(Carla channeling)

I am known to you as Quanta. I do greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator and am sorry for the amount of time which it took our entity to examine, rehabilitate and use a thought form which was available to us. We were not ready for the challenge of this instrument for we were not completely familiar with the entity Jesus the Christ. However, we are of a vibration which is a blend of two worlds—the metaphysical planes exterior to your planet and the metaphysical planes interior to its sphere of influence.

The need for the teaching of somewhat different techniques indicates that there need be a meeting of the minds, shall we say, from an inner plane entity of green-ray energy known as Quanta and those of Laitos whose carrier energy greatly aids in the new instrument’s facility in improving the channel.

We would start with the concept of the instrument as each element. It is well that the instrument be aware that each element has a rhythm, a dance and song, a pattern energy which is a signature cutting across and undergirding all manifestation. The one who works with natural energy is the one who perceives the dance, the song and the rhythm of each element. Sit upon the earth preferably in the shade, or within the cave to experience the meditation [inaudible], the meditation of the body. Do you not know that no eagle which ever flew failed to have a need for the earth; some tiny piece of earth to sustain life, to nurture young?

Your physical nature speaks to you with nothing more than dust and nothing less than the Creator. Meditation of the body is the first meditation, and each time the feet caress the earth it is well to meditate briefly upon that brother, that sister, that mother and father, that child which shows off in all of its glory.

Let each footstep be a rich experience in the Creator, and know as you gaze into the earth of another’s eyes, that you gaze also in to the Creator’s, for relationships betwixt two immortal creations of the Father are not horizontal from earth to earth but upwards to the Creator, back down to the brother or sister, and heart to heart betwixt both the triangle of earth and the Great Father. It is well to make that triangle as tall and thin as possible until you see each child [inaudible] as a child of the Creator and each cave not only as earth but as infinite sky, infinite love, infinite light.

We appreciate this instrument’s strictness in refusing the contact which was clearly perceived when we were unable to speak to the challenge and request that this instrument improve its discipline so that the process might be uninterrupted. We would at this time transfer, if we are able, to the one known as Jim. We are known to you as Quanta.

(Jim channeling)

I am Quanta, and greet you in the love and light of the one Creator. We thank this instrument for allowing our contact and for offering the challenge in the Christ Consciousness and service-to-others polarity, which we appreciate as well. We will take some time in adjusting our contact to this instrument for we are not as easily perceived by this instrument, but move with a lighter touch.

We would attempt at this time to utilize this instrument in its usual capacity of offering the vocal channel for the question and answer portion of your meeting. Thus we shall now ask if we might speak to any concern or query which those present may offer.

You are a combination of a social memory complex and a person from the inner planes, or a kind of person, a tribe?

I am known to you as Quanta. And we are what you would call a beginning complex of entities who have achieved the green ray vibration of compassion and understanding which allows our seeking to go forward as a unified conglomeration of mind, body and spirits and we have a contact and connection with this planetary sphere which is of a seed-like quality in that we now make it our home, though we are originally of another influence and have removed ourselves from that planetary influence of what you know as the third density in order to begin the new cycle of learning within this planetary influence and we serve as somewhat of the, shall we say, advance guard or servants that shall make this planet its home and we are thus newly—we search for the word—[confirmed] members of the Confederation of Planets which offers itself in service to the one Creator.

Does this speak to your query, my sister?

Well, to a certain extent. I’m trying to figure out what… So what you are is the… the small but growing… a fourth density memory complex… social memory complex of Earth, is what your saying, right?

I am Quanta, and this is correct, my sister.

The name is evocative of more that one giant step… One quanta is a quantum. Is there some purpose to naming yourself two jumps forward, which is what that kind of name connotes?

I am Quanta, and we have chosen a name which in your manner of speaking reflects the great leap in conscious awareness which those of our grouping have achieved together and thus many have taken the great leap of faith and moved their being to another level of perception which now offers its lessons that shall again inspire the stepping forward into the mystery of the one Creator.

May we speak further, my sister?

Well, I’ll shut up in a minute… I’m just trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here. What relationship do you have to any contact that wishes to work with my student on the inner planes? I had some perception while I was channeling that that was part of what was said. Am I incorrect?

I am Quanta. We have a connection with any upon your inner planes who have moved in their evolutionary journey upon a path which has this planetary sphere as its source and thus these entities who are of your planetary influence have occasionally offered themselves as contacts for third-density incarnate entities upon your planet through intermediaries that may make the transition more easily accomplished. That is necessary for those of the inner planes, as you may call them, in order to contact incarnate entities of the third density who have perhaps more difficulty in perceiving some contacts of this nature due both to the inexperience of the contact and the inexperience of the instrument. Thus, as we have both become members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the One Creator and inhabitants of this planetary sphere, we are in a unique position which allows us to serve in the capacity of intermediaries which may hopefully aid both the contact and the new instrument in the service which is possible through the vocal channeling.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, I’ll let you go now. I think I understand what you’re here for now. I’m glad you’re going to help W and… You sound really interesting and I know we will be glad to listen to your opinions too. Nice to meet you and be talking to you soon. Thanks. That’s all from me.

