful aspect of your consciousness that you never knew was there. It was only through this catalytic action, this shaking and stirring of the self, that you are able to see more clearly the choices that lie before you.” (May 20, 2007)

The central choice that lies before us is always the same: whether to approach the world in love or in fear. No matter what the details of a situation are, these are the two options, in terms of our deciding how to respond to incoming catalyst.

Sometimes, for instance, when I find myself dancing with a security officer, my inner creation of unconditional love grows a bit shaky. Q’uo asks:

“What is holding you back? It isn’t going to be the same for any two people. In general, what holds entities back is that which causes them not to pay attention to who they are and why they are in incarnation. It is easy to lose track of the big picture. If you can maintain a hold on the big picture and, when you discover that you have strayed from it, move back to it, you will have the best chance possible of being able to cooperate and enjoy the revelations of truth that this fourth-density energy is bringing you.” (April 8, 2007)

It is so easy to become mired in the illusion! My tango with that security guard, for instance, made me feel like Elmer Fudd! “Wascawwy Secuwity Gawd!” I growled.

But then love Itself called to me and brought me back to the remembrance of my inmost and deepest identity. It helped me to recast the security guard as a soul instead of as a person with a rotten job. And then I was set on my feet again, ready to love the man as a beautiful, shining soul.

The Q’uo group says:

“You are the creator of your universe and your thoughts have the power to adhere to life as you know it. “Therefore we ask you, what shall you create this day with your thoughts? “What kind of creation have you created? “What environment for spirit have you provided for yourself? “When you speak, are you aware that that which you judge is judged and found wanting and that which you approve is acceptable? “We ask you to move from this point of exquisite accountability. At the end of each day, as you assess your thoughts, see what you think you have created this day in terms of a world in which to live, move and have your being. “Have you created an affectionate, compassionate, sweet world in which your soul may bloom? Or have you brought down the blight of intolerance, prejudice and the acceptance of injustice and lack of love? “Have you been at war this day within yourself or with another? “What are your thoughts this day? For you are the Creator and that which you create within yourself is out-pictured into the world.” (May 20, 2007)

This is the perfect time to be alive! It is this precise time, challenging as it is, that we chose. It is here we felt we could make a difference. And we can! We can allow the Creator-sun that lights our being to radiate through us to all those around us. That is our mission: to be fully here, and to let the Creator shine through.

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Let us be loving Creators this day! May our thoughts be light and merry. May we laugh long and delight in much! And may we abide in deep thankfulness for the privilege of being here today to love each other.