(Unknown channeling)

We of Latwii have been attempting to send energy to this group for its use and balance the energies so that we may speak through this instrument for a brief period. We greet you in the love and light of our infinite Creator.

As you know, my friends, our love is always with you and we are very grateful that you desire that we speak with you at this time. We have very little in words to share with you this evening for we understand that we are, at this time, speaking to a group whose understanding of the basic truths of existence is fairly strong. We could attempt to deepen your understanding, but at this time we feel that you simply need to rest and that your minds have been all too active and so we ask you to come with us on a journey, floating up from your physical vehicles as you would float in the water, light as a bubble. There are no more limitations. There is no more ugliness, for you are now seeing reality and the light is very bright. You may pass through many, many dimensions and colors and glimpse many universes being born and existing in ways far unlike your own. You may do this for infinity, my friends, but this is only a short trip, for we know that you will desire, in the end, to arrive back in your physical vehicle, refreshed and ready again to take up the task of loving and living consciously and well.

As always, we ask you to be aware of each other as the Creator, and to be aware of yourself as the Creator. As always, we ask you to forgive others but far more, we ask you to forgive yourself. For though you may have many times heard and made mistakes, yet you have learned from these mistakes, and, my friends, how else can you learn when that is the entire reason for this experience which you are now sharing: education, the education of your soul. Do not worry about your grade, as a spirit, but simply enjoy what you can and when there is not the simple enjoyment, take conscious enjoyment in the knowledge that you are learning.

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when you will not be burdened with the difficulties and limitations of your density of existence and you will be far more able to see the love and the light of the Creator at work in your lives. Meanwhile, there is an element of faith in living well and we encourage you to refresh it by cleansing yourselves in the waters of meditation.

I would, at this time, open the meeting to questions.

I was wondering—I feel guilty to do meditation. I think sometimes I have come to that point of feeling a strong union with a being or a high consciousness and I feel sometimes that I want to—just like—[let] my whole being just fly away and go, you know, like an astral projection or something, but I feel that I hold back and am kind of scared to release and let go. Could you give me some advice on that, how can I release that eagerness of my soul to just go on traveling, doing astral projection, to be more in union, to be more released with that energy?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question. My sister, the separation of your astral body, as you would call it, from your physical is done by you each time that you sleep, consequently it is not an alien or an unusual occurrence in your life, it is simply somewhat unusual for entities to have the ability to do it consciously. There are physiological reactions, which can cause discomfort, such as the sounds and the vibrations of the astral body leaving the physical body in an imperfectly symmetrical manner. This often causes fear. However, there is no, shall we say, astral “boogey man.”

The places which you wish to go are created by your desire and you will go where your desire is to go and visit whom or what your desire is to visit. Therefore, we feel that it is proper to reassure you that you have no fear, that you will be waylaid by some astral [monster] and stripped of whatever astral belongings you may have. This will not happen unless you have been calling it to yourself. If you desire to work with your guides or to simply examine the experience of what this instrument would call “distant vision,” that is precisely what you will do.

Your desire shapes your experience. That is a law of the universe. If you are indeed feeling very cautious about such experiments, it is a reassuring thing to work with a group who is in meditation with you. Thus, they act as batteries strengthening your own desire for the truth, the good, and the beautiful. This is what is necessary in the astral or inner realms of experience, for in those realms, your thoughts are the only reality.

As your thoughts are, so shall your astral body go. Maintain your true desire for love and light and you will not be placed in a difficult situation. However, we assure you that it is not necessary to experience any unusual phenomenon in order to experience the release and the freedom which the love and the light of the infinite Creator can bring. This can be experienced in any condition. It requires only a state of mind capable of grasping love. Cultivate, then, freedom in whatever state you may find yourself and choose freely what you wish to experience, according to your desires.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thanks. Interesting.

We are pleased to share with you our thoughts, my sister.

If there are no more questions that you wish to enunciate at this time, we would pause before we leave, that the one known as Laitos may work with each of you. I am Latwii.


I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. It has been a great pleasure to speak with you and we are very, very happy to share in your vibrations at this time. We wish that your life streams may flow evenly and sweetly. We are always with you at any time you request our presence and you must always be sure that the teachers of Hatonn are with you in spirit even though their work calls them elsewhere at this time. We are their stand-ins, and it is our great pleasure to be with you. We leave you, through this instrument now, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Latwii. Adonai, my friends.

[Tape ends.]