(S channeling)

[I am Hatonn,] and we are pleased to greet you this evening in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with this instrument once again, for it has been some time since we have spoken through her. We are grateful for the opportunity. We come, as always, dear friends, when we hear your call, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to share our simple message.

The thought we send may seem at times complex, but the message all may be brought down to one simple phrase: that you shall love one another is one of the greatest services that you are able to provide to your fellow beings as you inhabit those physical vehicles that have become your temporary home; to look beyond that which is apparent but not always concrete, as this instrument would put it, and to see that essence which lies behind and beyond the physical; to look into each other’s eyes and see the love and the light of the Creator reflected and to ignore that which is often a very convincing illusion. Strive to seek that which lies beneath and beyond the illusion, for the essence of the Creator may be seen in all and may be grasped and held and felt, reflected and returned. The wholeness is there, dear friends. Strive for that wholeness in what appears to be a world divided into portions.

We shall transfer at this time. I am Hatonn.

(Carla channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am now with this instrument. We attempted to contact the one known as A and the one known as N and were with the one known as R before we came to this instrument, and hope that you will bear with patience our method of taking an opportunity to attempt to offer our service to you.

We find that this instrument is having some reception trouble, however, we would greet you once again in the love and light of the infinite Creator and request that each in the circle continue to tune that we may have a good level of contact and that we may speak to you.

Have you ever observed, my friends, the younger of your species? The span of attention seems short and yet, for the few moments that something has absorbed a child’s interest, it is completely absorbed. When one loves another, it is well to tune that spiritual love with the same intensity and purity with which the child watches the ant crawl over the stick and therefore almost becomes that experience. Each entity that you meet is a portion of the Creator, and yet, of course, many times this is anything but obvious. There is another purity within many children and that is the openness to ask direct questions. There seem to be no limits as to what may be asked, for the young child is completely interested in everything about you or whichever person the child questions.

This is an enormous secret, my friends. When there are difficulties between two entities, the difficulties are normally due to the lack of effort upon the part of the entities to imagine the creativity and accuracy, the actual situation and emotional and mental biases of the young.

To love one another, my friends—how much easier it is to talk about meditation and the discovery of what you may conceive to be creative; how much easier it is to speak of the one original Thought that lies within you within that deep, vast and dark silence. And yet you go through a variety of experiences within your lifetime which puts you in close proximity to a number of other entities. You still look at the Creator. The Creator wears a face as biased and full of self-contradictions as your own. How much more difficult it is to penetrate not only your own confusion but that of another and achieve communication. Yet this is an expression of love.

As the evening rays begin to fall upon your dwelling, you can feel before you the swelling maturity of the earth about you, the weighty roll of the waters onto the earth, and the majesty of the eternal sky. It is a wondrous creation and the silence of the Creator pervades it, deeper, more quiet, more peaceful than can be imagined outside of meditation. And yet, just as much a part of the Creator are all the sounds made by children, colleagues, wives, husbands, children and friends. Each is the voice of the Creator, filtered through many biases. There are times when two recognize each other and for a magical period of the incarnation there seem to be no biases, communication seems clear and life seems ebullient. It is rare that these periods extend throughout the incarnational experience. Nevertheless, we may suggest to each of you that memories of times when closeness had been achieved are very helpful in orienting the self towards the discovery of the biases that separate you from that same harmony at a more difficult time.

To love another is a challenge, and cannot be done without the inner underlying silence, the peace and poise of the powerful forces that unites you not only with each friend and mate and acquaintance, but with all of the creation.

As the light slowly fades from the skies and your sphere turns upon its rotating center into the zone of darkness and the kingdom of the moon and stars, we offer you meditation and love. We are known to you as Hatonn. We leave you, as always, in the love and the magnificent love of the one infinite Creator whom we serve with all of our beings. We find your heart bent toward the same original Thought, your hopes turned to the same star. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of our infinite Creator. We are once again overjoyed and honored to be asked to join your group. We shall, as is our custom, ask if we may serve by attempting to answer those queries which you have brought with you this evening. May we begin with the first query?

Yes, Latwii, I’d like to go back to something Hatonn spoke of earlier, and ask—it seems that our daughters, nine and six-year-olds, are much more—well, they’re not really violent, but more aggressive, and it just seems hateful towards each other, and I remember being with my sisters, and the same for S with her brother and sister. I was wondering if you could comment on that?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. To some extent we may comment. We can suggest that as the time moves forward and approaches that which you have come to know as the harvest, there is to those who are sensitive to it an increased opportunity for expressing the energy, shall we say, of the one Creator. In each entity this energy will express in an unique fashion. This will be determined by the entity’s, shall we say, distortions or tendencies, those characteristics which make each entity unique and those characteristics which each entity seeks to balance in some fashion in order that it might learn and serve as it has incarnated to do.

