(S channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument, and greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. As always, with great joy we greet you. We are so pleased to be among those that are truly joyous to share time, as you perceive it, with others of like mind, of the same desire in striving. For in so doing, does it strengthen your own desires in striving. For in sharing with other selves, you are able to see within your own selves, and as this happens, my friends, we encourage you to continue.

This evening there are a few points we would like to consider, one of these being the looking within, the taking time to consider the well of strength and knowledge that comes from looking within your own self, to see the Creator that is within each and every one of you. We speak often on the subject of meditation, my friends. We realize this may at times be most boring to you, but this, as with other simple messages, can never be stressed enough. For it is through your daily meditation and through your daily prayers that you are able to accomplish that which you have set out to do in this lifetime. If there are a few moments of the day which are routinely set aside to turn the eyes inward, so to speak, then this would serve to help in a way that would perhaps better serve you than possibly reaching out to your other selves, expecting an answer from them that might possibly be an infringement upon your own free will, should they answer.

My friends, we would not at any time expect you are asking to do that which is not comfortable and can only hope to serve you, and ask that within our words you accept what is comfortable with you and discard the rest. We share our simple messages with much love for you, and even though at times it may seem as though we seem to be in the position of the parent scolding the errant child, this is not the way of our messages at all. But the thought that we send through these instruments we send with much love for your continued striving and growth.

We would at this time like to transfer this contact to another instrument. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you through this instrument in love. We shall continue through this instrument.

What do you consider enough meditation? Indeed, what is the ultimate result desired? Firstly, let us examine the creation to discover that each entity experiences the Creator and the creation and therefore cannot help acting in a correct manner regardless of the action. Secondly, let us consider the possibility that the Creator is most efficiently experienced if the experiencer is experiencing the Creator in such a way that he is at all times aware of the presence of the original Thought of the Creator, and further, is capable of manifesting the original Thought in each moment.

Is this possible, my friends? It is our limited understanding that indeed this is the intent of consciousness—to know itself in such a way that is finally and completely unmasked so that there are no divisions and all things become infinite in diversity, yet truly and obviously one. We would ask you to consider a story that is within the holy work which you call your Bible. The one whom you call Jesus spoke of giving, and indicated that it was difficult to give properly from abundance, but that rather the proper giving was that of the widow whose sole treasure was two coins which she gave. This, said the one known as Jesus, was the far greater giving.

My friends, do not be falsely led into consideration of monetary generosity of any sort by this parable. The parable has to do not with the giving of coins, but of the giving of a life. If your whole life equals two coins, and you give it all, it is acceptable. If your existence equals a million coins, and you give five hundred thousand, it is not acceptable. The charge that you give yourself by desiring to know the truth is that charge to give yourself to the truth when you find it—not a portion of yourself, not a tithe of yourself, but all that you have been, are or will be, and in the giving, release the self from bondage.

Imagine yourself as the coins dropping into the box. Now they have not fallen nor are they clasped in the hand. Now they are free to be infinite. And how can you do this for one second without the constant discipline of meditation or some activity which affects you personally in a centering, clearing and joyful manner? Can you possibly give yourself completely to the experience of the Creator as the Creator truly is without discipline? Can you expect to express love for one second in its original form without discipline?

You see, my friends, the search for truth is like the addiction which is in this instrument’s mind as the topic of conversation before the meetings. You become addicted to the joy of being whole. This enables you to do a great deal of work, for there are no sales on truth. You will not find it cheaply. There are not bargain days and any who promises will be promising speedy happiness and speedy despair. There are no gimmicks, there are no shortcuts. There are simply glimpses of the utmost joy, feelings of going into another world where all is as beautiful as a thought that you have just had.

To keep your faith in yourself enough alive to continue an arduous and long journey, now let us turn to meditation. If meditation is the fuel that will enable each entity to experience the truth, then seeking is the fuel that will enable you to meditate. We ask you, what is meditation? Do you think of sitting upon a mountain? Do you think of old men in white robes with long beards? That is not a full representation of the wisdom one gains in meditation and the time it takes to get it. But we ask you instead, my friends, to think of meditation as a process, as the trip up that mountain. You are in your street-soiled clothing, and it is warm day and the valley below you has the stench of too much civilization. As you climb, the smog recedes, and the warm, clean air begins to glow about you. A white butterfly dances before you. And you laugh at the sweet smelling air and the butterfly and the fine day that you have found in the high place.

After much climbing, when you are weary, you come to a perfectly smooth lake. It is so pellucid that you can see to the very, very bottom. You remove your clothing, and swim across this lovely, quietly melting lake. And as you walk up the other shore of this tarn, you find that there are new garments waiting for you to pick—garments fresh, sweet smelling as the day, comfortable and pleasant in every way. All that is without you is now cleansed and ready and you walk to the mossy, natural seat that overlooks vast distances. And you settle yourself and you allow all things to flow away, for you have been washed clean and that which is before you is new.

