(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument. We greet you, as always, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. It has been some time since we have been able to speak through this channel, and we will speak but briefly through this channel, for he wishes to break back into the channeling process slowly as he has been some time in doubt. To doubt, to ask questions is but one way to learn.

We are having difficulty at present and would pause for a moment to better attune ourself to this instrument. I am Hatonn. We would at this instrument’s request transfer this contact, for he feels he needs more time before he can fully operate again as a vocal channel. We will now transfer.

(L channeling)

I am Hatonn. I am now with this instrument. We are grateful for the willingness of the instrument known as C to re-offer himself for service in acting as our instrument that we might communicate with our otherselves. We are aware of the difficulties that he is experiencing, both in the facility of channeling, and the awareness of the moral significance of the action. We again are grateful for his service.

At this time, my friends, we would like to share with you a small story concerning a creature which lives beneath the watery surface of that which you call the sea. The creature is that which you term a mollusk or a clam-like shelled entity. Its awareness of itself and its universe is quite limited, for primarily its interests are limited to the acts of eating, excreting, and occasionally reproducing. The consciousness resultant from this situation, as you may well imagine, is quite limited as the entity we described is not only uninformed of the world upon which you exist, for example, but also quite uninterested. However, we shall cease describing and return to our story.

The entity was created in physical form and sought to continue its life in what must appear to those present as a very bland, eventless existence, for in truth, the lack of event was that which was sought. However, this entity had the apparent misfortune to choose to incarnate near the site of that which you term a generating facility on land which resulted in sudden releases of very hot water into the clam’s environment. As this resulted in great discomfort, the entity was faced not only with the choice between remaining and possibly stewing or using its rudimentary equipment to gradually, over a period of years, remove itself from the environment. However, the entity was first forced, for such are the ways of lessons, into perceiving that an environment or universe existed beyond the limitations to which it had become accustomed, and firmly, yet dimly, regarded as the limits of the universe, for the increasingly warm temperatures could hardly be ignored.

The entity of which we speak, reflexively, slowly, began to move, to attempt to push itself slowly away from the uncomfortable environment. Many of its brothers and sisters also undertook identical journeys at the same time while others elected to remain behind, clam-like in their unwillingness to perceive or even acknowledge that other forces existed besides themselves. Years passed, the journey undertaken was at last completed, and in the manner of such creatures, the clam of whom we spoke eventually relinquished its hold on its incarnation in this fashion.

My friends, this may seem to be an uneventful tale, yet we ask you to examine your own progress on your journey. For is it not true that too often one must find the temperature of one’s environment exceedingly uncomfortable before one seeks change of one sort or another, and in seeking that change find that the change must entail a change of oneself. So a journey is begun. One stretches muscles, so to speak, that one was only dimly aware of and more often than not strives only to leave behind that uncomfortable state which one once occupied in search of that which is unidentified, totally unfamiliar, yet toward which one is drawn as if following an instinctive beacon within the soul. And alongside each who follows the path, quite often unrecognized in the day-to-day struggle to climb one more rung, to circumvent one more difficulty, are brothers and sisters, quite similar, each struggling to surmount its own problem, each on a very similar path, journeys that though quite separate are yet quite common.

My friends, the creature of whom we spoke was fashioned in a manner which protects through a lack of awareness of that which surrounds. Yet, my friends, at this point the comparison fails, for each of you has been blessed with the ability to perceive the commonness, the sharing of the journey which you have undertaken jointly with those who surround you. My friends, strive to recognize within one another, within the stranger who at a corner crosses a street in time with yourself, that your journeys and yourselves are one, that his or her beacon rings forth within the soul with the same note as that within your own. It is often possible in your world to ignore the fact that your journeys are common. But, my friends, you differ from the other creatures we have described in your ability to communicate with one another. You are able to choose not only to seek or ignore your seeking, but also to aid or ignore the need for aid.

