(M channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and I am now with this instrument. I greet you with the love and the light of the infinite Creator. As this instrument likes philosophy, I would like to stress the point of one person. No one person goes down alone. The people who dislike him or the people who hate him feel justified in their feeling, and they go down too. The people who love him are diminished, and even casual acquaintances, people who only see him pass and never speak to him, have a less interesting environment. Part of them go down with him. And if a man goes up he does not go up alone. People who dislike him or hate him cannot justify their opinions. His friends are inspired by him, and people who see him pass are enriched. No man is ever alone. Do not say, “Well, it was only one man,’’ because it is never only one man. I am Hatonn. I leave this instrument.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument, and we have for some time called, “Wait-a-while,” for this instrument always says “Wait a while” when we attempt to contact this instrument. However, we find that there is a request from each of the other instruments that this instrument be used for some of your time and so we shall use this instrument [a little while]. We greet you once again in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We wish you blessing and glory and peace. It has often been said among your peoples, “Wishes are not worthwhile. Wishing is not substantial.” And, my friends, it is this point of love to which we would speak this evening.

What a great invisible web there is that contacts all that there is, but in your density especially what a great connection there is betwixt each entity upon your planet. The one known to you as Jesus suggested that if an entity fed or visited or aided another entity, even one which was looked upon as not important, the entity was feeding or visiting or aiding the Creator. That is your unity, that is your reality. You are one, my friends, because you are all the Creator, each shining in your unique facets like the jewel that you have made of yourself, yet each a portion of the whole that is the creation. How many times have you wished, and had it became so? We suggest to you, my friends, that the faculty of hope, of faith, of wishing, of dreaming, is one of the most powerful resources of your mind, and that it alerts your entire being so that what you call your future is designed again and again by each wish, each desire, in order that you may receive that for which you wish. In your illusion the connection between wishing and having is usually invisible, for in the illusion time walks with you like an unwieldy giant, distorting true relationships and making them appear unreal. However, the faculty of hope operates in what you may call time/space where there is no time as you know it, and the connection between hope and the desire fulfilled is quite plain.

Therefore, my friends, the first thing we would suggest that you do is be cautious and careful in your wishes, your hopes, and your desires, for you do inevitably set in motion those things which will occur in order that your hopes may be fulfilled. You shall not hope in vain, but if you hope without depth, without heart, then what you receive shall be shallow and unsatisfying. In this season upon your planet that you experience at this time, shall we say, your plant life has completed its hope. For each seed that lies within the deep and dark ground awaiting the biting frost is the hard shell of a living wish for life, for growth, for service.

That is the second thing that we would suggest that you would consider in relation to wishing. When you wish, hope, desire or seek there shall in natural patterns occur a season of incubation. You have planted the seed, you must now release that seeking to the hard frost of meditation and silence. In time, upon your planet, comes the spring and behold, the seed that has fallen in good ground blooms and flourishes and graces many by the richness of its flowering. So shall your desires come to you, bloom upon bloom, ramification upon ramification, until all is hundred-fold more than you could have wished.

This is the third thing we would suggest to you, that in many cases the seed that you have planted by desire, wishing, by hope blooms into a bloom that is not recognizable, for you as an entity will have been changed by that same silence. You will already have became transformed and you will be seeking yet further. And when you find manifestations flowering about you, it may be most difficult to apprehend the personal nature of an impersonal event. And you say to yourself, can this be what I hoped for? Yes, my friends. Each thing that occurs is a flowering of what you hoped for. Each event has been incubated and has grown. Meanwhile, you yourself have grown beyond the person that you were when first you hoped.

We describe to you a difficult road, a sometimes confusing road, but it is the road of transformation and it shall, as you continue to discipline your desires, your wishes and your hopes for your future, begin to offer to you a great multitude of blessings, the flowering of many previous hopes and meditations. We ourselves hope to be of service to you. Our only purpose in speaking through instruments such as this one is that in some way we may aid you as you move through moonlit nights in your inner search, through the brightest noons in your outer search, through all conditions and all surprises. We are aware that each finds inspiration in a different manner. We can only hope that we can be of some small aid to each, for it is our way of learning and growing. As we are of service to you, so our hopes come into full power and our inspiration is a hundred-fold multiplied.

