(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is a very great pleasure for us to be with you again. We have missed our chances to speak with you very much. But we are afraid that at your present level of planetary intensity of political feelings we may well be absent from time to time, as you would say. We come to you upon the winds of love and are very honored to take a small part in your meditation. This evening we would talk to you of freedom, my friends.

There was once a young man who desired freedom, for he was a young man of great sensitivity. And when he saw the poverty, the hunger, the suffering in the world about him, he could not understand how these people could be bound to their suffering. This young man spent years working actively to alleviate suffering and promote personal freedom for his brothers and sisters, wherever he found the need. But ultimately he was betrayed by his own bitterness, for he knew that no matter what he did, it would never be enough to alleviate prison, which hunger and poverty had caused for so many upon your sphere.

And so he set all his daily work aside and went upon a journey, to seek an understanding of the reason why men must be bound by suffering, and why they could not be free. And he asked many people and received many answers. For there are those who believe many different things upon your planetary sphere, my friends. And each of those believes that they are the percipience of the truth. Some believe there is no such thing as freedom. Others believe that some must pay a price and are bound by their own previous errors. But with none of these answers was he satisfied.

One day he stopped upon an isle, for his ship needed supplies. And he was free to roam about this small tropical place. And he saw poverty again and conditions which were not conducive to health. And he found a native upon the island who spoke his language. And he told this native of his great dilemma. The native was a large man and his laugh was equally loud. And his laughter rang through the small room in which they sat. And the native man tapped his forehead, “Freedom,” he said, “Here is freedom, nowhere else.” And the young man cried, “But what about all of those who are starving, or ill, or poor?” And the big man reached out and tapped the seeker upon the forehead, “Their freedom is in your head,” he said, “You must let them go, then, their freedom will be in their heads.”

My friends, you do not live in an objective universe. All those things which you see about you are in fact not what they seem, as you are well aware. Any limitation which you might experience is a limitation only because of your perception of the way things should be as opposed to the way things are. If you desire to be what you are, and if in that being you discover that you seek the truth by nature, then, my friends, you will have achieved a type of personal freedom that is not known by those who are swayed by their perceptions of what should be but is not.

If you are fully grounded in your knowledge of who you are, then, my friends, you are free to fulfill your desire to know the truth and to express that truth in any way that you may need. There are as many different works as there are people. The great secret, my friends, is that there is only one spirit, and that is love, that provides all works for all people who dwell in love. If you try to change the world, if you try to help others, if you only modestly try to help one person, and try to do it upon your own, thinking and puzzling and perception, you will almost surely fail. For your perceptions are not their perceptions. And indeed, my friends, unless you allow yourself to flow into the channel of love, your help will often be unpalatable to the ones you seek to help. You are free only when you snap the cords of your own desire to be somebody in this world and to do things in this world as your own person. When you have accomplished the dismantling of your desire for reputation, then, you have no more bonds or limitations and you are free.

There are still those who are hungry, who are poor, and who suffer. This is so, my friends. We would never attempt to cause you confusion by stating that we do not know that your planetary influence is a difficult one. But each man is free if he desires to be. And you yourself are free of whatever limitations you may chose to have brought upon yourself [in] the moment in which you allow yourself to be one who desires to know the truth, one who seeks to know the love of the Creation, for this love, my friends, is a very powerful thing. Those who need you will be drawn to you, for you are not responsible for the world. You are responsible for yourself and in yourself dwells the world. Those who are drawn to you will ask and as you open yourself to love, you will know that which is of help. We urge you never to volunteer esoteric information to those who have not asked, nor to withhold it from any serious student.

But pay attention, my friends, always, to the only person who can be free, and that is yourself. A desire for freedom is an impossible desire, for you dwell in the prison of a body, of a gravity well, of an illusion that is heavy. And yet, you are willing prisoners of the catalyst of the experience of this planetary sphere. The way to freedom lies in accepting the conditions of your particular incarnation and in asking to know the truth. It is written in your holy works, my friends, “Seek and know the truth, for the truth shall make you free.” Freedom does not come without a commitment, not to self, not to what you would call ego, but to the truth and to service in the name of that truth.

We are aware that you have a great desire to be of service and that you feel a responsibility to your kind, especially in these days that you face now in the unfoldment of your planetary experience. But, you must work on yourself, and know that as you achieve a state of true desire to know the love of the Creator, a burning desire to feel the spirit of that love which created you, you will then find all else that you seek added unto you. It is not an easy path, my friends, but it is a fruitful one.


