(Carla channeling)

[I am] Latwii, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We thank you for calling us this evening. It is a great privilege to be able to speak through this instrument. We are not often able to do so. We would like to offer a brief message to you and then we shall bow out so that our brothers and sisters may also speak.

Once upon a time there was a planet full of people much like yourselves, and all of these people brushed their teeth every day without fail. One day a toothpaste company came around and revolutionized the world. It invented a new compound which made your teeth sparkle called dioxyethexene, and all the people flocked to buy this wonderful toothpaste with dioxyethexene. What the toothpaste company did not realize, and what the people did not realize either, was that if, when you were brushing your teeth with this toothpaste, you would speak one unfortunate word, if there were more than two oxygen molecules standing around, your jaws would become stiff, and you could no longer speak.

The first to go were the truck drivers right in the middle of the first sentence they spoke after brushing their teeth. Suddenly, there were many, many silent trucks driving down the road and the CB channels became empty. The next to go were all the housewives who said “I hate these …” They had been intending to speak of washing dishes; they never got the words out. Soon their husbands joined them in speechlessness, as they uttered many unfortunate words on their way to their work.

Before the first day was over, well over ninety-five percent of the world had become silent. Human speech was seldom heard. Even great judges had become speechless when they said, “I hereby judge you …” That, my friends, was the last word they would say. Preachers as a whole lasted into the second day, but they too unfortunately had developed the habit of saying rude things about other churches, and sooner or later on the second day they too became speechless, and could no longer preach from their pulpits of love and glory. All the war machines ground to a halt, for there was no one to give the orders.

And finally, for just a few moments, there was on this very small planet only one person left who could speak. The best, the kindest, the dearest person of all, he kept looking around him and could find no one to speak with. And finally he said, “I’m the only one who can still speak. If that isn’t the da …”

We ask you, my friends, how long would you speak if dioxyethexene were in your toothpaste? How careful are you? Do you know that all vibration is real and that each word is a vibration? We ask you to consider your vibrations that they may flow from you in love and touch those about you in radiance. Where there is a smile, a laugh, an understanding, or even in some circumstance that knowledge that truth has been spoken but fairly, there you may see communication used aright. Where there is frustration, sadness, anger or judgment, there you may see the negative power that you have. It is yours to use if you wish. But do you truly wish it?

I am Latwii. We shall leave this instrument, and return through another channel. It has been a great privilege to use this instrument. We had just figured out how to use this instrument without blowing out all her circuits, and she stopped being able to answer questions. And we are so pleased to be able to use her knowledge, and to be able to use her sense of humor. May your evening bless you. We leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. I am Latwii.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I am now with this instrument. We greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We join you tonight not to be our usual morose selves, for it would not be appropriate after the delightful tale of our brothers and sisters of Latwii. My friends, we rejoice in the love and the light that emanates through the small but united group which though small at this time reaches far. It is joined by those close to and a part of this group. The unity you have found, love and fellowship, is not broken by the distance, is not broken by your time. Love shines and reaches far. We of Hatonn have indeed been privileged to be of what small service we have been and may be with this group. Your times together physically may be short but the spirits remain connected. The love that each gives unto the other is helped in ways you may never know. Rejoice in your love, rejoice in your fellowship. We are known to you as Hatonn. Adonai, my friends.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you again, my friends, in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We must make some small adjustments in order to speak through this instrument, for our speaking through the one known as Carla is much more, shall we say, finely tuned, and this instrument has somewhat the consistency of lead, and must therefore require an additional jolt, shall we say. We feel that we have good contact at this time, and it is once again our privilege to attempt to answer those queries which those present have to offer to the group. May we therefore ask for the first query?