We would at this time wish to transfer to the one known as K. I am Hatonn.

(K channeling)

I am Hatonn. This instrument has been caught by surprise because she was sitting here enjoying what has been spoken already. However, as this instrument looks back on the desires of many years, this instrument is able to see the validity of the statements that have been made, and we would suggest further that as each of us goes into the new year, we might ask ourselves the question: What do we wish the end of the year to be like, or what do we wish the next several years to be, as you think of time. Because, indeed, we are planting as literally for our future, as we call it, as we know it, as literally as we plant the seed in the ground in the springtime. It is obvious as one views the world in which we live that some seeds have not brought the best results. Therefore, we will simply leave you this evening with this thought planted firmly in your mind for consideration. It has been a great pleasure to be with you, as always, and we leave you rejoicing in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is our privilege once again to be asked to join our vibrations with those of this group. We thank you for requesting our presence. We hope that our desire to be of service by attempting answers to your queries will bear the fruit which will be useful in your journey. May we therefore ask at this time for the first query.

Yes, Latwii, could you enlighten me as to what is the emotion of anger?

I am Latwii. To begin, may we suggest, my brother, that if one investigates that emotion called anger carefully, one will discover that it is what you might call the other side of the coin which is love. For if one attempts to love, one attempts to give freely of the self to another. Yet upon your planet this concept finds few pure expressions. The concept of love has become mixed, shall we say, with your concepts of trade and barter. Conditions have been put upon this concept so that when one gives of the self, gives of the feelings and the emotions of the heart of the being, quite often it is expected by such an one that the one receiving the love must also in some like manner return it. Thus, the love is not given freely. When this perception persists within the being of one loving—that return must be made, that return is not being made—there frequently begins the growth of that emotion which becomes the anger. This feeling of anger is a distortion of the love which has not been reciprocated. The anger grows as the entity feels it has been, shall we say, shortchanged or betrayed. Thus, if you will look to the heart of anger you will find some distortion that will lead you to the heart of love.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes. I’m asking these questions because I’m having an extremely difficult time at the present of dealing with anger, and earlier today I had a release of this emotion, and afterwards, looking backwards, I could not see myself during the release, and those around me, including my young baby, did not seem to even recognize me when I was in that state. Is there something else taking control when one’s frustrations are suddenly released?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. Though it is possible that entities of an elemental or even a negative nature might utilize such instances to reinforce the concept of separation which anger demonstrates, it is most usually the case that just as the expression of love in its pure form has been distorted and blocked, thus causing the anger, so also has the expression of anger been blocked for a portion of what you call time. This causes within the entity so blocking the anger a buildup which might be likened unto the iceberg, where only the tip is apparent and the small trigger is all that is necessary for the remainder to come to the fore and for the entity expressing the anger that has been built up and blocked to appear as another entity. If this anger and its blockage, the love and its blockage are examined, the entity will find within this situation the great opportunity for experiencing and expressing love in its pure form. For when the anger finally comes boiling out, then the situation is such that it is most difficult to ignore further and the reconciliation can begin and this path may then lead to the heart of love.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes. I have an extremely difficult time dealing with frustrations as they occur and keep many things bottled tightly within me. It is very rare that I am able to open myself to others and release the anger before it gets to a point where I simply blow. I don’t ask for specifics, but would appreciate it if you would speak to me on how one might release one’s anger before it builds to a point where one blows.

