(Unknown channeling)

I’m in the love, I’m in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing for me to be with you this evening, and to behold the ongoing work of those upon your planet who wish to aid and lighten the planetary consciousness. We thank you for this attention, which more than any one thing which your people can do, heals the planet. The simple intention to heal, the desire to make well [inaudible] of law. Down in the stable in a persistent manner there is no greater service. That those within incarnation [inaudible] can perform [inaudible]. We are here to work with you, in the capacity of spoken channels. We’ve been very pleased with the progress made, however, we feel that in the case of the one known as W we still have work to do in adjusting the contact so that it is both comfortable and [inaudible].

[Long pause.]

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am once again with this channel. We apologize for the pause, but we believe that the phrase “we pause (paws)” may be quite apt in this case, as the instrument was being sat upon in a most indelicate manner by one of the [inaudible]? Now the small “paws” have been readjusted and we may proceed. We request that the one known as W continue offering us an accurate assessment of the comfort of the contact, for we wish to strike just the right balance between comfort and the reassuring feeling of contact being available to make the contact supremely comfortable as possible, but we find that most instruments prefer to have some small conditioning, a name which has been used by this instrument before to describe some physical manifestation of our presence. This includes pressure and movement upon the head, neck and various portions of the jaw as well as certain other visual and bodily experiences.

As to the one known as N, we feel that we have made good contact with this instrument, and only request that we be given accurate information mentally. Here the one known as N desires an alteration of any kind in the conditioning which she is receiving. We would like to work now with the one known as W. We shall speak with a little bit more of a length of message than previously. We request, as always, that the instrument refrain from analysis and merely produce words which convey the concepts received. In all humility we request this not because our message has a sophistication or eloquence, but because we attempt to speak of the truth, knowing that we can only give opinion. We trust that it is your desire also to seek and to speak whatever part of the truth you may see. We shall at this time leave this instrument and transfer to the one known as W. I am Laitos.

(W channeling)

I am Laitos [inaudible]. We are pleased with the contact which we have obtained in the one known as W. We would like to request that she refrain from analysis and [inaudible] comfort in the knowledge that her efforts are being rewarded by this excellent contact. We would caution her from becoming too involved in the process and instead recommend that she merely observe that which is occurring. We would like to thank her for her efforts in continuing to remain open as a channel, and appreciate her efforts. It is our desire to continue working with the one known as W so that she may be [inaudible] this receptive to receiving our information at this time.

We will now leave the one known as W in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We would like to thank [inaudible] I am Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument, and greet you through this instrument once again in love and light. We find a lively energy in this room this evening, the product of happy souls and sensitive ones. Indeed, we find your feelings to be most happy this evening and enjoying the company of their favorite humans. We congratulate the one known as W for maintaining concentration throughout periods of kitty-cat deprivation. We wish now to work with the instrument known as N. May we thank the one known as N for working with us and may we commend this instrument for its care in challenging at our last meditation. It is much appreciated, for we who wish to serve the Creator by being of service to others have no desire to reduce our polarity by wrestling with any other who may wish to contact an entity. When the challenging and tuning are done there is no need, for one by one the less desirable, in terms of the channel’s own tuning, contacts are simply removed so that in the end your choice as a channel is either singular or a very good selection of energies or vibrations from which to choose.

We operate upon what you may call a carrier wave which is much stronger than some vibrations used by Confederation members. We are what this instrument would call a broadband contact, and therefore are relatively easy for your instruments to perceive. We are of your fourth-density vibration moving upon vibratory patterns of love seeking wisdom. We wish you to know a bit about ourselves as we grow to learn more about each of you. At this time we would transfer to the one known as N and say a few words about love if this instrument would also refrain from analysis and simply produce words which express concepts which come into the mind. We now transfer. I am Laitos.

(N channeling)

I am Laitos. [Inaudible] to increase [inaudible] know about [inaudible] this [inaudible] as well as do not feel [inaudible] those who [inaudible] seek knowledge of those entities who do [inaudible] I am Laitos. I leave you in the light and the love [inaudible].

(Carla channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. We gladly accept this instrument’s query that we do come in Christ consciousness, in the consciousness of love. We have not established a fully sturdy contact with the one known as N, and the one known as N therefore is experiencing some surges of good contact and some periods where the contact is difficult. This is normal and we shall be continuing to adjust as the instrument continues to attempt to make meditation a daily habit, so that the necessary concentration of mind for channeling on a steady state basis may be more dependably possible. The amount of concentration necessary to carry a channeling is not necessarily great, but persistence is extremely helpful, for only through practice can one develop the confidence necessary to begin speaking without knowing the whole of what one has to say.

At this time we rejoice that we have been able to exercise each new instrument and would like to transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. Again we leave this instrument with thanks and transfer. I am Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each of you again in love and light through this instrument. At this time it is our privilege to offer ourselves in the capacity of attempting to answer those queries which [inaudible] Therefore, may we begin with the query at this time?