You do not need to ever come out of that meditation. The more you practice the experience of meditation, the more the process will be a portion of you. Then that process itself begins to give you the will to call upon the state of mind in which the kingdom of heaven and the Creator are near, or indeed are all about you. Those things which are full of the stench of complication, semantics and civilization may be seen as from that viewpoint. You may choose that viewpoint any moment. You may behave in the light of your relationship with the Creator, rather than your relationship within an illusion to the Creator, as that portion of the Creator is experiencing itself. Choose. And each time that you do, know that it is your choice and that when we speak to you of meditation, boring though that subject may seem, we wish only to give you the basic tool for renewal of the sense of the original Thought that each of you seeks with such determination.

I would transfer at this time. I am known to you as Hatonn.

(K channeling)

I am Hatonn, and would say a few words through this instrument in closing. We want to continue with the thought of addiction as one seeks truth. Or in reality the seeking of truths is the seeking of the self, the understanding of the self, and as you discover more of the beauty of the self that each of us is, it indeed is like an addiction. The more one discovers, the more one is capable of discovering. And indeed, it becomes like finding a brilliant jewel, and the more one finds, the greater the addiction. And, one might even say, the greater the addiction, the more one finds. And you will spend all of eternity discovering more of the self, because the infinite Creator resides within each self. Life takes on a totally different meaning as one truly discovers the beauty and the depth and the color that resides in each of you. One stands in awe indeed, as one begins to understand the Creator really does reside in each of us. Your life need not be powerless. As you live day by day and continue in your meditations, and as these thoughts grow within you, you will indeed be like the light set on the hill. It is indeed worth the time you have spent in seeking.

We repeat that it has been a joy to be with you. And we leave each of you now in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in love and light. It is our privilege once again to join your group in response to your request for our presence. We join you with great love for each of you and with an eagerness to serve which is, shall we say, our constant companion. May we then attempt our service at this time by fielding your first query?

Latwii, I have a query. What is the best way to help a person who has some form of addiction?

I am Latwii. My sister, we feel that in such a situation, the support one gives such an entity is most important. To support one who has a strong attachment to any thing, idea, person or pattern of existence is to give of the self without reserve for the purpose of letting the one to be served know that whatever its condition, with or without the addiction, the entity is acceptable to you. To give this support is to build within the entity’s understanding a firm foundation upon which it might stand and move as it attempts to balance the distortions which seem out of balance. It is often the case that such entities who attempt to help one who has what you have called an addiction will attempt to help the entity free itself of that addiction through various means. This is the beginning of treading on very shaky ground, shall we say. To attempt without being specifically asked to enter into such a delicate situation is not usually recommended, but to support the entity as it makes it own efforts in that direction is most helpful in almost every situation.

May we answer further, my sister?

Yes. If a person is, as we were discussing before, non-functioning, what is the best approach?

I am Latwii. When an entity has suffered the bearing of such addictions to the point that it is unable to function within the normal definition of your culture, then it is often necessary to aid such an entity by providing, shall we say, the common sense support of attempting to secure the shelter, the food, the clothing, the medicine, and the companionship for such an entity that it might be nurtured to the point where once again it is able to make those decisions for itself. It is important that the door to these decisions always be left open for such an entity, yet it may be necessary in some cases that the entity be assisted through that door.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you. I think you’ve explained it very well.

I am Latwii. We are grateful to you, my sister. May we attempt another query at this time?

Well, following up on that, the alcoholic—the experience that I have had with my relative was such that when she was sober, and in that state very intelligent, she suggested that she was suicidal, and that if she drank, she was attempting to die, and that any encouragement from any member of the family would only hasten her death. Consequently…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…sturdy in their own right, and by her own suggestion, in this case, simply refusing to see her if she drank. This she felt was her only chance at becoming sober again. However, if I follow you correctly, even though it worked, spiritually it was very shaky ground. Is this correct?

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and shall attempt clarification. The general suggestion which we have given, as all general suggestions, must bear the light of the specific situation. To give support to an entity who is suffering these difficulties may take many forms. Our suggestion is that one love without conditions. How this love is expressed is not set firmly or strictured rigidly. One may love and support another in specifically the manner in which the entity of which you speak desired. When an entity speaks in such a manner and asks for that type of assistance, then to love most purely, it might be the case that these desires are met. It may be many—we correct this instrument. It may be that many such entities would desire this type of assistance, and that it would be successful in aiding their recovery. Others may need some variation. If one can know what another needs by hearing those needs from the other, then one may best serve as one has been asked. If one knows not how to serve, one then must follow the heart. The love then that is given may take another form. Begin in love, refine with the wisdom which you discover either through your own discernment or through the lips of the one needing service.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, Latwii.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii. Let me just see if I understand a little bit better. The support and the love that you talk about I’m assuming would carry with it the notion that there is no judgment at all about the problem that the person is experiencing. For instance, for the most part our conversation with alcoholics oftentimes is judgmental. And so this support and this love would have to come across in such a way that the one who is addicted would know that we do not hold any judgment at all against the alcoholic. Is that true?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. It is our recommendation which we humbly offer that in any situation of this nature that it is most helpful to act from a position which has no judgment within it. For to judge another is to build a barrier between you and the other and then all succeeding actions must be filtered through that barrier. This tends to distort the love and the wisdom which you have to offer so that it appears to the other less than what it is. To remove the judgment is to attempt to see clearly and is that action which allows the clearer giving of assistance.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, I think that clears it up.