I am Latwii. My brother, may we suggest that you observe the garden in the spring. As the seeds have been sown and sprout, so also sprout those seeds not intended, the weeds. And when this garden is ignored day after day, the weeds became strong in growth, and begin to overtake the seeds that were intended to be the garden. As you move through your illusion, take time each day in your meditative state to examine the catalysts which you experienced each day. Where you find anger, it is not necessary that it be expressed towards the entity in your physical illusion for the catalyst to work and teach you the lesson that you desire. You may instead experience that anger within meditation, and allow that anger to build until it does overwhelm your senses as has occurred this day. Then see within your mind the balance to the anger. For but a moment visualize the unconditional love. Then allow your inner senses to move from the overwhelming anger by their own energy towards the love. Allow this to occur until you feel love in the same proportion that you felt anger. Then see yourself as having two means for the Creator to know Itself within your being, and feel then the acceptance of yourself for yourself while expressing both anger and love.

If you would look at your life and your lessons each day in this manner in meditation, you will be accomplishing the same as the gardener who pulls the weeds each day so that the fruit of the garden may have a chance for harvest.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you. You’ve been of great help to me.

I am Latwii. We are most grateful to you, my brother, for allowing us this service. May we ask for another query at this time?

I have one, and it’s about as unimportant as C’s was profound. And it’s really none of my business, but I would like to know, if you feel it’s proper, if you would tell me what kind of bodies you have in the fifth dimension, and what kind you had in the fourth dimension, and do you have two or more sexes? It’s really none of my business, so if you feel I shouldn’t know, you don’t have to answer me.

I am Latwii, and do not blush at such a query. We of Latwii inhabit the density of five. That is the density of light, the seeking of wisdom. In our particular density our progress upon the evolutionary path now allows us to become more closely aligned with that known as light, for we desire and seek the light. Therefore, we do not only know the light, but we become it, which means that in relation to the physical we may shape our vehicle according to our desires.

Therefore, during those few experiences upon your planet where the appearance of a being of light has been requested with the proper purity—and such occurrences have been recorded throughout your history—an entity of the fifth density may appear in whatever form is best understood by those so requesting the appearance. Most usually this form is as your own for obvious reasons. The entities inhabiting the density of love, the fourth dimension, have a physical vehicle which corresponds to the physical vehicle which was the second-density ancestor or parent, shall we say, [of] your own vehicle, for example, having been derived from the higher ape family. The density of six, that is, of singleness, of unity, the balance between love and wisdom, may also form itself as it chooses, and each of these densities includes the concept of polarity so that the sexual union, in forms quite different from your own sexual union, may be experienced.

Beyond the density of unity there is no longer the need to recycle the physical vehicle. Therefore there is no…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am again with this instrument. May we ask for another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii, and I’m going to have trouble putting my thoughts into words, but I’m going to take a stab at it. As I indicated here a time or two, I’ve spent my life trying to get some sense out of the meaning of life, and in my early days I couldn’t see very much sense to it. And it seems to me that since the early sixties a—literally a barrage of light or information has been given to us. That at least life makes more sense to me, and the purpose for being on this planet has become clearer.

Now, my first question is, am I alone, is this just my assessment of what has happened over fifteen years or has this happened generally to the people, say, in our country?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. As the, as you have called it, graduation or harvest draws nigh, the seeking of the peoples of your planet becomes more and more intense due to there being in motion the activity which this group has became aware of as the seniority of incarnation by progression. This is to say that those now incarnate on your planet are those whose previous incarnations have gleaned the lessons desired efficiently enough that they have the greatest chance to achieve the harvest with one remaining incarnation, or in some cases, two.

Therefore, as those with the greatest opportunity for harvest incarnate, the calling for the lessons of love and assistance in learning them increases. These callings are answered in many ways. One manner of answer is the incarnation of those known to this group as wanderers in waves or in groups. This began in earnest with the birthing of the concept of freedom which was born at approximately the same time in its intenser form as was this country some two hundred of your years ago. There have been various events which have been prominent in allowing further waves or groups of wanderers to incarnate. The second of what you call world wars was most important in this regard, for the release of that energy known as nuclear was of such a profound nature that a great wave of wanderers incarnated at the cessation of that conflict. These wanderers then begin to reach what your peoples call their maturity during the period you have referred to as the 1960s and this flash of light, shall we say, took many forms, yet was felt around your planet.