We realize the complexity of the puzzle before you, for we are aware that you consciously seek to avoid inflicting your will or your ways upon others. Yet, my friends, there is no failure, no offense in bringing forth your light in presenting yourself openly that those who seek your help may find it. We know that each of you further has felt the doubt within the soul, the suspicion of unworthiness, the self-doubt of the value of one’s assistance. We are aware that at times those of you who seek to be of assistance by serving in the capacity of an instrument are quite rightly consumed with doubt both of your worthiness to perform the task you have undertaken and your ability to accurately represent that which is placed within your mind. My friends, we can only comfort you in these situations of doubt with a reminder of that which was said on your planet so many years ago, that if you wish to learn, that the door will open if you will but knock, that if you wish sincerely for an opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters, you have but to ask and that opportunity will be provided.

The one who spoke these words, my friends, went on to add that he who asks his father for sustenance will not be given a snake to hold in his outstretched hands. My friends, we ask you to be aware that the Creator has provided for His own, for all of His children. We ourselves are simply your loving other selves. Yet the tool that is provided by the Creator for our communication with you is a gift from that source. We offer, therefore, for your evaluation the question: When one asks for sustenance, what will be provided? My friends, be confident in your acts of love. Accept the blessing of the opportunity to be of service and go strongly forward with your desire to do so. Be not afraid and do not feel the necessity to provide yourself with assurances and safeguards, with necessities to validate your service to yourself, but rather, in the words of the source we described, go forth with but your staff and your scrip 1 and serve.

At this time we will relinquish our use of this instrument that our brothers and sisters of Latwii might perform their service of answering questions. In the love and light of the infinite Creator, I am known to you as Hatonn.

(L channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you in the love and light of the infinite Creator. We are aware that this instrument has been used somewhat extensively by our brothers and sisters of Hatonn quite recently. However, we are most anxious to refamiliarize the instrument with our vibration, and to exercise the instrument as we are less frequently able to accomplish this task lately and desire to give the old whiz-bang a tune-up. At this time, are there any questions?

Yeah, I have one, Latwii. You always say at the end of the session that if we just make a request that you will be with us or you’ll hear it. Okay, I made a request this week, not for me, but for my daughter. And I don’t know whether you answered the request or … I said, if you weren’t in the business of healing or getting her through this three days, because she had a terrible cold, that would you stand around and see if you could find another entity to help. Well, anyway, it worked out beautifully, and I was just interested to know if you really did work out the circumstances or what happened.

I am Latwii. My sister, we were quite grateful to receive your contact and request. However, we must confess that we, to a large extent, passed the buck, so to speak, to our brothers and sisters that you know of as Nona, and that the entity to whom your service was directed was experiencing an amount of discomfort and stress. In reference to the details of the situation, however, we must explain that it is not our line of work to alter the circumstances that one has selected for their personal growth, but rather to encourage them in attaining that growth, which service we did attempt to provide.

Is there another question?

No, that’s very good. I figured that’s the way you would do it, but anyway I was just curious to know if you heard the request. Thank you.

We thank you, my sister, and we are quite pleased that [you] recognized our touch, so to speak.

Is there another question?

Yes, Latwii. When a person has an imbalance in their physical being or in their life, how can they tell if it’s karma or if it’s an incorrect attitude on their part?

I am Latwii. My sister, the most truthful and obvious answer is to seek within one’s own soul for the answer. We are quite aware that the simplicity of such an action seems to make it difficult to perform, yet in all honesty, that is the most accurate and effective manner.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you.

We thank you, my sister. Is there another question?

Yes, one other question, Latwii, and we’ve touched on this before, but I’ve had some unusual dreams recently, and my question is, do we make our dreams or are we given dreams sometimes in order to help us when we ask for help?

I am Latwii and, my sister, without frivolity we must acknowledge that the answers to your questions are yes and yes. We would take the liberty of adding further detail in this manner. The mind of which you are aware is quite capable of generating dreams for entertainment or for one’s education. Using this particular instrument, one can therefore acquire dreams which provide situations for growth, for in truth is not the world within which you exist merely an additional dream? The desire for learning, for attainment, is the incentive that allows you to bring into your life that which provides catalyst, be it in the somnolent or waking state. We would further remind you, my sister, that each entity is a portion of a larger entity and that—and that which is needed will be provided.

