Hatonn: …It is the individual seeking that is important – not the information, not the religious group, or not the particular experience that creates the conditions. The seeking itself, my friends, is the important factor. For without the seeking, there is no real growth in spirit. Seeking must come first, my friends. Seeking must come in order to make the information be made available for use.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. We have been attempting to speak through the one known as Don, and we will again attempt to speak through him at this time. I am Hatonn.

[One-minute pause]

(Don channeling)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our Infinite Creator. It is a very great privilege once more. It is always a privilege.

Why do I say it is a privilege, my friends? My friends, service is always a privilege. This is our service to you, those of you who walk in service on your planet.

We are limited in contacting you, and only certain techniques can be used at this time. These techniques must always be, shall I say, rejected – that is, an individual does not have to accept our contact. Even the channel does not have to accept our contact. Information in your language, is made available for you to ponder. It is then an individual’s decision as to whether to use the information, or to reject it and select other information or to select no information at all.

Many of your peoples do not select information. They simply move their minds in a way that has been described for you by those of their immediate society. These people are in a state of mind that has not yet awakened to seeking. Many of them are on the verge of seeking; however, they may stay in that condition or state for their entire incarnation. Many are awakened to seeking by one religious group or another. Many are awakened to seeking in a personal experience.

However, my friends, it is the individual seeking that is important – not the information, not the religious group, or not the particular experience that creates the conditions. The seeking itself, my friends, is the important factor. For without the seeking, there is no real growth in spirit. Seeking must come first, my friends. Seeking must come in order to make the information be made available for use.

Without the seeking, the information is of no value. It is truly written: seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

This is the tried and true method of development for the individual who has made the transition from the stagnant or sleeping awareness to an awake or seeking awareness. It is only when the individual has made the decision to seek on his own, to look for that which will create its own evolution in the spirit. It is only at this time, that it is possible to make useful information available to him. My friends, you can take every esoteric or metaphysical book upon your planet today and make them available to an individual who is not seeking, and it will be of no affect. The individual first must choose to seek. Then, you may provide him with information.

The method currently in use upon your planet caused a [inaudible], shall we say, position in the evolutionary process in your [inaudible], the method currently in use to provide very large amounts of partially hidden information. The information, my friends, is generally, readily available; but it is partially hidden. Sometimes you think that the dissertations through a channel are much too verbose and wordy. This is, my friend, a part of the hiding process. It is necessary to seek if one is to find. It is necessary to seek that part of the communication that we give you, or make use of it in your own way; just as it is necessary to seek that part of the information hidden in texts or volumes available to you, so that you can interpret in your own way, and decide which parts are meaningful and which parts are, shall we say, simply a matrix of varying information.

We would suggest, when in approaching portions of your population, what you might call a missionary effort – that you do so in a manner so as to keep uppermost the essence of the technique I have just outlined. It is not possible to force feed, shall I say, entities information. It is only possible to tantalize, shall I say, those who have reached that position in thought and understanding. Seeking is required if one is to be tantalized by, what you might call, the advertising that you, as a holder of information, bring forth.

I will condition this instrument. It is losing its contact.

[Thirty-second pause]

I am again with the instrument. I have strengthened the contact.

Generally speaking, my friends, when you approach a fellow man to give to him that which you know to be true, it will be necessary for you first to excite his interest with tidbits or with advertising. If it is not possible to excite his interest, it is not possible to give him information.

If the seeking process is not initiated within, it would be an infringement upon the free will of the individual approached to go farther and to indicate the possibility of information such as we provide you. Seek those who seek, and then carefully and slowly develop their interest. This will be not only a service to them, but a service to yourself. Any more stringent approach is not a service to any.

Many of your religious organizations upon the surface of this planet go forth with great zeal, impressing a missionary type of information about their particular discipline upon all those who will listen. This, my friends, is perfectly all right; it, however, does not produce the desired result. The desired result is always the same, my friends. The result is to produce the growth and spiritual understanding. Spiritual is a word which I use for lack of a more suitable word. It would perhaps be better to eliminate the word altogether, and say that the desired result would be to produce an increase in understanding – simple understanding, my friends.