The entities of which you speak are most sensitive to any presence or energy, and in their perception of this greater available resource of energy, each has channeled it in a fashion which meets the design of the personality. The design of any personality is that which is the preincarnative choice and pattern. These choices in many cases are made as a result of previous experiences together. These previous incarnational experiences then have a harvest which becomes the seed for the next incarnation. When one observes certain behaviors within an entity, or in this particular case, between two entities, it is possible, though not always the case, that the expression of energy and relationship between these entities is due in some degree to previous incarnational experience and current incarnational balancing.

May we attempt further clarification, my brother?

That was most helpful. I wonder, how do we respond when they’re at each other’s throats? Just keep them from hurting each other, and pull them apart, or is there more going on there that we should know about?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my brother. You speak now of what we may metaphorically call the firing line, the heat of the battle, those portions of the incarnation in which the ideals are tested and in some cases formed. As you look upon your own incarnational pattern of lessons and services, you will see that you have before you a pattern of experience which has the desired result in its foundation to express love, to express and experience acceptance, to express and experience forgiveness, and so forth with the various characteristics of that energy known as love. In any such experience, whether it be with the children of whom you speak, with your friends, with acquaintances, or with strangers, you have the ideal constructed within your inner mind in a fashion which is to the best of your ability whole and perfect. To translate this construction of the ideal into the daily experience and those testings of the ideal we have called the firing line or the heat of the battle, is the challenge before you.

In your particular case, not only do you have this challenge before you, in your response in answering such a challenge [you] set a pattern for those of whom you speak. This pattern is your model or role of excellence. These young entities will learn from you according to what you do. Therefore, it is upon your shoulders, shall we say, to creatively fashion that response which most purely reflects your ideals, those guide posts and high metaphysical standards which you have as your own staff to support you on your journey. You, then, must in your own way construct the response which will in a disciplined fashion teach by repetition that concept of love as you can perceive it and translate it in this case.

May we attempt further response, my brother?

No, Latwii, that was most helpful. Thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my brother, for the opportunity to serve. May we attempt another query?

When a childhood experience is full of harmonious relationships between sister and brother, and the harmony continues throughout the life experience, sometimes bearing fruit, such as my brother’s and my singing, could it also be considered to be preincarnative choice of being together?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. This is quite correct. Each entity as it incarnates has those souls with whom it has traveled many journeys through many of what you call incarnational lifetimes. Each entity then will make agreements with a variety of others and these agreements will allow certain relationships to develop certain characteristics to be expressed, certain lessons to be learned and certain services to be offered. Therefore, the relationships between entities upon your planet at this time are many and varied, infinite in variety and full of the opportunity for sharing the love and light of the one Creator.

May we attempt further response, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, as always, my sister. Is there another query?

Can a plan go wrong?

I am Latwii, and we may respond to this query by saying yes and no. We do not mean to confuse—let us clarify. To begin with, yes, a plan may unfold its outline and its specific experience in a manner other than that which was planned, yet it cannot be said to be wrong, for each entity in each experience may observe the infinite opportunity to learn the lesson of love. In some degree all plans will incorporate this lesson and will reflect this lesson in an unique fashion. When a plan has deviated from the course laid before the incarnation, there are, shall we say, certain fail-safe devices, as we may use this term, which also have been incorporated that have the hoped-for effect of bringing the plan once again back into congruency with that which was determined before the incarnation. There are an infinite number of these devices which are preprogrammed, and there are an infinite number of opportunities for the incarnational entity to utilize these devices or to ignore them, for, indeed, within the incarnation, free will needs that which you may call determinism, and the incarnation then becomes a balance between these two forces.

May we answer you further?

Is the will of the individual superior to any preincarnatively determined path?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. We may suggest the will can be superior to any preprogrammed plan, yet it must be remembered that the will as it is manifested in each incarnation is colored, shall we say, or influenced by the preplanned pattern of experience, and is unlikely to vary from it in an absolute manner for a very long portion of what you would call time.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I don’t think so, I’ll just tell you what was on my mind, and that was I’ve been pondering whether Don Elkins’ death, his leaving this plane of existence, was his plan or his deviation from a plan. There isn’t anything in my experience by which I can judge the answer to this. And by what you’re saying, I would say the bias would go towards there being at least a portion of Don’s dying and going on that was part of the plan. This is the kind of bias you’re talking about, is this not correct?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. It is correct that the one known as Don had incorporated within his incarnational experience before it began the opportunity to cease viability within your illusion in a number of ways. It may be that this entity had not precisely planned to exit the incarnation in the manner in which it did indeed find its exit, yet one may rest assured that there are no mistakes, though the surprise may be most disturbing at the time. It is most usual for one to leave a dwelling through a door rather than through a window.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No. No, thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have a question that is on a totally different subject, but I’ve been pondering it off and on. Some people can see auras around people’s heads, especially, but [also] around their whole bodies. And I’ve wondered for a long time whether people were seeing inner dimensional but real in the other dimension colors and the natural force of the body or whether the gift of clairvoyance had its focus in such people in seeing color around a person instead of, say, seeing a reading from a Tarot card throw or from a look into a glass ball or from tea leaves or from whatever other focus that people use? In other words is it an objective or subjective phenomenon?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. This phenomenon of the seeing that which you have called the aura may be a combination of that which you have called a subjective experience and objective observation. We may suggest that to each entity within your illusion is given the opportunity to use the infinite intelligence, the energy of the one Creator. Many will manifest it in a great variety of ways, some in a few ways, and others will attempt perhaps in an unconscious fashion to use this energy in an unmanifested and more metaphysical sense, showing little manifestation of that all-encompassing love and light of the one Creator. When an entity experiences one of the manifested means of channeling this energy, one may see this manifestation as an aside, shall we say, to the primary seeking for truth behind all manifestation.

