(Carla channeling)

[I am] Hatonn. I greet you in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We are having some difficulty due to the noise of the dishwasher; there may be pauses on that account. However, it is a good contact and so in love and light do we come. We thank you for calling us. Our brothers and sisters of Laitos are working with the one known as J and the one known as S to make adjustments so that our vibrations might more comfortably enter into the vibratory pattern of each instrument. We come to you as an experiment. The one known as S is a new channel, yet this instrument is not a new channel—it is merely that this instrument has not used these vibrations previously. Therefore, there is a great deal that we can, shall we say, pick up as we go, rather than having to go step by step by careful step mechanically. We do of course need to go step by step with the tuning and the general relationship which the entity has to its own instrument. We are very glad to do this. However, we who are of Hatonn wish to perform an experiment, as we wish to indicate to the one known as S how the actual channeling of concepts occurs, and we wish to do this in a quicker fashion that we would with others because this instrument is capable of it and comfortable with it, mechanically speaking. By this, we mean that this instrument is able to pick up our thoughts, and is able to do so with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

Therefore, we shall tell a story. This instrument has no idea what the story shall be. Needless to say, neither do any of you here. Therefore, all will be a surprise; all will be new, and there will be no right or wrong. You are simply telling a story and you shall discover for yourselves what spiritual or metaphysical meaning we may have intended. We shall now begin with your thanks for this long discussion of our techniques. We did, however, feel that it was not only a good idea, because by explaining first, we eliminated discomfort with the notion of telling a story but also because this instrument had some difficulty at first with the noise, and by using the instrument we were able to ground ourselves within this instrument’s energy much more capably.

Once there was a horse. It was a young horse with a wild mane and a flying tail that roamed free across a plain where no people lived. Untrammeled and bridleless, the horse went its way and it thought many things. It would sip water and eat its grass and roll in the Sweet Timothy fields. Trees nodded serenely and the sun shone in summer and in winter. However, the horse, though free, and though unknowing, was unwittingly very lonely.

We shall transfer.

(S channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument. The horse wandered through the pasture seeking it knew not what.

The instrument is nervous and trying to think and analyze the thought before she speaks instead of letting the words flow as if they were her own thoughts.

The horse wandered and traveled seeking oneness, for although alone, it had inner feeling and it had inner knowing that it was not alone.

The instrument feels a blockage and is uncomfortable. We are going to transfer and allow our friends of Laitos to aid us in tuning down our vibrations. I am Hatonn.

(Jim channeling)

In its wanderings, the horse was able to experience many things. It roamed the high mountain pastures, found itself descending lush green valleys, and was frequently within the forest regions between. It ate what it could find here and there and was satisfied by the food of the grasses, the waters of the streams, and the sights of its surroundings. Yet within this creature existed this yearning for a greater kind of experience. This simple creature was in its own way aware that it did not exist only of itself but that it was a portion of something else. This creature as it traveled wondered in its own way whether this new environment was what it sought. Each new adventure then became a possible answer to the simple seeking which manifested in this horse.

We shall transfer.

(Carla channeling)

One day it came upon a new being, one which it had not seen before. This being was a man, a young man, a pioneer. The man wished to capture the horse, for that was truly a prize. He laid a trap for the horse and was able to rope it. The horse was furious. It reared and kicked. Its high whinnies echoed to the heavens. It wanted nothing more than to be released and to be alone once again. The young man persevered. He grew to love the horse. He named the horse Daedalus, and told the horse that his name was Luke. Slowly the horse stopped thinking, when called Daedalus, “I am not Daedalus,” and began answering to the name. He discovered that this man asked him to do work but in return he was always given good food for which he did not have to hunt. The horse understood that relationship and was grateful. Even more than that, the horse began to feel that which he had never felt before.

We shall transfer.

(S channeling)

The horse began to feel affection for Luke and looked forward to the opportunity to serve in his work and looked forward to the times that they would ride in the mountains and in the forest surrounding their place of dwelling. He looked forward to those moments that Luke would talk with him, for he understood in his way that these moments were special between them. He did not mind the work.

The instrument is trying to see where the story is taking her and is finding it difficult at this moment to allow the flow of our thoughts, for she found herself expressing our thoughts before she realized it and as she realized what was happening, planted her feet like a horse. We will transfer this instrument and allow the one known as S to again regain her composure.

(Carla channeling)

It was not long as horses measure time before the horse had discovered the true secret answer to its loneliness and to its seeking, for the horse was no longer alone. The horse was one in love and service with another entity, each giving of itself to the other, each caring and each being the nature that each was intended to be. Horses are strong, and Daedalus enjoyed his work more than he had enjoyed playing. Luke needed to farm and he enjoyed the outdoors and the beauty that lay all around him, and each was company to the other. Most of all Daedalus could now look at the trees and the mountains and the beautiful water and the rustling grasses and for the first time feel truly at one with them.

My friends, it is impossible to be friends with all that there is unless there is another one to be one with. Many of your sages have sought their own counsel. Their wisdom has been great; their polarity has suffered. When people’s paths include others it may often seem that all is scattered and amiss, awry and out of tune. However, in this way does the Creator know Itself and in no other. Consciousness is, but consciousness only becomes with the other to mirror, watch, speak.