May we respond further?

Yes. Has this flash of light, so to speak, that I certainly am aware of—I’m sure that many others are also—has this occurred, say, in the third world and in Asia, or has it become more evident just in the western world, or say, in our country?

I am Latwii. My sister, we find that though your nation is quite unique in many respects, it being what has been referred to as the melting pot of your global populations, that it is not alone in experiencing the effects of this flash of light, as we have called it. The entire planet has become aware of the more intense seeking for love and light and more aware of the response to this calling, this seeking. The response and awareness has not manifested in the same manner in each region of your planet. Many of the nations which you have described as the third world nations have experienced much greater trauma. The traumas have taken the forms of wars, starvation, disease and displacement of populations. Upon your planet these are seen as great tragedies. Yet, my friends, if you shall put yourself in the place of such an entity experiencing any of these phenomena you will find great opportunity for learning the lessons of love in a very short period of what you call time.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. I believe I understand what you’re saying. Right now that’s the only question I have.

I am Latwii. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I would like to know, when a person is an alcoholic, do they choose to be that before they are born, or is it something that happens after they’re born?

I am Latwii. Before the incarnation the entity, often with the help of what you may call guides or angelic presences, sets out the lessons which it desires to learn in the incarnation which approaches. In some cases it might be that a certain means of learning the lesson is set in motion. In many cases the entity will allow a variety of means to be held in reserve, shall we say. These various means of learning the lessons, which always relate to love in your density, are then activated as necessary by the deeper portions of the unconscious mind, most usually the higher self, so that the entity might learn those lessons which it desired. The means of learning which you have referred to as alcoholism may be one of many set aside or put in reserve, shall we say, and activated only when other means have not proven efficient. In our previous response we noted the great efficiency of trauma in teaching the lessons of love. For some entities the lessons must be more intense according to their own choices. For others the lessons may be learned in some areas with less of what you may call trauma.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, if they recover and give up alcoholism, is that necessarily an asset in their journey?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. It cannot be said with certainty that the response to, in this case, the alcoholism can be seen as efficient or less efficient. For one entity to continue in the state of the alcoholic might be the most efficient of continuing to learn the lessons of love. For another entity, to refrain from that state of the drinking and drunken being might be the most efficient way to learn the lesson of love. It cannot be said with certainty how one particular entity best learns the lessons which it has set before it. Only after the incarnation when the review has been completed may the entity see the efficiency of the learning of the lessons.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, do some people then feel that their incarnation after they have reviewed it was not successful, and some people feel it was very successful if the degree is there of success?

I am Latwii. This, in general, my sister, is correct, for each of you moves within an illusion, within a forgetting. You move within a darkness. Though your days be brightly lit, still, as you seek within your being for the truth, you seek in moonlight, for it is not clear to those who have forgotten that each is the Creator that such is the case. And as you move through your illusion you carry the small candle of your consciousness with you to dimly light your way. Only after your incarnation has been completed does the love and light of the one Creator which exists at the heart of your being shine clearly over the pages of your life so that you may then see the efficiency with which the lessons were learned, and might then see the lessons which need the learning in the next incarnation.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. I think that’s all I can take at this time.

I am Latwii. We hope we have not given you indigestion.

Thank you, Latwii.

We are most grateful to you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. It concerns lessons, and goes directly back to my questions earlier. There are times when usually by basis of us going through them beforehand we can see where a lesson is being presented to another, and there are times when we tend to learn the lessons for the other instead of stepping back and letting them experience, learn for themselves. How does one know—what can one do to keep from interfering with another’s lesson even though one may really want to jump in there and do it for them?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. May we first begin by saying that there are no mistakes within your learning. It is also to be noted that it is not possible to directly learn another’s lesson for that entity. What occurs in your daily round of activities is a natural progression of interaction which allows the opportunities to be presented to each entity to learn those lessons that are desired. You may feel that you interfere with another. Yet, if you will observe the so-called interference you will see the opportunity to learn a lesson being presented.