Within your illusion it has become, shall we say, somewhat the fashion to manifest this channeled energy in some fashion which may be observable. The seeing of the auric force field about your other selves is one such means of manifesting this energy. What is seen is most usually the combination or balance of energy centers which have cooperatively provided coloration or vibratory energy in their channeling of this energy, and the result is that which, in general, is called the auric field. The entity so seeing this auric field sees through eyes which are both inner and outer in their manifested sense. That is to say, the entity sees with a mind which has been conditioned in such and such a fashion, and sees with an inner eye which explores for the first time that which is seen as the aura. Therefore, that which is objectively observed is subjectively interpreted, and those having the aura read then receive this combined objective and subjective interpretation.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, it seems that if perceiving auras is a matter of perceiving various rates of vibration, there would be color surrounding a lot things, notably music. Sometimes I think I can feel the color of music as it varies from piece to piece, from artist to artist, but there are people that go around talking about that sort of aura. Is it because of the fact that there is no personal consciousness in that art form, in that artifact?

I am Latwii, and, my sister, we may suggest that it is indeed a greatly crowded and varied universe including the small portion of it which is your third-dimensional experience. There are, indeed, entities who experience your third-density illusion in just the fashion which you have described. Yet this description is not ordinarily accepted as a representation of that which is. Therefore, one does not hear so much of this kind of description…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and am once again with this instrument, and we shall continue. There are many, many ways in which the experience of your illusion may be expressed, and if the hearts of all those who experience in an unusual manner were known, one would indeed be surprised at the great variety which is available to your peoples.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you Latwii.

I am Latwii, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Latwii, and we find that for the evening we have exhausted the queries and perhaps one or two of the listeners. We apologize if any of our words have seemed too long and our sentences too rambling. We do not mean to overburden the listener with a great quantity of verbiage, but we are most privileged and overjoyed to speak to this group, and we thank you each and every one for inviting us this evening. We shall, therefore, take our leave at this time of this instrument and this group, leaving you, as always, in the love and light of our one infinite Creator. We are those of Latwii. Adonai, my friends. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Carla channeling)

I Yadda. I greet you in love and light of infinite Creator. Once again we passed the challenge. Once again we speak to you, for we are called to this meeting. And yet, we tell you something. We are nothing. We are fools. We are full of error and mistake, folly and fun. We are mostly full of a fun which amounts to enlightenment. We pass from folly to joy. Not because we have learned wisdom, steps to take, rituals to practice. No, we find ourselves.

We come to you to make you happy. To show you through our speaking that there is a wonder and a magic and a lightheartedness that causes us to be full of joy. We are aware that we have spoken in groups which were so tuned that we made not so much of the sense, but, oh, we enjoyed the laughter. For you see, you come for inspiration. You come to be lifted up. You come to experience something that you feel that those who speak through instruments such as one may have. You wish to partake in that. And yet, we go away; the meeting ends and you go to your own domicile, to your own joy, to your own fun, or to the denial of this life force that is so great in each. Your joy is hidden in your very nature. Your inspiration is within you. You call us, but we are nothing. Your outside life, it is but nothing. But if your heart can be happy, if you can laugh, if you can find joy, you have flown on the wings of the eagle, and there are no more prison bars in your life and in your experience. All we ask you, do not take the husk so seriously. Find the kernel of infinity which lies within you.

We are sorry that we must sometimes speak to one group, for one group, in a way which does not please another. We assure you this information would not please some, when there are so many spiritual seekers who sure, positive, and without any doubt know that if they can find the right teacher, if they can find the right ritual, the right outward behavior, enlightenment will come. We tell you what come: day come and night and day and night and soon your life is over. You live in love and light. It is your natural habitat. Your darkness is as noon, and above the rain shines the everlasting sun.

We leave you in joy, in light, in love, in possession of your birthright. We Yadda. Farewell.