(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a pure delight to us that you have in your discussion this evening asked for information on a certain subject, that being the only way we may channel answers through this instrument for this instrument is not allowed, nor should she be, to use the question and answer format, lest this instrument move into that which you call the trance state.

We would then speak to you this evening of service. There is a road that always seems to lead upward. To the seeker, perhaps the most burning question of daily living is the question of how to serve those about you. For those who do not seek, the question remains, yet is phrased differently, depending upon the polarity of the entity. To those who are neutral, the question is how to get along with those about you, how to impress those about you, how to live among other people. For those negatively oriented, the question is how to manipulate other people, how to use other people, and how to enslave other people.

In this way we bring you to the questions that one asks if one is of positive polarity. Those of the positive polarity are of service when by action or thought or even intention, another entity or the self is freer to seek his or her own path than before the intended service was performed. The seeker who loves others wishes them to be free. When that seeker is intimately associated with others, that desire can become so far misted and confused by the glassy illusion of societal demands, of shoulds and oughts, that it is often beyond any conscious understanding to reason out how to be of service. Often, in order to grant another freedom, the greatest service is to remain anonymously and impersonally compassionate and supportive. In other words, to pull the point of view backwards, to remove oneself from the microcosm of the relationship to the macrocosm of the perfection of all that is conscious and of the infinity of time that each conscious being has to choose freely, first this path, then this one, and then another.

Let us begin at the beginning of service to others. The beginning is meditation. Many have called this meditation prayer. The overwhelming concept that we wish to instill in you when we speak of meditation and the reason that we use the alternate word, prayer, is that there is a surrender in what this instrument knows as Christian prayer, a surrender that says, “Thy will, not mine, be done.” The separation of the self from the Creator is a distortion, for you are co-creators—you and the Creator. Nevertheless, within you, there is a self that is like a clay vessel that deals with mundane things, and that shall not last. Within that clay vessel there is a great treasure. That is your other self—that is, your consciousness. You feed your physical vessel in order that it may supply you with the movement which you need; the surrender in meditation and prayer is the opening of the door to a great dining room, a dining room in which there is a food and a drink that your clay vessel will never know nor need, but without which your consciousness gradually becomes embittered, bowed down, and weary beyond words.

Thus, service to others begins with cleansing the self and sitting down to the feast of silence. In that silence there is a perfection. That perfection is reached first by faith. There is no reasonable or logical way to find or accept perfection within the self, for it is unseen yet never unknown. We listen in silence and are fed and answered in silence. Let us pause for a moment and give an example of one who could not surrender.

It is within this instrument’s mind and we take it from her. We find this instrument to be strongly Christian in the contents of the mind, and so we shall use this imagery, asking forgiveness for the limitations of its viewpoint. Remember, there are great truths within any philosophical and spiritual system, and we shall use this example from the holy work which is called the Holy Bible.

The one known as Moses was going about its daily work, and suddenly it looked up and saw the bush that burned but was not consumed. This entity was afraid. A voice called from the bush, identifying Itself as the Creator and calling Moses by name. The one known as Moses in this day and age responded by affirming that he was indeed there, yet he was afraid. The voice informed him that he was on holy ground. The very ground upon which he stood was holy, and yet Moses was afraid. There was not the surrender.

Because of the fact that there is nothing that is not holy, because of the fact that there is nothing that is not of the Creator and that is not the Creator in all of Its perfection and infinity, the seeker will constantly be exposed to stimuli which may be seen to be sanctified. Sorrow, terror and ill negative emotions, feelings and thoughts are sanctified just as much as those positive thoughts that take you very high very quickly. There is nothing that is not holy, that is not the Creator. It is always your choice, each of you, whether or not you shall be afraid, whether or not you shall see, whether or not you shall hear, whether or not you shall understand. This is the work of the self, of the discipline of the self, of the growing love of the self, not on the mundane level, not because of anything that could be considered within the confines of the clay vessel, but because you are upon holy ground, you are sanctified. You are perfect.

