(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We were attempting to contact both the instrument known as B and the instrument known as M, so that if either of these instruments felt that they were being contacted, they were correct.

We urge each of you to improve in your self-confidence, and we will again try to contact you later in the meeting. May we say to you, my friends, that it is a great privilege to be with you this evening. For we speak now to those who do not need to hear our words, for you, my friends, are already awake to the consequences of eternity, and do not need our [attempts] at inspiration and the provoking of the [healing] curiosity for more information which we normally need to deal with in our contact with your people through channels such as this one.

Thus, we can speak to you, shall we say, face to face, without shading our words as we so often do and we find this to be an enormous honor. And we thank you for the great privilege of being asked to speak to you, who already are conscious of much that we have to say. Thus, with you we may go a bit further. We have been aware of your conversations this evening, and we send to you our comfort and our blessing that you may not be overly concerned for the future. For eternity exists only in the moment. And prudence is not necessarily an ingredient of spiritual good health

You must of course dwell within your physical vehicles and cope in such a way with your physical existence, that you do not become a stumbling block before others, nor a liar, nor a [dissembler.] This much attention we must give to our daily habits and duties and responsibilities, and we would never encourage anyone to forgo such indicators of a balanced and stable worker along the path. But we say to you, my friends, that you must be mindful of a certain story which has been written in your holy works, and in that story a teacher, known to you as Jesus, was approached by a young man who asked to become a disciple of the great rabbi.

He had listened to the one known as Jesus, and he believed in what he said, and he wished to devote himself to learning more and more. The one known as Jesus turned to him and said: “You are a very good student and you must do only one thing more if you want to follow me; sell all that you have and give it to the poor and come and follow me.” You are aware of course, my friends, because you are not introductory students, that this was a parable and not to be taken literally. It is not those things which you have that you must sell; rather, my friends, it’s those things which have you, which chain you in some way and block you from understanding yourself and your true desires that you must shed, as a snake would shed an old and faded skin. These things need not necessarily be physical things. They may be nothing more than ideas, attitudes.

You have heard it said this evening—know yourself! That is the most important thing. And we ask you to consider, not for the future, but now, in each moment, what do you desire? It is said of many in the world that they are selfish because they do what they desire. And what they desire may not meet the models of the society in which they live, and yet we say to you, if you do not do what you desire, you will never be content; you will never be secure; you will never know the present moment to its fullest. There is a misconception, that is greatly spread among your peoples, that you are beings who are shaped by circumstance. This is not so, my friend, unless you allow it to be so.

If you are able to remain in contact with the Creator, your life can be totally devoid of circumstance. That is a big “if,” my friends, and it requires constant remembrance of your oneness with the original Thought, so that you become full of joy. Not your own joy, my friends, but the joy of creation, the joy that brings things to life. The joy that transfigures death into resurrection. Such a joy is real and is realistic, and can touch all circumstances and all those about you. If you can maintain to any degree this contact with the Creator, the Creator, working through your higher self, will find Its own way to allow you to become aware of what is right for you. You will not know ahead of time; you may not know an instant before. It will not be an intellectual process; it will occur. And there will be an inner conviction and with that conviction, a peace!

We realize, my friends, that you are sad because your clan has not been able to work at full efficiency during your incarnations so far. If you could only see the number of people that you have touched in your work, in your daily contact, in your friendships, you would know that you have not deviated nor forgotten that love which you came to bespeak to the multitudes.

It is possible, and indeed we feel very probable, that the time for drama is over. For your peoples would not accept it. And thus, you could not do it. There were those who would have helped you, but they could not. For they were not ready to pick up the responsibility of the knowledge that they held. Their inability was due to a simple human failing, and that is what we spoke of earlier. And one could sum it up in the word “greed.” There was something, an ego problem, a personality problem, a favorite activity. Something as small as that which eliminated them from the life of constant service. But you must remember that the space/time continuum is forever flexible and forever changeable, and in your local world each moment is discreet and separate, thus giving you a nearly infinite number of chances to be of perfect service to the Creator.

We are aware of your great hopes, and we honestly do not know what the future may hold, for there are many futures, and we do not know which one you will choose. But we say unto you, that those who love and seek the Father will find the satisfaction of missions well accomplished, no matter how the plan has evolved, no matter what decisions have led to other decisions, and thus we ask you to live today in a loving way and always to say, “I shall obey the voice of meditation; those thoughts I will weigh.”

We would leave you to silence for a few moments, and then we would attempt to transfer this contact to the one known as B. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)


(M channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument… [inaudible].

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and I would with your permission work with the instrument known as K for a brief period, for we would like to make contact with her and make her familiar with our conditioning wave. We would attempt to say a few words to her, if she is willing this time. If not, we wish only to make our presence known to her. If she will relax, we will attempt to do so, at this time. I am Laitos.