I am Quanta, and we greatly appreciate the warmth of the reception and the care in the discerning of the nature of our being and purpose, for we do not wish to impose our being or purpose upon any who does not wish such. Is there a further query to which we may speak?

I’m confused.

[Group laughter.]

Well, you’re not the only one.

I don’t understand what’s going on or why… Quanta, perhaps you can simplify things for me?

I am Quanta, and we have a difficulty with this instrument for it has its own difficulty in perceiving our contact and it is somewhat reluctant to continue.

Let… hold onto the contact…

We do not mean to suggest that this instrument will not speak. It merely needs a moment. You are most helpful. We are merely those who seek to aid new instruments in contacting those sources of information which lie beyond the conscious threshold when these sources have offered themselves in a manner which may be of service to others, yet which may be aided by the help of those such as ourselves in making that contact known to new instruments.

May we speak further, my sister?

So you serve others as an intermediary [inaudible].

I am Quanta, and this is correct, my sister. May we speak further?


I am Quanta. May we ask if there might be a further query to which we may speak?

I would ask one more short one. You can merely confirm or tell me that I’m wrong. Is the reason that you cannot immediately answer the challenge of Jesus Christ that there is too much of Jesus who will come again to judge in my… in my concept of Jesus in my challenge and not enough of pure love? I’ve often thought that the Old Testament should perhaps be burned.

I am Quanta, and we found when faced with your challenge of our being and purpose that we needed to examine the nature of the challenge for there was contained within it the concept of the judgment of which you speak that somewhat distorted the pure emanation of the love of service to others which this entity’s incarnation was the pattern that was offered for example. We were able to, shall we say, dismiss the more questionable portion of the characteristic of judgment and move to the heart of the nature of the challenge and determine from it that our vibratory nature was indeed in harmony with the challenge offered.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thanks.

I am Quanta. May we speak to a further query?

Would you [inaudible] evolve from the third density of another planet?

I am Quanta. This is correct, my sister. Is there another query?


I am Quanta. We seek to give this instrument that vibration of sound complex which you call name but find that to this instrument it is as foreign language which… which makes no sense to ear or tongue, thus we must apologize for the difficulty in the translation.

May we speak to another query, my sister?

[Inaudible]. Did you just recently come to this planet in fourth density?

I am Quanta, and this is correct, my sister. We are quite new to this particular planetary influence and the ways of your peoples in the speaking and conceptualizing of thought and will be somewhat limited for a portion of your time and experience in our ability to speak in a manner which holds the greatest of sense for your manner of perceiving experience.

Tell me Quanta, did you come just to…

[Side one of tape ends.]

[Inaudible]. Did you come just to help W or did you have some things that you wanted to say in general?

I am Quanta, and we have found that this instrument has the necessity of attending to the mechanical device and we therefore paused for a moment in order to allow this instrument to complete its task. We have joined your group in order to provide those services which may facilitate the exercising of the new instrument known as W and in offering our services in whatever manner is most helpful according to the needs of any who should join this group and seek to become one who serves as a vocal instrument. We have our own journey of seeking and move upon it in harmonic resonance with this particular planetary influence and take our opportunity to serve in whatever manner may present itself and lie within our capabilities. We have somewhat less of a reach, shall we say, in the scope of our experience but may perhaps be able to utilize our newness to this planetary influence and its birthing fourth-density environment by serving as what we have described as intermediaries that are somewhat more recently familiar with the nature of the third-density experience and are also becoming informed as to the nature of the fourth-density experience in which you now find yourselves for the first time.

May we speak further, my sister?

No, thanks.

I am Quanta, and we appreciate your queries. May we speak to another?

Are you the energy which Laitos mentioned in a previous meditation that was… that wished to realize me as their local channel?

I am Quanta, and am one of that naming and seek to introduce your instrument to yet others if the desire and progress upon this path of service continues to grow. May we speak further, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Quanta, and we thank you once again, my sister. Is there a final query?

No, thank you.

I am Quanta, and we thank this group for allowing our presence and our thoughts to move through it. We would also thank this instrument for allowing our contact to continue at those times when it was somewhat in doubt, shall we say, as to the nature of our contact and the purpose for speaking to your group. We look forward to any future service which we might offer and share with this group and until that joyful time we shall bid each the fond farewell, leaving each in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator of which we are all a portion. We are that portion known to you as Quanta. Adonai, my friends.