(S channeling)

I am Hatonn, and we are pleased to greet you this evening in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We have been with this instrument for some time as requested and we are grateful for the opportunity to speak a few words through her this evening. We are grateful also for your gracious invitation and we are pleased to be able to offer to your group our service.

We find that we often have difficulty in finding new and more exquisite ways of praising that message which is invariably simple and always the same. We are not always able to speak in a manner that is precise, for the same simple message may seem to some to be tedious or repetitive. However, we assure you, dear friends, that the message is the message of love and no amount of words can ever express that which is so simple than to use the word love. The meaning of the word often gets lost upon your planet and few seldom stop and think about this word when it is heard or spoken.

The immensity in this single simple word is truly overwhelming. The thought or the energy that goes into this word is indeed more powerful than we are able to express. The energy that is received when this word is truly felt is a powerful influence. To picture love as a very small and insignificant four-letter word is to deprive that word of its true and deeper meaning. Take not this word lightly. Take this word to heart and within your own consciousness expand that simple word to its ever-reaching potential. Let not those four small letters get lost in a haze of many letters. Let them stand out and shine with the power that is truly within the thought behind the word. Its immensity is truly beyond comprehension. We shall leave this instrument at this time and once again we thank her for this opportunity. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We shall continue through this instrument. We speak of the one original Thought. The simplicity of our message is deceptive. It deceives in that it is far more difficult to do those things which are simple yet deep than to accomplish those things which may take many steps but which are laid out before you as it were so that each step was well known. We can give you no recipe for grasping, experiencing or manifesting love. We can only offer the tools of inspiration through messages such as this one and the inward silent listening which is called medition(al?) prayer. Sometimes when we speak to a small group we are able to speak more to the heart of individual’s needs and that is so this evening.

We would begin the, shall we say, variation upon a theme of the incredible relief of [inaudible] by moving backwards in your way of thinking until you reach that you feel is before all other things real. Shall you call this island in space which is to your heart real? It would seem to be real. Shall we call the steady progression of seasons and your time real? The progression would seem to be quite real and dependable. Yet you are not seeking because you wish to find the real things that you can hold. You are seeking as do all because of the firm suspicion if not downright believed that behind that which is touchable there lies that which is more real which created that which you see and experience. It is the fervent hope of most who ponder such things that this force, principle or other reality have some structure and [inaudible] so that each of you is not living in anarchy and chaos, and indeed we believe that that is the case. And we have termed that which is behind all things, that which has created all things, that which is the one original Thought. Of course it beggars the imagination. It is too simple. We shall through this instrument explore one portion of the nature of the Creator [for awhile] for that particular variation has been on the mind of the instrument and has a margin of interest [for the rest].

We would speak to the virtue of a characteristic that is often thought among your peoples to be a hindrance. That characteristic is what you may call weakness. Within your third-density experience, again and again compliments and the regard of others are given to those who are seen to be strong: strong-willed, strong in ambition, strong to endure, strong to wait, strong in the face of adversity, powerful with people, with events, and with the forces of unplanned adversity which often appear to be emergencies. Far too little credit is given to the characteristic known among your peoples as weakness. There is a saying within this instrument’s memory, “If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, you may lack awareness of the situation.” Weakness is frequently the appearance which an entity gives who has such a firm grasp upon the situation that the entity is aware there is nothing that can be done and that therefore there is nothing to do [about something]. It often may appear that such a person is weak, but in actuality the person is far stronger than the one who thinks, struggles and attempts to control others and forces which are beyond any reasonable control. Let us use as an example that weakest [of all] the elements. For earth is heavy, fire light, and the air whispering. Water, as it rains on the cedars, [bespeaks] of that which does not have strength.

[The remaining channeling becomes increasingly inaudible. Ellipses indicate inaudible portions.]

We do not mean to confuse you by looking at the waters and the wind as peoples. No, my friends, we speak now of water as it goes about the business of gentle rain which soaks into the earth, runs into the ocean, and is evaporated. This has a tremendous … for personal growth. If the ground is … with … or paved with concrete, water attempts no … but is instead attracted without … to one of two things. The living … for … or the force of … to gravity which calls it be lower … Already we have described the incredible Creator-healer … force for he goes …

But let us look … In your imagination … imagine the feeling that … The earth begins … Water … The infinite … Water is without … It is not … it will not … And as it … As you gaze at each … imagine the … the water which moves in streams … There are many changes, shall we say within your illusion … Those who choose to … This entity has for several of … Then slowly … weeks of … to leave … And yet … Whereas the seeming strength of … would have … There is a progression within each … Within this progression there are … The desire to give service to others …

[Inaudible to the end of the tape.]