I am again with this instrument. We were attempting to calibrate our vibration to properly coincide with the basic spiritual vibration of the one known as K. We will continue to work with our sister at any time she may request it. It has been a great privilege to be with you, and we thank you for your patience. I am Laitos. Adonai, my friends.

[Carla makes a tuning sound, twice.]

I greet you in the love and the peace of the infinite Father. I come at your request, and I am known to you as Jesus. Your vibration has reached out to me this evening. And I perceive that you are true disciples, and that you are all too aware of my words, that you must take up your cross and follow me.

It is well, my friends, my beloved children, to meditate upon that which is your cross so that you may the better take it up. But we ask you to remember, that it is through the cross that you can achieve redemption for all those about you, through your great love and sacrifice and ultimate resurrection. What I wish to say to you now is that you will be aware more and more as you grow towards the consciousness, which you choose to call Christ Consciousness, of the endless wonder of existence in the creation of the Father; to live, my friends, in a constellation of beings who are individual, unique and miraculous; to have, through grace and the holy spirit that dwells among you, all power for good and for love. Think you that you are unworthy of wonder and joy?

Shed your unworthiness! You do not need it and it does not need you. Enter then into the kingdom which awaits you. A kingdom that is here, my friends, in this illusion, on this plane of existence. Enter into the kingdom of those who have washed in the waters of healing. Know that which is your cross, and love and accept that which is your cross, and so shall you be healed.

It may not seem so to the world, but it is your soul that is of significance, and it is your soul that must be healed and washed and, once clean, you shall be called holy and you shall be called chosen. Not by others and not by yourself, but by the impersonal and loving judgment of light. For your souls are the stuff of light. Thus, heal your souls by constantly standing in consciousness of love, and wash and wash with that love until you are clean. Let this be private and secret and speak to no man. For the world will not understand that which you do in the name of the Father.

But that which is within will come out. And thus, you will become an instrument for love. What love I have in me is yours, my brothers and sisters. You are my beloved brethren. And you are next to my heart, as are all conscious beings. Know that you can and you will be healed of whatever keeps your soul in bondage.

And seek always that holy ground which lies beneath your feet wherever you stand. I am with you in prayer. I am by your side in meditation. My love goes with you, my peace I give to you. I am known to you as Jesus. My peace to you, my friends.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Latwii. I am Latwii. I am Latwii. We are sorry, we always have trouble with this instrument for she is very delicate, and we begin too strongly and have to lighten in our vibration. It is an unusual one, and yet she is very good at receiving it; and we are not used to this because we do not have great success with your peoples in communicating with them. Therefore, we assume that this entity has a certain amount of light vibration in her makeup. That is perhaps due to her weight—ha, ha!

We are aware of the question at hand, and it is somewhat complex. Indeed, due to this instrument’s abominable knowledge of very little geography, we will only attempt to speak about the question at hand. The vibrations in the earth are somewhat generalized, however, the one known as Hatonn had been, until very recently, in China, due to an extremely complex situation internationally. We will attempt to sort it out, but you must be aware, that our answer is somewhat simplistic.

The entity known as China is a backward nation with many people. They do not have the monetary strength of their northern neighbor, which is Russia. And although it would seem that they would be natural allies, China has a set of leaders at this time which are in fiercest enmity with the leaders of Russia. You must understand that we consider such things as ideology perfectly ridiculous since all of your peoples fail [to live] out love. Even in your own America you consider the pursuit of happiness and not the pursuit of understanding of love as the most important right of each human being. Thus you have a nation which disports itself instead of becoming disciplined and wise enough to use the great resources that are at your disposal.

There is some wisdom in China but not at this time in its leaders. They seek to undermine the advances of Russia in world events. They seek to do this by many means. They have [started] a conflagration in your Indo-China area which even now is burning out of control. They have attempted to make allies of the United States by offering great incentives to invest capital and technology in China while at the same time planning, at the nearest and most convenient opportunity, to use nuclear tactics to destroy both Russia and the United States.

For in China the leaders believe very closely in the classical ideology of Marx in which there is a worldwide struggle, out of which come the victors, that is, the Chinese. Their hatred of Russia stems from their observation that Russia has relaxed its relentless drive towards world domination and is content simply to be a very powerful communist influence. The Chinese play a more clever game of international politics than their Russian counterparts. And their influence spreads as far towards your West Coast as the Philippines in which there is some unrest which is fomented at times by Chinese encouragement.

Thus, the one known as Hatonn was extremely interested in sending vibrations of love to these leaders. For if pressed too far, if Russia had then realized what China was seriously considering, it in turn might very easily have attacked Western Europe, because at this time, Western Europe lies almost defenseless against their weapons. The great difficulty here, of course, is that it is unlikely that any soldier would allow the nuclear destruction of one side without automatically returning fire and destroying the other side. What would be left would be a maimed and ruined physical illusion, for we do not feel that it is within our rights to violate the free will of those upon your planet if they wish to bomb each other.