We apologize to the one known as S in a way for this is truly a crash course in channeling. Where others fear to speak two sentences this instrument has channeled a substantial portion of a story that it did not know. The discomfort is inevitable at the beginning, for there are the symptoms of nervousness and concern. These are healthy. However the symptoms shall become less and less as the subjective confidence of the entity as an instrument grows. This confidence is made by subjective happenings such as those about you saying after a certain channeling that the channeling had already answered a question with which it had come in.

We shall leave this instrument now and allow for the one known as Laitos to do its most in [inaudible] work. We thank each for being patient with us and allowing us to work with the new instrument. We thank the one known as J. We hope we were able to make our presence felt, as do those of Laitos. We do not truly leave you for there is nowhere to go, for it is one universe and we are with you always. We shall, however, remove our manifestation from the lips of this channel. We bid you blessed farewell in love and in the light of the Creator Which knows Itself. We are those of Hatonn. Adonai. Adonai.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We were attempting to open through this instrument, which gave her some surprise, and she continuously challenged us in every way she could think. We thank that challenge, and we want the instrument to note that any time she is being greeted or anyone is being greeted, to take the time and to challenge in whatever way is important to them. It need not be speedy. This new instrument feels that she must have a quick sentence in which to accomplish this. It need not be a one or two word phrase for we, too, like welcome, like the warm, loving greetings.

As you note, our greeting to you is not, “Hello.” We welcome this opportunity to exercise the nervous one known as S, and we do appreciate her desire to be a channel as a way of serving. We do realize that she puts both a lot of expectations upon herself as well is a lot of feelings of, “I can’t do it.” Both are true. The important thing for this instrument to remember is that she is but the telephone. We have given her a picture of a very old telephone. She is not sure if she appreciates that, but the old telephone is still useable although it may not have been used or spoken through for a very long time. The wires may be a little tattered and the connection somewhat weak, but the operator is on duty.

We thank you for this opportunity to aid not only the new instrument, S, but also to open some new opportunities for meditation and thought for the one known as J. We realize that the one known as S has felt this most difficult and has had many fears. We hope that this experience today will lend her some confidence. We transfer, but we also thank you. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet you again in love and light through this instrument. We at this time would like to open this meeting to any queries which those present might find value in the asking. May we attempt any queries at this time?

Laitos, can you give me any help or suggestions as to how I can remain more calm and stop jumping in, waving red flags?

I am Laitos. My sister, we are in the position of observing a student who has run the good race and is, shall we say, out of breath. We may suggest that the service you are learning is one which includes as a natural portion of it the characteristics which you find somewhat disquieting. Your desire to be of service in this manner is of great proportion and purity and shall be your primary concern. That you express a portion of this desire in the form of anxiety and intellectual analysis of the process as it occurs is natural to new instruments. Yet, you can utilize this anxiety and let it fuel your desire without the need for the intellectual analysis. Allow the analysis to remain dormant until the process has been completed and you look back upon it in your own discrimination to see how it has worked and how it might continue its working through you. Do not be overly concerned with your nervousness, but as with all learning, observe those anxious moments within your being and allow them to move at their own pace without holding onto them, shall we say. You are undergoing a process which is not common among your peoples and your nervousness is quite natural. Allow this process its natural movement within your being. You are progressing quite well, my sister.

May we answer you further?

Laitos, last week Latwii said that those of Latwii and those of Laitos were available to me and to the others in our times of meditation, and I think I need to have some of that clarified a little bit more. I also realize that not to call upon your services in the way of channeling without the aid and the support and the tuning of others. How can I call you in meditation and still have that tuning? I don’t know if you understand. I felt a mental conversation in my meditation and later wondered how was that different from channeling, other than it wasn’t spoken out loud. Can you speak on this?

I am Laitos and we shall do our best, our sister, to speak on this concern. When we join you in your meditation, it is for the purpose of blending our vibrations of seeking the truth with your own vibrations of seeking the truth. This…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and we greet you again, my friends, in love and light. This deepening of your meditation, then, has the hoped for result of allowing your inner seeking to find more and more of that which it seeks, in whatever forms or feelings have meaning to you and are therefore perceptible to you. We seldom partake in any type of verbalized contact in these blendings of our vibrations with yours and those of this group on an individual basis, yet there are some such as yourself who are so dedicated to the service of vocal channeling that our offering of our vibrations is then filtered through the desire to feel a contact and frequently takes the form of the mental thought.

We can suggest that this is not necessary, for it may be confusing to the new instrument. Our vibration in its basic carrier wave form is intended in these cases to simply enhance your own seeking, much as the joining of a seeker with another seeker upon a long, mountainous journey provides a comfort to both. Though words are never spoken, the hearts know each other.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you. That was very clear. Thank you.

I am Laitos, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query which we may attempt?

Not from me at this time, thank you.

I’ll wait until tonight, too. Thank you, Laitos.

I’m tongue-tied.

I am Laitos, and though our tongue is somewhat looser and roams the worded worlds, we also stand speechless before the One in All. We thank you, my friends, for allowing our presence to be known among you in this meeting. We are with you always and are honored at your request that we use words to reflect that which is quite beyond words. We shall leave you at this time in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.