(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. It gives us great joy to share our thoughts with you this evening, and as we touch each of you in thought we send all our blessings that your journey may be filled with light and love. We especially greet those new to this gathering and one who has not been with us for some great time as you reckon. And so you all go out seeking the adventure of learning, and so have men gone out seeking that great adventure since consciousness began. The track is irresistible and yet there are many ways by which the seeker may slow himself down. Very often the wide paths, the most traveled and the most popular are those which accommodate those entities who desire to move at a slower pace. We are aware that each in this group desires to quicken the pace and so we would talk to you this evening about courage.

It has perhaps been suggested to you that the end of your seeking will be knowledge and understanding, that you will find the answers that you seek. Indeed, we have suggested that you will find the answers that you seek. We have never intentionally suggested that you will find a key to the understanding of those answers, only that you are heard and that answers are forthcoming. The path which is narrow is a path the end of which is the realization that you do not know anything. The reason this path is narrow is that not knowing is uncomfortable, and continuing on for any length of time upon a path which promises further unknowing as the fruit of your current unknowing is simply not a very delectable path, and therefore it is not much traveled by your peoples.

But we ask you to look around you, my friends. What do you understand? Having considered what you may understand, we ask that you evaluate its importance in your spiritual quest. Are you seeking to know who you are? Very well, a noble and great quest is this, as it contains all of creation in its depth and breadth, for you and creation are one. Seek, my friends, to know who you are. But if you seek with integrity you will find that your answers do not leave you smug. You do not ever know. It takes a great deal of courage to go far along on the path that you discover the feelings and the character and the fruits of who you are and still be able to face the ultimate mystery of your identity. Those without courage will settle upon an answer, and that answer will keep them from changing, or at least changing as quickly.

Let us observe the master known as Jesus. This teacher talked about himself only in the context of his relationship to the Father, to the Creator, to the One Who is all things. He was, as you are, aware of that relationship. He was aware that he was both created and Creator. He did not know anything beyond that, and each step that he took was taken after meditation, and under the guidance of that which he did not previously know, which many have called the Holy Spirit and others have called the higher self. How much courage can you bring to your quest? Love is ever and always nearly manifested to those who quest, and that love is blinding in its power, and you know it is there, and you seek more of it. Do you have the courage to accept your conscious unknown, for surely you have spent enough hours in despair because your actions were but a shadow of what you know, as you might say. You think, “My will is strong and my heart shall be light and I shall meet all obstacles with love, that love that I know, that love that I feel, that love that I seek.” And yet, these things you do not always do. You do not know. It is the seeking, continuous, balanced between seriousness and joy, fresh each day, that accelerates your rate, speed, and leads you upon an ever narrower path.

And this, my friends, is good, for it is the narrow path, the path of courage, the path of fearlessness in the face of not knowing that will grant you more and more a sense of being able to reach into the resources of your higher self, of your deeper self, of your inner self, of Christ consciousness, and manifest the true joy of faith and will. It has often been noted that justice is blind among your peoples. We would further note, so is love, so is seeking. Do not let the dimness of your mirror images ever discourage you for long. Do not let your own lack of manifestation ever discourage you for long. Do not let any error, as you may consider it, discourage you for long, for this creation is the Creator’s. You live in a creation of love and in an illusion of mystery. See far enough to find the love and have the courage to release yourself from the responsibility of certain knowledge. Those who are certain about philosophy and those things of the spiritual evolution have simply placed themselves on a slower path where they will be borne upon the shoulders of their comrades, given more encouragement, offered frequent rests, and sustained by many comforts. Courage, my friends. You who have it shall inherit a great mystery of being as can no one who seeks certain knowledge. You seek the wind. It is invisible, it is infinite, and it will come and go when it will. Do you suggest that you shall know it, that you shall measure it, and put it between the pages of a book? Or do you instead seek to be it? Lift your wings, my friends, and soar in the love and the light that is yours for the seeking, yours for the taking, and yours to manifest in glory.