Are you making adjustments on us during the—during our meditations?

I am Laitos, and where it is appropriate we have in some few cases adjoined each of those present in the meditative state without making our presence consciously known or identified. We have chosen to simply offer the service of aiding the meditative state by harmonizing our vibrations with it in a manner which offers the possibility of deepening the meditation. In this manner we familiarize ourselves with the vibrations of each new instrument and increase the probability that we will be able to utilize the new instrument in a manner which is more comfortable to that new instrument.

May we speak in any other fashion, my sister?

Is there a best [place] of meditation for the [inaudible]?

I am Laitos, and we find that though there are various aids to meditation which are generally comfortable, we cannot say that there is any best way for any particular entity to engage in the meditative practice. The intention of the meditation we find to be the most important quality that one may bring to the meditative state. To intend to meditate and to offer the self as a receptive instrument to the instreamings of love and light that are possible to perceive in a meditative state and to do this upon a regular basis we find to be most helpful, indeed. It is also helpful to find a time of the day which may be utilized, a regular [time] and a place which is used for this purpose, and to use the place for the purpose of meditation and for no other purpose is also a manner in which a place may be invested with intentions and a practice of meditation. To choose a time which is full of the quietness is helpful as well, and it is usually recommended that the spine be kept vertical so that the instreamings of love and light, or the prana, as it may be called, may find an easy entry into the energy centers, or chakras, as you may call them.

With these general parameters in mind, one may then adapt one’s own desires and inclinations in a manner which feels comfortable to the instrument or to the one meditating so that the meditative state may allow the entity to be nourished in the most efficacious manner possible.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Laitos. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query?

Laitos. We know that you—are you the teacher of new instruments?

I am Laitos, and, indeed, this is correct, my sister. When the opportunity is presented in which we might introduce a new instrument to the beginning practice of the vocal channeling service, we are able to realize the most active form of service that is ours to offer to the third-density population of your planetary sphere. In a less active manner, we also are honored to be able to perform the service of sending the vibrations of what you would call love and light to those entities of your planetary surface of third density which are in need of such emanations in the personal incarnative pattern.

These emanations are sent without any identification on our part, and are most usually perceived as a general feeling of well-being, if they are perceived in a conscious manner at all. It is quite frequently the case that such vibrations shall do their work in a manner which is not noticed by the conscious mind of those receiving such sendings of love and light. In these rays we are privileged to be able to be of a small service to the population of your planet.

May we speak further, my sister?

Yes. Does that mean that when I meditate and send love and light to individuals that it’s sent through you or that you—or could be sent through you, or do you just send love and light to those who you feel a need?

I am Laitos. In many instances, our sendings of love and light are joined and blended with many other sendings of love and light which emanate both from outside of your planetary influence and upon your planetary surface. However, we do not have the function of, shall we say, a gathering of various sendings from entities such as yourself and then serving as a postman of a cosmic kind and then delivering such sendings. Such sendings are quite able to speed on their way and make themselves felt without any such aid.

We are also able and honored to join any entity in the meditative state when the entity has meant or requested that we do so. This, however, is a service which we provide to far fewer upon your planetary surface than we enjoy when we are sending the emanations of love and light as a general blessing, shall we say. To all those requesting such aid we would hasten to add that we are not alone in this service and are joined by many, many other beings that are not upon your planetary surface and who also send their emanations of love and light to those requesting such.

May we speak further, my sister?

No. I wasn’t thinking so much of the—but, if I wished to increase the amount of love and light or to join you and others in sending love and light to someone upon this planet, is that, would that have a greater effect or amount of love and light sent to that individual?

I am Laitos, and if our understanding is correct, my sister, the words suggest that your sendings are of an urgency which is quite equal to our own, for we each are a portion of the Creator, and the conscious incarnative intention to make the gift of love and light to another is a sending which is most propitiously potent, and in no need of addition. However, we might suggest that all such sendings tend to attract each to the other as likened vibrations so that there is a harmonic resonance that is set up when such sendings are offered, and this resonance then blending the sendings of many and all which make such offerings then increase the vibrational frequency of such sendings in order that those requesting such shall have a greater opportunity to be bathed in the love and light vibrations, and to be nourished in the metaphysical sense by them.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you. I appreciate your answers.

I am Laitos, and again we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. Are you involved on a physical plane?

I am Laitos, and am indeed an individualized portion of that which you have called a social memory complex power. Our population of souls is of the fourth-density vibrational frequency in which we have the honor of pursuing the understanding of compassion, the offering of love to those whose call equals our ability to serve. We have, as you have surmised, evolved from a planetary influence similar to your own in that it was a third-density planetary sphere. During which…

[Tape ends.]