We thank you for having patience during this pause, and we greet our brother S. Therefore, my friends, we ask you to be at peace with the world as it is, knowing that it is in each man’s grasp to perceive his world in any way in which he sees fit. This is difficult for you to imagine, for you have never starved or suffered in the way some of your brothers and sisters have. But you must take stock of how you came to be where you are, what advantages this has given you as a channel for the love and the light of the Creator. And then you must seek to do the will of that love that created you, and set you in this particular place at this particular time. We all, my friends, have work to do. Ours is to be available to you and to those upon your planet who desire or require our love. Yours is whatever you make it. For indeed, my friends, you are free. You have only to break the tiny chains that keep you from your desire.

At this time my sister Laitos will pass among you and work with each of you, while we attempt to continue this contact through the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We are aware that the one known as Jim is the recipient of a great deal of energy, and this group is a well-charged one. And therefore, we will attempt to focus this energy in a more manageable way, in order to facilitate the contact. We will again transfer to the one known as Jim, if he will simply speak without analyzing that which he receives. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We may say, for the sake of his confidence, that we do confirm that the next thought was to thank him for the privilege of using him as an instrument. We are aware of the problem of analyzing thoughts and we are very sympathetic, for it is not easy to speak when you do not know what the end of your sentence will be, much less what the thought will contain. However, once the one known as Jim achieves a better state of confidence, may we say that he will be a very good channel. We would like to transfer now to another instrument, while Laitos continues to work with you on your conditioning. We would now transfer to the one known as S. I am Hatonn.

(S channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am with this instrument. We have a very strong contact. You must stop analyzing [inaudible]. I am Hatonn. We thank you for this contact, for it is a privilege to work with each of you [inaudible]. I will transfer to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. We are aware that the one known as M would like the experience of feeling the contact and as Laitos concentrates upon him, we will attempt to [inaudible] him, so that he may feel what our contact is like. I am Hatonn.

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. Thank you, my friends, for your patience. It is one of our desires to develop as many channels as we can of the vocal type, because there are so many who desire to hear the type of information which we share. But, we assure each of you that in your own way all that you do is your way of channeling the Creator. Each time that you serve your brother or your sister, you serve the Creator. Therefore, let your mind be at rest and let your heart be happy. We leave you in the temple of the creation. We leave you in the present, for there is no time. And we cannot even leave you, for there is no place, for all of creation is here. And the Creator is you, and your brothers and your sisters and all those things that live that consciousness of love. We leave you in that love and that light. I am known to you as Hatonn. I thank you for the opportunity to speak. Adonai, my friends.

I am Latwii. I also greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. As a member of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Creator, I am always at your disposal. We have been having a great time here, watching the spectra of your planetary energies as your Earth changes take place. You have a very beautiful planet, my friends. We enjoy the one known as Hatonn and are very glad to be here with you. We come to answer any questions that you might have at this time, if this instrument might by any chance be able to channel them. Is there a question at this time?

I have a question. Since I was a young age, I felt I saw a UFO. Can you tell me why I have been searching ever since then? I have studied and tried to understand what it was that I saw and the related fields that I studied. Can you tell me why, or what, lies in the future for me? Why the purpose besides trying to get people more awake to the greater? But I feel I’m singled out.

I am aware of your question, my brother. Much of it we cannot answer due to the necessity for your will to be free, However, you answer your own question. If you have not thought it through, I will attempt to help you. You are not to help others, given the phenomenon you describe, but did it not awaken you? What, my friend, is the purpose of what this instrument would call the two-by-four applied to the forehead of the mule, is this not to get his attention? That is why we are here. We are attempting to engage the planetary attention and to, shall we say, give a soft sell, that is not provable but is subjectively available to the people, that will catch their attention and make them begin to seek. That is the reason for this experience, my friend. Your life experience has to do with your evolution as a spirit. You now have your attention upon this fact. Do you now see the place of that experience in your early life, in what has happened to you subsequently?


Does this answer your question, my brother?

Yes, it does, but I feel that, could there be another reason besides [inaudible]. Do you understand?

