In this series we have been looking at what dignity is and where we can find it within the earth scene. In truth, I could write an article a week forever if I simply chose to tell the stories of worthy people. And in the series of articles I wrote about several wonderful people whose lives have involved being of service to others in inspiring ways that show us all the worth and dignity of the human spirit.

I have talked about the worthiness of all souls. I have spoken of the beauty of the earth and the worth of the suffering we undergo in this school for souls where we learn how to make the choice to love. I would like to end this series today by talking about the worth and dignity of this present moment in history.

If we look at the surface of things, our society’s dignity has lost its last shreds and tatters and we stand naked in our uncouthness and meanness of heart. We approach genuine cultural insanity in many ways. Don Imus’ ill-chosen comments only scratch the surface of an undercurrent of racism, sexism and many other kinds of prejudice that pervade this society and have led to endless cases of unfairness and injustice.

Meanwhile the line between consensus reality and violent video games continues to become more blurred as Hokie senior Cho Seung-Hui, 23, expressed his dislike of wealthy students this Monday by shooting 32 students and then turning one of his weapons on himself, bringing the death toll to 33 at Virginia Tech. Ironically in this Easter season, that is the number of years Jesus the Christ lived on this earth, and in occult studies, it is the number of Jesus’ mastery.

I could go on and on. I could talk about cronyism in government at the highest levels, which has led to many soldiers’ deaths as our national leadership balks at ending a war that cannot be won according to the best military minds except by Halliburton and Blackwater USA. The present incumbent is eerily like Hitler in the last days of World War II, ordering a surge of forces when there are no more forces to send.

I could look at the tragic waste of FEMA, where billions of dollars worth of food and trailers have sat ever since Hurricane Katrina, unused, and now must be thrown away, having spoiled and rusted. I could even mention that the marshall of Louisville’s coming Kentucky Derby Parade is Mickey Mouse in his persona of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

In such bizarre times it is easy to lose heart and to feel that we humans have failed in some societal way to do the right thing, to the point where it is pointless to hope for better times. The Q’uo, an extraterrestrial source which I channel for L/L Research, has another point of view. The group entity says in a channeling session dated Jan. 20, 2006:

“We have seen a tremendous dawn break upon your planet. We realize that the outer picture remains grim. We ask you to look beyond the surface. Those who are in power upon your planet have a great tendency to be oriented to service to self. It is natural for this to be so at this time, as the dynamic between service to others and service to self becomes more and more obvious. However, this does not have much to do with life as lived by the majority of those upon your planet.

“In general, we see the peoples of your planet awakening in record numbers all over the globe. It is very exciting to see and feel the energies of the people stir and to become aware of the fact that there is something happening of which they can be a part; that it is truly positive and that it will truly change the face of the Earth. It is a dim awareness, but there is a stirring that cannot now be put back to bed.”

The image of a slowly awakening tribe of souls that now cannot go back to sleep is encouraging and heartening. For we know well that when we as humans get restless with the desire to change things, we cannot fail to change our reality. However, at this particular moment in time we need to determine what our focus is. We need to decide just what reality we wish to change. Do we want to fix this mess at the surface level? Or do we want to create a whole new way of thinking, a paradigm for consciousness which is so completely out of the box compared to our present experience that it creates a shift in our planetary consciousness?

Here is a thought on this from Page 176 of “Handbook for the New Paradigm,” an anonymous work which I feel is excellent and timely channeling:

“During the period of chaos facilitating the transition, those with intent to assist in the birthing of the new paradigm, rather than the maintenance of values to be transcended, will be assisted in having available what is needed to superintend facets of organization that are necessary. These will not be in the focus of leadership, but of setting the ideal or archetype of cooperation.

“Once before, a question was asked for your contemplation. You were asked if you can conceptualize a system in which there were no levels of leadership or hierarchy because they were unnecessary. Unity of focus based on personal responsibility to fulfill the harmonious, shared goal of ‘becoming’ through individual experience sets up a cooperative environment. Cooperation replaces competition and fear is no longer present.”