[Thirty-second pause]

I shall continue once [done] conditioning the instrument.

Yes, my friends, this is the objective of any spiritually based organization: to produce an increase in understanding. Understanding is accomplished in the following manner. Understanding is accomplished by the seeker seeking. Understanding is accomplished in such a way so that any question can be answered truthfully.

[Twenty-second pause]

Please be patient while I condition the instrument. Your language is very difficult. This instrument has questioned my use of the language, and rightfully so. It is difficult to explain precisely in your terms what I mean. For any question, there will be many answers. Some of these answers will be prudent; some will not.

At a certain level of awareness, it is possible to know which answers are truthful, which answers are not truthful. These answers change with changing awareness. What is truthful at one stage of awareness is no longer truthful at the next. Each question has more than one answer. The truthfulness of the answer is dependent upon the awareness of the entity producing the answer.

Seeking, then, produces a state of awareness that enables the individual to answer truthfully. More seeking may produce answers that disagree with answers given previously. This is because of the refinement or expanding of awareness. This is the nature of seeking and growth in understanding.

This seems to be a paradox. My friends, this will be the nature of your growth.

The point that I am making is that the information provided is always truthful; it is always false. My friends, this could be said to be true of everything that you know. This statement, of course, is also false.

All men speaking are correct in all concepts that they hold. If they think that they are truthful, then they are truthful, and there is no [inaudible] to think they are false. And that is so as long as the individual is sincere, he can speak nothing but the truth. All metaphysical systems, all religions, all of the dogma – all of these things, my friends, are correct and true. To refute the validity of any concept is an indication of lack of awareness of the mechanics of this creation.

To seek to convert individuals from one technique of thinking to another is perfectly alright. To seek to forcefully convert an individual from one way of thinking to another is also perfectly alright. However, from the point of view of this entity, it is not wise.

We will condition the instrument. This subject is difficult. I will apologize for the difficulty in communicating the concepts – the channel providing further inspection – because of inadequacy of myself in your language.

To generalize what has been said, all things are true. Any philosophical orientation is correct. Any missionary attempt is okay. In other words, my friends, anything goes. There is no correct solution in your illusion – all solutions are correct. There is no absolute system of coordinates in your illusion – they are variable.

[Fifty-second pause]

I have conditioned the instrument. I shall continue.

The mechanics of growth of understanding are not as important as the seeking that produces the growth. Whether that seeking leads the individual down one path or another to produce that growth is relatively unimportant. For this reason, my friends, it is relatively unimportant as to whether you do or do not do missionary work. It is relatively unimportant as to whether infringement upon the will of another through missionary work is in evidence or not. If this is done, it quite possibly produces seeking. The seeking may be in a direction away from the missionary, but the catalyst has been added.

Your world is a big melting pot of catalyst. Catalyst is intellectual, emotional, and physical. It comes in many forms. Suitability of the form is dependent upon the individual being acted upon. Catalysts that affect one individual does not affect another, depending on the state of awareness in the particular incarnation and its total state of awareness, which is not a function of a particular incarnation.

Each individual needs a different type of catalyst. During his span upon the surface of this planet, he comes in contact with innumerable different catalytic actions, which produce emotional, intellectual, or physical responses. There is no single set of catalyst that works for everyone. There is no single philosophy that works; just as there is no single educational course that everyone can take, understand, and apply at the same time.

To undergo and experience catalyst, you may be active in producing that catalyst, and have been. Some entities produce more than others. No entity is wrong for producing this catalyst – this is the function, the operation of the physical plane. Each entity plays his part in the grand play upon your planet. Each, shall I say, does his thing; and the thing produces a wave of activity which then adds the great symphony of developmental forces acting at this time in your illusion. To embrace any specific set of developmental forces is perfectly alright, but shows that the individual has not fully understood the essence of these forces. There are very few entities upon your planet at his time who have fully become aware of the essence of the developmental forces creating the growth of understanding that is the function of your planet.