Do you wish in this instance, may we hypothetically query, therefore to impose yourself upon another? If this is not your desire, how then do you balance the actual or supposed imposition? By removing the self. So, you see, what you might see in one instance as the interference with another’s learning is simply your own learning seen from another perspective. Whatever your experiences within your illusion, the opportunity to learn the lessons you desire is always available. You cannot make mistakes. You may learn more quickly or more slowly, more efficiently or less. Yet, always do you learn the lessons you desire and always are those about you offered the identical opportunity.

May we answer you further, my brother?

That’s a big help. It’s also a load off. This is a situation that seems to occur regularly, and I know that somewhere along the line a particular guide has a hand in it which I thank you for. But there are times when you refuse to give something, whether of yourself or material, and you immediately turn around and it’s taken from you in one form or another. And I’ve always found it’s a very awakening type of occurrence. A guy I will refer to as George, I’ve known him for a long time, seems to not let me get too astray with him. But is that a reciprocal action, is that a common occurrence when one really sort of blocks out a lesson?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. In general, this is correct. As one refuses to give in certain areas, then one is, in truth, refusing to give to the self, for are not all one? To bring this point more clearly home, the entity often asks on the subconscious level to know more clearly the truth of this unity. In such cases there are those presences which you have described which aid the entity by seeing to it that a certain thing which has not been given suddenly disappears within the life of the one refusing its gift to another. This allows the entity to discover that the action of refusing to give to another is the self refusing to give to the self. For whatever action you experience in relation to another is most clearly seen as your relationship to yourself.

Therefore, as you love others, the love for the self grows. As you feel anger towards others, the anger for the self grows. This is the way of the creation, for the Creator must learn from Itself. And you are the Creator which learns from yourself, whether it be that self encased by your physical vehicle or any other self with which you come in contact.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

We thank you. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. I have one more that seems appropriate just at this point. I don’t want to tire the instrument so it need not be a complicated answer if the instrument is tiring. As I indicated, in the last two or three days I’ve been reading the book Eagle’s Nest, and one of the goals of the warrior, which I perceive as a disciple, is the detachment. And Buddha talked about detachment as being a goal to be desired. Would you say something about the meaning of detachment and how it applies to us?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Each of you, as we have said, moves within an illusion. The veil of forgetting is drawn so that it is not possible for a clear perception of the nature of your unity with all things to be known to you. Therefore, you learn through being attached, shall we say. You learn by desiring, by sowing the seeds of wishes. Do you then draw unto yourself those events to fulfill the wishes? By observing your response to such events, your emotions may be discovered to be positive or negative, and by achieving the balance within the self of each emotional response, the entity becomes what is called balanced or regularized according to the expression of each energy center or chakra. This then allows the entity to experience what various of your religious cultures have called the non-attached state of being. We might refer to this more clearly as a finely tuned type of compassion so that whatever catalyst the entity encounters, the entity is aware that it is seeing the Creator experiencing Itself. And the entity’s response is love, compassion and understanding. This is the balance which has been spoken of by the description of detachment.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. I believe that’s okay for the moment. I’ll have to think about that. Thank you.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, on this planet prior to the birth of Christ a religion on philosophy was founded by an entity named Zoroaster in Persia. This religious philosophy was fairly rapidly assimilated into Islam and no longer exists. What was the mission of the entity we call Zoroaster and what was his polarity?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. As each entity on your planet attempts to do, this entity attempted to serve the one Creator by expressing its perception of how the path of evolution might most efficiently be traveled. The precepts and tenets which it put forth during its incarnation were basically of the positive nature, yet as with all such religions or mystic traditions the polarity was not pure. For it is, as we have said many times, an illusion within which you move, and you seek for the truth in moonlight. And in moonlight that which is true can be dimly revealed, yet that same moonlight can also deceive. The one you refer to had some distortions towards the negative which are apparent to those aware of the concept of polarity who take the time to study these teachings.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Yes, I’m interested in where this entity is now. Is he incarnate on this planet or working with anyone incarnate on this planet or some world altogether different?