The idea of cooperation replacing competition and peaceable discussion replacing violence as the technique of choice for finding solutions to seeming problems seems like pie in the sky, if we just look at the surface of things. In truth, we are caught within a flow of consciousness that is negative, fear-based and largely artificial, created by massive propaganda and mass-media blitzes that efficiently and effectively make worthy individuals into faceless consumers. On Page 177 in the Handbook cited above, the anonymous source suggests:

“The moment you are born, you are taught to begin swimming upstream against the flow of creative expansion. It is now time that you climb out on a rock, take a good look around and then begin swimming within the expansive flow.

“To accomplish this within an environment of humanity swimming in the opposite direction is impossible unless it is accomplished within a cooperating group that is literally out of that flow. Pulling oneself out of that flow, up on to the rock, carefully perceiving the situation and making the decision to enter the greater flow of the galaxy that is moving within creative expansiveness brings you to a level out of that struggling mass. Once the initial group begins this action by freewill choice, many will join in increasing numbers and a new flow is formed joining the galactic flow.

“As those of the masses, literally wearing themselves out by spending their creative energy within the struggle, observe your life moving smoothly and easily within that flow, your mission of reversing the flow will be well under way.”

We can do this. I believe that with all my heart. It is not easy to accomplish, because we tend to be immersed in the stultifying flow of negative thinking that constitutes our daily buzz of gossip and news. And we tend to think that in order to be part of the overall solution, we must Do Something. The heart of spiritual activism, however, is not doing but being. The Q’uo, in a channeling session dated Jan. 9, 2006, says:

“You asked this day what you as a group could do to help to anchor and further the harvest that is now taking place upon planet Earth. We realize that each of you has more of a tendency to think about what to do than to focus in on being. And yet we would say to each of you that the heart and the seed of each of your service at this time as part of this group is the work that you do in seeking the truth of your own nature and becoming more and more deeply aware of who you are, why you are here, and what you are doing.

“Take the outer looks of the political, economic and social systems of your culture lightly when doing this grounding work. For you did not come necessarily to change the outer picture. You came to assist with the harvest of planet Earth.”

How do we assist with the harvest of planet Earth? The Q’uo group says:

“We would encourage you at this time to realize that you are here, not to be concerned with these changes; not to react in fear of them, but rather to lend to this environment, which could be distressing for many, the comfort of your faith. Many are listening and looking for some indication that there is hope and a positive expectation possible for those upon planet Earth at this time. And so we would say to you that if you are awake and if you wish to serve, you are in an excellent position to do so, simply by being who you are.”

And who are we, really? The Q’uo group says:

“Please see yourself as magical, powerful parts of the godhead principle. You are spiritual entities who have chosen to take flesh for very laudable purposes at this time, and we do praise you for having the courage to come into incarnation at a time that is very challenging to the senses.”

Let us accept this moment as worthy, holding faith rather than fear as our motivating viewpoint. Let us choose to radiate our love and faith as we talk to people and as we choose how to respond to the events of the day.

Let us accept each other as worthy and find areas of commonality where we can begin to band together, linking and harmonizing positively oriented groups after the same basic thing: shifting the consciousness of planet Earth at this crucial time. The Q’uo group says:

“Groups small and large have begun banding together for positive purposes, not to gain power or to maintain power, but to share power with those who are powerless. That time is now arriving when the last shall be first, the hungry shall be fed, and the rich shall be sent empty away.

“It is a time of rejoicing, for it is the herald of a new day.”

A new day dawns, and we are awash in the energies of great and profound change. Let us who are part of the movement to lighten the consciousness of planet Earth use that paradigm of cooperation in our daily lives and in our treatment of each other. Let us crawl up on that rock and take a really good look around.

My fellow humans, we are primed to collaborate in a great transformation in human consciousness. The guidebook for this transformation is ancient, and there are several versions. The prayer of St. Francis is a good enchiridion, teaching us to substitute love for hatred, pardon for injury, unity for discord, faith for doubt, light for darkness and joy for sadness. And the summation of faith which Jesus the Christ gave in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 12, Verses 21-23 is succinct and clear:

“The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

I open my arms and embrace your spirit. Today, may we collaborate in loving the one infinite Creator and in loving each other, knowing that the way we think and feel, when blessed by our passion and faith and allowed to shine through our lives, may do a worthy work in the world.