(S channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and greet you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We would ask your patience this evening, my friends, for it has been a long while since we have had the privilege of speaking through this instrument, and need a few moments to tune in to her vibrations, so to speak, and to make her more comfortable with ours once again.

We are, as always, my friends, extremely pleased to be called among your gathering. There are those groups among your peoples who are more and more seeking the humble message we have to share, and in any gathering, whether large or small, the opportunity to share our most humble words is appreciated. We have been long seeking those who in their willingness to serve others would allow us to impart what amount of wisdom we have, and the service you impart is great, for in sharing with one, my friends, do you not share with all your brothers and sisters? In some infinitesimal way there will always be a link between you and each of your brothers and sisters. This link, my friends, is not always consciously felt but is still there. One act of service does not only touch one, it touches all; it touches your planet. In each wholehearted loving service you impart, you indeed further your planet onward into the fourth density. There are times when this realization is forgotten or misplaced but the service still goes onward, goes forward, is projected into an ever-enlarging sphere as does a pebble thrown into a pond creates ever larger circles.

We would at this time transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. I greet you once again in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. A great linkage exists between you and all that exists, and you are taking part in what you may call the drama of each existence that has ever been, is now occurring, or will ever be. This is a difficult truth to evaluate, and we would guess it is even more difficult to evaluate its importance. There is a longing in each of you for a dramatic happenstance, a change within the consciousness which will say to you, “I am still making progress; I have made progress at all.”

However, this drama which we discuss with you is divided into two great acts. One portion of it is a drama of those asleep. The sleepwalkers randomly bump into each other, and into the furniture of the stage, they fall into the spotlights, crash into the orchestra pit, and cause the audience some amusement. There is a moment in each actor’s life some time after he has determined that he is within a drama when the actor decides to write the play. He will choose his character and he will write his own lines.

This is the division, the great before and after which yawns away into eternity back to the beginning of your creation, and towards its end, once you have the opportunity to make what may be a dramatic choice. For many of you it may well not even be dramatic then, for you will have already made the choice in a previous incarnation, and this entire incarnation will be that action which rediscovers the choice and then sets about refining that choice. Therefore, you will not see the drama that others about you luxuriate in.

Let us look within your holy work. This instrument has thought much about the parable of the sheep that was lost. There were one hundred sheep. Ninety-nine sheep know where they were. They had chose to come home. In an undramatic way they munched and thought and moved around within a restricted space. But one sheep had wandered off. The entire attention of the shepherd went out to the sheep that was lost. Tossing the fate of the ninety-nine to the winds, he went after the single lost sheep. And so it is that when one which has never before chosen decides to choose, the creation resounds with joy. Another has made the choice. Back at the sheepfold where most of you are, the rejoicing is done. You are now one of those who will rejoice when the lost sheep are found. But the changes in your own thinking will occur, little by little by little. You will learn how to use the tools of mind, body and spirit by a process of refining that is agelessly slow and painstakingly careful, and many times will see your gains as losses and your losses as gains, and will spend much time involved in incorrect biases about yourself.

Much of this can be averted by reminding yourself constantly that you must not expect drama in your spiritual existence. The joy of experiencing love will come to you if you seek it, but it will also leave you. You will manifest great understanding and radiate the love and light that you have spent so many hours seeking in silence, and then other times you will not. Were you able to penetrate the illusion from one end to the other, it would be doubtful that you would have chosen this illusion, for it would not be doing the service it is intended to do. It would not be causing you to learn to refine upon your choice.

You may look back and think about that sheep, that foolish, seemingly unimportant sheep that got all the attention, and you may wish that you might even get lost so that you may rejoice to be found. But we say to you, you have better things to do. Try to think of yourself as royalty. What would occur had you been born a prince or a princess destined one day to rule and lead a people? Your life would be much restricted compared to others. You would behave in a more regular fashion. You would bow to many responsibilities. You would sometimes question the honor of royalty, and even though in some ways your position might seem to others to be admirable, you yourself might wish for freedom, freedom to do what you will.