This step is so central as the beginning step of service to others and is so difficult compared to action that we emphasize it. You will find that action is far easier than the discipline of the turning of the mind to the Creator, to those things which a child of the Creator may feel as his or her birthright, those things being joy, lightness, power, courage, perseverance, patience and the compassionate forgiveness that is endless. It is as though with the meditation we are focusing upon reality that is far deeper than the clay vessel. That which is your ability to be of service begins to shine as if the clay became more and more transparent and the treasure within became more and more visible to others as well as to the self. Indeed, among those who are of service to others, it is rare that the one who serves is even one-tenth aware of the beauty of the self and could multiply by ten times the amount of service, the quality and the depth of that service in action by expanding knowledge of the nature of the being of self.

We next offer you the image of the shepherd. A shepherd is of service to sheep in very simple ways. A shepherd is not necessarily wise. A shepherd is a simple person, doing a simple job, keeping the sheep safe because the shepherd sees that which the sheep does not. If the sheep is caught, the shepherd can see how to disentangle it; if the sheep has gone astray, the shepherd can find it and bring it back so that it may eat and drink and be comfortable. The sheep, you see, have already been provided for.

The universe in which they live is complete without the shepherd. However, without the shepherd, the quality of the life of the sheep may well be much less, for to be eaten by wolves is not considered to be a good thing, and the shepherd comes to stand on guard. Furthermore, the shepherd helps the sheep to be useful and give its service to others in ways the sheep itself would never imagine. Can you imagine a sheep walking under its own power and will to be sheared so that it might offer its wool to warm a wintry world? How the sheep love being shorn, for in the warm, soft breezes of summer it is well to be without the heavy overcoat. Nothing is lost to the sheep, and the sheep have gained by giving, and this would not have happened without the shepherd.

What we are saying to you is that each of you is shepherd to each other, to each other that you meet, but more especially with whom your lives are more closely entwined. You tell those about you when they have gone astray. You reach a hand to disentangle that which is tangled; you nurse that which is sick. You provide the best of what the natural second density creation has to offer. And because you are dealing with entities such as yourselves and not sheep, the dimension of the shepherd as a cheerful giver arises. Animals such as sheep respond, of course, to a peaceful, cheerful and serene shepherd. So do those about you.

A great deal of what is considered to be a highly complex subject is actually very simple, for those things which are complex are also those things which entities must for themselves do. You may hold the mirror to an experience for one to whom to you wish to be of service. You explain your point of view and offer all of yourself in the situation which you see before you that confronts another. But how and when can you walk for another, can you see for another, can you feel for another?

You cannot be effective if you consider that change is the result of service to others. Surrender—always surrender will give it. Release it and let it go. The shepherd is one who watches, one whose life is dedicated to the care of those entities that have come into its care. And you as shepherds shall more and more vibrate with that compassion. But as you wish to be of service, look always to the freedom of each individual whom you serve. After you have used all of your resources, after you have lifted from the snare that sheep which is caught, after you have fed your friend, your mate, your acquaintance, the stranger who comes to you and says, “Help me,” you then remain at peace within your own being, for the choices that shall be made shall be the result and the free will of each individual.

If you have spoken clearly, if you have done the commonplace things and if you have taken difficult situations and given them your best discernment, shown how another can be more peaceful, more harmonious, less antagonistic, or have done whatever you see to do for another, you then step back and realize that you have had the intention to serve, you have formulated the thought as to how to serve and perhaps, if you have been fortunate, you have had the opportunity to put the intention and the thought into action, for that is not only the easiest part but the most naturally joyful part of being of service. Then all is released, all is let go, and you remain aware of the perfection that was and is and shall be.

There is much to be said for the serenity of the one known as Siddhartha, the one who is central to another great philosophical and spiritual system upon your sphere. That serenity is possible because of the surrender of the self to the vicissitudes of the still and the not-still waters of existence and consciousness. You are most of service in and of yourself, and if you can cast your mind towards those who are of service to you, you shall perceive the truth of this statement. Those who are of service to you are as touchstones as much for what they are, who they are, how they are, and why they are as for their actions toward you.

To conclude. In being of service to others, begin with the largest picture, that of infinite, everlasting consciousness, the one original Thought, the Logos. In meditation, in focused silence, fall into the deep ocean of that infinite space, that infinite light, that everlasting love, and lose yourself, lose your small clay vessel. When you come back to this reality as you may call it of the planetary sphere and its day-to-day occurrences, you shall have brought back a treasure—yourself—in the larger sense. Each moment shall seem so much more precious to you, for there are so few of them while you are within this clay vessel, while you are able to interact as you do within the illusion which you enjoy.

