(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. It is indeed enjoyable to speak to you, each of you, through this instrument, once again. I and my brothers are great in number, and we gather close to you at this time. For as you are witnessing, day by day, the changes predicted throughout the centuries of your world are occurring more and more rapidly. We draw near to your peoples with the passing of each moment. For love, and our willingness to assist you, increases, as does your willingness to open yourself to the truth of this Creation.

We speak to the best of our ability of the truths and of the laws that govern this universe. But we wish to stress that these truths and laws have been handed down from many sources and introduced into your societies throughout the entire civilization of your planet. We offer nothing new. We have come to give freely of our services, and we of the Confederation are pleased to be invited to speak through an instrument such as this, throughout all of the lands of your planet.

We would speak to you briefly upon the changes which you are witnessing. We of the Confederation have spoken many times of that which is to occur on your planet. We do not wish to deal in particular with precise occurrences, yet, [with their meaning] we wish to speak to you about.

Changes within this universe are beneficial, no matter how grievous they may appear, for as in your life experience, with each change comes a greater understanding of the complexity of not only your life but of the universe. To the best of our knowledge, the universe itself is endless. So therefore are the changes you may experience throughout your travels upon this plane of existence and upon all planes which you may enter into.

You have heard the saying that, “Each cloud has a silver lining.” A simple truth! With each appearingly destructive occurrence within your society today, though the activity may be negative in nature, it is presented to mankind, one, because he has created it unknowingly through his own thought processes, and two, so that he may witness that which is undesirable and desire to change once again, and experience that which would be more desirable and of a positive nature.

Yet, mankind, as it is known upon your planet, continually insists upon experiencing the negative aspects of this Creation. Many of your religions have taught you to fear the wrath of your God. It is shameful, in a sense, that man must be taught with fear. For God is not fear and should never be feared by you. God is to be respected; the Creator is divine and all-loving and all-knowledgeable.

Because He has seen your continued stubbornness, shall we say, to learn or progress, as He would wish you to do, He has reluctantly introduced fear into His teachings. Mankind must learn to releases his fears and in so doing, he shall free himself from an intensely negative atmosphere which he has created around himself, thus allowing the energies of the universe, which are all the essence of truth and love, to more evenly penetrate his being. Consider yourself to be as a sponge and the truths of the universe as the liquid of life. You have a cellophane coating about you; remove it without fear, and you shall absorb all the truth that you have so long sought to realize.

Mankind is divine, as is the Creator. The extent of your divinity is unlimited, as long as you choose not to limit that divinity through your own creative abilities, by accepting fear and all things that are associated with it into your life. Know thyself and you shall know thy Creator! Fear thy Creator and you fear thyself! With these words, I pass on this communication to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am now with this instrument, and again I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator, the One Who is that source of us all and that central sun to which we shall return in the fullness of infinite life. We shall continue through this instrument.

When you consider, my friends, what it is that you are, you may then see that there is nothing to fear either outside or within yourself. For you are a being of infinite life, and whatever occurs to your physical envelope which you call your body is but a transitory alteration in your condition of consciousness. However, we realize that at this time, although you have some knowledge of yourself as one with the Creator, although you have a good grasp of the ideals of the ethics of love, but you are at this time enduring difficulties associated with living within the gross or coarse reality which is your Earth plane.

Therefore, we would like to make a distinction for you in order to enhance your understanding of that which you see about you. There are two types of that which you would call negativity.

The first type is extremely beneficial. Night, for example, is the negative of day. Night is very beneficial, giving us rest from our labors and a happy end to the troubles of the day. Cool is the negative of warm and when you have experienced your planet’s sunlight for too long a period of time, there is nothing as refreshing to you as the coolness of water as you bathe in it and enjoy its beauty.

You will find these same negatives in people. You will find temper which is the negative of patience, and yet, you will find that temper brings honesty, and honesty brings understanding. You will find illness as the negative of health, and yet, with illness comes the only chance for healing and thus understanding the power of that which you call the holy spirit.

All of these so called negatives are a valuable and gentle necessity of existence. And when they are part of your life, it would be well for you to analyze them and understand the balance that they make for you. For beauty and joy are not one-sided, but occur only because there are gradations of beauty and gradations of joy which extend into their negatives, a lack of beauty and a lack of joy.

When you are sad, realize that you are natural; that you are part of a balancing force. Just as a pendulum will move, so will your spirit seek its balance. Not by standing still, but by rocking. Joy, sadness! Joy, sadness! This is the earthly way.

There is another way, my friends, and that is available to you only through meditation. And when you enter into this [supernal] joy of infinite life and are one with angels and spirits of high divinity, praising the Creator, then there is no balancing necessary. For this is a joy without what you call emotion. It is so wholehearted, as you would call it, that there is no balancing necessary in order to sustain the energy of the feeling. In fact, joy is not a feeling but a creative force. And another word for that is love. And that is what we greet you with, and that is what we always leave you with.