I am Latwii. We are thankful to you. Is there another query at this time?

Just one final one on the same subject, only backwards. Can you generalize about the purpose for experiencing the addiction? There seems to be an addictive type of personality. There seems to be an addictive type of body, chemically. There seem to be some very distressing things that go on during addiction to some substance like alcohol or hard drugs or tranquilizers, yet people repeatedly seek that addiction out. Can you generalize on why?

I am Latwii. We are not fond of generalizations though they are most frequently our lot. In addressing queries such as have been asked this evening, it is necessary to speak in general terms in order that an overview can be given, yet to speak in general terms is to limit oneself greatly. For each entity is quite unique, and though each entity does fall within certain groupings and may be, therefore, in some cases, spoken of in general terms, yet one cannot look at each entity within any group and speak accurately in all instances. Therefore, we shall attempt a generalization with those qualifications understood.

Entities who experience what you call addictions to various substances such as the alcoholic beverages and the, as they are called, harder drugs, are oftentimes entities of great sensitivity and creativity. Entities within the culture in which you now exist who contain within themselves delicate sensitivities, budding creativities, and who yearn to express that which they feel they are, yet who also find such expression blunted by the general, shall we say, milieu, become sometimes frustrated, and find that their only solace is to turn inward and to ponder how to exist as a finely tuned being in what seems to be a gross and greatly overpowering world. Such an entity will often turn inward to such an extent that it becomes reclusive. Such an entity will find there are various aids to intensify this reclusive nature. The aids of the drugs and alcohol tend to turn the entity further and further in upon the self so that those sensitivities which began the entity’s yearning and seeking for expression, become themselves blunted so that they no longer motivate the entity in the manner which found no expression. It is often that the turning inward and the use of the substances which alter the mind is specifically chosen that the mind might be altered, for it is the sensitive mind and the sensitive heart and the sensitive being that it seems to the entity began the pain. And yet these can be, shall we say, stilled in some degree, but then the entity assumes there will be no pain. Yet, can the spark of life which glows within any be extinguished? It is often a long journey until the entity discovers that the spark must live. And how that spark shall live is the decision which each must make.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, that was very inspiring.

I am Latwii. We are most grateful to you, my sister. May we attempt another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii. I really think I know the answer to this, but I’d like to have your opinion. Do people—do some entities—well, in fact, lots of entities—before they incarnate again decide to live their lives in ignorance? Some people just seem, from my point of view, some people seem to hold on to ignorance as if it were something to be praised or enjoyed—they literally seem to hold on to their ignorance. Now do some entities choose this kind of a life before being born into this planet?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Each entity before incarnating sets before itself a basic scheme or blueprint for the life which will follow as the incarnation. The lessons to be learned all stem from love within your illusion. How these lessons shall be learned is quite varied and unique to each entity. The veil which falls between the conscious and unconscious mind serves the purpose of allowing the entity to follow its path without a clear understanding of what that path is in order that the path, when followed, might carry weight within the total beingness of the entity. For an entity, then, to attempt to learn the lessons of love, it is necessary that the limitations of this knowledge of oneness with all be firmly in place. This is the challenge, to discover love within all of the experience without having more than a basic clue as to the nature of the love and the lessons awaiting the entity.

The distortion which you have described as ignorance, may also be chosen in order that the lessons of love might be learned on a very basic level. For an entity to exercise the ignoring of most of what is about it is to increase the effect of the veil and to increase the difficulty of the lesson. Yet if the lesson be learned under these circumstances, it carries great weight in the total beingness of the entity.

In short, yes, my sister, the quality of ignorance is quite a valuable tool to many who seek the lessons of love, and is freely chosen as a tool to aid that learning.

May we answer you further, my sister?

So, in a case like that, one does the entity a disservice by trying to enlighten, so to speak, is that right?

I am Latwii. This is not necessarily so, for each entity acts within an illusion which is populated with others such as itself, and the others serve as what might be called mirrors. It might be most helpful to such an entity to aid in its elimination, for no entity acts alone in truth. And each entity aids each other entity by interacting with that entity. To mirror the essence of another is to illumine the essence of another. And when you attempt, however you attempt, to aid another, you do indeed serve that other, for there is no way that one cannot be of service. To think in terms of service and disservice or right and wrong is to limit the perception, for in truth all actions and all inaction is service. All is service. The service may vary, yet the service exists and has its impact. There are no mistakes. Rest assured that you serve.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Latwii. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii. We are aware that we have exhausted the queries within this circle, yet we are aware that there is one who we perceive wishes to enter the circle, yet is hesitant. We shall therefore, take our leave of this group at this time. We rejoice in your beingness, our friends. Call upon us to join you in your meditations whenever you wish our presence. We leave you in love and light and blessings of the One. We are known to you as Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.