(Carla channeling)

I am known to you as Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to share your meditation and to enjoy each of your vibrations, and we thank you most gratefully for this opportunity to share our thoughts with you. Tonight we would like to speak about the sphere that you call Earth, and the experience that you call your life, and its relationship to what we may describe as love.

We would begin by telling a little story, the story of a young girl who felt that those about her were not speaking the truth. She listened to her parents, to her teachers, she listened to the words in books of intellect, of philosophy, of religion, and all seemed to be of no essence. All things seemed to her to partake of a kind of translucence—she could indeed see through each statement, each belief, and see that there was lacking a central truth. Within herself, she inquired as to the truth and found that she was not equipped by her studies, her observations, or her experience to answer this question, nor did she know to whom to turn.

One fine Fall day, as the sun filtered through the [inaudible] blue of the sky, through the golden and tawny blaze of the autumn leaves, and lit her upturned face, she began to have a feeling that perhaps she had not been looking for her answers in the proper manner, and so she began to observe the sky and the trees and the wind. And, as time passed, these things which she had formerly never noticed became her teachers, for she found that no matter what the news of the day, what the worries and the folly of the hour, the wind and the trees and the sky had their seasons and their cycles, and they moved to a rhythm given by the Creator.

It is said in one of your holy works that faith is the hope of things unseen, and yet many people have faith that the sun will rise, that the deciduous trees will lose their leaves and regain them again in the Spring, that winds will blow and rains will come, that the seasons will revolve. This the little girl thought, and as she became a young woman, she became grounded in the creation of the Father, and when she looked at the creation of man, a creation that had become very distorted from the original Thought, she could view it [and] in some way [was] able to understand that no matter how distorted, how difficult, or how illusory those things of the mind and the physical life may be, there is always a bedrock, a connection, that is as close as the nearest patch of ground, for truly, my friends, she discovered that she was grounded in the creation of the Father.

This Creation is a creation of love. The trees offer to mankind their shade, their beauty, the very oxygen that your peoples need to breathe. The winds carry the rains needed to make your wildlife grow and your crops mature. The sun beams always so that those upon your planet may live, for without it they would surely die. Each natural individual possesses in its individuality the simple bias of service to the creation by beauty, by use.

All things may be discovered to have some use in the natural creation. You yourselves, my friends, are part of that creation. When you become able through simplification of your complex thought processes to become aware of the one original Thought of love, you then rejoin the creation of the Father and stop co-creating the more complex creation of man.

And how can you become aware of this original Thought, my friends?

At this time I would transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Unknown channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am with this instrument. We are very pleased to be able to speak a few words through this instrument.

We are speaking of becoming aware of the love of the Father. How may your people, each and every one, become aware of that love of the Father? Of course, as we have suggested, many, many times in many previous messages, meditation, my friends, is the surest and the quickest way to become aware of the love which the infinite Creator has planted as a seed within each of your beings. Each of your people are as a garden to the Father, each provides certain ingredients and requirements analogous to the soil and the rain and the wind and the sun of your Earth. Each of your people provide the atmosphere and the surroundings for this seed of love to grow, to germinate, to come to full maturity, and to be harvested as the fruit of the Father. Each of you, as you live in this world of illusion, by your attitudes and your actions, as you greet each new day, as you greet each new friend, promotes the growth for the death of that seed. Each moment that you spend consciously awake nourishes that seed, provides a watering of devotion that is necessary to cause it to grow.

Each time you forget the grand drama in which you partake, each time you forget that it is the Creator whom you meet every day, each day with every person and situation which you come in contact with, each experience either causes the seed to grow or hinders its growth, depending upon whether or not you remember that it is the love of the Father that is within you and each of your fellow creatures. When you forget, you hinder the growth of the seed. We would suggest daily meditation to help you to remember that you have within your being the spark of the divine Creator. And when you focus upon that reality, the reality within, you bring a light to the world, a light that shall shine and help others to see within their own being their own sparks.

By your actions, by your attitudes, you shall help those of your people who are open to growing; you shall help each to water their seeds of love. Together as a people you create either a garden of Eden within your being or you create further illusions that, by your own creation, build a wall around your garden of Eden and keep you from tasting of the fruit of love, the fruit of life.

We hope that in some way messages such as this will help those of you who are open to service and seeking within, to grow and to nourish those seeds, those sparks which are your Divine inheritance. For we wish for all of your people to inherit the kingdom of love that is within your grasp, within your being.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as Carla. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. Our brothers and sisters of [inaudible] are with us at this time and we would like to work with you, if you would wish it, on your conditioning. We will move among you. We would start with the one known as L. If he would relax, we will make our presence known to him at this time.


We will move now to the one known as M1, and if he would request it we will work with him briefly.


Moving now to the one known as T.


We would now touch our sister M2, that she may know our presence.


We would now move to the one known as E, and after a period of conditioning we will contact him and speak a few words through him, if he would relax and allow our thoughts to flow freely through him. I am Hatonn.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We have a good contact with the one known as E, but he is analyzing due to a fear that he is not receiving our thoughts. Therefore, we will again contact him. I am Hatonn.

(E channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in love and the light of the infinite Creator. It is always a pleasure to work with a new channel. We are pleased with your progress. You have been with analyzing. I am Hatonn, and I will speak now through the one known as Carla.

(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We pause so that the clicking would be happening between our words. We would share our vibration now with the one known as K, if she would request it mentally.


I am again with this instrument. We would now work to deepen our vibration and contact with the one known as Jim.


We now work briefly with this instrument.


We send blessings all around, my friends, and ask you to understand that although we are not very wise compared to those who are truly wise in our creation, yet we do indeed love our brothers and sisters upon your planet. We would leave this instrument now, that the one known as Oxal may speak. We leave you in the hope of things unseen, in the knowledge of the invisible power of the creation of love, of which we are all an unique and perfect part. We leave you in the light and the love of the One Who is the creation. Adonai, my friends. I am known to you as Hatonn.

I am Oxal, and I, like my brothers, greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are attempting to make our vibration known to the instrument known as Jim. Therefore we would use this method of assuring this instrument of the fact that this particular vibration that he is receiving is the Oxal vibration and if he would perhaps be able to attune himself to this vibration, we would like to speak a few words through him at this time. I am Oxal.

[Side one of tape ends.]

[End of transcript.]