And so you are, my friends, each of you. You have accepted a crown. The crown sits upon your head and it weighs you down. You are already rescued. You have already chosen to love. There is no chasm to bridge, there is no great drama. Honor and responsibility are yours and your advances, though they seem small, are greater, though they are more hard-won. Never kid yourself that the choice was the hard part, for in most cases the choice is made in a burst of the joy that the first understanding of love and light gives off. The refining of that love and that light, the manifestation of service to the one infinite Creator, is a task that is full of joy but could not be more demanding or more continuously puzzling.

And here you are, my friends, with your part in the drama. You are still upon the stage, you have stopped falling into the orchestra. You are many times writing your own lines and perhaps part of you has even made it into the audience where you observe yourself and give yourself reviews. You would be hard upon yourself, harder than others, but you find comradeship along the way, and always and ever that stage, so firm beneath your feet, so solid beneath the illusion. That stage, my friends, is a kingdom that you have never left and that you will never leave. You dwell within the kingdom of love, you dwell with the Creator always. Lift up your heads and feel your crown grow lighter as the great sunlight of the Creator strengthens your will and undergirds your faith.

We would like to close through the instrument known as C, and would now transfer this contact. I am Hatonn.

(C channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. The steps that each take in this illusion may seem for you to apply [too heavy] but with the continuation along your chosen path comes patience. The one path found as patience finds a peace and a knowledge, but things move slowly, but they move, they grow. Not that we may see, but they do. You may at times have pause to look over your shoulder and realize that without your conscious knowledge you have moved. You have passed a point which you will never pass again. My friends, find your patience, open your eyes and continue. Each will know his own pace. Each one’s pace is his, and you will find that you will move.

I am Hatonn. It is indeed a privilege to be allowed to speak our humble words to you. Each of you will take them as each needs. We hope that we may be of service to you. We are always at your call. I am Hatonn. We leave you now in the peace and the love of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. We are again privileged to be able to join your group in the seeking of truth. We thank you for the service of asking for our presence and for your patience in assessing our humble service at this time. We would then ask if we may begin with the first query?

I have a question, Latwii. A few weeks ago Hatonn talked on reaching a point in the seeking when you no longer seek. This has been coming back in the past couple of weeks and is in my thoughts constantly. Could you just expound on the subject a little bit?

I am Latwii, and we shall be most happy to attempt clarification of this point, which may at first seem quite contradictory and confusing to those who have long sought the nature of truth, shall we say. The seeker is one who is conscious of the process of evolution. Though each person learns as the one Creator, many do so in a manner which you may consider unconscious. To use our brothers and sisters of Hatonn’s analogy, there is the stumbling into the spotlight, the falling into the orchestra pit, and eventually the entity begins to write the script, which is another way of saying begins to seek in a conscious manner the keys which shall unlock door after door within the inner self, and reveal those treasures of being that await such seeking.

At some point in this process there is another transformation which occurs. This is the transformation in which the seeker not only knows intellectually with the conscious mind that it and all it observes are the one Creator, but experiences more and more the being of the one Creator within its own being. The one Creator is found within and the entity is found everywhere within the one Creator. As this process becomes more apparent and becomes that which is experienced more and more within the incarnation, the seeker discovers that it is that which it seeks.

This is more than semantics, my friends. To seek is to suggest that the one who seeks spends the efforts looking for that which it is not, yet wishes to become. To know that the self is that which is sought, is the one Creator, is to de-emphasize the seeking and to be that which was previously sought. In this transformation the entity looks upon a new creation. The entity looks upon itself as it surveys that which it is and which formerly would have been seen as that in which it existed. In this transformation there is a greater responsibility assumed by the one which formerly focused its efforts upon seeking. Now this entity, our former sturdy seeker, is that which it sought, and shoulders the responsibility of being all that is. This is not an event which is lightly undertaken, and is most properly placed within that realm of what you may consider the advanced nature of being.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you, Latwii.

I am Latwii, and we are most grateful to you, my sister. May we attempt another query?

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we rejoice with those sounds which surround your evening, and we rejoice that we have been able to join with you this evening. Though we have not expended great effort, each effort is treasured, and we thank you for your service which you provide by requesting our humble presence. As you seek and as you are, we are one with you. We travel that same path. We are your brothers and sisters, and together we are the one Creator. We are with you at your request in your meditations, in your thoughts, and in those moments when companionship is desired. We take our leave now of this group, though in truth we remain with you. We are those of Latwii, and leave you now in love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.