When I first began attending these meditations, there was a period when I was experiencing physical difficulties, and I don’t believe you were doing the questions and answers then, but the one doing it scanned my physical and spiritual being and was able to make some helpful comments. I was wondering if you could do that—make some general comments about some blockages that I’m experiencing?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We may, without infringement, make only the general comment. These general comments may then be meditated upon and utilized for the specific actions of your own choosing. The thinking of identity may be seen as the most important ingredient in the maintaining of what you call physical health, for in most cases your physical vehicle is functioning as a system of feeding back to your attention those areas which in your thinking have been neglected or blocked in some way. Therefore, when you see in your thinking or in your behavior—and here we stress the thinking over the behavior—certain patterns, you may correlate these patterns with energy centers, and if there be difficulty in the pattern of thought which has not been noticed sufficiently enough by the mind then you may see it reproduced within the body complex.

The red-ray energy center, as it has come to be called in this group, is a center which is not often worked directly upon, for it is the beginning, the foundation, the, shall we say, given for your physical vehicle.

The orange-ray energy center concerns the expression of the self in relationship to the self. It is the physical expression of what you might call power, if it be of the positive or negative variety. Difficulties in this center will be noted in the physical vehicle as the inability of certain means of expression, usually of the lower gross motor muscles of the legs, feet and in some cases the hands and arms, for these appendages are those portions of your physical vehicle which allow the power-filled nature of your being in relationship to yourself to be expressed in your immediate surroundings.

Difficulty in the yellow-ray energy center may be seen as a reflection of the entity’s inability to fully accept those within its immediate range of relationship, and an inability to let these entities be that which they are. Conditions which are set upon these entities in order that they might receive the affection of the entity are those blockages of this energy center which express themselves in the region of the abdominal cavity, for the solar plexus energy center is most prominent in its effects in this region.

The blockage of the green-ray energy center is somewhat common upon your planet, for it is the lesson of this vibration which most have attempted for a great period of what you call time to learn, that is, the unconditional love and acceptance of all beings, whether in relationship with the entity or not. The difficulty in this energy center has little specific correlation to the physical vehicle at this time, for, as we mentioned, it is that lesson which is set before the peoples of your planet, and is in general not yet grasped.

The blue ray of clear and free communication and inspiration is seldom activated in your populations, and is therefore infrequent in its effect upon the physical vehicle of most of your entities. But in those who have made some progress in its activation there may be seen the difficulty in some area of the speaking when this speaking is blocked.

To speak of the indigo-ray energy center is to speak of that which is most rare in your peoples at this time, and its effect upon the physical vehicle therefore is even less noted.

When an entity sees any physical difficulty in its physical complex, it might most helpfully and efficiently look at the effect of the difficulty upon the entity’s life. For it is this symbolic blockage which has been transferred from the mind complex to the body and noting the difficulty and its means of inhibiting the entity’s expression is most helpful then in determining its source and in pointing the energy center which has been blocked.

May we answer you further, my brother?

You say the green-ray energy center has been or has begun to be activated. Once that has occurred, is it possible for it to be deactivated?

I am Latwii, and I am aware of your query, my brother. This is not only possible, but is quite frequent in occurrence. Any energy center which has been activated may from time to time be blocked in part as the lessons of that center are continually refined.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Maybe in a minute I’ll think of a few.

I am Latwii. We are happy to allow your consideration of our humble words. May we answer another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii. S asked me to ask you if there any information you could [give] her on Morzack, and also what their specialty is with the Confederation?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. We find in this instance that it would be most helpful for the one known as S to inquire from this entity itself that information. We can, again due to certain limitations, speak in general terms. Each entity such as the one of whom you speak, that known as S, has a variety of entities on which to call for inner assistance in the evolutionary process. As we spoke earlier this evening, each thought and word and action which emanates from your being is a vibration which in toto reflects the frequency or strength of your calling. As each entity refines the calling, this through the learning of certain lessons, and the drawing towards the self of other lessons, then other, shall we say, teachers about us or presences are attracted to this entity, and make their services available in whatever form the entity is able to understand. Since most in this group are most familiar with what is called the telepathic contact, members of this group may then expect some type of telepathic contact from time to time from those entities which are answering the call for service, for all of creation listens and serves.

