(Carla channeling)

[I am Hatonn.] It is my privilege and my blessing to share your consciousness with ours. Truly, although we come to serve, we find ourselves served ten times over by the beauty of the vibrations, the vitality and sharp peaks and valleys of your existences. We who refine our choice have a great deal of intensity to our existence and have much to tell of our journey, but those [who] make the choice at this time, as you would call it, have a much more heightened experience, a much sharper illusion. Perhaps it is our way of saying we enjoy memories of the good old days, when the good old days were perhaps not quite as easy as we remember. Perhaps each of you would asseverate that this is true. The illusion that you experience is not easy, though we remember it with great affection. We have made our choice, and you are making yours.

This evening we would speak of a portion of information about the one original Thought, which is love, and your relationship to it that is called gratitude. It has much been studied within the distortions you may call Christian, and we find within this instrument’s mind a great familiarity with the story called the prodigal son.

In this parable the teacher known as Jesus described a situation where an unruly and wild young heir to a great fortune demanded his fortune before the death of his father, while his patient and kindly brother demanded nothing but remained in his father’s house. The prodigal son took all that he now possessed and squandered it foolishly and quickly, and one day found him eating the same food that he brought to the swine. He thought to himself, “How much better I would have it if I were even a slave in my father’s house. I shall be go back and ask to be taken on as a slave.” And he walked through several countries until he came again unto his father’s house. His father, seeing him afar off, rejoiced and made ready a grand celebration. The patient, kindly brother who had never left home was upset, for he had never had such a party given to him and he had served his father throughout many years.

[The telephone rings.]

We shall pause.


(Carla channeling)

I am again with this instrument. I am Hatonn. We thank you for pausing with us. We shall continue in love and in light. The good son said to his father, “Why, you have never given me such a wonderful party, why is that?” And the father said, “Why son, you have always been here with me, and everything I have is yours. But your brother was lost and now he is found; he was dead and now he is alive.”

Let us examine this parable, my friends, for gratitude is not what many find it easy to define. Spiritual gratitude is difficult. However, it is one of the linchpins on which spiritual development rests. The prodigal son was not grateful to his father, either when he left or when he returned. He was in the first instance arrogant, and in the second unknowing of what was about to occur. He had, however, given all hopes up of ever being a member of a family to which he had once belonged. The son who had always been with the father and who shared all that was the father’s knew no gratitude either at his father’s attitude or at the return of his brother, for he was jealous and wanted more than was his share, more than his father could give. The father alone was filled with gratitude because of a son that had betrayed him and squandered his inheritance. This same father could just as easily have been outraged to see such a foolish son returning. The words could have been hard and bitter. “Go away,” he could have said, “Go away, you are no longer my son, and what I owe you I have given you.” Yet, to the father the idea of just portions was foreign. The father gave all that he had and then found more to give, grateful simply for the sight of that which he had nurtured, that which was in his keeping.

Within this illusion it is difficult to know how one may see praise in many, many situations. Being grateful for the experience which may just as well hurt as heal is inestimably difficult, and yet if there is gratitude in sufficient amount, gratitude for the challenge, gratitude for the prodigal son offering you that challenge, gratitude for the infinity of love which is your birthright and which manifested through you may be all in all. This gratitude homes the shepherd, the father, the nurturer, in so that all moments eventually ring with praise, and the illusion finally begins to lift. You will notice that the father in this parable saw that for which he was grateful, that for which he could have been distressed, a far way away. His gratitude stepped into a void that would only be filled when the son showed his gratitude for being again acceptable by his family. There are seldom moments within third-density experience when that gratitude which is spiritually based may come easily and after something is accomplished. Spiritually or metaphysically speaking, gratitude calls to itself, that is, the gratitude comes within the void of unknowing. The fatted calf is killed before the prodigal son reaches home, before the nature of this unexpected return is known.

How many experiences, my friends, partake in some way of this vulnerability. Something occurs to you. It, given the nature of your illusion, has a tendency to be more painful than pleasurable, for that is the nature of your experiences. Good experiences and bad experiences there are, all seen through the subjective eye, and yet because of the desolation and confusion of many, far more negative thoughts invite their reflection than positive, and thus the illusion often seems to be full of discord and strife. There is then the chance to be grateful—to be grateful, to give thanks, to shout aloud with praise at nothing, for what seems to be real is disease, disharmony, discomfort or despair. As you express thanks, so the seed will be sown. To whom it manifests is always unknown. Your seed may be sown for another or for yourself. Planting has little to do with harvest. However, if you can be thankful for the simple gift of consciousness, if no more than that, if you can be quiet and peaceful in the face of difficulty, if your heart may shout with joy and ecstasy in the face of discomfort, then that which you manifest to the universe shall be that light, that manifestation of the one original Thought in your own unique expression that brings not just to you, but to those who surround you a reflecting manifestation of thankfulness and gratitude.

One thought as we leave this instrument. We do not intend in any way to describe the nature of the Creator by speaking of this parable. We are not attempting to describe metaphysical geometry in which the Creator has certain characteristics. We would not be so bold nor would we tamper with your own study. We use words for the Creator and in close association with the Creator. Those words are: love, the original Thought, light, oneness, you, I. These are not characteristics, as the Creator is far more deeply personal than to have a personality. The technique of gratitude, rather, is much like that archetype which shows a fool or a wise man stepping off into space.