Then take upon yourself the cloak of the shepherd. Take up your crook, and do not count the cost of giving nor begrudge any outcome. But within yourself, refine your intentions until they are true, refine and hone your perception until they do not fail you. And when you offer them, give them away. Support, love and set those about you free. With that surrender, you have again entered the Logos, the one original Thought. We wish you well upon your journey. Each of you is of service when you know it and when you do not know it. It does not bear analysis after the fact. Work upon your own powers of discrimination and perception, empathy and sympathy and compassion and most of all, surrender, so that that which is the most positive may shine through regardless of how it is seen by the one whom you wish to serve.

We smile in our hearts as we imagine each of you attempting to picture the perfection of those about you or of yourself. How foreign these thoughts are to you. That is why it is difficult to be of service. Your minds are full of opinions, my friends, your hearts are full of hidden corners, walled-off rooms, and fear. There is nothing to fear. You are free and in the third-density illusion. You can be of the greatest assistance to each other that you shall ever be to anyone. We cannot possibly emphasize enough the height, the breadth and the depth of the possibilities for service in your earthen vessel overbody, for yours is the density of choice. You shall choose your priority or have already chosen, and as you serve, you are aiding the one whom you serve to choose his or her polarity or to increase it. The opportunity will not come again. After the density which you now enjoy, the process of refining begins in earnest and the steps you take become smaller and smaller as they become more and more refined. We share with you our excitement at the very thought at being where you are. We share with you our enormous sympathy and compassion for the pain, disappointment and confusion which you must endure to be where you are now. And we share with you our understanding, such as it is, that you have chosen these moments, these few precious moments of eternity to make your choice and to aid others as they go forth to choose between the light and the dark use of love.

We are those of L/Leema, and again we cannot tell you how grateful we are that you have settled upon this format, for it enables us to use this instrument as we had hoped to. We hope that we have been of some small service to you and wish to…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

I am L/Leema, and am again with this instrument. We leave you as we bask together in the glow of your eventide, in the small sounds that we may hear through your ears, sounds of contentment, birdsong, the humming of the domicile about you, the pets that live about you and speak now to each other. There is blessing in the wind, my friends. When it calls your name, do not be afraid. You shall not be consumed by the fire of life. We of L/Leema bid you farewell in the love and in the light of the One Who Is All. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Latwii, and we greet you, my friends, in the love and the light of that same Creator. We have been privileged to listen with you as those of L/Leema have spoken of that most difficult service, that is, the experience of your lives, and we join you in seeking to purify our service. Our service is a humble one. We shall attempt to answer any queries which may remain. May we begin, my friends, then with your first query?

In general is it possible for a service-to-self person living on this planet at this time to appear to be service-to-others oriented, even to close scrutiny?

I am Latwii. My sister, this query is one which requires an understanding which your peoples are frequently without, for to pierce to the heart of service to self, it is as difficult a task as understanding that concept of service to others. For indeed, to serve in a polarized sense, one must be able to perceive the intentions with which an entity enters into its actions and with which it conducts its thoughts. One who is adept at pursuing the path of serving the self first and foremost is one who has for a great portion of its incarnation been what you would call a conscious seeker, and has sought consciously to gather about itself those powers and items which it has determined will best suit its purposes. A portion of the ability to accomplish these tasks is the ability to conceal from others the intentions and the purposes for the actions and the experiences, for few would consciously choose to give over the will to another if they knew that they then in any sense whatsoever would become enslaved by such a choice of action.

Thus, it is indeed possible for an entity to seem quite of the service to others but to be at the heart of its intention of quite the polar opposite polarity. The ability of entities to determine the actions and intentions of another is that factor which makes the recognition of such negatively-oriented [inaudible] difficult. Yet if one gives with a whole heart, with a desire to serve and love all about it, one need not fear the meeting of such an entity.

May we answer you further, my sister?

Well, my motive for asking that question was personal. I had run into a fairly powerful entity over the weekend, a fellow named P, and subsequent experiences that I’ve had have seemed to me—have had to do with the openness with which I met this entity, due to the fact that I had just had a healing and my taking on of some of the vibrations which he offered which I would not normally have done. I guess there’s a lot of fear in the motivation for asking the question, so I suppose the corollary to that is, in what way does one cease to fear that which is hurting one?