We previously mentioned that there was another kind of negativity, one which you need not fear, but which you might need to understand. And that is an unnatural negativity. One which is not balanced, but is chosen, purposely and perversely by those who would separate themselves from ongoing unity with the Creator. It is a choice of separation, and it is what we would call positive negativity, in that it is positively sought and encouraged.

Yes, my friends, there are those among you who are quite simply unnaturally negative. This is their path and they have chosen it. We do not wish to ask you to have any particular feeling about these people, one of whom is certainly in your mind at this time, for he is in the minds of all those whom we scan in your culture. We refer to the one known as Khomeini. We do not ask you to love, forgive or condone, for these are choices which you must make for yourself. We cannot help you choose your own spiritual reality. But we can hope to enhance your understanding of the fact that although even such a one as he is somewhat negative at this time, by his own choice, you must understand that the path of evolution is ultimately spiritual and is ultimately inevitable.

A negative person may choose at this time to make no progress. He will, however, at a later time have as many choices and opportunities as he needs to choose again. In your holy works there is something called, “The Day of Judgment,” and those who are evil, as we have spoken, are to be condemned forever. And yet, it is also written in your holy works, “Yea, though you go to the very doors of hell, I shall be with you.”

My friends, you may believe the teacher and not the judgmental statements that follow the teacher. Your heaven and your hell exist within you at this moment. And when you leave your physical body, your existence in the heaven worlds will depend completely upon your vibration in this incarnation. Thus, we ask that you use that balancing act of positive and negative, so that you are constantly learning, constantly moving in an evolutionary spiral that will lead you to a place where in your infinite existence, after this brief life experience in this density, you will be comfortable, comforted and able to give comfort to others.

At this time, I would pause that my brother Laitos may send energy to each of you in this group that desires to know of our presence and wishes to feel the conditioning. That is our basic service to you. I am Hatonn.


I am again with this instrument and would open the meeting at this time for questions.

Is there actually a place outside our own? A hell… a place where spirits are cast out as spoken in the Bible [inaudible].

We may answer that in two ways, my sister. There are planets who have completed for themselves a hell, which without outside interference will continue to be totally terrifying.

[Commenting about the noise at the door.]

That’s S, go ahead and let him in.


Hi, Scott. Why don’t you get the chair by the desk and haul it into the doorway?


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. May we greet the one known as S, and welcome him to our gathering. We will continue through this instrument. As we were saying, there are planets which have no more ability to extricate themselves from a condition of complete terror. They are so frightened that in their soul condition the souls cling to each other with such intensity that they consist of an impenetrable knot of fear, each feeling completely separated from the other and from the Creator. Your planet is not down that road, yet. There are many among your peoples who are very positive. There is no chance at this time that your planet would become one of these. Furthermore, among our ranks there are those whose task it is to release planetary entities such as these from their terror, so that they will let go of each other and be able to be led away to what you would call a hospital for spiritual rest, until they are able to once again take up the task that awaits us all; that of evolving into the original Thought from which we spring.

This is the closest to a hell that exists, to our knowledge, in any of your universes. We, however, are not perfect nor is our information complete. We simply have seen somewhat more than have you. But it is our understanding that the evolutionary process continues onward grade by grade, or octave by octave, and at the end of each grade those who are able proceed to the next. Those who are not able repeat that octave or existence until they have learned the lessons of that existence. Thus, the terms heaven and hell are quite subjective. And what is heaven to you would not seem so to us. And what is heaven to us would be incomprehensible, likewise, to you. For each of us have our own, shall we say, psychological makeup which has been developed through many eons of development in the spirit.

The finality with which heaven and hell occur seemingly in your holy work known as the Bible is the result of a difficulty in speaking to people who cannot easily grasp the fact that they must change their lives. Thus, although it is unfortunate, as we have said before, the one who saves, known to you as the Christ, is also represented as the one who will judge. This is intended to make his followers become worthy of the judgment. It has not succeeded.

The truth that we are saying to you are inner truths which are not obvious, and we do not ask that you believe that which you cannot believe, but only that you listen and take what you need from what we have to say.

Does this answer your question, my sister?


Is there another question at this time?

Can you talk to us about the meaning of the disappearance of the Australian [pilot]? It was claimed he was contacted by a UFO.


Can you tell us about the prisoners in Iran, [inaudible] or how that will come out [inaudible]?

We are aware of your question. The previous question we could not answer due to a spiritual necessity for maintaining silence. This question we cannot answer due to the uncertainty of the movements of those who hold the power of life and death over your fellow countrymen. We do not know what they will do. Our fear, however, is not with the Iranian, as you call them, for they do not wish to kill others as much as to show their bravery by exposing themselves to martyrdom, a concept unfamiliar to you, yet part of their culture. Our concern at this time is for countries such as yours, lest you overreact and cause war. There is that potential in this situation and it is for that reason that we ask you pray, as always, that peace may fill the hearts of those who are in this world. We ask you please to ignore the evidence that such a peace does not fill many a heart. For if it fills your heart, you have done a tremendous amount for your planet. We do not know what will happen, for many things may still happen, and we can see each of the realities branching off and they will continue to branch off till one path is chosen and completed.

