(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is my great pleasure to return to this group and be welcomed in your domicile at this time. We greet each of you with infinite blessings.

The hunter goes forth, my friends, and knows the manner of his prey. His weapons he has carefully provided for himself and fastidiously placed in the prime condition, that they may do their work. The hunter has a single mind and knows his prey. Is it the dark of the moon? Even so, the hunter stalks. Is it damp and cold in the dawning hours? Even so, the hunter waits watchfully, for the hunter knows his prey.

Each of you, my friends, dwells within the body as a hunter, but seldom, my friends, do you fully understand the nature of your prey. What wonder is it, then, that your weapons lay rusty, tarnished or broken, or that you lie beside them, asleep?

I would, at this time, transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

My friends, I am now with [inaudible]. I am Hatonn. We have spoken of the hunter, for my friends, is he not the aggressor? But yet, we can break this aggressiveness down to yet two more [inaudible].

What we are saying, my friends, is never allow yourselves to become idle once you have set yourself up to be found. For, my friends, there is such an important role for all. Through your training, you will allow yourself to become [inaudible] one that [inaudible]. For, my friends, therein lies your reward.

As you look about you, you will see the very fiber of what is known to you as existence unravel. But, my friends, through your meditation you will find a yet stronger bond. And though it is hard for you to see, it is there for you all, my friends. Do not settle for the role of being found, for in such a greater role through the intense vibration that you all experience, you will find it yet easier to project yourself to [inaudible] consciousness. My friends, open up yourselves and allow yourselves to experience yet other universes than those around you.

I will now [inaudible] this instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am again with this instrument. We have been attempting to contact the one known as Don, but he is analyzing our contact and, therefore, we find it impossible to continue at this time through him. We will, therefore, conclude this particular thought through this instrument.

To continue—as we have said, it is all too easy to look upon yourselves as passive receivers of spiritual food. If you do so look upon yourself, you will find your progress to be slow. It is the hunter who seeks nothing but his prey who will achieve his goal, and you, therefore, must be hunters after your prey—aggressive, cunning and well-armed.

And what, then, is your prey, my friends? All of you can answer that question. You seek love. To say it another way, you seek the Creator. To say it another way, you seek the original Thought. And yet another way, you seek yourself. Only the single of mind will achieve the end of the trail, will find the prey that he desires.

And what, then, are your weapons? Perhaps you, yourself, know them better than we could ever tell you, but we say to you that those gifts that are given to you in meditation—a merry heart, a kindly and affectionate spirit, a gentle manner, and an ability to look at a larger picture, at a greater design than perhaps you have in the past—perhaps these are some of the things you gain in meditation, for in meditation you dwell, as it were, in a tabernacle with that which is divine, and you take away those elements to which you have opened yourself, to which you no longer have resistance, concerning which you no longer have reservations. There is a great deal of cleansing of the mind from bitterness and negative emotions that needs to be done in order for you to be able to gradually love yourself in a greater self, a self in which you have become the confident aggressor, seeking after love fearlessly, your weapons ready, your hands open.

At this time, since we are aware there are some questions, we would like to transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. It is a pleasure, shall we say, to be able to speak through this instrument and to ask if there are any questions?

I was wondering, Hatonn, how your efforts went with the leaders with whom you were working.

My sister, we must answer you by saying, again, our efforts have been, for the most part, unable and—we should say—we have been unable to achieve the breakthroughs and the inspiration of the leaders whom we have been working with. We have sought to increase the awareness of certain leaders of your world to the vibration of love, that vibration which we have to share and which we bring as our service to your people. We have found that the polarities of differences of opinions and projections of intentions on the part of most of the leaders whom we have attempted to contact… this polarity is so great that it, should we say, absorbs our efforts and vibrations of love and reflects them back to us in a manner which leads us to believe that your leaders are unable to comprehend the concept of love as they go about their work of leading the nations of your world.

It has been our hope to open somewhat their hearts and souls to the experience of the infinite Creator. And though that spark of recognition does, indeed, reside within each of the people of your planet and your leaders, in some it is buried so deeply beneath the desire for power and the gain of money that we are unable to be of much assistance in uncovering their own recognition of their divinity and the divinity of those whom they lead. So, my sister, it has again been necessary for us to take a brief respite from this effort, for it is somewhat taxing for our beings to continually receive the reflection of our efforts shined back at us, shall we say.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I have some other questions, but perhaps some others do, too.