We understand what you wish to hear but we will not speak what you wish to hear. But rather, admonish you to remember that the creation waits for no man. Nor should man wait for the creation. You are a part of all that is. That which you do is a part of all that is. Each of those who sit in this circle has a purpose in life or perhaps more than one purpose in life. And the road upon which that purpose lies is a many-branched road, so that you cannot stray from your purpose. You can take a longer or a shorter road. You can only go slowly or quickly or sit down; the purpose remains. However, the purpose of each of you is simple, my friends and has to do with knowing the love of the Creator. As our brother said earlier, once you have established contact with the Creator and the creation, you are then one with the flow that will bring to you that which you need, and will give you the opportunity to do the work that your higher self has prepared for you. Thus, worry not about your purpose in life, but instead, desire to know love. And in that love, to share that love with others. In this way alone will your purpose become evident and its termination final. Does this answer your question?


Is there another question?

I have a question. Ruth Montgomery [inaudible].

I am Latwii. I am establishing contact with this instrument. If you will be patient we must deepen contact for she lost her state of calmness for a moment. I am Latwii. I am, I am, I am. I am aware of your question, my brother.

The number of people, or as you would call them, planetary entities or societies in our Confederation varies, but the number is between five and six hundred. However, they are broken down into various subgroups and these are the groups a channel known as Ruth was speaking of. Those of Latwii have only begun to work with the teaching branch of the Confederation with your group. Previously we had been what you might term scientists, and that is still our primary duty. But we were attracted to your group, for we have found that although it is not, shall we say, a greatly advanced or tremendously bright group, it is amazingly consistent in its desire to seek the truth and this has attracted our interest, for we have a turn of mind which is similar. And therefore, we asked permission of the teaching branch of the Confederation to speak to this group. You may have noticed that we are not entirely smooth, but we hope we are getting a little better. However, the information about the sixty subgroups is basically correct, although you must understand this number does vary, depending upon the needs of the planet and the terms of stay, shall we say, of the various members of the Confederation. Some are here for the duration, some are here for less time.

May we in any way enlarge upon this question for you?

Yes. I would like to know if this Confederation is of this galaxy or of more galaxies than our own?

My brother, this instrument is not particularly well equipped to answer this question but we will do our best through her. Your contemplation of the galaxy is somewhat humorous to us, for we realize that we see that which you cannot, that is, the many planes of existence. That is our specialty, that is the study of vibrations. We are not only an intergalactic Confederation but also interdimensional.

For instance, your group speaker who has been with you since your beginnings as a group is from, what you would call, Andromeda. Were you to go to that dimension you would not find Hatonn, for it vibrates in a dimension which is two octaves above your own. We have many here from various parts of your skies, some in your density but not very many, most are from a density beyond yours, because in our densities we are able to accomplish what you would call travel by thought, and without the experience of duration which you are bound to in your illusion.

Does this answer your question?


May we help you further, my friend?

Yeah, I’d like to know if you cover the entire known universe or just a portion of it?

This instrument has trouble relaying the concept we gave her. We must learn to curb our levity. We showed her the picture of us as paint being tossed over the galaxy and dripping down on the sides, what covers the, as you put it, known galaxy. What covers the infinity, that is, the creation, is love. We have, shall we say, arrived at a vibration of experience in which we are conscious of that love, in which we can see that love, and therefore, are desirous only of following that love, wherever it may lead us. When we are needed, we hear that call, regardless of the so-called distance and those who call, and we come and give what aid we can.

And meanwhile, we study what is occurring in the creation. For at this particular point in our own evolution of spirit, we do not fully understand the plan of the Creator, and we collect all the information that we can to further our understanding of this plan. Our basic understanding is that there is indeed a plan, and with this, shall we say, article of faith, we go forth and do our work, while the teaching branch sends forth its love and its light to the individual entities dwelling upon spheres such as yours who have cried out so greatly that we could not help but hear you. Were you in the farthest reaches of the farthest density in this infinite creation, we would hear you, for our ears are only those receptors which hear the cry of the child in need of love, and that is your planet.

Your planet is fearful and is in great need of what it does not have. And we are not able to give to your planet that which it truly desires, that is, a sign which shall be obvious to all man. For we cannot interfere with the free will of your planet. Therefore, we remain somewhat hidden, somewhat questionable, and available only to those who are lead to hear us by their own desires. In that way, we do not infringe upon the free will of any who may wish not to hear what we have to say.

Does this answer your question, my brother?


We are so happy, and hope that it is not a “TV dinner,” as this instrument would call it. Is there another question at this time?

Yes. [Inaudible].

I am aware of your question. I am Latwii. We are having trouble with our solemnity, if you will pardon us. Sometime you people are very serious and we find that hilarious.