I am Latwii. My sister, begin first with the foundation of all creation, that is, unity. From this unity the one Creator, the one original Thought of love, springs all the infinite variety of forms of life and directions for each. Look then to any which seem of a fearful or doubtful nature. See there the Creator that rests as well within your own being. Love that Creator as if It were yourself, for in truth It is. See that which is feared; bathe it in love, see it as self, bless it, bid it travel its journey, and then bathe your own being in the love and the light of the One. In so doing, you have affirmed the unity of all creation, for in truth that is all that there is. To move from that truth and to see any separation is to step upon the grounds which the entities of the negative polarity rule when fear and separation are with the entities there.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you as well. May we attempt another query at this time?

Yes, Latwii, along this same line. I too encountered a number of entities, many of which were very loving and positive and some which were negative. Yet those which seemed to be negative seemed to have a very great psychic awareness, of the ability to interpret past lives of an individual just by sight, perhaps future lives and… Is this psychic awareness the same as service—I meant gleaned through service to others as well as service to self?

I am Latwii, and, my brother, may we suggest that the tools which the one Creator has placed before each of Its portions may be utilized in either the positive or negative sense. An entity may choose to use any ability in either manner.

May we refine our answer in any degree, my brother?

Well, perhaps I’m seeking direction for increased psychic awareness, perhaps for myself. I don’t know whether that’s service to self or service to others. I previously was much more oriented in service to others and would like to redirect myself in that respect again but I’m having trouble.

I am Latwii, and, my friends, we have from that comment perhaps found a point, a comment upon which we may also comment. As one seeks to serve others in the manner which our brothers and sisters of L/Leema have expressed, that is, to allow the entity to be freer, to do that which he chooses, we may make this attempt in one of two basic ways. One which is the most common among your peoples is to attempt to decide with the intellectual mind what one may do to serve, how one may develop one’s abilities, and just how these abilities shall be utilized. This is an attempt, shall we say, to fashion and structure the manner and mode in which one serves. It is a noble attempt, one borne of the best of intentions, yet the one most often to fail, for the one Creator moves unseen and quite often unfelt within each entity and each entity has in the deeper portions of its being decided to serve as a channel for the One. How this service shall be manifest is that which is unknown.

To surrender the self, to surrender the decision-making ability in a large degree and to give over the self to the use of the one Creator is the second manner which is most successful and least often chosen among your peoples. To await that which is within is difficult, for you see others seeming to serve very effectively in a manner which is apparent and seems to bear fruit. That you are not first on your block to do so is discouraging, but that you shall eventually do so gives you comfort, and that you shall choose to do so in such and such a manner seems to give more comfort. But, my friends, may we suggest that you give over your desire to do this or to do that in this or that manner and pray that the one Creator moves through you in the way most salubrious, shall we say, for true service to be manifested through being. For each has at least one ability which shall be developed. It may not be showy; it may not be flashy; it may not draw oohs and ahhs from a great crowd. Yet, my friends, the One shall move through you. Know that in your hearts and calm your minds.

May we attempt another query?

Then, it is a suggestion that we continue to try to develop this oneness through meditation. And even though the first on the block as you suggest, I would like to be one of those on the block sooner or later, but seemingly with great difficulty at this particular time and place.

I am Latwii, and, my brother, we have perceived an incomplete query upon your part. Yet we do feel that therein lies another point which we might be of service in uncovering. That is that each of you in the heart of your being as you move through your daily experiences is truly of service, for you can do none else but serve. You seek to refine that service in a manner which you may amplify and thereby increase the service. To begin by knowing that you serve is a good beginning. To await that amplification that will point a way that seems more clear is our suggestion. Rather than attempting to, as it has been said, push against the river, move with that river, and in the appropriate moment you shall set sail and call upon many ports and be of service in yet another manner. Do not forget that you serve at all times though, my brother.

May we answer further, my brother?

Thank you very much. It’s nice to know that we serve at all times. It just seems that sometimes we seem to have more or less direction of service to self. May I ask why the general knowledge of the Council of Nicaea, with reference to the elimination of Christ’s teachings and all other teachings concerning reincarnation, is not generally known and, if known, isn’t very well accepted?