As we have said before, we work only to save the soul, not the body. We will and have before successfully neutralized the disintegrating effect of nuclear weapons upon the etheric or electrical body—or as you might call it, the spiritual body or soul—of entities who are subjected to a physical transition due to atom or nuclear bombing. Furthermore, the Chinese are interested in the outcome of Russian interests in Third World countries and have engaged in active espionage which involves the theft of fissionable material for use in unauthorized nuclear devices.

Among nations who are ruled by those who do not have the mental capacity to understand what they might unleash, but only understand the prestige of owning a nuclear device, this so-called nuclear proliferation is very dangerous. And each new source of nuclear attack increases the potential for this becoming a reality. Thus, Hatonn, who is one of our Confederation’s most strongly loving entities, has turned its planetary consciousness entirely several times towards these leaders and at times those of Russia.

Does this answer your question, my sister?


We are glad and are sorry that we cannot be more specific through this instrument but her knowledge of geography is truly the pits. Is there another question at this time?


We would be glad to, my sister, for our vibration is a simple one. We have gone through your experiences and we have gone through the experiences of the ones of Hatonn, and our level of experience is one level closer to the original Thought, so that we no longer have bodies as you know them, but are light beings normally moving about as balls of light which can appear to you as UFO’s.

We are of a vibration in which many of your so-called angels also move, and therefore we find great delight in singing, laughing, music of all kinds and the great beauty of colors and shapes and harmonies. It is our particular purpose, at this time within the Confederation, to monitor and begin to understand the various vibrations upon your planet in each density, so that we may the better be able to aid those upon your planet. Thus, we spend a great deal of time examining the spectrum of vibration in each of your densities. We enjoy this tremendously, and as we focus on each color we immerse ourselves in it and float about in it as bubbles on a string.

Your planet is very beautiful, and despite many a dark shadow due to negativity, we find it a very beautiful place and put every effort towards preserving that which is beautiful in the thoughts of so many. When you laugh, when you hum, when you think a half a thought, know that we are with you and are joining in your laughter.

Does this answer your question? May we ask you, especially—if you are sad, to call upon us? You cannot be sad when you are full of light, and that is our vibration. Is there another question at this time?


That is correct, my sister. Angels are assigned to people.


That is correct.

Does every person have an angel?

Most have more than one angel, depending upon how much of a stinker they really are. The ones who are kindly affectioned, one to another, have as many as twelve, that is normally the complete assortment of angels that one individual will have.

Angels exist as part of the higher personality of each individual in order to give guidance, self confidence and a feeling of support. Very few among your peoples know how to call upon their angels, and yet they are there and they are as full of love and light as are we. But they are members of your planetary sphere, and thus they have the right to do a little bit more for you than we can. In other words they have the right to be with you, whether you request it or not.

Their rights only stop at the point where the person denies that there are such beings, denies the deity, the spirit, and love itself. This does not remove the angel from the person, but it renders the angel completely helpless, and so the angel patiently and consistently will set up again and again a situation, in which the person who does not believe will see something which, if he thinks about it, can open the door to belief. This much an angel may do; we cannot. We can only come when we are specifically called. For we are not of your planetary sphere, and thus must obey the law of Creation, which is total free will.


It depends upon your state of belief as to whether angels can physically aid you. If you believe in their reality, they can do almost anything, for grace is given unto those who believe. And the angels are the ministers of that grace. They are people such as you, who had learned through many lifetimes to glorify and praise the Creator. Thus, having learned, the angel can pass on the power and the invocation of light. There is nothing more powerful than the light of the spirit. Thus, if you pray and hear the rustle of angels’ wings, so be it. You have made contact with a part of your personality that links you with the perfection of the Creator.

It is, however, incumbent upon the angel to know the limits of the laws of Creation and the will of the Father. Thus, the angels’ laws are not those of your illusion but those of reality, and so it may seem at times that your requests are not being met. And if this is so, it is because it is not the will of your higher self which shares the perfection of the Creator. For remember that you yourself are the co-creator with the Creator and thus a perfect being, who in some part of yourself knows what you must learn, and how you must learn it in this particular experience. Those who make complete use of their meditation, their prayer, and their faith lead the life of harmony that you would expect of one who lives with the knowledge of the love and the plan of the Creator. The angels are simply messengers of his love, as are we.

Does this answer your question?


We thank you, my sister, for without you we would be talking to thin air. Is there another question at this time?


We at this time, before we leave you, would like to share with you a color which we are now experiencing. It is a violet vibration and we find it extremely beautiful and very much in tune with you at this time. If you will pause for a second, we will send this to you. I am Latwii.


I will leave this instrument at this time. It is a great pleasure to be asked to speak with you. We are always surprised to be asked, for we do not speak to many groups but only those who are ready for our somewhat demented attitudes. We hope that we can help with these few foolish words and we leave you in the greatest love and light which is that of the Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.