I am Latwii. We find that this entity has continued its path of evolution upon this sphere and resides as a third-density entity continuing to learn the ways of love.

May we answer you further, my brother?

So, I understand that as the entity is physically incarnate on this planet?

I am Latwii. This is correct. May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii. We thank you. Is there another query at this time?

Well, yes. Is his influence positive, or is it polarized now in the positive or is he still mixed?

I am Latwii. Though this entity, as most upon your planet, continues the efforts towards positive polarization, there is, of course, the mixture, for within your density the lessons are seldom learned with complete efficiency.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii. We thank you. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii. Is there any underlying reason that certain third-density entities choose prior to incarnation to experience ongoing severe trauma for lessons rather than milder degrees or a specific length of time that might be traumatic? Do you understand what I’m asking?

I am Latwii, and we believe that we perceive the heart of your query. The amount of what is called trauma can be and is in most cases chosen by each entity previous to the incarnation according to the, shall we say, number or intensity of lessons the entity desires to learn. This may be likened unto the student taking many classes or many hours of credit which weigh heavily then upon the allotted span of time. The entity could take fewer lessons and experience less trauma, yet not learn the lessons which would allow the graduation. Since what you call time grows short upon your sphere for the learning of the lessons within this great cycle, many entities therefore attempt great quantities of learning in a short period of what you call time. This brings the trauma, and the trauma offers the opportunity to learn love.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you. You answered very well. Thank you.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. In the same way that hope and desire fulfill themselves in actuality, does fear outline the nature of the developing future? I mean, does what we fear come to pass also?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may describe fear as a negative hope, which is to say that it too shall come to pass. For the balance [of] the desire of not experiencing is the desire to experience. Where you have fear on the conscious level it is often the case that the opposite, or the desire, is experienced upon the subconscious level. In such a situation the entity with the fear shall draw unto itself that which it fears in some form so that it might balance that fear with the acceptance of what was feared. Since all is one, there is, in truth, no need to fear any thing, for all things are the Creator and all things are the self as the Creator, thus fear also is a seed which allows this fruit to be born.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Yes, I have another question. Could you talk about right and left brain function and activity and how—and whether it is possible to consciously balance right and left brain activity?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Within most of your peoples’ physical brains, there is the division between what might be seen as the active and receptive modes of perception. The right portion of most entities’ brains is that portion which is logical, rational, verbal and moving in spatial fashions, able to analyze and utilize the words in a logical fashion. Within most entities’ left portion of the brain is the portion which may be seen as the receptive.

We correct this instrument. Our previous description should be associated with the left brain function, the rational. To continue. The right brain, therefore, may be seen as the intuitive, somewhat illogical, that which is musical or artistic, and for an entity to attempt the balancing or equal activation of these brain functions is the process of what we have previously called the use of catalyst or the balancing. To achieve this end, it is necessary only to observe the daily activities, the various distortions, biases, preferences and tendencies which are already in motion within the life stream. Then, in meditation the entity might magnify such distortions or biases until they are overwhelming to the senses. Then by imaging for the moment the opposite, and allowing the natural progression of conscious movement to overwhelm the senses in the polar opposite, the entity experiences within the being the balancing of both tendencies and therefore brain functions as well.

We would suggest to each entity so visualizing this process that the great unconscious which is the storehouse of each entity’s beingness might be seen as the analog to the left—we correct this instrument—to the right brain function of the intuitive senses. The conscious mind therefore is the analog to the left brain function.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I’m kind of mixed up on left and right, but I’ll straighten that out later. Could you talk just a little bit about the nature of ego?

I am Latwii…

[Side two of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument. To answer the last query, the instrument is suffering some fatigue, and if more queries are desired after another query or two, we would suggest the transfer of this contact.

To continue our response to the concept of the ego. We find that the great use and misuse of this term renders it quite ineffectual as a useful designation of any portion of the entity’s being. It is frequently seen as a portion of the self which must be removed, this perception associated with those of the Eastern religious philosophy. The ego is also seen by others, those described as the Scientologists and those who study the psyche of your peoples, as the self which acts, that is to say, the conscious being. Others see the ego as the, shall we say, show-off or arrogant portion of the self. This is a description which is common to the lay person of your culture. Therefore, the term itself has suffered such distortion that we cannot use it with efficiency in describing the activities or perceptions of your peoples.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Thank you, no. That is fine.

I am Latwii. We thank you. Through this instrument we may attempt one further query before transferring the contact.

Well, what would you call it, if there is an it? Ego, I mean. You just wiped it out, but there’s something there. Is there an undistorted way of putting it? Could you comment on that?

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister, for clarifying your query. We shall attempt a response by suggesting that the clearest perception of that known as the ego may be seen by observing portions of the system of energy centers which each possesses. The orange ray typifies the expression of the self in relation to the self and to another. The relationship of power of self over another is most significant here. In the yellow-ray energy center the expression of the self as a portion of a group which may express power over another group is significant in relationship to the nebulous term of “ego.” In the blue-ray energy center the concept of communication with other selves by the self is significant in describing a portion of the ego’s supposed function. This is not satisfactory as a means of describing that commonly referred to as the ego, yet is as close as we can come. But we feel we have fallen short by at least a country mile.

May we attempt a further response, my sister?

Only by my guessing that what you’re trying to say is, there is nothing intrinsically right or wrong with the conscious portion of the self in its relationships to others, but only in the misuse of power. Would you say that that’s sort of what you’re aiming at?

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister, for your query and continued clarification. We would go one step further in suggesting not only is there nothing right or wrong, as you have called it, with the conscious self or ego, but there is nothing right or wrong in any aspect of your illusion, for all is one.

May we ask if this is sufficient response to your query?

You may. Thank you very much, Latwii. That’s just fine.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister.

Why don’t you let this poor boy rest?

I am Latwii, and shall attempt that feat. If the one known as L would be agreeable, we would at this time attempt to transfer our contact. I am Latwii.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii. I am now with this instrument. We ask a moment’s grace to make ourselves at home, so to speak. I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, and now that we have things a bit more shipshape, we are prepared to continue our efforts to respond to your queries. Are there any queries?

I’d like to ask first if this would be a good time to retune the group. It’s been over an hour and a half since we began, and I’m wondering if we should get up and sit down and retune?

I am Latwii. In examining the fluctuating state of attunement in the group, we are inclined to agree with the recommendation as presented, although would be willing to continue in the present capacity if the reattunement process would overtax the patience of those who have developed itchy feet. We would suggest, therefore, that a brief recess of several minutes be allowed at this moment that the necessary flight to plumbing facilities be allowed as well as the opportunity to reinvigorate those areas of your physical vehicles which have had the bodily fluids compressed from their tissues for an extended period. If this is acceptable to those present, we would suggest that those not desiring to flee the room remain within its confines in the relative darkness now present.

I have a suggestion, Latwii. We might save time, if anybody wants. I have exhausted my poor little…

I have, too.

…poor little brain tonight. I have no more questions. And maybe we might save everybody—if there are no more questions we might verbalize that.

I am Latwii. Are there any further questions?

[No further queries.]

I am Latwii. If there is a statement to be made, we shall pause.

I think you’re done.

[I am Latwii.] We think so, too.

We want to thank Latwii tonight. We’ve asked him a lot of questions. We’ve all got a lot to think about.

I am Latwii. My sister, as always, we are grateful for the opportunity to extend our meager efforts and learning to those brothers and sisters who desire to share what little we have to offer. And for these opportunities we are sincerely grateful. As there are no more questions and in that your queries and one instrument have been simultaneously exhausted, we shall take our leave as well. In the love and the light of the infinite Creator, my brothers and sisters…

[Tape ends.]