I am Latwii, and, my brother, many within your organized religious circles are unaware of such information, for who wants to hear bad news? And if such were brought to the attention of these entities, there could be no proof that would be powerful enough to convince them, for one will see what one will see and one will believe what one wishes. Is that not true for each? Let each travel that path that each has chosen, for all paths, as it is said, lead to home, if we may paraphrase.

May we answer further, my brother?

Well, yes. In a way it would seem that a deliberate deletion from what was previously the handwritten bibles is an infringement of free will to a certain extent. Why should it be considered “bad news” to such an extent that the news should be shielded or the views should be shielded from the masses? Not that everything is shielded in many of the metaphysical writings, but many of the metaphysical writings are not accepted by the—particularly by the fundamentalists?

I am Latwii, and, my brother, it is not true that those who are willing and able to hear this message of which you speak do indeed hear it. Thus the shield is not complete; it works for those who wish it to work.

May we answer you further?

No, thank you very much.

I am Latwii, and we thank you very much. May we attempt another query?

Just to follow up on that. I have a human opinion, and that was that those at the Council of Nicaea were afraid that the punch would go out of the story of Christ’s death on the cross and his resurrection if it were known that you didn’t just have this chance to become “saved” but have an infinite number of chances. Could you confirm that?

I am Latwii, and this is in part correct, my sister. To continue, it is also a point which makes what may be called the priestcraft important to the general population, for the one known as Jesus had shown what all could do, and [if] it were generally known that all would live again, then each would have a closer relationship, shall we say, a direct access, not only to the one known as Jesus but to the model and the kind of life and experience and possibilities which that one exemplified, and there would be less need for an intermediary to speak to the great for the lowly, for the lowly and the great would be seen as one.

May we answer further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you. Is there another query at this time?

Is the instrument weary?

I am Latwii, and this instrument has a good deal of energy, for it is fresh in the channeling this evening for those of the brothers and sisters had a good deal of the stage for this evening and we are fresh upon it. May we attempt another query?

May I ask if there is a method of meditation which will more truly focus our ability to become, shall we say, in macro contact, or shall I say, in contact with the universal mind?

I am Latwii, and, my brother, there are many, many means of meditation which can allow one to experience the unity of all creation. It is, however, not so important the means by which one meditates as it is the desire which fuels the meditation. Whatever path is chosen must needs be chosen with a desire that burns incessantly, for that which you desire is that which you shall gain and that which you shall realize. You shall realize it in a direct proportion to that desire. Choose whatever means you wish, whatever feels right to you, my brother, whatever means you seem to have a natural ability to exemplify in your meditations, whether it be to watch the breath, to focus upon one point, to focus upon a concept, be it love or wisdom, to focus upon a mantra, to do this or to do that. Whichever you do, do with a desire to be one with all.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Thank you very much. Would you address, please, a consideration for the fact that whether there is or is not going to be an Armageddon?

I am Latwii, and this is a very humorous question, my brother. We hope that you do not think that we have an unusual sense of humor. But it is as if one at a dance had asked us, “Where was the dance?” My brother, you live within the Armageddon. The times, as it has been said, are indeed a’changing. You live within times that are most uncertain, in which all portions of the life experience change and change with great rapidity. Look about you, my brother. You see the battle of light and dark in all places, in all hearts. You see the doubts and the fears, you see the prophets, the sages; you see all that has been foretold and, yes, you are at the dance.

May we answer you further?

Thank you very much. You seem to confirm what I thought, whereas many people feel that it is a future battle rather than a current elevation. Thank you.

I am Latwii, and we thank you, as always, my brother. Is there another query?


I am Latwii. Ahh, my friends, we see that we have quickly exhausted the queries. Yet, we have enjoyed ourselves immensely. This instrument seems to be loosening up somewhat. Perhaps we should subject him to long conversations with discarnate entities more regularly, and tire his overactive mind out. Ah, perhaps this is the formula—we shall remember.

We leave you now. We are those of Latwii. We are with you always upon your requests for the meditation and the deepening of your meditation. We leave you in love and light, for there is nothing else around. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu.