I am L/Leema [pronounced “Lahleema”]. I am of the Confederation, and I greet you in the love and light of the infinite Creator in Whose Oneness we dwell. What a circumstance! I know you have not called me. I have never spoken to humans. We are having a good time with this instrument, for we find that as we pick and choose that which we wish to say among the various oddments that she stores in her brain, there are many non-linear connections which cause communication using this instrument to be enjoyable for us.

We shall speak to you but first we wish to give a history of ourselves, for we would not come to speak with those who did not wish us. We are only humble, and if we do not serve we should not come. We are going to use this instrument’s vocabulary because it helps us. We are unused to many instruments; we are unused to using any instruments—we can even play four bars of boogie woogie! This instrument’s is most enjoyable!

We are in the same line of work as those who call themselves to you Latwii. We are of the density of light, and, therefore, as we have volunteered for this task, we have been in the [color] spectrum or should we say the various densities spectra of your planet. Our concern is somewhat different. We are not quite so much the generalist as was Latwii before this word entity’s channel was heard in this group. We work mostly in the area of clarification of belief. We scan…

Clarification of the fastidiousness with which each nexus of each individual which has come through the subterranean days and nights and centuries which separate it from full third density. We note each bias for change in intensity of each mind/body/spirit complex.

We are surprised at this instrument—however, wait, we are not surprised at this instrument. This instrument has been used by one who would use that gift. We must push on for we wish to not just enjoy this instrument but to share our thoughts with you.

We were working in the same vicinity with ones of Latwii who mentioned that this instrument was enjoyable to use and suggested that we launch ourselves into service, for in Latwii’s estimation there was service, and as each of us as each of you is unique, each service is unique, though we say the same thing, each of us; we all ask that you turn to the Creator, the one original Thought. However, let us regress amidst the digression.

We asked a selected group of the Confederation for permission to use this instrument as it is necessary to gain special permission to use an instrument which has been in agreement with those which have gone before the Council of Saturn. We were given permission to do what we could with this instrument at this time, and we hope that as we ramble we may move you and fill you with joy and with the intensity of desire that we feel for you.

It is an interesting thing, your language. In this instrument’s mind we see roots going deep into the past of your planet’s written history. We select two words: vacation/vocation. We ask you to consider one small difference in your rendition of this sound complex. “Vaca,” to be open; “voca,” to call or be called. “Vacation,” to have time, to be free, to be empty; “vocation,” to be called, to be selected, to be initiated. We find it unfortunate that those of you in this group come to the group as full of vacation as vocation, not because this is incorrect for third density, but because each of you has vocation and the joy of vocation is such that we would risk annoying you by suggesting that the enjoyment of vacation is on a completely different level of living quality than the soul that seeks vocation.

You all tune with the same tuning, and yet you are not fully a circle, for there is too much of the individual queries which do not have universal meaning. This also is acceptable but it reduces the ability of a positively polarized entity such as ourselves or anyone of the Confederation entities from speaking clearly because of the great desire to not in any [way] tear down but always to build up. Yet there are those things which need examination.

In terms of the workaday world, the need for the empty time, the vacation, is a balance and not a luxury. It is not this vacation of which we speak. At a much deeper level of self, there is the choice between the self that will take itself seriously no matter what the consequences and the self who wishes time off and time out. What you wish you will receive. If you wish vocation you will have life with the moments of joy completely indescribable in any terms except those known to those who have experienced full life in service, full polarization, full use of catalyst, full joy in all that there is. We would urge you to think upon this.

There are things one does to collect the denaro. These jobs may be fun or not. This is not vocation. A vocation is that which is so loved that you are called to it, not because you understand or have reason that you should call and go but because you are called and you must go. Each of you is infinite and beautiful Creator stuff. Do you acknowledge the potential seriousness of that statement? You must always remember, it is not the answers you will find most illuminating, for as you learn, you will learn that it is the questions themselves that live, and it is the company of those who seek that may aid you in becoming seekers, serious with laughter, of course, for seriousness should be full of joy. It should be full of all that you are and all that you have. If you wish to be a serious seeker, it is not tomorrow or yesterday that you will be a serious seeker. Take yourself now and acknowledge that you are God stuff. Then ask yourself if you wish to seek the truth. That question alone will fill lives.

We enjoy rambling with you, and yet, though the ones of Hatonn have been most generous, we feel we should stop our talking. We would prefer to answer queries, but we cannot use this instrument and do so. Therefore, if there is any desire for my return, it shall be as is desired. There will, however, be no questions unless there is the question of the group which may be spoken or unspoken but gains great power by its being unified.

We leave you with a merry ditty, and hope that the rest of your experience this evening may enspirit and enliven and fill and that you hear only that which you need, discarding the rest of our foolish talk. We have been beside ourselves to have this experience of working with this instrument and talking with those upon the sphere. We have been working within the sphere, and the mentalities are not as they are in this group and in this group’s collective memory in the room.

We wish to leave you on the very pinnacle of all that is true. We are yourselves. This instrument’s mind looks as though it thinks of how to spell my name. I thought for at least a week… we cannot know your time. We thought about the name for we had not previously had one which would mean “name” to me. We chose L/Leema for subjective reasons known to ourselves. We offer you the spelling: L-slash-L-e-e-m-a. We L-slash leave you in the L-slash love and L-slash light of the infinite Creator. We are one. Do you know what that slash means, my friends: we are one. Think upon the Creator. We leave you in His love. We are L/Leema. Adonai. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we greet you again through this instrument in love and in light. We had some time penetrating this instrument’s resistance, shall we say, to initiating a new contact. We have heard about this instrument’s resistance. We find it very interesting. We are, as we mentioned, unused to speaking to or through human beings. It is a fascinating experience to look within your minds and discover the means by which you have furnished them. We are also desirous of serving by means of attempting to answer queries. Our brothers and sisters of Latwii have also recommended that this group is a good one with which to begin in this endeavor for it without fail can provide many queries and offer opportunities to serve which are precious indeed. We would then ask if we might attempt a query to begin?

L/Leema, am I correct in assuming you’re willing to answer questions of a general nature in a manner similar to Latwii?

I am L/Leema, and you are correct, my brother. Do you have such a query?

Yes. I recently completed a book by Shirley McLaine, Out on a Limb, in which in part she mentions an extraterrestrial group originating from the area we call the Pleiades who, in her description, are spending some time in an effort to benefit the Earth. Can you give me any information about these individuals or entities as far their polarity and the association they may have with the Confederation, any general information?

I am L/Leema. We scan your memory of this information and find that as most efforts of Confederation members, this effort has been initiated in hopes that there could be an inspirational exchange of information that might be used to quicken the evolutionary progress of those upon your planetary surface whose needs are for such information. In each Confederation effort it is hoped that where there is a call, an answer in some form might be provided which then could accelerate the activity of seeking what you call the truth which then quickens the progress of the seeker. As in most such efforts, the effort has had the, shall we say, balancing opportunity of being mixed with some more, shall we say, questionable information, for it is not always known by those who receive such information that care must be taken in the reception lest the reception become garbled in the metaphysical sense, that is, joined with the services of those who seek the darker path.

May we attempt further response, my brother?

I’d like to ask a question on another subject. A friend in Cincinnati has—I suppose channeling would be the best description—channeled quite a bit of information which seemed to me it had the feel of great accuracy. I’m curious as to the teachers who provide him information, assist him in his progress. Are they associated with the Confederation or are they operating in some manner independently of the Confederation?

I am L/Leema, and in cases such as the one of which you speak, there are often entities who dwell within your inner plane realms who are of your planetary influence and who are, shall we say, in between incarnations and therefore available through agreement with entities who are incarnate upon your planet. They serve, then, as resources and advisors or teachers as you might call them to incarnate entities, and answer calls as do those of the Confederation. Though not in the strict sense members of this Confederation, such entities work conjointly, shall we say, with Confederation entities and principles as they attempt service of another nature than do those who are incarnate.

May we answer further, my brother?

No, thank you. You’ve been of very much assistance. Thank you.

I am L/Leema and we are grateful to you, my brother. Is there another query that we might give an attempt to?

L/Leema, I’m curious. Did you make your presence known and condition individuals in the group before they arrived here in this circle?

I am L/Leema, and it was our intent not so much to condition those who would join this circle this evening, as to scan the desires and determine the calling as you have described it of this circle of meditation in order to discover whether or not we might be able to provide a service by initiating a contact.

May we answer you further, my sister?

With the contact we’re receiving, previously you asked for unified group questions. Could you expand on that?

I am L/Leema, and we would be most happy, my sister, to expand upon this most salient of points. Before joining your group this evening, we made our availability for such service known, and those of Latwii gave us information concerning this group and the potential that we might realize in serving through attempting queries with this group. A portion of the information transferred by those of Latwii concerns the nature of queries which might be expected within any group of beings upon your planetary surface: one can expect queries of any nature. In many cases the queries have but momentary interest and satisfy the curiosity but briefly and add little to an entity’s evolutionary opportunities. There are those queries, however, that speak to the point of the incarnation within your illusion. These queries concern the nature of this process, its personal and general application, and the answers to such queries, when well spoken and clearly given, are valuable through all time and hold the interest of the seeker firmly in place, for they are principles describing the nature of one’s being, the nature of one’s environment, and the nature of one’s evolution through the environment of the creation of the one Creator.

Those of Latwii spoke to us in regards to this subject by suggesting that though this group was well focused in general concerning information that does not fade, that there were from time to time those queries which were of little import and had the effect of moving the focus from that which endures to that which dissolves quickly. Thus, we made our suggestion which could be made even to the good and serious student, that queries are most helpful to group understanding, shall we say, and evolutionary progress if they seek to strike to the heart of the mysteries of one’s being and the evolutionary progress.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. Thank you for your service.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister, for yours as well. Is there another query, my friends?

L/Leema, over the past few months I’ve almost been avoiding any type of meditation because afterwards I’ve been feeling a weariness, just a physical hurting. I experienced it again the other evening. I was just sitting quietly in another person’s house and I started picking up a conditioning, and then shortly thereafter I began picking up a feeling of something or someone hurting. I’m not sure what this is that I’m picking up, but it is causing weariness. It was suggested that maybe I was picking up feelings from the planet. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but if you can shed any light on it, I’d appreciate it.

I am L/Leema, and as we scan your experiential beingness, we find that there are some comments which we may make without infringing upon your own process of discovery. As the seeker encounters the difficult experience, that which stretches the ability to accept, the seeker then finds itself as the drumhead, we find you call it, which has been stretched most tightly across the framework of which it is a part. This stretching within a seeker’s being will cause the seeker to become more sensitive to vibrations both within and without its own being. This is a natural portion of the evolution…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am L/Leema, and we again have this instrument’s attention. We shall continue. This is a natural portion of the evolutionary process, for it enables the seeker to become sensitive to that which has been placed before it as an opportunity for furthering its own evolution. However, the seeker is also then more sensitive to any experience in which it finds itself. While the more intense portions of one’s experience are proceeding, it is often helpful to take more of the time in meditation. This provides the opportunity for utilizing the experience more completely rather than dissipating one’s efforts in many directions. This may seem paradoxical that one should increase an experience which seems to be wearying. Yet you will find, my brother, that increased meditative periods will provide you with the ability to utilize that opportunity which has been placed before you and which has caused you for the moment to become a more sensitive instrument.

May we attempt further response, my brother?

Just one other thing. Along with something else, a feeling of no longer belonging or no longer a part of things—I feel I’ve just gotten to a point where wherever I am it’s just an act to get along, because I no longer seem to fit anywhere. Can you comment?

I am L/Leema. We may comment by again directing your attention to our previous response and that characteristic of the difficulty or traumatic opportunity for learning which renders the seeker more sensitive for its duration. Often another effect which spins off from the primary effort is the seeming distance that the seeker seeks to shield or provide a buffer between it and an environment which is increasingly painful, shall we say. We utilize the word painful in an attempt to describe the sensitivity which the seeker will frequently discover as the difficult experience becomes apparent to it.

May we answer further, my brother?

I may have a query later. Thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query that we might attempt?

L/Leema, I would publicly and with the utmost care challenge you as a spirit in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Do you come in his name and for his glory?

I am L/Leema, as we have chosen to call ourselves to this group, and at the core of our being we join each of you in that love and light of the one master that is known to you as Jesus. We appreciate your concern and your challenge, my sister. We have spoken to this subject but briefly this evening in mentioning that there are far too few of your peoples aware of the need for such a challenge upon a regular basis for entities unseen who speak through instruments, for as you know, my sister, it is indeed a crowded universe, and many would speak; yet the challenge winnows those with whom you might benefit from the speaking.

May we answer further challenge or speak in any other capacity, my sister?

Only the latter. I thank you for the appropriate response. It helps to hear it. I thank you. I’d like to ask you two things, and the first one is, how is it, when you came into my mind and the whole time I had the words came easily enough but they didn’t always come in sentences because you were bouncing around like a trampoline, and my mind bounces around like a trampoline, and so it was kind of crazy, and you’re just talking like the most sober judge in the world there in Mickey [Jim], and I wondered what happened? I mean, he’s got a sense of humor that’s really good.

I am L/Leema, and putting aside the minor amount of improvement or acquiring of skill that we have gained this evening, we are able to utilize this instrument’s rather notoriously rigid mental configuration in speaking in a manner which seems more fluid, but if you were in this mind, my sister, you would discover many hard places.

[Giggling] Don’t make me laugh. Okay.

We apologize for the discomfort and would complete our query by suggesting that we are yet tumbling about in our abilities to utilize an human instrument, and are somewhat relieved to be able to speak in a seemingly coherent and smooth sense, yet hope that even within this instrument’s rigidity that we might enjoy the fluidity which was the characteristic of your own mind, my sister. There is hope.

May we attempt further response?

Yeah. I really wanted to know. I’ve heard this before from Latwii and I really would like to know why it is that the fifth density, or at least you two, both seem full of laughter and love and all kinds of good information to share with other people. I get the feeling that it is not appropriate—you said it, you said it never occurred to you to try to communicate with other people, you were… whatever you were doing; I’ll have to read it. But then you talked to Latwii or somebody in Latwii, and they’re talking about this group and this instrument and so you decided to give it a whirl. But, number one, why is it that that response has come for us, and number two, why did you give us a whirl? And number three, was it worth it?

I am L/Leema, and indeed, my sister, it has quite been worth it thus far, and we see great hope for what you call the future of this contact with this group. We sought to serve in the initiation of our contact, and we have sought to serve in a dual capacity, that is, speaking a message of general inspiration and then attempting to lend our point of view and beingness to the capacity of attempting to answer queries. Just as each human instrument is unique and offers an individualized flavor, shall we say, when utilized by any Confederation entity, just so, your group might, we hope, benefit from another flavor of Confederation entity. We have come to this group in hopes that the message which is always and ever the same might find new home within each seeker in a manner which perhaps lends another aspect to that simple message of love.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. Thank you.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister. We are gaining somewhat better contact with this instrument and use of its vocabulary and experience and hope that it will bear with us as we move within its mind and search for those concepts which might not only enlighten those who ask the query, but enlighten and enable our own being as well, for we learn much as we share with you that which is ours to share.

May we attempt another query, my friends?

I have another one, L/Leema. In reference to the sources of information available to those who would be seekers, it appears to me that there are three sources initially available that I’m aware of—the first coming through one’s own contact with what might be termed intelligent infinity, one’s direct connection with the awareness of the universe; a second one, one’s ability on a selective basis to communicate with preincarnate souls, entities who act as teachers; a third source of information, entities such as yourselves. Are there other sources of information as well, that we’re not aware of… that I’m not aware of?

I am L/Leema, and, my brother, we may say that there is but one source, the One which moves in all, and yet, my brother, we may say there are infinite sources, for this One expressed Itself in infinite variation and your own creation contains infinite resources which any seeker might partake in furthering its own evolution. To look within one’s own being is to see all that there is. To look within the eyes of another is to see all that there is through another’s eyes. To look at your creation of flowers and trees, of birds and insects, the wind and weather, is to see the Creator moving with a simple elegance yet containing all answers to all queries for those who seek with discerning eyes and ears and yearning hearts. You may look about you at any source, and if you look beyond that which meets the physical eye, you will see the one Creator there in full, whole and perfect, willing to teach all that you seek.

May we answer further, my brother?

Yes. I’d like to ask you to clarify whether a statement is correct or not, that among the different, if you will, schools of thought, branches of seeking, the basic information is essentially the same, that which is true and correct. The distinctions between the individual groups lie primarily within either distorted communication of information or a selective bias on the part of the recipient of the information, this being over some minor aspects. For example, the idea some believe that reincarnation exists but that the individual continues as a sentient individual, continually being reborn; other believe that for the individual who does not strive, a regressive type of reincarnation occurs until that individual can regress so far that they can no longer be sentient.

So if I could reclarify my statement for you—I’m thinking out loud, please bear with me. Would I be correct in assuming that among the schools of thought and seeking on our planet, the essential information is correct? The minor information that separates them from one another is the result of distortion through communication or personal bias on the part of the recipients? On that?

I am L/Leema…

…and patient.

…and we thank you, my brother, for taking the time to phrase a query which has importance to those who seek the many sources of the One. The One is in all. All in some fashion speak of the One. The many voices heard are all the voice of the One. You may liken their method of speaking of the One to accents or colloquial means of description sported in various locations of your own country. All speak your English language, yet the coloration is found in many places. This is the uniqueness which the Creator has sought by making Itself many. To those who dwell within the worlds of the many, these unique colorations may seem confusing in some cases, mutually exclusive, yet if you will look to the heart of all speaking, you will find the One speaking. Therefore, the seeker must take the responsibility of discerning that which is close to the heart and that with—we shall correct this instrument—and that which orbits the far fringes of the heart. All is part of the One. Look for the heart of the One, my brother.

May we attempt further response?

I get this feeling that you’re putting that answer in such a way that L has to think about it and so I want to have a go at it, okay? We’re taught generally, at least all three of us, anyway, who have studied all this kind of stuff, that there are a lot of inner plane teachers, that’s what L was talking about, people that we listen to… A tape this morning of someone channeling Annie Bresant… Annie Bresant just wrote about Madame Blavatsky and Madame Blavatsky was just a channel. So you’re getting pretty far away there from the source, and Annie didn’t have anything really enlightening to say, although it was very lovely and made you feel warm and gooey and soft. And one enjoys listening to warm and soft and cuddly things like that, so I enjoyed that tape very much.

Okay. I think of that—that kind of warmey, gooey, marshmallowey—but love and light, you know, but not real intellectually filling, you know. And then you get the outer densities, densities that don’t happen to be involved in the Earth density, and they do really seem to be qualitatively different in the amount of brain power that they can put to the scope, I suppose, with which they answer questions. There’s less emphasis on some date, an Earth date, and more emphasis on God’s time. So it seems to me that the way things fall, there really do appear to be inner and outer planes of this wisdom relative to, mind you, where we are right now. Is this true?

I am L/Leema, and you are quite correct, my sister. There are many travelers on this journey. Some have gone further and seen more sights, shall we say. Each describes what each has seen. All has seen some portion of the one Creator; all seek in some fashion to share that vision. Those who seek also are responsible for what is found. When you seek with a pure heart and a one-pointed mind, you shall find that which is more precisely of value to you. When you seek that of general interest, when you seek to know of some phenomenological occurrence that has little value to your seeking, you shall find that which you seek, and there are those who shall tell you of it. What shall you seek? And what shall you find?

May we answer further, my sister?

That was a beautiful answer. Helps a lot. Thank you very much.

I am L/Leema, and we thank you, my sister. May we share our journey with another query?

Yes. L/Leema, are you considered a social memory complex?

I am L/Leema, and am one of many who are within what you have come to know as a social memory complex, for as the process of evolution occurs within the various densities of this creation, there are those travelers who find comradeship and companionship in the seeking and who join with those who share their experience and their desires. We are those who have joined and to this group have called ourselves L/Leema.

May we answer further, my brother?

Yes please. Well, are the majority of entities in L/Leema of an area grouping or is it quite diverse, and from what area was the origin, as well, a sort of a conversion of time for the group as far as the origin?

I am L/Leema. We find within your query some difficulty for us in discerning the gist, shall we say, but we can suggest that our origins are much like your own, for within the creation of the One, it has been found that there is a progress possible from the foundation elements, shall we say, that are those portions of the one Creator with which each octave begin, as earth, wind, fire and water join to form that which shall become matter, as you call it. And as this formation is quickened with the awareness of the One, then the life as you know it proceeds as fruit of that forming and joining. And as this life becomes aware of itself, then it seeks to join in a fashion that is social and is, as you would call, analogous to the human condition. Thus, we have evolved, as have you, through this process of the one becoming many, yet simple; of the many simple portions becoming more complex and having the awareness expanded through a series of exponential jumps or leaps, shall we say.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Well, thank you very much. I was sort of interested in an age factor, but that’s really kind of irrelevant, I imagine. You said you had spoken only to humans on this Earth occasionally. Are there other entities that you have communicated with who are living on other planets or even within this planet?

I am L/Leema. In our introductory remarks we described in a general fashion those entities to which we have offered our service, many within your own planetary influence, and these entities have been more of what you would call the prehuman nature, those entities who seek to move from the group or herd to the individualized conscious natures which is—we correct this instrument—individualized conscious natures which are in general given to the species known as human. We seek to, shall we say, ennoble and enspirit these entities, for they call as a group for such investment, as you may also call it. We have attempted to perform this service upon those within your own planetary influence, and others as well.

May we answer further, my brother?

You mentioned just now that—you said that the prehuman groups call as a group, using the present tense rather than the past tense. Could you tell us about these prehuman groups that are calling as a group at this particular moment?

I am L/Leema. There are upon your planet and within your planet those entities of what you have come to call the second-density nature who through many cycles of incarnation have gained nearly enough individualization to enter that density that you now are ending. These entities are of many natures and species. There are many who swim your oceans, many who dwell within your tropical regions, some who move within your atmosphere, and others who dwell in deep forests and underground caverns. The variety of species is great.

May we answer further, my brother?

Well, thank you. Is… Are you also communicating with third-density individuals on other planets that are not considered human?

I am L/Leema. No, my brother, we are not. Yours is the first effort we have made of this nature.

May we attempt further response, my brother?

Thank you very much.

I’d like to know how the instrument’s doing, energywise and stuff like that. You really have to take care of them, you know. They’ll just conk out on you completely if you run them [inaudible].

I am L/Leema, and as we look about this instrument’s energy field, we find that it grows thin in some places. We shall have to become more skilled at the utilization of the human brain/mind complex, for our contact is somewhat wearing. This we have discovered upon the scanning of this instrument. We would suggest a final query or two, if they are short.

One quick one. In our density we have individuals who have become leaders for the rest of us—forerunners. What about on the second density? Is there such a creature? A porpoise among porpoises?

I am L/Leema, and though this phenomenon is not unheard of, it is quite rare, for it is the characteristic of those second-density creatures that they shall express their conscious being in a group form. Each individual entity, then, is closely connected to the group mind, and there is a species type of telepathy which reinforces this natural inclination. Therefore, it is less likely that an individual entity within the second-density illusion will become what you would call the leader. Yet, in some cases, this does occur. Most are found within the relationship that third-density entities have with what you call pets.

May we answer further, my brother?

That was sufficient. Thank you very much.

I’d like to ask you one final quick one, just a confirmation if it’s true. When I got the idea that—when you first began speaking, it seemed like these entities were big and shaggy, and I flashed on the Bigfoot type that took on those bodies when Maldek blew up to try to make some sort of entry into third density. And I was just wondering, is this type of being among those that you serve? If you can confirm that?

I am L/Leema, and we are happy, my sister, that you have discerned this particular portion of our service, for it is indeed the heart of what our service has been for a great portion of what you call time concerning your own planetary influence. Those of the Maldekian origin, as you have come to know this race, have in great numbers incarnated upon your own planetary sphere from the beginning of its third-density cycle in order that they might make alleviation of their actions upon the planet you have called Maldek. It has been our added opportunity to serve other more truly second-density creatures as an offshoot service of working with those of whom you speak.

My friends, we find that we have reached the safe limits of the use of this particular instrument. We do not wish to overtire any who provide us the opportunity to speak to those who call for our service. We thank you each and every one. We have enjoyed this opportunity. It has been quite a challenge and quite fun, for the mind of the human is concerned with many, many things which we would never think of on our own. We give praise for the variety which we find within your minds and your experience, for each portion speaks of the one Creator which moves Its hand through all our being. We applaud you in your seeking. Go forth, my friends, in that seeking, in the love and the light of the One. We are known to you this evening, and for our time with you, however long or short it shall be…

[Tape ends.]