Give thanks, my friends, not for what you see, not for the kindliness of the Creator, not for the excellence of your circumstance, but, rather, give thanks because you are able to give thanks, because you live and breathe and think. You define the nature of your being; no circumstance ever may as long as this is understood.

We are with you, my friends, and of course at any time you may ask us to be with you mentally during meditation we shall be glad to be there as silent partner to aid your contemplative and quiet moment. I am Hatonn. I leave you in all that there is, the love and the light of the original infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai, my friends.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is our privilege and our pleasure to once again be asked to join your group. We thank you, as always, for inviting our humble service which we attempt to provide by means of answering those concerns that you bring with you. May we then ask for the first query at this time?

I’m really glad to hear your voice, Latwii, but I don’t have any questions.

I am Latwii, and, my sister, we are filled with joy to hear your voice as well, and to feel the vibrations of this group. We feel that there are those concerns that are present, and if they can be formed into words at this time, we would be happy to attempt to reply. Is there a query at this time?

I will ask for a friend of mine. It’s a question in general, for I’m sure there are many people that share his difficulties. How may he work to remove his difficulties, and achieve a proper spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that this query is of a general nature, and has not those specific qualities which would infringe upon the free will, thus we may attempt an answer and shall do our best.

Each seeker within your illusion moves within that which might be called the darkness. Nothing is known except perhaps that the seeker does exist and move within certain boundaries and these boundaries seem quite real. They are that which the seeker has made familiar through the thinking and the experience which are attempts to reflect the true heart of being, and to make the journey known in a conscious fashion.

These boundaries serve to focus the seeker for a portion of the journey, and when they have served their purpose there is the opportunity to release the boundaries, to bid farewell to that which has been familiar to the seeker. Many of your peoples call this transformation, and some such changing of the guard, shall we say, may be called initiation as well, for the old is given away and the new is born. These are new boundaries, my sister, but boundaries which are somewhat widened and offer more freedom. Yet, with the new-found freedom comes the first fear of taking new steps, for that which is new is not known nor is it familiar, yet the seeker, full of the desire to move onward, will take that first step as the fool into space, and with faith and will exercised to the fullest ability will find firm ground on which to step, for that ground shall be a new portion of the seeker, and shall be that which awaits the formation first in, shall we say, desire or mind. The step is thought, and then it is taken, and it is taken because it is thought.

Thus, the journey continues within new boundaries, and the seeker once again moves forward for a portion of what you call time until those difficulties that are a result of the new bias mount to the point where a threshold of resistance, shall we say, is constructed, thereby providing the opportunity for yet another transformation, as what once was a new field of experience becomes too restrictive and must be replaced and transformed by a larger field of experience. The faith and the will are those tools which propel the seeker through such transformations. The rejoicing at such an opportunity is also a concomitant portion of the seeker’s own creation that is most helpful in this journey, and most especially during such transformations.

May we attempt further response, my sister?

That was very complete. Thank you. I had a secondary query, and that was, if a person carries confusion of some kind to the point that most people would call delusional to the close of the incarnation, will that person be, shall I say, caught in that confusion as the next incarnation opens?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. Inasmuch as each entity which inhabits your illusion contains a certain amount of confusion, it is necessary upon the cessation of any incarnation for any such confusion or imbalance to go through the process of healing. Therefore, according to the nature and degree of the difficulty or confusion, the entity shall find within itself the need to heal that which was broken, to make clear that which was confused, and to make whole that which was broken. There are many, many individual situations to consider in the general nature of your query when making reference to the needs of the next incarnation. The entity may be ready for that which is called the harvest, and may find that, though confused during the incarnation, was sufficiently polarized to continue to the next level of lesson, and may find a need to include the first portion of studies as that confusion which was carried forth from the previous incarnation. For an entity not able to harvest itself within your third-density illusion, such confusion then might be a portion of its next third-density incarnation lesson.

There are, as you know, a great variety of entities upon your sphere at this time. Many have come from other densities and planetary influences to be of service, and may find that there are certain difficulties and confusions which would necessitate a particular plan of study to be carried forth, perhaps within any number of situations which would perhaps include another third-density incarnational experience or could take forms which are most difficult to describe to you at this time, for to those of other densities there are various means of relieving and healing the distortions accumulated within a third-density incarnation.

We apologize for not being able to give a specific answer at this time, but are aware that you recognize the difficulty with the infringement upon free will which is potentially within our response.

May we respond in more detail, my sister?

No, thank you, Latwii.

I am Latwii, and thank you, as always, my sister. Is there another query at this time?


I am Latwii, and we find that we have exhausted the queries. Though few in number, we find that the focus of each query was sufficiently well tuned to provide information which we hope may be of some aid in your quest for truth. We share with you that same quest, and thank you for allowing us to share what humble opinions we have gathered on our journey with you. We shall be with each of you upon your request in your meditations, and shall be honored to join your group at your next gathering, should we be so requested. We are those of Latwii, and we leave you now, my friends, rejoicing in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.