The entity which the one known as S has come to know is such an entity, that is, one wishing to be of service to the one known as S, and may be worked with in the meditative state in whatever manner the one known as S desires. We cannot make the choice for the one known as S as to the best means of working with the one known as Morzack but can suggest that she use her own intuitive abilities to seek also this information. It may be found through the, shall we say, trial and error method or it may be found immediately if the receptivity is of the proper nature. In either case there is the assistance available, and it shall find its own course with the aid of the desire of the one known as S.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, Latwii, thanks.

I am Latwii, and we thank you and the one known as S as well. May we attempt another query at this time?

This is not a question, this is just to thank you for your answers, for your story tonight. It had great meaning for me.

I am Latwii, and we are very happy, my brother, that our little story and humble words have found meaning for you. Each will find a different meaning and each will determine its use. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we are somewhat surprised that we have exhausted the queries so early in the evening, yet we are pleased if we have been able to provide some semblance of response to those queries which were asked. We thank you, my friends, for your patience with us, for your continued seeking of our poor and foolish words. It is our privilege and great joy to speak with your group. We hope that we have been of some small aid. We are with you in your meditations at your request. We leave you now, my friends, [in the glory,] the love and light of the one Creator. Blessings on your journey in unity with the One. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I am Oxal. We greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator, and are most privileged to be with your group. This instrument was searching for Morzack, however, this instrument is tuned more to our frequency by nature than to that of Morzack, which is a social memory complex quite close to our own vibratory frequency. Therefore, we were called as stand-ins and are most happy to serve as second best, as it were.

We speak to you of something which this instrument has within her mind at this time; that is, the patriotic holiday. We ask you to consider what a patriot is. A patriot is one who willingly arms extremely large numbers of killers and sets them upon other patriots in order to acquire portions of the creation. There are no patriots in second density. It takes the advanced consciousness of third density to organize slaughter. Examine your relationship with the group which is the nation to which you are patriot. The phrase that we find running through this instrument’s mind is, “We do not wish to be anything but peaceful, but if they fight us, what are we to do?” You see, my friends, your energy centers are not crystallized. You have not been refined. You are barely able to activate that which you have learned to call the yellow ray of solar plexus. You have barely begun to master the complexities of group action. To invest group action with that which you have learned to call green ray, all-compassionate love, is to remove the “they” from the equation of “us and they.” Then there is no one to fight, no one to lose, and no reason to be patriotic.

We find to our amusement that this entity attempted but did not succeed in learning the national boundaries of the planetary land masses of your planet. We find that she attempted to learn the pink ones, the yellow ones, the green ones and the blue ones. If you will carefully examine that portion of the creation upon which you may stand after removing …

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

There are no colors to differentiate one nation from another, no boundaries, no true reasons for defense. We ask you to consider how much of your birthright you wish to claim in this incarnation. You will have to lose the sentimental overtones, the heart-swell of national song and sentiment if you are to claim the lesson of love. The kingdom of love lies beyond you. It is within you that you have not yet mastered it, and like a horse that cannot be ridden, that gallops wild and free while you are a slave and oh, would you like to get upon its back and ride free as the wind, full of love, full of light, with the wind of creation upon your eyes and all the cares of little minds and petty lives calmed away. If love is wild, then you must tame it and claim it and make it yours by loving life above all those things that block you from it. Hear that gypsy that is compassion gallop within you. What shall you do to ride away upon that marvelous love? Ride away and change all with which you come in contact. What is freedom? Freedom is service in love. Perfect love is not patriotism, in our humble opinion.

I am Oxal. We again thank you for allowing us to come and speak with you. We leave you in search of our birthright. We leave you in sunlight and in perfect love. We leave you in the Creation, for where else is there? We leave you [in] unity, and so we do not leave you at all. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. Adonai.