Does this answer your question? We are sorry we cannot do better.

Yes, thank you.

Is there another question at this time?

[Inaudible] I belong to a group [inaudible] this afternoon we saw a movie on [inaudible] was called The Long Search [inaudible] religious trend [inaudible] Indonesia, where these people are making animal sacrifices, eating meat, etc. etc. But these people are very innocent beings, not insidious or calculating, [inaudible] say of people in our culture [inaudible]. I wonder, is it very necessary if you aspire to spiritual truth to be a vegetarian and not be kind of a meat [inaudible]?

We are aware of your question, my sister. It is a clear question and we can answer it, however, the answer is not as simple as the question. It is written in your holy books and truthfully that to some eating certain items is very necessary and would be harmful to them did they deviate; to others, anything maybe eaten. It is, you see, a function of the mind. As to the spiritual consequences of eating, you must understand that your bodies are a basic system of electromagnetic fields and they do not function as you believe that they function, but rather because of thought.

Thus, what you think controls a great deal of what you feel and how your body reacts. In general, it is safe to say that if a person feels a calling to become vegetarian, that is precisely what that person should do and will indeed help that person, because that is what that person feels that he shall do. It is as simple as that. Each person will have a different calling. Not all shall be vegetarians and not all shall be meat-eaters. It is totally a matter of your spiritual set, which is part of a thought nexus or system of thinking which you have developed over many lifetimes, giving you certain biases. In other words, you may have spent time in other bodies which were used to a vegetarian diet and thus find yourself in this incarnation quite unable to tolerate or digest the rich diet of your culture. Others find no problem in doing so whatsoever. Thus, the truth simply is it is not that which goes into a man that shows his nature, but rather what comes from him in the way of thoughts, words and deeds.

Can we answer your question further?

No, thank you.

Is there another question?


If there are no more questions, I will speak very briefly and close through another instrument. We realize that there are several of you in the room who are wondering about the one known as Jesus. This instrument, for instance, is a confirmed and believing Christian, and while we feel that sometimes her concepts are naive, we do not find her Christianity to be a difficulty to us in using her as a channel. Conversely, she does not find us a threat to her Christianity. However, this understanding is not given to all and they may wonder, if we of the Confederation can speak of all religions and all cultures as being one, who then is the one known as Jesus. And we would answer that question as best we can by discussing with you the concept of karma, with which most of you are quite familiar. Karma being a type of cause and effect in which energies are put into action by former thoughts and deeds which culminate in a present necessity for some kind of atonement or balancing. Thus, if someone or a group of people have been very negative…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. As we were saying, my friends, before we were electronically interrupted, when an entire culture has developed a very large amount of negative karma there is an opportunity for a consciousness, such a one as you know as Jesus. This consciousness is a special one and is indeed so close to that of the original Thought that it is almost difficult to understand an incarnation of such a being into your chemical illusion. However, such was the desire of this consciousness and as the supreme transmuter, as the one known as Jesus was upon his cross, he transmuted the collected negative karma of the past so that it was no more.

Two thousand years ago, as you say in your language, your peoples began with a slate that was wiped clean of karma. However, my friends, your peoples have been creating another situation that lies somewhat on the negative side. We hope for your sake as well as for ours that you can curb your instincts towards war. And by remembering the Creator and others in each moment of your life, alleviate that karma, little by little, so that there never need be another crucifixion.

This is our understanding of the one known to you as Jesus. We know him also and feel that as a teacher, as one who is one with the Father, and as one who saved his flock fearlessly, he has no equal. This is our understanding of the one you know as Jesus.

But we must remind you, that worship must be not of a man but of a Creator. As Jesus has said to you in his holy work, “It is not I, but my Father in me, that doeth these things.” So let it be with you, my friends, not you but the Creator can live your life also. And each of your days, whatever the external circumstance, may be filled with a special kind of sunshine and love that comes from being at one with the harmony of the creation. I would like to close this contact through the instrument known as B, if she would accept our contact at this time. I am Hatonn.

(B channeling)

I am with this instrument. It has been a great privilege to be with you this evening. We share our thoughts and understandings with you. We of the Confederation are here at this time to be of service to you in any way that we can. You need only to will yourselves to our contact and we will be with you. Meditate, my friends, for this is the way to the Father. And only through meditation and prayer can the negativity which is enveloping your planet be pierced so that the light can neutralize and overcome it. This is still in your power to do. This is part of your service at this critical time for your planet.

We are here to help you in this effort. Our love is with you and our support. You need only avail yourselves to us and we are here. We go in peace, my brothers and sisters. My love is with you each moment of your existences. Adonai vasu borragus.