May we say to you that all things in your experience are very useful for your understanding, and this definitely includes dreams, for one third of your life, if you are lucky, is spent in garnering these messages from parts of your mind and spirit that are forced into quietude during your active, daily work-a-day world. Sometimes your dreams will simply attempt to work out frustrations in your daily life and are simply a means of helping you to adjust to a situation which is less than perfect. However, if you become a student of your own dreams, that is, if you begin to write them down as soon as you awaken, you will begin to understand things about yourself that you did not understand before. For you are, in your dreams, conversing with parts of yourself that are in touch with your higher self and with those whom we would call your angels or your guides.

Once you have begun to pay attention to your dreams, you will begin to have memories of being instructed or even of instructing others, depending upon your particular vibratory pattern as a personality coming into this incarnation. Eventually, you will be able to use faculties of your consciousness in dreams, so that you will have a much better communication with yourself in your deeper or subconscious, as this instrument would call it, mode of being.

Therefore, we would of course encourage you to pay attention to your dreams, just as you would pay attention to those things that occur when you are awake. It is widely known among your peoples that sleep is necessary only because of dreaming. If sleep occurs without dreaming, the entity becomes ill. In your dreams you are in contact with your higher self and with the Creator. This is your spiritual rest. There are many, many of your peoples to whom this is the only comfort, for whom this is the only contact. Thus, the more that you meditate or pray, the less that you will need sleep. If you were to totally spend your time in an inspired or loving state, conscious of the Creator, and in ecstasy with the joy of the creation and love, you would not need your sleep. And, there have been those among your peoples who have achieved this level of contact with love. However, for the rest of those upon your planet, as this instrument, for instance, you will continue to need a sufficient amount of sleep, so that you can make contact with those deeper parts of your being.

Does this answer your question my brother?


We certainly hope so. We would hope so for everyone because there is so much beauty in your world, it is a shame to miss the night with all of its sparkling splendor.

Is there another question, my friends?

[Inaudible] Although I know on a deep level [inaudible] relationship to the planet, to a new civilization. I would like insight from you of [inaudible] my relationship [inaudible].

I am with this instrument. We are aware that you desire this information but there are things which we can not share with you, due to our desire for your unimpaired free will. The information that you request is within you, as you stated and we do not wish to influence any life decisions or understandings that you might obtain. Remember that the information that we give you is basically quite meaningless. The information that you truly need comes from within yourself. You have the information that is necessary for you. We are here, as the one known as E said, to give you food for thought, never, ever to influence your decisions. We are sorry that we cannot speak freely upon this but we do not wish to become advisors, but only friends along the way. Can you understand our position, my friend?

Yes. [Inaudible]


Thank you.

Now, my brother, you are beginning to enjoy yourself. We are very glad. We were afraid that you would get mad at us.

That would be impossible.

We will take a little break here while we are getting ourselves sober again. We are very much enjoying the mood of this session, for it is a very good one this evening. Thank you for your beautiful vibrations. Is there another question at this time?

[Inaudible]… mentioned… eruption of Mount St. Helen… in the future some sort of activity somewhere to the south…

I am Latwii. We are aware of your question and due to the fact that someone has informed this dull instrument of the Ring of Fire, we now are able to give her a much clearer picture than we could last week. The probability of a problem occurring in an arc of approximately twenty minutes, starting out to sea and crossing land near South America, but north, is greater than it was last week. The probability at this time is approximately two one (21 percent). This is a significant rise in probability. This is due to the fact that there are pressures generated by heat within the planetary sphere, which must come into balance.

We are showing this instrument fire. We are having difficulty pinpointing our concept.


I am with this instrument. I am Latwii. We were unable to give this instrument the precise information she needs, due to the fact that we know that she would be interrupted. You must realize that it is very difficult for us to give precise information through a channel such as this one. And in this case we do not speak of her particular educational and life experience, which have prepared her more to channel philosophy and words of beauty than to speak words of specific information. Rather, it is due to the type of contact which we of the Confederation prefer to use with our channels, for the amount of control that is necessary for a perfect contact is very uncomfortable in the conscious state. We do not like to work with trance, due to the fact that we wish the entity at all times to be able to reject or accept our thoughts. Thus, we do not infringe upon the free will of our channels. Therefore, we will attempt to give information but you must understand that these are simply probabilities.

The greatest probability of an occurrence is that of another eruption upon an island which will be fiery. There are probabilities of earthquakes on land or under the ocean which would cause tidal waves. However, as the land shifts, these probabilities will also shift and we do not know for certain how the Earth will release the pressure which has built up within it.