May we answer you further?

That last statement, let me see if I understood that correctly. That each entity is a part of a larger entity, is that what you said?

I am Latwii. My sister, consider the smallest finger upon your hand. It is a finger in its own right. It is a portion of you yourself, which in turn is a portion of the consciousness of your planet, which in turn is a portion of the Logos within which you function, which in turn is a portion of the Creator Itself. Just as your physical vehicle provides the sustenance, the needs for the growth of each cell within your finger, so also does that of which you are a portion provide the spiritual nourishment required for your growth …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(L channeling)

Is there another question?


As there are no more questions, we shall relinquish our use of this instrument and gratefully thank each of you for giving us the opportunity to perform our small service. In the love and the light of the infinite Creator, we are known to you as Latwii.

(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege for us to blend our life streams with yours, and we thank this instrument for catching the signal which we offered to it, for it is an unexpected contact. However, there has been a call and we would speak briefly. We would speak to you, my friends, of binding and unbinding, for there are those questions upon your minds which may perhaps be perceived more clearly after some meditation upon the nature of your being. Firstly, let us establish the subjectivity of being. Consider two women. One marries, and one day the honeymoon is over and she says, “Oh, it is my fault, I have somehow destroyed the perfection of my life as I planned it.” The second woman in the identical circumstance, nodding her head in recognition of circumstance, will still say, “Thank you for the good times, for they are a gift and they teach me what it is to live fully. And thank you too for the challenge, for it teaches me to pay attention.”

The first woman then becomes ill, and she says, “I have failed to take care of myself. I have had a hard life; I am afraid that my body is not what it used to be.” The second woman in the identical circumstance, smiling ruefully at the circumstance, says, “Thank you for the health that I have had, and the health that is to come, for they have been gifts, and shall be so again. And teach us how to live more fully. But thank you, too, for this challenge, for through it I shall learn better how to pay attention.”

Thus, my friends, we intend to demonstrate that the circumstances of your life, though they be as they are, are subjective in meaning. That meaning is only decided by you. Therefore, all is decided by you. We reach this point in our reasoning in order that we may gently but strongly urge you to consider meditation upon the responsibility for your own thinking. It has been written in one of your holy works that that which you bind shall be bound, and that which you unbind shall be let loose. Are you then a ruler of a universe? Yes, you are, for you are co-Creator, one with all that there is, a dazzling and perfect portion of the one light. And as you see things, so they are. And what you see is final until you change what you see.

In some cases, my children, you see not only yourself but others, and you bind others to you and you unbind them from you. And yet, they too are shafts of the same sunlight, perfect and one. Shall you then judge to bind and to unbind for another? Do not all entities do this? And is it not always to some degree an error in thinking? For are you not all one being with no judgment between parts, but only a desire to serve? No matter what you have done to another, you have done far worse in judgment of yourself, at one time or another, if you shall pardon the misuse of this term. Therefore, use your meditation to release the coils of subjectivity from about yourself and your other selves, for you in your meditation have room for only one thing and that is love. That is what you came here to this orb in space to spend your portion of consciousness at this opportunity learning. Shall you not then grasp the opportunity? As you become more distorted and more subjective, you move further from the love you seek so wisely to know. Seek, then, and leave subjectivity behind on a regular basis that you may be one with all eternity, that you may shine with the stars and glow as does your sun with the good and fertile brightness of life.

We leave you in joy, and we lift each of you in our arms to bless you and send you upon your way. May you be merry and full of that life of which love is the very essence. I am Oxal. I thank you for calling us to your group this evening and for listening to our impoverished thoughts. Please accept them as imperfect and discard any concept that causes any difficulty. For truth, as you seek it, must be seen by you, not for you. Therefore, discard anything that you perceive as less than truth and use what remains. I leave you in the love and in the light of the One. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. scrip: pilgrim’s knapsack.