We leave this instrument bathed in the sweetness of meeting with comrades and again thank you that we may share our thoughts with you, humble and poor though they may be. We ask that you grasp firmly the concept that we are fallible beings such as yourselves. Therefore, take what you will of what we say. Use that which seems good to you and discard the rest without a moment’s hesitation. We are here to inspire and to encourage, not to confuse. We thank you for the great service you do us by allowing us to be of some small aid. I am Hatonn and I leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We are speaking slowly while we are establishing a good contact with this instrument. We ask your patience that this might be accomplished, for the instrument is somewhat fatigued and out of practice.

At this time we would present ourselves in hopes of being allowed to perform whatever service we are capable of in answering the questions you may elect to offer. At this time are there any questions?

I’ve been wondering about the reason so many school children have been given such harsh diseases to cope with these last two or three years. The latest epidemic was very uncomfortable, and much worse than the usual measles and strep. Stomach cramps and what not. Is there some other reason other than chance catalyst that this was presented to this particular generation of kids?

I am Latwii. I am aware of your question. My sister, we would recall for you the awareness that you possess concerning the qualifications that entitle the more recent incarnations upon your planet to be allowed to incarnate. As you remember, the schedule, if you will, is based upon the likelihood of accomplishing a sufficient polarization to continue the journey, so to speak. In the case of a number of the most recent incarnates, the quantity of catalyst experienced within a relatively short period of that which you term time is necessary to allow the newly incarnate the opportunity to successfully receive the equivalent of a cram course in human experience.

May we answer you further?

You’re talking about seniority by vibration?

I am Latwii. Your assumption is correct. We would emphasize, however, that the term seniority is somewhat misleading, for there are those who are of a lesser developed state whose particular circumstances or required lessons are of a nature that would lend themselves well to being accomplished in the particular milieu experienced on your planet at this time. The odds, if you will, for these entities are greatly enhanced by the particular characteristic of that which they are likely to experience, and in so doing have the opportunity to complete the stage of work which they have undertaken.

May we answer you further?

Then you’re inferring that the supply of those who may be expected to make harvest is less than the supply of physical vehicles that are being born so that those who have no excellent chance of making harvest, or some, are still able to incarnate. Is that right?

To a degree that is correct, my sister. It might be examined under the light of the willingness of those non-incarnate to be of service in patiently awaiting to allow one who is less likely to be harvested an opportunity to excel, and thus achieve harvest due to the particular circumstances available within the experience range presented by the physical vehicle. For example, one whose particular requirements for growth would include an opportunity to experience great physical and emotional stress might have to wait for several eons to find such ideal circumstances as those which are currently present on your planet. And, we might add, the potential future holds a high degree of likelihood that the circumstances for intense catalyst in these areas are greatly enhanced if an entity who seeks harvest, and is approximately, yet not actually at the harvest potential, perceives an other self who would be tremendously benefited by the opportunity to incarnate at this particular moment in time, the service-oriented near-harvestable entity might be moved to delay his or her incarnation so as to extend the service of such a delay to allow the incarnation and potential harvest for the entity of lesser accomplishment who also seeks incarnation under the particular circumstances available at this time.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you. I’m impressed by the courtesy of the ones who are willing to wait another seventy-five thousand years so that somebody else can have a turn. That’s a whole new light on the word courtesy.

I am Latwii. My sister, we would not be hesitant to point out that this also is taken into consideration.

Is there another question?


I am Latwii. As there are no further questions vocalized, we shall assume that those present have exhausted their supply of queries and we shall ourselves be of service at this point in releasing our use of this instrument to allow those present to continue in their usual fashions. In the love and the light of the infinite Creator, my brothers and sisters, we are known to you as Latwii.

In case any of the other channels are wondering whether to speak, I do feel a presence here, and I am not getting any signals, so it must be for somebody else.

I felt this feeling before the meditation tonight, but I’m totally unsure what it is. That’s why I’m staying quiet.


It’s that I feel strange.

Spirit, if you are new to this group, we challenge you in the name of Christ. If you come in the name of Christ, the Christ consciousness, and the one white light you are welcome. If not, we bid you be gone now and forever. Hum. He must not have been a nice one. He went away. We are now open for prayers.

A quick one.

Yeah, it was a fast one, a weak little fella. You all right, C?

Yeah, I’m all right.

[Tape ends.]