Is there another question?

I’ve got one. I’m not really sure how to put it into words, but this concerns morality and the bond between a man and a woman who have made this bond about sex with someone else. [Inaudible] put into words. How do you feel about that?

My brother, we would answer you by saying that the bond that a man and a woman make between themselves is a sacred agreement; that, according to the terms of that agreement, as they are understood by each party of the agreement, these terms are binding upon each party and it must be understood by each that the agreement as it is stated should be kept.

But as to the terms of the agreement, in specific areas—for example, sex, as you have mentioned—the agreement must also be made clearly, so that both understand its terms, and we would suggest to you that the morality of a union between two people depends upon the people and their agreement and what they wish to attain with their relationship. We cannot be extremely specific and say this or that action is right or wrong, moral or immoral, for those are terms which imply an agreement of one nature or another.

So may we say to you that as long as both parties in the relationship understand what the terms of the relationship are, and as long as both keep the terms of the relationship, then they have lived up to the terms of their agreement and are faithful to the purpose of the agreement, and this would include any action which fits within the terms, as long as both have openly agreed that this is what they seek.

We would also add, however, that it is, or at least, hopefully, should be apparent to each who would enter into such agreements, that they can determine what they wish to achieve in their relationship, and that there are what might be called high ideals of spiritual seeking together, which can be what you might call a “high morality”: both seeking to help the other achieve oneness with the Creator. And that whatever means are used to achieve that oneness, as long as they hurt no others, then these might be used in good faith to achieve that union with the Creator, and that union with each other and that union with the Self, for we are all one, my brother.

May we answer you further?

I really have trouble understanding such a long answer, so to try this once—is there a higher reward for an agreement kept like this, or is this just something between two people? Just a “yes” or “no” will do.

My brother, we would suggest that the reward for any agreement is within the agreement, and there is…

We suggest a pause for a moment as we deepen the contact with this instrument.


I am Hatonn, and I am again with this instrument. My brother, we would suggest that you will decide for yourself what the reward for an agreement kept is.

Can we answer you further?

One other question. Is this agreement—does it outweigh any karmic responsibilities to someone else?

I am Hatonn, and I would suggest that your karmic responsibilities are fulfilled by your own conscious decisions as you enter into relationships with those you find yourself in agreements with.

Can we answer you further?

Is a relationship like this of a—I realize it isn’t always the case—but, would it be a real high spiritual vibration if you enter into—two spiritual people—it gives me the feeling that it’s just not as spiritual as I’ve always imagined, and I was just wondering, is it a highly spiritual thing or is it just down, maybe down a few rungs?

I am Hatonn. My brother, we would suggest that each activity you undertake is of the highest spiritual nature, if you will open yourself to that possibility.

May we answer you further?

I think that’ll do it, thank you.

Is there another question?

Yes, but I don’t know whether this deserves an answer or not, so you just let me know—but every once in awhile, I have a really severe ache, usually in the same place, that doesn’t seem to be connected with any physical activity or anything that I can put my finger on, and I wondered whether its cause was emotional or something I’m not aware of, like distant weather patterns, or whether fate had just turned up my number, or what might be going on that I’m not aware of, because I would like to maintain as healthy an aspect as I can, and it is something that I’d like to understand better so that I can avoid it. Is that for me to know, or for me to ponder?

I am Hatonn. We can best answer you, my sister, by saying that your physical ailment is somewhat a riddle, as you are aware, and this riddle concerns the nature of your relationship to your physical vehicle, and it is a riddle which you are expending a good deal of effort to unravel. We would suggest that it might be revealing to you to meditate daily for a period of time upon the nature of your physical ailments, and to ask yourself what the reason is for the recurring nature of this physical ailment. We cannot give you specific information, for this would be to do your work for you, and that we cannot do. We would suggest, in your meditations, to use a visualization process to allow healing energy to enter within your physical vehicle, and that you attempt to release your own healing energies as you also ponder the cause of your physical ailments.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you, Hatonn.

We thank you. Is there another question?

Not for now.

I am Hatonn. If there are no further questions, then we would leave this instrument at this time. May we say that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to share a few of our thoughts with your group this evening. We are always honored to be able to make the contact with your meditation group. We leave you, as always, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.