If you wish to send your love to the planet, it will use it to release pressure on the inner planes, and perhaps you would like to do this. This is acceptable, for you have the right to aid your planet, because you are incarnated upon it. We can send love to it but cannot directly influence it, for we are not of your planetary being. Does this answer your question?



Yes, my brother. The greatest probability would be off into the—we must search this instrument’s mind—off to the north-east of that area, where there are islands. However, there is also some probabilities of adjustments in the Earth’s crust occurring along the line that you mentioned. We are still looking for the name of the waters of your planet.

Could it be the Caribbean Sea?

We thank you, my brother. This is what we were attempting to pull out of this instrument’s mind, for it was in there, but she does not use the word very frequently. That is correct.

Is there another question?

I have another question about that area. Could this be near the area that the continent of Atlantis is supposed to be?

We are consulting the computer. I am Latwii. The continent of Atlantis was, in fact, several bodies of land, which stretched over a large body of water. Therefore, the question that you ask is confusing. However, part of Atlantis is near the area, yes, my brother.

Will this activity uncover any of the remains of the part of Atlantis that is in that area or will it destroy it even more?

We are with this instrument and have a picture of what you ask, from the computer. We do not have knowledge of this particular part of your planetary experience. However, computer knowledge indicates that your peoples have already rediscovered parts of Atlantis. However, there are many who doubt everything, and therefore, evidence which should be quite apparent is not. For some reason there are people upon your planet who wish to be the only ones who are upon your planet. It is an interesting phenomenon, my friends. Perhaps, in their incarnations in Atlantis, before the end of the last cycle, when they failed to go on and were forced to repeat over another cycle of experience, they had experiences that they would rather not remember. Therefore, they deny Atlantis.

However, there are those among your people who can show you artifacts and places that the shifting sands uncover that are quite definitely made by man, and quite definitely too old to be of this civilization. Thus, Atlantis is with you already and will continue to rise, as other parts of your planetary land masses sink. The water, my friends must go somewhere. However, all things eventually become less whole than they were, due to the nature of magnetic fields. So, as time passes there will be less undisturbed evidence of Atlantis.

Does this answer your question?

Yes, it does. It brings some other questions to mind too. In that area, as it settled, a crystal was found there inside a pyramid, in a shaft of metal. Is this a storage device for energy or could it have been an energy source?

Are you familiar, my brother, of the person with power who works with a crystal? You think of this person perhaps as a gypsy, who gazes into the crystal ball. Are you familiar with this concept?


You must understand that as one disciplines the personality and becomes aware of one’s true nature, one begins to achieve powers and can come into attunement with crystals, for weal or for woe, to heal or to destroy. The crystals were used to a very large extent in the civilization which you know of as Atlantis. They were also misused in the end. As you proceed with your own seeking and as you find yourself becoming a more powerful personality, keep in mind the responsibility for good or for evil that you carry within you, for you must always make that choice. This may sound simple but it is not, unless you let the Creator move you as the wind blows the trees.

We realize we have gotten a bit off the subject of crystals. However, there was a lot of trouble because of those crystals and we ask you to take that to heart.

Does this answer your question, my brother?

Yes, thank you.

We thank all of you for allowing us to speak to you.

Is there another question at this time?

[Inaudible] advanced civilization [inaudible]. Had they achieved higher level of consciousness [inaudible].

That is correct, my brother.

Is that similar to what happened between [inaudible].

No, my brother, it is not similar. The name we have for that planet is Maldek. That particular planet chose consciously the evil way. Thus, it destroyed itself. In the case of Atlantis, there were, even at the end, very advanced beings on the side of light. They escaped and helped to form very advanced civilizations in South America and in the region which you call Tibet. Thus, the two situations are not alike. Maldek was a pure planet, and if you can appreciate evil as the polarity of good, you can appreciate the dark magnificence of that planet as it destroyed itself.

We do not have the sentimental hatred for evil, as you call it, that those among your peoples do when they speak of evil, that which Lucifer has become, that is, the devil. We find evil useful, because it delineates the good, giving you the choice that makes you learn. You have only to be conscious that you have that choice in order to have a great head start upon vibrating always towards the positive, towards love. Because of this you may well suffer. However, each tear that you let fall is gold, for you learn as you grow. And with each trial you become more able to be above good and evil, so that you seek only the Creator.

[Transcript ends.]