This has been a somewhat cumbersome dissertation on the major of the physical catalyst producing development. I am sorry that I have not been more lucid and explicit with this communication. However, it is difficult to properly phrase in your language these concepts. I will at this time make myself available for questioning if there is any question.

I have a couple of questions. Many times through the years, I’ve heard you talk about seeking, and I feel like I have a fairly good idea of it. Would you care to talk about that specific word?

I am with the instrument. Seeking, my friends, is the nature of life. Seeking is the major awareness. Seeking is all that there is. Seeking occurs in the physical plane when the individual becomes aware of himself and his nature. It is normal at this point for the individual to seek an answer to the riddle of life.

Through this seeking, he then begins to know himself. The seeking then must turn inward and analyze each thought and the foundation for that thought, each action and the foundation for that action, each response the individual gives for an exterior catalytic action.

Through this process of seeking self-knowledge, the individual is able to create a self that is more aware of the true nature of the creation in which he finds himself. This is the process of growth on your physical plane. There are other processes – both occurring on your physical plane and at other realities. However, the process of which I am speaking is the elementary process upon your plane and is of greatest importance.

Has this answer been satisfactory, or shall I expand more fully?

Satisfactory, thank you. Would you care to say anything about the EFSPAN in the city headquarters, and the ideas that started it, and the interest that people like Alan [unknown name] are expressing in it and its use?

All activities of this nature augment this first seeking and then finding. Without receptacles for information of what you call a spiritual nature, it would be very difficult to expand the intellectual portion of seeking. For this reason, much information has been seeded on your planet.

[Tape one side ends]

(Carla channeling)

I am Kootumi and, like our brothers of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator, may I also greet you in the love and the light of the One who is all. We wished to come to this group to speak with you about love. You have experienced many shadings and forms of love in your lifetime, and some of these impressions run more deeply than others. I say to you, my friends, your minds, your hearts, and your emotions have as clear a geography as does the topography of your planet.

It is very desirable that you may pick out, by attentive observation, the deep strands of love within your experience, whatever they may be. For they are the reflection in the mirror of yourself of the great unity of all beingness.

We ask that you become more and more able to take yourself with the seriousness necessary to observe yourself, to learn from yourself from all the to think. For as you find yourself, so will you find the divine Creator. There is no possibility of any miracle of understanding unless you are prepared for this miracle by the thankless task of sorting out your self. Furthermore, enlightenment will pass from you as does the bloom from the wildflower if you have not the courage to share it.

We never speak to groups such as this one until the instruments have attained the ability to reach a deeper state of concentration than is normally used in Confederation messages. We realized the desire of all of those present to expand the understanding of the universe. And as we are part of the phenomenon known as channeling, we wished to be of service to you by vibrating with you and allowing you to experience what you would call astral or angelic contact.

We, of course, would not call it either of those, but you do not have a name for the type of entity that we are – calling us inner guides and masters. You must know, my friends, that your inner guide is yourself, and that there are no masters. There is only one Creator. There is only one enlightenment.

We come to you as those dwelling close to your path – enlightened by your standards and serenely confident that we shall seek the Creator. We do not feel wise. We feel only grateful to understand enough of the creation to know what to seek, and whether we may turn our attention in that seeking.

We would, at this time, give the instrument known as Jim our contact, which is a very deep one and more subtle than that of the Confederation. If he wishes, we would be glad to close this meeting through him. I am Kootumi.

(Jim channeling)

I am Kootumi, and I am pleased to be able to make contact with this instrument. We would close this – our first introduction to your group – by saying that the journey which each of your people are presently undertaking is a journey which shall never end. For always, each entity that is within the Creation of the Father, always seeks and journeys closer to that Great Central Sun which is the source of each entity. We would aid those who wish to speed their journeys to the Father.

We are hopeful that we shall be able to make further contacts with your meditation group, if this is also your wish. We look and see that there is only one among us. We seek to become, with all, more and more one in all our being, and we offer what understanding we have gained on our journey to your people.

We seek to serve as also do you. May we join together on the journey to love. The journey is love, my friends. Therefore, we leave you in that love and in the light of the One who is all. I am Kootumi. Adonai.